Friday, September 28, 2012


First off, I want to thank you all for all the kind, supportive comments you left on my "Bye" post.  You really have touched this worn out old lady and make it so hard to stay gone.  I continue to lurk on your blogs to make sure you are all well,happy and to see what you are up to.  Very one sided of me I fear and I apologize. 

I wish I could say that I was coming back for though I have missed the daily give and take of blogging so much, I really have needed the rest.  Plus I had a few issues to work on.  One I will blog about soon hopefully with another positive P.S.A.

Now for the Public Service Announcement that I am throwing out there just in case it might help someone.  It is something my sister Jan and I discovered that I want to share. I really wanted to make this light and fun but I ended up stating just the facts. Losing my touch I guess.

Sister Jan has had some health problems this past year that dealt with growths on her thyroid  that are benign but are being monitored.  What she hadn't told me was that she had been suffering depression and extreme fatigue for quite some time. She was not happy being prescribed mood modifiers. They weren't helping.

Thanks to the Internet, she found some info that suggested that iodine deficiency could be the cause of her symptoms. Now her doctor had not checked her levels so Jan got some Kelp supplements that supplied a very small dose of 150 mcg of iodine which she took once a day. Jan takes no other medications so she wasn't worried about contraindications. 

Jan said the improvement was almost immediate.  Her energy and attitude did a complete turn around. She can't believe all the energy and positive outlook she has rediscovered.

All I can say, if you or someone you know is suffering from fatigue and depression, have a doctor check  iodine levels. It can't hurt and may REALLY help.  Possibly a very simple and cheap solution. Just be sure you are not taking any other medicines or have a condition that iodine could harm.

Here is a link with some great information from the US Government that also states benefits, uses and interactions iodine may have with some medicines or conditions. The end of the article lists several interactions you should be aware of.

When Jan told me about her marvelous results, just as a precaution,
I scoured the Internet to see if there were any bad side effects from taking iodine as a supplement. I didn't  want my little sis doing something that  might hurt her.

What I discovered was that particular dose was quite harmless.   Then I discovered something else.  Now I would tell you gentlemen to go click on Sports Center now but you all have women in your lives that this information might effect, so hang in if you can.

It seems that Fibrocystic Breast Condition is a sign of iodine deficiency.  Since about 30% of women have this annoying and uncomfortable condition, I felt I had to let you know what happened with me. 

FBC is when women's  breasts get sore and lumpy. Sometimes it is hormonal. For me, caffeine has always been a sure fire trigger.  No real coffee or chocolate for this gal most of my adult life. When I indulged, I paid the price. 

So I thought what the hay and got some low dose Kelp tablets also. It was the perfect time for I was in the middle of an episode of painful boobies.   In one day they quit hurting and to test it, I have had real coffee everyday for a month now. No pain, not even a twinge. I had forgotten what a nice pleasant buzz coffee can give you.

I was surprised to learn that other than the thyroid, the part of the body that stores the most iodine is the breast.  Some think iodine supplementation might ward off breast cancer. I won't go that far, I will only tell you what both my sister and I experienced and you can do your own research.  Have your doctor check your levels, determine if it is safe and form your own opinions. 

I do so hope this info helps someone else as it did us.

My next post, if my other experiment continues to go well, will be for those of you who suffer painful lower back, hips or both.

I will continue to visit you all though most likely in the shadows, lurking for now.  

Stay well, be happy and please keep posting.


  1. Will definitely have to check out kelp!
    Enjoyed visiting your blog this morning- have a great weekend!

  2. I'm glad you came back even if it was for a PSA.

  3. Good to know, Patti and good to hear from you! I've been away too.

  4. It is nice to hear from you here just to know you are doing well.

  5. Thanks for all the valuable info...and i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one lurking away out here in cyberspace...!!!

  6. Very interesting information! I don't suffer from either affliction but am sure glad to know about it. Thanks, and welcome back for a while at least! :-)

  7. Thank you so much for providing this information. And more importantly, letting us know you are OK and still lurking in the shadows of our blogs. I have missed you.

