Sunday, December 27, 2009


It is hard to believe today is my bloganniversary. One year ago I thought, what the heck and started putting together a blog page, having not a clue what I was doing or going to write about. I just knew it was winter and it seemed like a good cold weather project. I had been lurking on various blogs for about a year and really liked the premise of blogging.

I though how neat it was to write something and have others actually read it. I had always dabbled with writing but never put any discipline into my efforts. Kind of a spurty and when the mood hit type of writer. This seemed like it would be good exercise for the brain which at my age is always a consideration.

I tried to tell my self I was doing this for my own entertainment and it would be OK if no one read what I wrote, but that was a lie . Anyone who writes, wants some one else to read it, preferably when we are not present. It was getting others to read my stuff that had me a lot concerned. Who would ever find me? How do they find me? Would any one even care what I had to say? Having no answers, I went ahead anyway. Ignorance is bliss.

One of the cool things about starting a blog is that you now have a URL and don't have to resort to "Anonymous" to leave a comment on another's blog. So on my first day, I visited two of my favorites and left my first comments. Gosh that was fun. I was no longer a lurker.

I did not know blogger etiquette and didn't realize they might actually return the visit. I was a wee bit star struck at first. That Robin and Judy (two blogs that I had regularly visited) actually left comments was amazing. I did not realize they were originally just being polite. That they have stayed with me from day "one "makes them very special to me. Somehow on that first day, "Blue" also found me who is from Finland. Blue made me realize the the web was far reaching. Since then I have added New Zealand, Australia, England, the Netherlands, and India to my regular visitors as they joined those from all over the US. I then realize just how vast this web is. It truly is a world wide web.

Slowly, with help from some seasoned bloggers who graciously linked to me, my readers grew as did the list of blogs I follow. The only thing better than having others find you, is to find all the great blogs there are out there. There are a lot of talented, funny, thoughtful, insightful, educational, and some really great photographer bloggers. It seems when I just can't squeeze in one more person to visit daily, oops, here comes a can't miss blog.

What I hadn't counted on was when these blog buddies actually became friends. You laugh with them, worry with them, if you are lucky, visit in person with them, and on occasion pray for someone they know that needs it. It is a huge lovely network and I am ever so thankful that a year ago, I started clicking on the keyboard and jumped feet first into cyber space.

It has been a grand year and I really want to thank you all for being in it.


  1. Congratulations on your bloganniversary!
    I know I was happy to find your blog and have totally enjoyed reading your posts.
    Blogging has certainly made the world a smaller place and great fun to explore.
    Good luck as you start your second year and I look forward to more of your adventures!
    Sunny :)

  2. Your experience with blogging is almost identical to mine Patsy. Makes me feel like a citizen of the world! I love your wonderful stories of life and am looking forward to your return from Florida! See you then!

  3. Congrats, Patti.... Mine is coming up VERY soon also, at least my 'being-on-Blogger' anniversary.

    Can't wait til you get home from FL --for I'm sure you'll have lots to share with us about your Christmas.

    Love and Miss you,

  4. Congratulations on an aniversary. Everyone has to find their own comfort zone.

    I still am searching. I like Sniffles and Smiles once a week posting, but I am not the acccomplished writer.

    We morph into our own comfort zone for which I continue to search.

    Again, congrats. And I hope your are thoroughly enjoying your vacation and spoilin' those young 'uns, Happy!

  5. Hope you and yours have had a good Christmas.
    Now a new year shows promise of bigger and better... or does it? I wonder.
    Interesting it is your anniversary, I have only done about 300 posts and yet it seems like years, but I started with the first post about 2 years ago, and then got cold feet for a while. I often wonder who was the first blogger and whether that person still posts now.
    Anyway, hope all is well with you.
    Love Granny

  6. Happy Blogiversary, patti! You are one of my first stops in the morning on my blog route. I know you'll always have a good story to tell. You have a big heart and a great sense of humor. Two perfect ingredients for blog magic. Looking forward to more of it.

  7. "It seems when I just can't squeeze in one more person to visit daily, oops, here comes a can't miss blog".

