Friday, January 15, 2010


I had another post for Friday but it will have to wait. The nightmare of that island in the Caribbean is rather consuming me.

The tragedy there is monumental. The death toll is still not known but will most likely be mind boggling. Those still buried yet living, those who don't know where their loved ones are, and those who have had to stare helplessly into the faces of the maimed with no medicine, food or water to give, need so much help. It is times like this that I wish I were younger and could physically help or at least, were a rich person.

At first I wanted to help with clothes and food drives but most newscasters say that money is the greatest need right now. I don't have a lot, but as soon as I can get through to the Red Cross, I will do what I can. Perhaps late tonight, I will be able to get through. It is comforting that the website is so busy. That means this country is opening its collective wallet.

I once worked with a young Haitian man at the toll booths on the turnpike. Henri (on-ree) was on temporary loan from another plaza. He was working second shift, going to junior college and trying hard to master our complex language. We would go over any reading material we could find in the booths when traffic was slow.

He loved long religious tracks that were handed to us for it gave him a chance to ask me what certain words meant. We really do have a difficult language. Henri's goal was to get the rest of his family to the US.

Henri lived with 4 other young Haitians in a one room, unfurnished apartment. They slept on mats on the floor and saved every penny they could for their families.I am thinking about him tonight and hoping he was finally able to get his mother and two siblings to the states and that they were not part of that terrible tragedy.

Think I will try the Red Cross again. I know so many Americans as well as people across the world are helping. Just having water come out of the tap makes it almost painful to be so blessed but I am also proud of just how generous the average person on this big blue planet is. We are all related.


  1. You're right, it is a mind-boggling tragedy, patti. Their horrific poverty compounded by an earthquake of such calamitous magnitude made for an inconceivable nightmare.

  2. It certainly makes a difference when you've known someone from Haiti. I'm trying this morning to reach family in Texas to find out the status of missionary family members in Haiti.

  3. Here is an EASY way to donate $10 to the Haiti Relief fund via the American Red Cross? You can donate $10. (which will be charged to your next cell phone bill) by texting the word "HAITI" to "90999." All cell phone carriers are participating in the program

  4. Dear Madam Patti, I'm up wee too early today. Thought of watering the garden first but it looks dark with black clouds hovering.

    The news in Haiti makes my heart weak. The people are getting angry of despondency and hunger. Everyone seem to have frayed nerves, speaking of the poor people.

    Our country has done its part and our church too but we don't publish ourselves, we channel our help through a reliable charity institution who will facilitate it to reach the victims.

    When I read the news of the catastrophe, I got a swirl of a headache. All these tribulations in the world are just too overwhelming for me. But I guess I have a bit of understanding why.

    Like you, I wish I am a lot younger to be able to physically reach out to help. You are one kind soul any you are blessed with that attribute.

  5. I donated to Doctors Without Borders
    I just read that they have an inflatable hospital so that they can quickly move to where the need is greatest since it's so hard to get around and there is such chaos

    I think about Haiti a lot
    and I can't believe the things I sometimes complain about
    it is humbling

    we are all related


  6. It is a devastating tragedy--so hard to watch the news. And yes, to be able to help more is a reason to wish for money.

  7. robin,
    It is truly hard to wrap our minds around isn't it? I was unaware of was just how poor those people are. I really thought since I had met Henri that things had gotten better. Guess not.

    Oh my, I sure hope your missionary family members are all OK. God bless the people who go to such poor countries and try to make their lives better. Your family are in my prayers also. Hope you hear good news soon.

    Thank you so much for the info. I had seen it on TV but my cell is prepaid and I can't text. That is a wonderful method for people to give easily. Thank you.

    I think it is wonderful how the world is coming together for this tragedy. The people on the ground in Haiti are saying help is coming from all over the world. Too bad we can't come together so quickly on other matters.

    Doctor's Without Borders is a wonderful organization and they were there before the earthquake. These are marvelous men and women and have my utmost respect and admiration.

    Yes, it would be nice to be able do more but by uniting like we are doing, we are able to make a difference.
    There is such power when individuals combine.

  8. You are so right, it's a tragedy. So many like Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robinson are making fools of themselves with their remarks.

  9. I cry every time I watch that disaster in Haiti, Patti. George and I sent a nice big check to the Salvation Army to help as needed. I wish I could do more. I don't want to watch it --but cannot stay away from it. It's just unbelievable.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. The devastation there is unimaginable, and I can barely watch the news about it. I plan to give money for it at church on Sunday.

  11. It is heart-wrenching. Brings tears to my eyes everytime I switch on TV or read news :-( Its at times like these one feels so low for cribbing and complaining about little everyday problems!! Your last line says it all.

  12. Henri - a connection. Good post!
    Wishing Henri and his family the best. May God help those in need and give speed, energy, courage and wisdon to the relief workers.
    Everyone doing a little can add up to a lot. Don't dispair in what you consider small - next to mine and Lindas and robins, and Oklhdan, and...who knows what can be done.
    Great Post!

  13. Patty,
    Can you believe those two??? Good grief, do they just have no feelings. Sure glad there is more of us than there are of those two.

    You and George are the best. The Salvation Army had been on the ground before the earthquake. They are a wonderful group of people.

    With all of us giving, surely we can make a difference. I do hope your church didn't have any members there.

    It is wonderful how this has touched the world community. It certainly puts our supposed problems into perspective. You are right, anything I may have wanted to gripe about before seems silly now in comparison. If we are not there...we are among the blessed.

    That is the perfect wish Grayquill and you are so right, united we can make a difference.
    It is so sad that they are burying people with out identifying them first. Some will never know what happened to their families.Henri is a fine young man and I hope his family is out of there.

  14. the minute by minute unimaginable horrific phots coming out our TVs are heartbreaking.

    We, they, everyone WE ARE THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD.

    Money placed with responsible agencies is the best way to help. I guess the Clinton Bush website has a list of reputable agencies, but we will probably contribute through our church which has many missionaries in Haiti, much to my surprise.

    I am home (Sunday) as I write this comment, but Husband is at church. Knowing my particular church the pleas have already gone out. Husband is very generous so I am confident the checkbook is already opened. And it may be opened several times as I perceive this will be a long term event in rebuilding a very impoverished people's homeland.

    I would hope a more democratic government will arise which will elevate its people, albeit slowly, out of abject poverty and oppression.

  15. Yuck I forgot about a so-called "evangelist's comments."

    I've never believed natural disasters are direct interventional punishment of GOD.

    Some one forgot that there is a scripture that says, "it rains on the just and the unjust."

    Am I supposed to believe the tornadoes in Gassville AR where my church is located, the devastating 1000 year ice storm in 2009 and the recent unusual zero degrees weather for some of us is Divine punishment???? NOT in my Belief system....

  16. We must keep the help coming.