  8. oh my goodness what a lovely surprise to see you on my blog read list this morning. Have missed you lots.
    Thanks for the info. I have a Dr. appt next week. Gonna go for it and see what we find out. Caffeine also affects your and therefore, thanks. Oma Linda

  9. Hi Patti! Great post and thanks!

    I have a post that has been "saved" for a while now, and I am adding to it as I can. Yet another trip blog. I may have to break it up to get at least some of it up. Feels good to not be tied to the computer though.

    Good to 'hear' from you.

  10. It's so good to see a post here, Patti! Thank you for the PSA. Really interesting information.

  11. Thank you for this information - I will check it out. Miss you.

  12. Dear Arkansas Patti, so glad to see you back, even if only for an occasional posting. I just so like the way you put words together!

    Thank you for this information. I'll remember it as I have a friend who is experiencing the problems similar to your sister's. This kind of sharing is so essential. Peace.

  13. I was so pleased to see that you had posted ...I gave a little squeel of joy...and what an interesting post.
    Even if you just posted once a month I would be so happy as I miss you ...loooking forward to your back pain post ...Take Care ...Hugs xx

  14. Thanks for the tip.. Will keep in mind. And even though you aren't blogging anymore, please stop over to visit me!!!

  15. As Dee said...
    "Dear Arkansas Patti, so glad to see you back, even if only for an occasional posting. I just so like the way you put words together"

    I AGREE!!

  16. So good to see you posted, my dear...!What great information Patti---and a great way to start blogging again, even if it is temporary..
    I'm going to check that out, for sure!!!
    KELP, Here I Come! (maybe)....!

  17. Terri Buster
    Thanks and I think you will be surprised at how necessary iodine is to our health. I was.

    Thanks, I just wanted to share what had helped me and my sister.

    Thank you and I have really missed your posts. What marvelous mood soothers your feel good posts are.

    Thanks and I am a bit better than before Iodine.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    Hope you or someone you know can use the info. You too??

    Thank you, good to pound the key board again. Glad you don't need it. Stay healthy.

    Aw, thanks Inger. I have been by to check on you and your clever Samson.

    Linda Wildenstein,
    Thanks lady. Have him check your levels. There are a lot of symptoms a deficiency can cause.

    Aw, thanks Barry and how about at least a peak at your trip??

    Thanks robin. I am a firm believer that half our problems stem from either what we are doing or not doing. Love the simple answers.

    Chatty Chrone,
    Thanks Sandi, hope it helps either you or someone you know.

    Thank you Dee for the great compliment. I do so hope this helps your friend.

    Aw, thanks so much Angie. That means a lot. Hopefully I will have good news about back and hip pain. Again, a simple cure.

    Hope it helps. I do drop in to visit regularly. Just don't comment much. Bad Patti. I'll try to do better.

    I was flattered when it came from Dee and equally so from you. Thanks so much.

    Hi Naomi. I have been by to visit you, just don't always comment. Next post should explain that.
    Just be sure to check the contraindications before taking.

  18. Hi Patti, I was thrilled to see a post by you and also when you commented the other day! Thanks for this information, I'm so glad it has helped you. I'll be reading up on it and I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to share about back/hip pain.

    Take care and get rested up!

    Oh, and I don't mind you lurking at all!! Hope you will post every now and then as you feel like it. We'll always be happy to hear from you!

  19. welcome back and thanks for the tips, I think I'll check into some kelp, it can't hurt. Have your sister get her TSH of the thyroid checked too, lwo thyroid can cause depression and a myriad of other symptoms.

  20. First, so GREAT to see yo posting again, though not permanent it seems, but in any way: I missed you. Thank you for sharing the iodine thing... I truly believe we are majorly messed up on our diet, which is causing some major issues. Now, I know clinical depression is no joke. I took medication at one time and I have friend that will become suicidal off meds, but I do believe it is overprescribed. I will try that as well... I have been feeling very tired and hopefully some suplements will help.

