Monday, November 21, 2011


Cheryl at the Farmers Daughter posted a funny account of a farmer's attempt to rope a deer. You can see it here and it is really worth the trip. The author is a very funny writer. When I read it and quit giggling, I was so reminded of an event I actually saw in a similar vane. In either case, no animals were hurt. Now humans--well that is another story.

One of my favorite couples when I read meters in Okeechobee, was a rancher and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. A. They managed a large Brahman cattle ranch but they also adopted a couple of my dogs and contributed to my rescue so we had become friends.

They were licensed by the Game and Fish Commission to raise orphaned deer recovered by officers in the field which explained Bucky.   Bucky—I know, not a very original name—was a young male deer they had running around their large fenced yard. I had known him since he was a tiny spotted beauty being bottle fed. He was adorable and I am not sure he was aware for a long time that he was a deer.

According to the A's, he loved cigarette tobacco and chewing gum. I didn't smoke and wasn't sure the chewing gum was a great idea, so when I knew I would be in his yard that day, I would bring him shelled corn as a treat. It rather made my day when he would follow me and nuzzle my pockets when I went into the fenced yard.

Bucky however in time grew into a fine looking young buck and his ways changed. No longer was I allowed to go in the yard with him alone. I would honk and either Mr. or Mrs. A would accompany me to the meter. Bucky entered puberty and his raging hormones  made him no longer trustworthy. He could get cranky and aggressive to strangers with out warning.

Not my picture but looks about like him

This particular day when I honked, Mr. A was the one to stroll out to the gate to escort me in. He was Matt Dillon in size but quite gentle. As we  were walking to the meter and talking about Bucky's newest behavior , a pick up truck pulled up and a young cowboy got out.

 Mr. A was keeping an eye on the dancing Bucky as  he shouted,"Be with you in a minute young fellow."

 After I read the meter and was safely on the other side of the fence, the young man stated he was seeking work. Mr. A offered to pen Bucky up so the young man could safely reach the office for an interview.  Seems Bucky was much more aggressive towards males whom he deemed competition. 

“Why all this fuss over a little spike buck.” the cowboy asked.

“Well, he is pretty ornery these days and I don't want you to get hurt.” Mr. A. answered.

“That little ole buck can't hurt me.” said a puffed up cowboy. “I have handled yearling calves with no problem.”

Mr. A got a twinkle in his eye and said,”Tell you what. Do you suppose you can walk up to the office door, knock once then come back to the gate? Do that and if you are still on your feet, you have a job.”

This cowboy did not lack confidence though was not long on good sense. “Get the papers ready.” he bragged as he pushed the gate open.

Sweet Bucky smelled the cowboy's inflated testosterone and instantly became demon Bucky. His tiny rack lowered and with amazing speed, he aimed it at the cowboy's crotch. The cowboy was quick, I'll give him that. He laughed as he grabbed the horns and I am sure he was thinking he could easily keep Bucky at bay.

In seconds however, the laughter became grunting as cowboy was flung on his backside with a determined Bucky trying to bury his small rack in the boy. Sweat was pouring off the fellow as the struggle continued. The cowboy didn't dare let loose of the horns and Bucky was not losing interest. It was a stand off with no resolution.

Stunned, I watched the two of them kicking up sand. Cowboy on the ground , both hands with a death grip on Bucky's horns and the well fed yearling deer pinning him with his strength and stomping on his body with small sharp hooves. Both were grunting, only the cowboy was cussing.

I was concerned for both of them and started for the gate hoping to shout Bucky off the poor fellow.  Mr. A stuck out his arm to stop me and only seemed amused. With a soft drawl, Mr. A calmly said,” If it wouldn't offend your manhood son, I could probably get him off you.”

The cowboy was now worried more about survival than his manhood. He pitifully begged Mr. A for some relief.  Mr. A pulled Bucky off the young man with just a little difficulty and I held the gate open as the poor fellow crawled through. I am sure he had a  thoroughly adjusted attitude and a better knowledge of the saying "Pride goes before the fall".

He did not stop to ask if he had gotten the job. He jumped into his truck and spit dirt all over us in his haste to leave. Pretty sure this was not a story he ever repeated unless he added at least a hundred pounds to Bucky and the young buck morphed from deer to elk. I would love to know what he told his wife or girl friend about all the little hoof shaped bruises.

