Monday, November 7, 2011


Is there something you do that others might consider mean or at best ornery??

I have something that I delight in doing that I guess really isn't very nice.  Will I ever stop doing it? I seriously doubt it as there is still this rarely exercised, mean little kid hiding in me.  I  feel like confessing for I did it just yesterday.

When I am  driving through  town and catch a total stranger in another car industriously picking their nose, I lay on the horn, wave vigorously in a super friendly, "I know you really well", manner and flash  my biggest grin.  All the  while I am  thinking to myself--"Gotcha". 

Their shocked and embarrassed look just makes my mean little day.  I know when they quit blushing, they are thinking, "Who the heck was that?"

Do you have a secret torment of others that you enjoy?


With the end of Daylight Savings Time we  again reset our clocks. I am convinced this is just  to keep us from getting too comfortable in our lives. How long after the clock adjustment  of one hour back, do you continue doing the math in your head.  "Well the clock says six but it is actually seven so it is not too
early to---------."   For me it takes several days to learn how to live my life on clock time, not use-to-be-time.  Might be an age thing.


Sometimes I get puffed up over the simplest thing and credit my self for being super smart, quite unjustly.

I have bad feet. I religiously wear orthotics and under doctors orders I  ALWAYS wear shoes. Barefoot days are long gone and while it was at first annoying, I am totally used to it now and my feet haven't hurt in years.

So, even at night for a potty run, I slip on a pair of old but hard soled shoes for the trip in the near darkness for relief. Occasionally as I sleep stumble back to bed, I strike my shoe protected foot on some sharp corner. 

The fact that I feel no pain has me thumping my own back in glee and intelligence appreciation.  I so remember that pain from yesteryear when it would bring tears to my eyes.  That pain ranks right up there with whacked on the shin pain.  Little toes are notorious corner magnets. I'm so smart.

In the light of day however, I realize it was not my smarts that spared me curse word worthy pain.  It was just my slave like obedience to the doctor's orders. He was the smart one.  Sigh, light of day is such a downer.


Gee, I think I made that promise last week but what are promises for if not to either keep or break? Hopefully I will keep this one.  

I still have pain and while it is not pleasant,  it is definitely doable. I was able to have luncheon with the girls on Saturday and didn't even have to flash my midriff or plumber's crack.  I actually could wear my clothes without offending. Huge improvement.

Once more, a  big thank you is going out to each of you  for all your good thoughts and caring.  You are the best and I hope you will check on getting that shot.


  1. I incrementally slow down on innatentive tail gaters, especially those humungous trucks. This actually ranks in intelligence with "brighting" those at night who leave there high beams on. Having two drivers blinded at night instead of one isn't a super smart way to teach a lesson... :(

  2. Glad the shingles pain has abated. Got a kick out of your sly little torment. Mine is super politeness to telemarketers(real people, not recordings). Politeness slows them down enough that I can say thank you so much for calling but I'm not interested CLUNK.

    Oops! My brain was in the past. No satisfying hang up clunk anymore with modern phones, but hanging up is satisfying, even without the clunk.

  3. Glad you're feeling better..!!
    Nobody reset the fur babies internal clock...!!...try telling a hungry cat it's only 5:30 am instead of 6:30 am.....she has selective hearing and meows no speaky the English...!!


  4. I have this fear and recurring nightmare nowadays that, if I ever do anything like nose-picking outside of the privacy of my home, it will be picked up by some hidden street camera (or another public place, for instance in an elevator) and somebody somewhere will play it endlessly or worse yet it will end up on Youtube...So glad you are feeling better.

  5. Patti, I never would have guessed you had a mean streak. I myself am never mean...and I never ever lie.

  6. Your driving antics are too funny. Way to go girl you make the trip to wherever interesting. Do you ever wonder what those drivers do with the findings from their nose? Flick 'em? rub 'em on the steering wheel? or (ewwwww, this is bad) a snack?

  7. Oh your meanie torment is cool. And no, I never pick on any one, any time, any place...and like Olga, I never lie....much. I do however love to catch grumpy people in line at "wherever" and make them talk. Sometimes it's just so darned fun. Poor fool children.
    So super duper happy that you are feeling better. When Sweet Man had shingles, I thought he was gonna moan forever, not that he didn't have a right, just forever and ever and .. So glad you're better. Oma Linda

  8. LOL! I'm picturing you honking and waving at those people "digging for gold"! I'll have to confess a little bit of a mean streak, too. When one of those speedsters zooms up behind me and is on my bumper, I'll slow down even more because I know it aggravates them to no end! I'm really not that slow myself, so I think it serves them right. :D

  9. Glad you are feeling better from the shingles. I have the same thing going with my feet, tough I can still feel them, which is great after over 20 years of type 1 diabetes. I do not like daylight savings, so I'm always happy to turn back to regular time. I'm a morning person and love the lighter mornings. Darker evenings create feelings of Christmas and probably Sweden too. I love it and I have no problems with the change. Thanks for a great post.

