Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Mary Lee at Merrilymarylee sent me the following cartoon that I just love.  Snow on the roof (white hair) is one thing, add Shingles and you darn well know you are getting old:))

First off, I am much better and thank you big time for all your good thoughts and prayers. Pretty sure I wouldn't have made it with out you. I still have some pain but it is so reduced that I almost feel like dancing around the house.  Might put on some Rock and Roll music and try that. That may be a bit premature but what the hay.

There has been a bad side effect however to my Shingles. I have gained weight these past three weeks.  Being inactive has been part of it but just flat out eating too much was the main culprit. 

You would think that being so in pain that I would just lie around, too sick to eat  and wither away to a 90 pound weakling looking romantically gaunt. Not so.  I am a boredom and reward eater who currently looks un-romantically plump. 

Since I was hugely bored and felt deserving  of rewards for enduring the pain, I ate a lot and not the good stuff. In my defense, I did also have to eat something with each pilling to protect my stomach lining and that took place 5 times a day.

However, I ate finger foods all day that needed little preparing.  Somehow I wonder how carrots sticks, apples and celery never crossed my mind as finger foods? Odd??

Now I haven't quite slipped over into the "Biggest Loser" proportions, I am definitely going to have to get moving and get those fingers busy with something besides shoveling food into my face.  Maybe typing??

Thanks one more time for hanging in with me.  I promise my next post will not contain one "whine" nor mention of Shin****.  I can actually feel my mind stirring beyond the bounds of self pity again. Beware.

My thoughts are going out to those of you in the dark and cold in the Northeast. I just hope you can keep warm and that relief is quickly coming. That was one mean Halloween "trick."

To all you Cardinal fans, a big time congratulations. Being a National League fan, I was cheering right along with you in the post season since my team was out of it.  What a season you had.  Now for the long wait till Spring training.


  1. Yes, Patti, just about everything is fattening in the end. I love that cartoon, it says it all. The good thing is that now that you are feeling like dancing, it'll start coming off with a little effort.

    So very glad to hear you are on the mend! Nothing quite as awful as shingles. A little extra avoirdupois doesn't even begin to compare! :-)

  2. The important thing is you are feeling better. I always thought food was a cure-all.

    Speaking of the Cardinals, did you know the manager Tony LaRussa had shingles in the middle of the season?

  3. So happy to hear you are making progress in getting rid of those awful shingles. The cartoon is cute.

    Once you get all well, moving and doing again I bet that extra weight falls right off.

    Good to hear from you...will keep the prayers going for you. Just keep on getting better and better sweet Patti. Hugs

  4. Hi Patti! I'm so happy to hear you are feeling much better! Yay! I hear you about the food. I battled a rotten cold/virus for over 2 weeks, but I never lost my appetite! I think I turn to food for comfort...and carrots and celery are not what I call comfort food! And if Pepsi were alcohol, well...I'd be in big trouble! My doctor is going to chew me out big time tomorrow. But I will be asking her about the shingles vaccine.
    The World Series was very exciting and I was so happy for the Cards. Maybe your team will be there next year!

  5. Ouch! Just catching up after our Arizona visit and sorry to read about you affliction but glad its getting better. My uncle Walt had it including the face and I knew how miserable it could be....

  6. Glad to hear you are starting to really feel better. That's great news, patti!

  7. Darn Patti I am with you I never would of thought of apples and carrots as finger foods. Who would?
    Anyway sorry about the weight gain I know just what you mean it slips right in there when your down and out.
    Thank goodness you feel like almost putting on some Rock and Roll. Maybe that is what I need to do.
    Been sick myself but not anywhere like you and I am so glad it is almost over for you.
    That cartoon is too funny.
    I would love to congrats to the the Cardinals but hey I am from Texas.
    Love ya

  8. Glad to know you're thinking about dancing again!

  9. So glad to hear that you are feeling better. I'm not in pain and all I want to do lately is eat and sleep, but I try to resist.