Bucky eventually got too rank for human company and was turned loose to roam the huge ranch unmolested. For a while he came around the house to mooch a little tobacco from the couple. Then he just disappeared. We hoped he had an lovely bunch of does in his care to protect. He certainly had the attitude for it.



  1. What a wonderful story! Yes, pride goes before many falls I've experienced, none quite like that one, though. Well told, too. Thanks for the smiles this fine morning, Patti.

  2. Both stories made me giggle. And deer seem so gentle.

  3. Great story. It is a shame that one can't hire a Bucky to do a house call. Just think of the possibilities of the Bucky-gram. Surprise.......
    Oh shame on my name.
    Oma Linda

  4. Love this story. I was just reading about deer rutting season yesterday, after I spotted a young buck with a partial antler left on only one side. I don't know what that young cowboy was thinking, getting into a testosterone match with a buck.

  5. Goodness. Why don't these guys leave well enough alone? (I read the other piece also.) Deer are fighting for their lives, why should they trust humans, especially the make kind. Dianne

  6. Great story and told so well. I laughed, but tobacco?!

  7. Now that's one great story about pride. Hope you have a darn good Thanksgiving. I presume you have healed from that nasty shingles?

  8. Ha! Excellent. Love it when the good guy wins.
    We saw a gorgeous buck here a couple of weeks ago. I counted at least 8 points. Not something you see every day around here, and definitely the biggest, most handsome buck I have ever seen on the Cape.

    I steer clear of them (and especially moose) when I come across them.

    Thanks for the smile.

  9. Wow! I have had deer snort at me and I laughed back. I won't be so naive in the future.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. When our potbellied pig, Bud, was young, he was territorial, especially around men, and more especially around men who smoked. Many a utility guy and more friends of our six boys sauntered into his pen and scrambled out shortly thereafter. I doubt they told stories about being bested by a pig, either!

  11. Ha ha loved the story! We have a few deer on our land, I think I'll be a little more careful next time I'm outside!

    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK but I hope you have a wonderful time!

  12. great story! I hope Bucky didn't come calling for his tobacco fix b/c he was busy raising a of our cats--Phoenix--has a jones for tobacco and when Corey comes inside from having his evening cigarette she is there waiting to lick his finger...sick...

  13. Djan,
    Thanks so much. Glad I could amuse with a event I found amusing.

    Wasn't that one about roping a deer a hoot. The does are usually gentle?

    Linda in NM
    Hum--bucky-grams. Just might work.

    Yes, bucks in rut are quite dangerous. Pretty sure that young man wasn't thinking.

    That roped deer might have been fighting for his life, Bucky was just getting rid of the competition.

    I know, that was so weird. He really loved tobacco.

    Thank you so much and yes, I am much better with only a little sensitivity left. Definitely doable.

    You are smart. I saw a news story of a man in Alaska that was attacked by a moose and killed right in the middle of town.

    If it is a doe snorting, you are probably fine. Careful of the fellows.

    Linda Myers,
    Now that would have been fun to see. Those rascles can bite.

    LLCool Joe,
    Thanks Joey. Do be careful of the bucks. They will attack.

    I Wonder Wye,
    And the companies try to say it is not addictive. The other meter reader smoked and he said the deer used to chase him down for a cigarette.

  14. What a GREAT Story....Too bad Bucky couldn't stay small and sweet---But that is not the way of Nature...! The Cowboy may have learned a little something from that encounter---Or one hopes so...! (lol)


  15. Love your story about Bucky, Patti! And Happy Thanksgiving to you,too!

  16. That is a great story and I'm glad you shared it with us. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. It has been busy around here and I haven't been online much.

  17. Oh what a cute story about bucky, ha, too bad about the young man. Happy thanks giving to you.

  18. Bye Bye cowboy. I raised llamas at the ranch and humans have to ignore baby llamas when they are young or they become vicious too. If you start handling them at a year, they are docile to humans. I boarded out a llama who had her baby there and the people played with the baby.I never could trust that baby when it was grown.