  10. Hey Mean Patti, can be udderly amazing to see what people do while on the truckers have some tales to tell.
    Glad to hear your on the mend. I checked on the's expensive! Getting older is no country for sissies.

  11. Happy to see you are sorta back to normal. I have been pestering David about getting the Shingles shot, and he is scheduled for tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me to remind him. I told him I know he will never appreciate what he didn't get, but get the shot anyway. Dianne

  12. I probably only count back/forward the hour for a couple of days but it throws the cats out for at least a week.
    Your mean streak is a fun one ... serves them right....if I have one its usually something I dont realize I'm doing ...other than cold callers who I rabbit on to, with a smile on my face, even faster than they started their script, about why I dont want it, then put the phone down or shut the door before they can get thier next word out.
    So glad you are on the last lap of Shingles out for this time next year ...sometimes there is a little recourance of the pain. Hugs Angie xx

  13. I'm a lot like Olga BUT when someone is on their cell phone yakking? ...

    f'instance... I have my van serviced regularly. I sit in in the waiting room. The news is usually on the teevee...

    Small room. Several men were in this room. ONE woman... dripping with wealth was chat chatting away on her phone. She was doing what I call the --don't you realize how important I am because I am very wealthy - kind of talking -- her demeanor? oh jeeeez.

    The teevee's sound was way down. I walked in, saw the scenario. Reached for the remote turned the sound up. She turned around to me and said... Would you turn that down? in her above described manner...

    I said I would like to hear what they're saying ... if you want to talk on your phone... go to another waiting room.

    The look she gave me was one of total disbelief. She glared at me ... I turned the volume up a bit more... The men left. She did her haughtiness leaving... HAhaaaa

    When I went to check out... the cashier guy said ... I heard you told Mrs... xxxx, one of our best customers to go elsewhere to talk on the phone. I said yes, I did... (was I about to be admonished?)

    A huge smile came over his face and he said he was told by the guys sitting there --- each of them about this ... I was a hero! They wanted to do what I did ...

    I do that all the time. One such man ... SERIOUSLY was in a freaking buffet line!!!! holding everyone up! talking on his phone! dripping of wealth and his wife right beside him ... BOTH holding up the .... buffet... line... I said... exCUSE me! do you realize you are holding up this line?

    They both did the --- did she really talk to me like this? ---

    I was wondering what was holding things up... I walked around a couple of people.. they were just all standing there waiting for these inconsiderate morons to get off the phone!!! why are the other people in line sheeple? that kowtow personality drives me almost as insane as the rude morons. That's how 'they' get by with this stuff... what the hell?

    I love telling people who are rude and inconsiderate ... whether they're rich or poor... to take their rudeness on out the door.


    Ya got me started! standing in lines... and smokers who...

    HAhaaaa... oh, me... I'm writing a novel... but I could! rude assholes

  14. Oh, sweet Patti I don't think there could be a mean bone in your body. A little fun loving, mischievous one maybe but not mean. Sure glad to hear the pain is lightening up and I am still praying that you will be all healed up very soon. Hugs

  15. Hi Patti, You be BAD.... ha ha .... Love your cute sense of humor. Wonder they think of you up there in the hills of Arkansas??????? ha

    I hate the time change also---and find that it really messes with my body... Yesterday, I was ready for supper about 4 p.m. ha ha

    My Mom had Shingles once ---and talked about how painful they were. Glad you are better.

  16. When anyone tail gates me, I start acting crazy in the car. Waving my arms around, jigging up and down to the music and doing as many over the top movements as possible. I guarantee it's the quickest way to lose that car behind me!

  17. Patti, you are so funny. If you ever catch me doing that, I'll know it is you!

    Glad that you are feeling better and that your foot injury prevention is working well, no matter who thought it up.

    Hmmm...let's see. Trying to outsmart a mean BIL? Teeny bit of satisfaction when I succeed there.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

    Kathy M.

  18. Funny that you should start with something about being mean and close with being proud that you went to lunch without showing your ass. :)

    I have a thing about being at a stop sign waiting for a car to go by, only to have it turn right without using their turn signal, thus leaving me sitting there for nothing. I have been known to wave my arms wildly, then when they slow down to see what the mad woman wants, I tell them that their turn signal light must be burned out.

    I consider it a public service... until someone pulls a weapon, of course. :)

    Glad you're on the mend.