    Patti, yours is a "can't miss" blog!! I have never missed a day of reading here, not to be polite, but because you always have something interesting to say and you say it very well. I am grateful that you commented on my blog - otherwise, I'd never have found you!!

    Happy Blogiversary!

  8. well thank you....I check you out if I were only a 50 year old good lookin man you might enjoy hearing those words!!!

  9. Well, Happy Anniversary! Honestly, I could have written nearly the same thing, but my anniversary isn't until February. Now, I'll have to think of something different.

  10. And thank god you took up blogging....your posts mean more to me than you know :-)

  11. Happy one year blog anniversary Patti! Thank you for all your wonderful posts this past year and for nudging me into the blogging world. : ) Wishing you the very best this New Year!

  12. Happy Blog Anniversary!!

    I'm certainly glad I found you and I always look forward to your visits

    Here's to many more

  13. Happy Blogiversary. I really enjoy reading your blog. You are an excellent story teller.

    Happy New Year!

  14. Been waiting for this one final post from U!! Congrats on the anniversary :-) Indeed celebration time!!!!

    I'm super pleased to have met you here and looking fwd to more fun posts from you.


  15. Happy Bloggerversary! I know I too have really enjoyed the blog world! Blessings

  16. Happy Anniversary! and many many more. Blessed be.

  17. Happy blogaversary Patti!It's a great blog and your an awesome writer! xoxo

  18. congrats on your anniversary, I am so glad I discovered your wonderful blog. Hope you had a great vacation; blogging has been fun for me too meeting so many great folks across the world; the internet truly is amazing and great for that reason alone.

  19. Well I am back if a bit low on human battery power. Nothing a little home grown boredom won't fix.
    I just tried to go to the bathroom but my "big head" won't fit through the door. Yikes, Now what?

    What a lovely bunch of comments to greet me on my return. I'll say it again, you all are the best and I am one lucky girl to have you visit with me and that you have let me visit with you.

    Thank you and I am sure glad you found me for you really tickle me in your blog with your great humor and your marvelous pictures are eye candy. You are so talented with pen and camera.

    You have a blog I wish I could do. Walks with Wanda are just marvelous, relaxing,heart warming, smile worthy, and sometimes fattening. Great photos and a beautiful family. Thank you.

  20. Betsy.
    You taught me that waterfalls have personality, beauty and are good fot the heart getting to them.
    You have been a good friend Betsy, thanks for your visits. Love your hugs.

    Ah, my dog loving almost neighbor--who counts miles. You ARE a very good writer and I always look forward to your blog.Your photography tips always are helpful and you and hubby are great volunteers.

    I would never have thought about your question and now I am consumed with it. Usually you make me laught early in tha AM, now you are going to make me search. Who ever started all this, I hope they are still going. Thanks so much.

    My very first commenter. You have no idea how much that meant. I had followed you and Roger for the longest time as a lurker. Knowing that your caliber of person was stopping by made me crank up the intensity of what I wrote. I felt like I should try harder. You set the bar high. Thank you so much for hanging in for so long.

    4th sister,
    Ah, could you make that comment from a little older of a guy, Not sure I could handle a 50 year old. Enjoy your youth puppy. Thank you so much for stopping by so regularily. Your comments make me laugh.

    Judy, you and robin visiting on that day is why I am here today. I had lurked on your site for a long time also and loved your humor and creativity. Through a technical glitch you were unable to leave a comment and you went so far as to have robin inform me that you were trying. Thank you so much lady.

    Thank you so much. I am pretty sure any one who blogs garners the same rewards and is amazed by the vastness and wonder of this web we live in. Looking forward to your anniversary.

    Ah, my kindred sprit so many miles away.Your blog takes me back to a day when I could injoy a trip in the saddle and I get to again enjoy the pleasures of a trail ride and the smell of a horse through your blog. Thanks so much for taking me along.

    Ah, my close neighbor and true friend. I am so glad you tumbled into cyber space with all of us. Isn't it wonderful. Thank you for being such a regular visitor, supporter, and friend.