  10. I am so pleased you are on the mend.Why is it that I too gain weight all too easily when I'm ...stressed, bored angry miserable and even tired ....I just stuff my self with easy to prepare and usually laden with sweetness, food. I can even remember going to the doctors when I lost my husband and asking why I was not fading away like others do when grieving ...trying to make light of things ...although I knew I had turned to chocolate for comfort. She smiled and sighed ...remarking that I was in the low percentage who still manage to eat and would probably put on weight even if I didn't eat ...it was the way my body reacted to grief ...life REALLY sucks, I thought.
    Dont go and do too much until you are fully better ...slightly stronger hugs coming your way xx

  11. Dear Patti,
    So pleased that you are getting better at last! Gaining weight as you slide into winter is entirely natural; just sleep a lot, curl up under a rug, and hibernate enjoyably! Funny how us humans are about the only members of the animal kingdom to feel the need to rush around madly all seasons of the year! Others (especially cats) act according to what nature has put on offer! (Of course most of my own rushing around is to provide food and warmth for the cats to keep them in their state of feline bliss..., but that is another story!).

  12. I'm so happy you are feeling good again. Like being released from prison, isn't it?
    Tell me about fat. I gained while on Gerson therapy. And yipes, is it hard to get rid of. I've only shucked about half of it and I still don't fit into any clothes except sweats. Even my 5 mile walks every day aren't doing the trick. I think it's just wearing out my knees. Ha.

  13. It is completely understandable that you would be eating "comfort" foods, my dear....Those things you mentiomed---carrotts and celery?? Nothing comfortinmg there, at all!!! Now Chocolate? YES YUMMM!

    So very happy to know that you are on the memd....And if I were you I wouldn't worry about what you are eating right now....You will get rid of any extra pounds as soon as you begin moving about again....Just keep getting better and better, my dear Patti!

  14. So glad to hear you are feeling better! Don't give the extra poundage a second thought. As soon as you are back on your feet 100%, the weight will fall off.

  15. Isn't it just a wonder how good it feels to just feel better? We take feeling normal for granted, I guess.
    Take care of yourself. Do some slow dancing and work up to that rock and roll slowly!

  16. I saw that cartoon & wanted to send it to you but I didn't have your email address. SO GLAD you're feeling better!!

  17. Understandable--but as it's been said, the important thing is you're feeling better. Blessings to you. Now with all this talk about food, I need to go eat something! And I'm not in pain. So there. And Yay for our Cards!

  18. Finger foods are fattening? Who knew? You did the best you could. Pain is hard to bear without a little comfort food.

    Cardinals, what Cardinals? Are you looking at your bird feeder? Dianne

  19. I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better. I also love the cartoon. I guess it helps to laugh at our situations.

    You are an amazing woman and a gift to all of us in Blogland. We are dancing right along with you at the improvement to your health. Dancing will help you with those few extra pounds!

  20. Glad to hear you're better...you have all winter to burn calories trying to stay warm...just keep the house colder than normal!

  21. Djan,
    You are so right. I'll take pudgy over pain any day. I have all ready lost a pound so I am hopeful.

    Miss Dazey,
    Good grief, what a man. No wonder he seldom smiles. What a great season he managed.

    Thank you so much. I'm hoping for that pounds falling off routine you mentioned.

    So glad you are going to ask. Some people can't tolerate it, hope you can.
    Now that the Marlins have their own stadium, we can and will spend more money for talent. They are talking about Pujols but I doubt we can afford him and I hope he stays with the team he grew up with. He should retire a Cardinal.

    Oh, he had the most serious kind. On the face can affect vision and hearing. Hope he was OK.

    Oh thank you robin and I am so sorry to hear of yours and Rogers loss. That is just so hard.

    Grandma Yellow Hair,
    I do hope you quit over doing, your back can't take it. Sorry about the Rangers. Someone had to win. I do love your manager, he is so cute when he gets excited.