  19. You know how to entertain your readers! Such adventures are not daily happening here. Thank you for sharing!

  20. You have the best stories and such a wonderful way of allowing your readers to see them through your eyes. And thanks for sharing the deer roping post--what a great visual!

  21. fishducky,
    Think you and oma ought to run with that.

    Thanks Naomi, pretty sure he had to have learned something or there just isn't much hope for him.
    Wishing you a grand one also.

    Dr. Kathy,
    Thanks so much and you too.

    Amber Star,
    Thanks and busy is often a good thing.

    Linda Star,
    Hopefully he could chalk it up to a positive learning experience.

    I had a friend attacked by her male llama. Her husband had to get him off her. Scary.

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks Wil, it was fun retelling.

    RV Vagabonds,
    Thanks and wasn't the deer roping a hoot? That fellow could creat visuals.

  22. Wonderful story ...had me held to the end. We had a cat who stole ciggy butts from the ash tray ...when we smoked ...not sure what she did with them.

  23. I came in from Grayquill's blog. That must have been quite a sight. I wish you had video taped it. Would have been a huge hit on youtube! :) I am so wicked... :|

  24. Hi Patti,

    You are just the best storyteller!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    God bless,

    Kathy M.

  25. Oh my! That busted his ego a bit I'd say! Have a Happy Thanksgiving Patti~

    BTW I've moved my blog to a new url- you can delete the old one that is in your blog list

  26. I will say what everyone else has said because it is true - you are a great storyteller!

  27. I love your stories. You always keep me rivoted to the end. I even felt a little sorry for the young cowboy.
    Good job as always.

  28. Came by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and got a smile, too. Luckily, the cowboy was able to leave with his actual "manhood" intact! Hope your weekend is a good one.

  29. Just stopping by to wish you a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING....I know the day is pretty much over there---But, still....I hope it was a wonderful one!

  30. What a fun story! I hope you've had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Now on to shopping.

  31. troutbirder,
    Thanks, I apperciate that from an avid reader.

    Thanks and I am so glad it did. My cat used to use mine (when I smoked) as toys to bat around.

    Welcome to TNS. So glad you stopped by. Unfortunately in those days, video cameras were quite heavy and one didn't carry them around like today with cell phones.
    You are right, it might have gone viral. Sigh.

    Oregon Gifts.
    Aw thanks Kathy and hope you had a great one.

    Southwest Arkie,
    Thanks for letting me know. I wondered what happened to you. Got your new URL all set now.

    Retired English Teacher,
    You are all so sweet to say that. Thank you.

    I felt sorry for him also when he realized he really wasn't superboy. I'm sure his pride hurt the worst that day.

    Back at ya. Hope yours was wonderful with snow even. It was odd how Bucky aimed right at his manhood.

    Thank you Naomi. I just saw my team lose in the last second but other wise all was fine. Hope yours was also.

    Back at ya. Yep, I will miss today shopping, I am not aggressive enough for Black Friday but look out Saturday.

  32. Thanks again for your visit! You are right mist softens everything, even sounds are muffled as if they come from far away.

  33. OH what a story! I know that was something to witness and I would of been like you wanting to help the poor kid. I bet your right this was one story he never bothered to share.
    Glad you did though.
    Thought of you often Thanksgiving day wondering if you were having a nice day. If I had your phone number I would of called you. lol
    Have a great weekend

  34. Deer are interesting creatures. We actually saw one that had been hit by a car right in the middle of town yesterday! It took four police cars and a paramedics vehicle just to deal with it.

  35. Reader Wil,
    Snow does the same thing and I love it.

    Grandma Yellow Hair,
    Aren't you sweet. I wouldn't have picked up though. I spent the week with ice pick headaches so phone conversations were not fun. They are much better now.

    Mom of 12
    They can really damage a car but usually the most damage is done to the deer. They die. They are such beautiful creatures.

  36. Love the story. We currently have Mama and two babies living in the woods and occasionally a visiting yearling buck. I discourage them as much as I can. They're too tame as it is and can devastate a garden.

    One of my city friends suggested an invisible the notion of collaring the dear with sensor collars. ;-)

  37. smartcat
    How funny. If you attempt the collaring, please video tape it. The proceeds will more than pay for the hospital bills.