    Thank you so much lady. I sure enjoy visiting you with your clever pictures and usually funny posts. You have such a good eye and see things I would pass by but you manage to make them startling.

    Thank you so much. I really enjoy your humorous attacks at all things newsworthy or just interesting. You allow me to vent my spleen right along with yours, saving me political constipation.

    lost world,
    Ah, the baby of the bunch but such a delightful youngun you are. I am so flattered that you find the rantings of a 70 year old interesting but then I love your blog so I guess the age thing just isn't important.Thank you, I always look forward to your comments.

    Thank you so much and welcome to TNS. As soon as I get on my feet and settled back down, I'll be over to visit with you.

    Thank you so much cowgirl. You are a favorite of mine to visit.You are living the life a lot of us wish we could and your dogs have always had Mighty's back. Sure appreciate that.

    Thank you so much and I consider that praise from Ceasar. We are both bookies but think you have me beat. Your recommendations are taken very seriously and I love the trips around your farm.

    Linda Starr,
    Thank you so much. I love visiting your blog also. Besides meeting such interesting people, the net lets us keep learning and broadens our interests dramatically. Unfortunately it also broadens our behinds as we spend so much time sitting in front of the computer. Guess what? It is worth it.

  21. Hi Patti,
    Just dropped by to say hello. You posts are always on the ball as life goes. I haven't posted in a few month, don't know if I lost my nerve or just can't get back in the mood. Gay Nell and I met you this past summer on your birthday and hope we can visit with you in the future...You are a great person and a pretty good writer(lol)..don't know how you find your material...regards, we love you!

  22. Congrats on one year. I'm honored to be one of many in your blogworld. :-)

  23. Arkie,
    Thank you so much for stopping by on my anniversery. I have really missed your blogging. You are a natural story teller.
    I really enjoyed our visit and hope we can do a repeat this year.
    Happy New Year to you, Gay Nell and all your family.

    Thank you. Did you hear me holler your way when I got off the turnpike Christmas eve?? Not sure that lady next to me in the Lexus apprecitated me calling her a Smart Mouth Broad. Is a three finger salute friendly????
    Florida was perfect for me when I was there and I appreciate that. Shirt sleeves is nice.

  24. Oh My! I missed your Blogaversary, dear Patti...BUT, better late than never. I'm so glad you started blogging and that somehow we 'met up'...! You have such a great sense of humor and a GOOD GOOD Heart...It is a true pleasure to know you. And I so agree---The World of Blogging is filled with great great treasures---So many wonderful people all over the world.
    So, CONGRATULATIONS, my dear, and I hope you continue blogging for many many MANY Yeas to come!

  25. OOLOH
    Thank you Naomi. It has been a wonderful experience. It is amazing the different types that come together and find interest thru blogging, that in the world of bricks and morter would never meet. Amen to blogging.

  26. I used to be a lurker - reading blogs of someone else blog. In most cases, I leave comments as I am ..Bonnie Bonsai. The handle is just too self-explanatory.

    I don't know how I came across to your blog. When I read comments, some names attract my attention. Then I get to visit and read what they write.

    One time, I read your blog about the boy ...and thought what a nice lady this one is! I can tell it by heart your sincerity and genuiness as a person. That was when I offered to send a postcard.

    I was prepared for your skepticism, but you did surprise me when you entrusted me your postal address.

    Anyway, as it turned out, you are a very good writer Madam Patti. This title of address is of course conveyed with sweet affection.

    One day, I will not be surprise to see your book published as they're worth reading as not everyone can glue in front of the computer to read the writings seen on the monitor.

    Francis Gay an Inspirational Writer published a book The Friendship Book taken from his daily journal. Each year, he comes up with a new book in a yearly sequence and I am one of his fans.

    Maybe you should too! You show us that there are American families who are as solid as yours when almost everyday, there are families that crumble.

    Thanks for being You are dear Madam Patti. I do enjoy reading your blog, though am not always the first to read and leave a comment.

    Have a lovely 2010 ... all the best!

  27. This is a nice post - I am very happy to have come across Arkansas Patti!!
    Keep at it - Please!