  19. Glad you are feeling better.

    Only thing that comes to mind is from my waitressing days. Around 10 p.m. the seafood restaurant turned into a college scene. I learned quickly that busting through the now crowded room to bring some 21-year olds beer was not a beneficial use of my time. I don't care how much they waved to get my attention I kept my eyes straight ahead and ignored them. They can push through the crowd to get to the bar.

  20. Oh you are mean! I can't think of anything I do like that. Like LC, I do the same thing with telemarketers. I just thank them politely and hang up. That way I don't end up feeling bad even though I didn't want to waste twenty minutes listening to them trying to sell me something I don't need.

  21. I don't have a mean tormeting-type thing that I do to others---Maybe I should! I hope yiu never catch me picking my!

    Glad you are coming along, my dear...I know people who have had Shingles where it has taken MONTHS for them to wear clothes.....Bravo, to you, my dear Patti...

    I hate the time change thingy---It takes me days and days to gt used to it all---And I really hate it getting dark earlier...!

  22. Glad the shingles pain continues to wane.

    Our dogs do not do well with the switch to standard time. They have no watches, but they know dinnertime has come and gone and nobody put any food out. They drive us nuts. Since they cannot talk, they do everything they can to let us know that we are missing something.

  23. My mother's sense of humor was just like yours, Patti...almost scary sometimes! :)

  24. Oh my I am ornry in so many ways it is hard to remember just what they are. Just yesterday though - flipping off and screaming "damn yankees" who ran me off the road.

    I wear Dr. Scholls shoes all the day and evening long and am so greatful my plantar fascitis is gone which was so painful at one time I couldn't walk ten steps.

    Glad to hear you're back in the groove.

  25. troutbirder,
    Oh I used to do that also in Florida, especially on freeways when they had several lanes to chose from. Here the roads are so curvy and the passing zones so tiny, that people have to tailgate to get around you. So I just find a spot, pull off and let them play through.

    Ha,ha don't you miss the old "clunk"? Hanging up now is just as unsatisfying as slamming a revolving door.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    And that is the truth. For Mighty, it is also trying to get his bladder regulated.

    We really are at the mercy of big brother aren't we? Then add cell phone cameras and we are just doomed.

    Ha ha, except maybe right now???

    You know with climate controlled cars, windows are closed so it has to go somewhere. Eeewwwww.

    Linda in NM
    Please tell SM that someone in Arkansas totally understands. I moaned big time but Mighty was my only audience and he just thought I was talking to him. No sympathy.

    Like I told troutbirder, I used to do that very thing in the flat lands of Florida but these crooked roads make that hard so I just pull off and let them go around me.

    I am happy with both time periods, it is just the adjustment that I am slow to make.
    So glad you are doing so well with your circulation in your feet.

    Ha ha, when I worked as a toll collector after retirement, we were higher than the cars and saw much more than we should have.

    I sure hope David qualifies for the shot. Not everyone can get one. I'll keep toes crossed that he can.

    Thanks, this last lap is welcome. I agree. I too hate those telemarketers and tend to cut them off quickly, say thanks but no thanks and hang up. Some one has to do the job but I don't have to listen.

    For a while there I thought you were going to be fussed at also. Way to go, you made all but one person happy that day.

    Thanks for thinking only the best about me. Wish I were that innocent.

    Ha Sometimes I think I should have kept my Florida license plate to hide behind.
    So glad you are doing better also. Hopefully we will both be 100% soon.

    LLCool Joe,
    Ok, that I will have to try. Sounds like fun and can't hurt.

    Oregon gifts,
    Thanks so much.
    I do hope you are at least one up on him. Keep up the good work.

    I know what you mean about the gun. Hope they got the hint.

    Of all those claiming to be super nice, I am sure they all have their tongues in their cheeks and a wink in their eye--except for you. I really don't think you have any mean bones.I admire you for that.

    Well it may takes months to be totally comfortable in clothes but at least I can do it now with a little help from an OTC NSAID.
    Wearing clothes certainly expands my social possibilities:))

    NC MOuntainwoman
    You are so right, tummies and bladders can't tell time. Mine are giving me that abused look they are so good at.

    I can only assume that is a nice compliment. Since she raised you and how great you turned out, then that is how I am taking it. Thank you.

    Linda Starr,
    Plantar fascitis was my problem also with some bone spurs. I am a huge believer in always wearing shoes and orthotics like you. It really works.

  26. Well, I have a few "meanies" but I usually keep them to myself.
    It reminds me of the AA meeting where an old timer was sounding off and a young man piped up and said "you sure don't walk like you talk" which the old man replied "that may be true ... but you'd better be happy that I don't walk like I THINK !"

  27. Oh, Patti - So glad that the shingles hasn't dampened your sense of humor. I actually had no idea you have a mean streak. I'm having an awful adjustment to daylight saving time - I'm ready for dinner at 4PM! I'm exhausted by 8PM. I wake at 5AM. The day seems like it has way too many hours.