    Linda Myers,
    Thanks,I'm working on my Risky Business moves.

    Think it might be part seasonal for you. You need some more of that Florida sunshine.

    Thanks for the still gentle hugs. I am like you, neither grief, sickness nor heartbreak will stay me from my food rounds. Kind of like our Mail carriers in the US.

    Ha, guess I need someone to slave away to keep me in the lap of relaxation. Cats do have it good don't they?

    I've seen your pictures. If you have fat, I don't know where you are hiding it.
    You are right about how great it feels to be almost normal. Sometimes we need a jolt so we appreciate the norm.

    I am sure you are right Naomi. Even today being able to do things, I have eaten so much less.
    Chocolate really is great finger food though isn't it??

    Southwest Arkie,
    Thanks and I know you are right. I have only been moving for one day and all ready have lost a pound.

    You are so right. Here I thought I was old and achy before, now I know how great I had been feeling. Maybe I needed this to appreciate what I had.

    Aw, thanks for thinking of me with the cartoon. It really is cute.

    Sorry I made you hungry. You did eat carrot sticks right? To another happy Cards fan--enjoy.

    Ah and I do love to keep myself comfortable. I am so easy to spoil.

    Retired English Teacher,
    Why thank you so much. Kind words are as soothing as chocolate.

    Now that is funny. Today I tried to keep the temps down in the house to save energy, shivered twice and cranked the thermosat back up. Guess I'll have to think of another way. I'm such a wuss.

  22. So glad you're better - I've been missing you! :) blessings, marlene

  23. Oh, shingles are wicked! And you have inspired me to get that vaccine! Add my voice to the chorus of those who are so glad to hear that you're feeling better!

  24. So good to hear you are feeling better and having less pain already.

    I too have never craved healthy food, which is why I am officially obese. Although thanks to a few weeks of beach walking, it's now a much firmer obese-ness.

  25. Man, I really feel for you. Really glad you're better. If you come up with a quick way to lose weight, lemme know!

  26. I'm happy you are feeling a little better. Shingles seriously do suck!

    I love that cartoon!

  27. Hey, Patti! I am so happy with this positive update, and I am sure that you are beautiful with the few extra pounds.

    Cute cartoon too.

    The Cards did great and I am happy for them. I wanted the Rangers because I am more of an AL fan, but oh well ... both teams did great; it was a nailbiter of a WS.

    Now we are stuck with football ... and then drag, basketball. I can't wait until spring training.

    Glad you are up and about and feeling so much better.


    Kathy M.

  28. I'll bet that extra weight will drop away fast once you get back on your feet. So glad your ordeal is coming to an end.

  29. I am so glad to hear you are on the mend. I never knew much about Shingles until I read your post. You scared the day lights out of me. Take care and I am wishing you the best.
    PS why do you not have an email in address in your profile? I don't really want to know the answer but I do think you should add one :-O

  30. I am so sorry you've had to endure this. It's perfectly OK to complain about it. That's what blogging is for. :-) I'm hoping everything heals very quickly and that you'll have the energy to work off the pounds. I'm working on that myself.

  31. I made Pioneer Woman's recipe for a sandwich that I'm sure has a gahjillion calories, but was sooo good! I'm ashamed of myself, but will get over it. *wink* Just in case you haven't had a snack today here is the link to sin. :)


    Glad you are feeling some better.