  21. Thank you very much for your information. Coincidentally, I did hear of this recently. Luckily we should be doing OK since we eat a LOT of seaweed at our house. My mother used to tell me as a child that it would keep my hair black. I'm 63 now and I find my hair is as gray as anybody else. However, I guess the seaweed was good for something.

    I'm so glad you're still around even if it's just ocassionally. I certainly do hope to see you visiting my blog. I always love hearing from you!

  22. Oh, sweet Patti what a wonderful treat to come check Bl9ogger tonight and find a post from you. I am so happy to know that you are okay. Thanks so much for sharing this information. I will be looking forward to what you have to say about lower back pain because I do have that. Hope you have a great weekend and things keep working out for both you and your sister. Hugs for you and give Mighty some nose kisses from Chancy and me.

  23. Glad to see ya... and yes Kelp! I used to take that ... I really need to get back to taking a few supplements... thanks for the reminder... good stuff!

  24. Glad to see you back posting a bit again. We're here when you are, so do as much as you enjoy...but only as much as you enjoy as it isn't a job or a punishment!! LOL

    Thanks for the PSA...will file it under "good to know" ...!!

  25. So good to hear from you again! I have missed you, but I understand the need for a break. I've been away for a bit myself.

    I was very interested in this post. I had done some reading on this topic in the past. My grandmother suffered from Grave's Disease and had to take iodine. She later died of breast cancer. I read somewhere years ago that iodine insufficiency is linked to breast cancer. My sister who suffers from Hashimoto's Disease, as do I, found out what was wrong with here when she came back to the U.S. after living in Costa Rica where she had to use iodine to wash the fresh foods they ate. She felt fabulous when she was there, was healthy and free of symptoms that had followed her for years. Once she didn't use the iodine to wash food after they came home, she was feeling terrible again. A doctor made the connection and diagnosed her thyroid condition. Interesting stuff.

  26. Nice to have you pop in and let us know you're doing well.

  27. Cheryl,
    Hi, thanks so much. Hope my next post will help more people for I am sure back and hip pain are more common.

    Linda Starr,
    You were the one person that I thought probably wouldn't need supplimentation with all the sea food you eat. You and Gary do eat healthy.

    Introverted Art,
    Thank you. I so agree that properly prescribed, they are wonderful. I just think they are too often a catch all for some doctors who don't dig deep enough.

    Well so much for hair color:)) That is funny. However I knew you all got lots of iodine in your diet. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you so much. I do hope my back/hip experiment continues successfully and will maybe help others. It has been a blessing to me.

    Thanks lady. Sometimes our bodies need some things that our diet just doesn't provide. Stay healthy.

    Thanks for being there. Means a bunch. Hope you never need it, just know it is there if you do.

    Retired English Teacher,
    Thanks Sally and that is a very interesting anecedote about your sister and iodine. I have a niece with Graves also. I believe she had her thyroid removed and will be on meds the rest of her life. Thanks for your input.

    Thanks Linda. Doing well and getting even better.

  28. Hmm, maybe this post is what I needed to encourage me to have a blood test done. I think blogging ebbs and flows as life happens to us, so enjoy your break, as well as posting PSA's.

  29. Thanks for the tip! I know a few people with thyroid related issues. I will pass it on.

  30. sue,
    Thanks sue and I really hope you do. I guess it is pretty common to be deficient.

    Hope it helps them. I was surprised at how it helped me.

  31. Glad you are well and even buzzed, Patti. I've missed your posts. Take care of yourself.

  32. Lovely to hear from you! Really good information about iodine, it is amazing how tiny amounts of essential things can make profound and wonderful differences to life and the ability to thrive. So pleased that your sister has found iodine such a help, you too!

    Often think of you and wish you every happiness. P, L, NS & G xx

  33. Some valuable information here.

  34. I can't wait to hear what you find out about painful back and hips! I never heard about iodine deficiency and appreciate the information.

