Monday, April 6, 2009


Twila, Jim and Shirley made it Ok. They said Hi.

When a ten year old lies down in the middle of the day, something is wrong. I was sick. Fever made my head throb and my eyes burn. Mother was quite concerned by my unnatural behavior as she placed cool cloths on my forehead. "Sweetie," she pleaded,"what's wrong?"

"I want a horse." I answered, totally out of left field.

I certainly didn't intend to say that, it just came out and it actually surprised me. Mother had heard this before from me for over a year. Think she finally realized this desire was not going to go away. I was hopelessly horse crazy. Since we were not particularly affluent at the time, this was a purchase that required some discussion.

"I'll talk to your father an see what we can do." she said. These were the words I had been waiting to hear. It was not the usual firm "NO" and I took it as a "definite maybe". Only years later did she tell me that my forehead grew cool under her hand when she made this tentative concession.

It was eventually decided I could have a horse if I bought the animal and paid for its feed. I made some money baby-sitting for some of the Navy families plus I had my earnings from my failed "run away" attempt. I had a grand total of $47.00 which was not much but I was thrilled with the conditional permission. It would really happen, it really would. I was over the moon.

This was 1949 in Key West, Fl. and while it was not the tourist town it is today, there still was not an abundance of horses. I knew most of the horses on the island and visited them as often as possible. I am pretty sure my parents consented to my plea feeling I would never find a horse I could afford.

However, one of my classmates, Juan, informed there was a large pony for sale for $35.00, bridle and saddle included. I really wanted a horse but Juan assured me he was large for a pony. The pony was owned by a police officer under indictment for cruelty to animals. He hoped to sell all his animals before court date to avoid prosecution, thus the cheap price. It took a ton of tears, but my parents finally agreed. Part of our garage was converted to a stall, oats were bought and the back yard was securely fenced.

Sight unseen Trigger was bought via Juan. I never did meet the dastardly police officer. That the pony all ready had the name of my hero's ( Roy Rogers) horse made him only more special. What I did not know was that he was a stallion that had not been ridden in years. He had been living for three years with several of the officers other horses on a small island north of Key West, I didn't know age,sex, color or breed. All I knew was I was getting a pony. That was the only necessary information. The purchase was made and I was hopelessly happy.

On a really hot Florida afternoon, Trigger was due to arrive. I had hurried home from school, changed clothes and parked myself on the sidewalk. I stared up the street for at least an hour, willing my pony to appear. My hands were sweating and gooey from the tightly squeezed sugar cubes I clutched. They were my welcoming treat. Way down the street I could see my pony being lead towards me by Juan and I yelled for my family to come. Hurry, hurry!!! I was so excited I could hardly breathe. My parents and my brother came out to stand beside me. Their curiosity turned to pure horror as my pony approached...........


  1. Good story…waiting on pins and needles to meet Trigger!

  2. Oh no!! A cliff-hanger! Great story so far, Patti. I can hardly wait for the next installment.

  3. Are you going to give us all a heart attack????!!!!

  4. Uh-oh... turned to pure horror... and then what? I already feel bad for poor mistreated Trigger. I want a happy ending here.

  5. That's meeeeean!... I read fast, and faster and... As Kenju said, "are you going to give us all a heart attack?"

    I'm anxious for the rest of the story!

    I just love what you write!

  6. Hello good people, Sorry for the cliff hanger but the story was a bit long and I am a bit time crunched with the company. Part two tomorrow. Thanks so much for stopping by.