  32. Patti, could you get the word out
    PRCA Championship Rodeo Camps

    ALERT: This morning (11/3) between 12:00am and 7:00am someone stole five roping horses, a featherlite gooseneck stock/combo trailer, many saddles, and many bits from the college rodeo barn in Magnolia, Arkansas. The trailer has Georgia plates. The five horses include, Ashley Mills good black horse with a rockin M brand on left hip. A sorrel blaze face horse with a rockin V on his left shoulder, right hip has a backward L with a K. There was also a grey mare with no markings, a buckskin mare with a star on her head, and a black mare with a circle M brand on left hip. Please help us find these horses. If you have any information please call 870.904.3067

  33. Damn I missed this post when I was travelling. I'm so pleased you are feeling better now.

    I'm sure you'll lose the weight as you get more active again. :)

  34. Stichin by the lake,
    Thank you Marlene, I have missed you all also.

    Patricia Lichen,
    Thank you and I really hope you do, then some of this misery would have been worth it.

    RV Vagabonds,
    Thank you, now I have a goal, Firmer Obese-ness:))

    Oh if only there were a way that didn't include work and control. Sigh.

    Thank you so much. I really am getting there.

    Oregon Gifts,
    It really was a spectacular WS. No one should feel cheated. Me too for spring and not just for the tulips.

    Sure hope my pounds heard you. Thank you, it really is wonderful to feel better.

    I hope I scared you right to the doctor for the shot. It is an ugly disease.
    I will think about it but I have enjoyed the anonymity and is why I have avoided facebook so far.

    Let me know if you find something besides will power that works.

    Amber Star,
    I will check it out but it had better also be full of carrots, celery and lettuce:))

    I just included the Alert in a post. Hope it reaches the right eyes. I will keep on the look out here.

  35. LLCool Joe,
    Oops you sneaked in while I was commenting. Don't feel badly, I was pretty much out of it and wasn't even aware we were almost neighbors for a while.
    Thanks, hope you are right.

  36. Know about that "i-deserve -a-treat" eating. And why does the weight go on so fast and come off so slow. And have you noticed that you gain first in areas where you least want the extra but you don't lose there. Now that wasn't encouraging, but it was definitely sympathetic.Just glad you are experiencing less pain. Sending more prayers for you!

  37. Patti, glad to see/hear that you are recovering. I too have gained weight over the last year, due mostly to eating too much due to various annoying but not life threatening illnesses.

    Yes, Halloween was a bad prank, BUT we are now enjoying true indian summer.

    Happy week end!

  38. Well rock and roll ought to help shake off the weight and put a smile on your face as long as it doesn't hurt. So nice to learn you are really on the mend.
    the post about the missing horses is disturbing. Seems many folks just take anything these days. Shame :{

  39. Everyone knows that crunchy things like carrots, apples, and celery increase the pain from shingles! You have to go for the comfort foods 'cause Lord knows you need it. Glad you are improving.

  40. Can't remember if you addressed this...but did your doc recommend the shingles shot? I'm hesitating about getting it, but sure don't want shingles....

  41. Great that you are feeling better and I'm so glad I read this post. I'm wanting to give treats to Soldier since he is not well, but since he can't walk that would be a disaster. I know you will lose any unwanted weight once you get up and around. And I love the cartoon and yes, the Cardinals deserved to win. Their fighting spirit was amazing.

  42. LC
    Thank you and I agree. If I lose 10 pounds, I suddenly have a 2 pound face but my hips stay the same. Not fair.

    So glad you are having Indian Summer. Enjoy, you have earned. it.
    Hope your annoying illnesses are history.

    Ha, the rock and roll was a bit painful so that will have to wait.
    I agree, there is little respect for personal property these days.

    NCMountain woman,
    I do like the way you think.
    Thanks so much.

    She recommends it but there are certain people who can't get it. Any one with lung problems, are allergic to what is in the shot, have compromised immune systems, etc. Check with your doctor. It is really expensive.If I could have a do over, I would definitely get it.

    I think you are right about Soldier. He doesn't need extra weight on those hips. I know how hard it is to not spoil them when you know they don't feel good.

  43. How in the world did I miss you - about 15 of my friends/followers have left comments here. I found you through As The Cracker Crumbles! I loved the cartoon and I can relate I had the shingles about a year ago - no fun and I can relate! sandie