  35. Sure do miss you, Patti... I always enjoy your blogs.

    We have been on vacation (Yellowstone) --and it was fabulous. BUT--catching up on blogs is HARD....Never enough hours in the day! AND--I also have about 2900 photos to go through from that trip. Yipes!!!!

    Miss you... Take care --and stay healthy. God Bless.

  36. Hi Patti! It is great to see you back on here. I haven't heard about any of this, and appreciate your letting us know.

    I have missed you, and am glad to hear from you again.

    Kathy M.

  37. Barb,
    Gee thanks but sadly the buzz is stating to wear off:))

    Hi Peter,
    So good to hear from you and the gang. My best back at ya. You are so right. Sometimes it is something very simple that has the greatest effect.

    Thank you. Hope you can use it.

    So far the results for me on the back and hips have been pretty darn good. Just giving it a bit longer to make sure it is for sure working.

    Sounds like a marvelous trip. Can you imagine taking that many pictures the old way? The cost of developing would be outrageous. Look forward to seeing them.

    It seemed too good not to share. Thanks so much.

  38. So your back for a moment…I know the feeling. I posted today after being blog free for a couple of months. I do not know what has happened to my motivation for blogging… you think iodine can help my blogging problem?

  39. Sounds like something very helpful! Sure miss you, Patti. Thanks for stopping by.

  40. Wow was I surprised when I came by tonight to tell you I missed you and found you had written a post.
    A very helpful one. I will sure pass this on to several people I know you might be needing this advice.
    I have felt depressed a lot lately so who knows I could be having the same problem. Your a sweetheart for
    sharing this.
    I do hope your sis continues to feel better.
    Sure have missed you and love it when you stop by for a visit with me. Though my blogging is really suffering too.
    Sometimes I feel I should take a long break.
    Love ya

  41. I was pleasantly surprised to click on your bookmarked blog and see a new post. The fact that it was a PSA mattered not, it is simply good to know that you are doing okay. And once again enjoying coffee. I will definitely check out the kelp theory. Unfortunately, I just had my annual check up two weeks ago. :(

  42. Glad to see you are still lurking around and I guess everyone thinks I have adopted your methods.

    I may for the time being as these health issues are taking a lot of my energy, but I think things will be better if I only find some patience!!!

    I have posted today but cannot say when the next will be.

  43. Grayquill,
    Ha,ha It doesn't seem to have helped mine. I am searching for a blogging suppliment now.

    Mom of 12,
    Hopefully you never need it.You certainly don't lack for energy.

    I am sure it doesn't work for all but it is a cheap and easy try and if it does work, yeah!!! I keep tabs on you Maggie, hope you get back in the groove. I miss Pearl.

    RV Vagabonds,
    Next time have them check your levels but if you have no symptoms, you are probably OK.

    Now after reading your post I understand your need for patience. It is hard when we want to start feeling better right away. Enough is enough. Be well soon.

  44. This was really good to learn. I shall study this further. thanks.

  45. I recently went back to iodized salt due to the feat that I might need more iodine. Guess I was right.

    Please hurry with your other experiment - and I suffer daily with lower back and hip pain.

    I really miss your posts!!

  46. I'm so glad you posted again. I had you on my mind last night and thought I'd stop by my blog to see what was new with you guys that I used to read everday. Glad to see you have posted and that you got a charge from the coffee. :)

    Nearly got whiplash when I read about the PSA. I could not figure it out and am very glad you cleared it up in the next paragraph. The only PSA I knew about is the one my husband gets with his physical each year. :)

    I, too, am looking forward to your next post about low back and hip pain. It is a misery.

  47. Come back soon. We're ALL falling apart! I've been wondering how you were.

  48. Just thought I would drop by and say 'Hi' .....hope you are keeping well ... hugs Angie xx

  49. Missing you Patti. Hope you will come back :)

  50. Thank you for this tip. We are all benefiting like you at our place.

  51. Glad to see you back on line, Patti. Hang in there now....:)