  28. Glad that you are feeling better. I probably should wear shoes, but I haven't been able to do it. The first thing I do when I get in the house is take off my shoes. I even go outside without shoes far beyond the time when the weather should allow that.

  29. We have an "adult store" on the main highway just outside of our little town and when I pass there and see a man coming out of the store with his adult toys and tapes I love to blow my horn and wave like crazy so he worries all day who I might be that saw him in that place...

  30. I don't think I have a "mean" way to deal with others. That is something to check on.

    Glad you are feeling better and able to wear clothes w/o flashing everyone. That was a funny post, girl.

    Regarding my post for today, I didn't write the main part of it. The part she wrote is in quotes and it is linked back to her page at the newspaper where she works. I've seen enough and heard enough to see the protesters are asking for Communism and they don't understand what they really are asking for, plus they are not in the same league as the old ones way back when. Thanks for stopping by though.

  31. Oh yes...the time change. *L* I hate the change either way. We should get on one and stay there. Last night I went to Panera's for my knitting group and after freaking because nobody was there it was pointed out it was still early. I'd not changed my watch or the clock in the car. Oh man!

  32. I am glad that the shingles is getting less painful, but I know how long it can last before you are completely healed.
    Thanks for your comment. I am looking forward to seeing your answers.

  33. Oh, you made me laugh. I love that little bit of orneriness in you.

    You wrote about a lot of topics in this post. All of it was interesting and informative. Mostly, I must let you know that I'm thankful you are doing better, and I'm glad you keep reminding us to get the shot. I will try to get one scheduled.

  34. Patti, He got the shot and his copay was $108. He is still in sticker shock and says he hurts all over.

    He asked me what did it cost me, and I keep reminding him I had the Shingles not the shot. Duh~~ Dianne

  35. Ginnie,
    Some of us do keep the meanies in thought rather than action. I say what ever works.

    That time schedule you mentioned is exactly what I am going through. Aarrgh. Oh well, in time----

    OK now I am having shoeless envy. Enjoy as long as you can and maybe you will never have to harness your feet.

    Now you have me so envious. Oh how I wish we had an adult store just for that pleasure. Honk for me.

    Amber Starr,
    Thanks and so sorry the trickster time change caught you. Sunday I was thinking my neighbors hadn't changed their clocks as they were really late. Then I realized that I had set all the clocks but my watch. Duh.

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks and I am still working on the homework assignment you gave us. Sure hope you grade on the curve.

    Retired English Teacher,
    I can only hope those who can prevent this set of miseries does take advantage. I am really regretting my gamble.

    I am so glad. What pain he feels now is nothing compared to what he would feel if he got the disease. Ouch on the price though you must have good insurance. I have heard of $200 copays.

  36. I have none of those bad habits, Patti. How dare you suggest I could get pleasure out of the embarrassment of others!? HAHA, of course I do - but they all involve mr. kenju and I can't tell you about them. lol

    Glad to know the shingles is deciding to quit having its way with you. I remember that lingering pain, and it can come when you least expect it.

  37. OMIGOD! That was YOU honking at me????

    As for 'mean' stuff--whenever I get on the bus and see someone (which is almost always a woman) who is sitting on the outside seat with their bag on the inside seat, hoping that no one will want to sit down, I smile sweetly and deliberately sit there.

  38. Aw, you tormentor ...picking on nose pickers. That is too funny-
    I am still suffering from the DST fall back., waking up at 3:30 or 4 every morning and being so mad about it I can't calm down enough to go back to sleep. I seriously think it's time to lose get rid of it.

  39. I thought I made a commet here, perhaps it was too mean or odd to post?

  40. Judy,
    Too bad you won't share but I understand.
    Hate to hear these darn pains will come back. Yuck.

    So glad you didn't do some of the gross things wait staff has been known to try. A little ignoring is not bad.

    Since you aren't a serial killer, I would think she would be grateful. You are doing them a favor while exercising your mean girl.

    Southwest Arkie,
    I know and I really hope it comes to a vote someday. Know which way we will go.

    Linda Starr,
    I did post your comment and answered it. Sorry you missed it.

  41. Good to know you are getting a lot better. I still walk barefoot and I love to eat with my fingers. Education didn't make me smarter in that respect. How you manage to honk at that beats me. I rarely get a chance to stop and stare at drivers. I'm too busy watching traffic and the road sins.. Only tome I see is if I'm a passenger.
    But the best part about your mean streak is you make us smile :))

  42. I'm so glad you're feeling better, Patti.

  43. KleinsteMotte
    I usually catch them at intersections when everyone has stopped. I am glad they don't pick and drive.

    Thank you so much.