Monday, October 29, 2012



I have been putting off this post that I promised a while ago regarding hip and back pain as I was really hoping for better end results.  Then it dawned on me, I am 73, I am never going to regain the body I had as a 50 year old. Improvement is also a form of success and I shouldn't be greedy.    

So I decided  to tell you how I  found help for this  Septuagenarian body. You whippersnappers will probably get better results than I did or perhaps even keep these pains from ever happening to you.

Several of you expressed interest in my experiment so this is what happened.  I have had back and hip pain for about 20 years that was pretty much controlled by glocosamine/chondroin supplements. Those OTC meds kept me fairly mobile and with out severe pain for a long time with only occasional back flair ups.

Recently those meds seemed to suddenly quit working.  My back was killing me and my hips were stiff and sore most of the time.  Walking, especially up hill or  on stairs, was brutal. Part of the reason I quit blogging was that it was just too uncomfortable to sit or even stand in front of the computer. 

Pollyanna Patti was getting the blues. As I am my own caregiver, I was envisioning replacement parts,  a Hoveround or even  worse, nursing home options.  Then I got mad.  I have mentioned before that I do believe a lot of our ailments are caused by either what we do, have done, or don't do to our bodies via lifestyle, activity or diet.

In my heart, I believe there is a simple answer for a lot of things, if we can only find it. Now  obviously "simple" won't solve all medical problems but it will help enough  of them to keep me trying.

So a hunting I went.  One thing I found in many places on the Net that intrigued me about relieving pain was not medicine but proper posture. There are so many articles regarding posture and pain. This are some helpful sites I found.


Sadly, I will admit to previously judging persons with great posture as being up-tight and rigid sorts. Maybe they are a little but I bet they have  few problems with their backs or hips. 

Anyway, having nothing to lose and the price was right, I pulled up my body as tall as possible, stuck out my now pain free boobies (thanks to iodine from last post)  and tightened my stomach muscles.

I uncurled my legs from around the chair legs and actually used the backs of  chairs for the purpose they were designed, support. Elbows dropped to my side instead of supporting my hunched over frame in front of the computer. Feet were planted flat on floor and no longer were slung up on the coffee table to watch TV. I walked proud and tall--well taller.

I noticed I formerly subconsciously and repeatedly leaned to the left and slumped forward when sitting.   I even  drove my vehicle leaning my elbow on the door rest,slumping to my left side, and  putting most of my weight on my left hip. Driving usually caused the most pain and stiffness in my hips.  Hum, I wonder if that "left" leaning was politically motivated or  structural?

I have gone from poster child for slouch to almost military correct.  Guess what? This is not a simple answer for it takes intense concentration and constant monitoring to keep from returning to the ole comfy slump.

This is harder a habit to break than cigarettes. Cigarettes are a conscious thing, slumping is reflexive. I  mentally bitch slap myself 50 times a day to "sit and stand up straight".

I have at least 30 years of bad habits to break. I now often lurch through Walmart as I go from  habitual slumping while resting elbows on the cart handle, to posture perfect then unconsciously reverting  back to slumping.  I am sure some observers think I might be on the bottle or have a neurological disorder. 

It is a constant battle but one I am gaining on. Slumping may be easier but correct posture in the long run hurts much less. Not much to debate about here.

So what can I tell you about Practically Posture Perfect Patti now. The pain  decreased dramatically and quickly.  I was noticeably better in ONE day of total concentration. I won't kid you, that  first day was exhausting and a struggle.
Pain that before was not even  dented by handfuls of NSAIDS, now can be completely  alleviated by one Ibuprofen in the AM and one in the evening.   Many days I need nothing for a pain tolerable life.  Ha, take that titanium hips,  Hoveround and nursing home. I am keeping this body in motion a bit longer with out you.

My wore out hips are 80% better. I can still feel slight discomfort on hills and stairs but inclines are now doable though I still prefer flatlands and homes with one level.  I am hoping that will keep improving.

While the posture adjustment was dramatic, I got even additional relief with a new mattress and shoes. If your mattress is 10 years old, get a new one and don't wear your shoes beyond their useful days.  Shoes lose their support long before their looks.  The shoe change  and new bed came after the posture thingy so I was able to tell which change did what.

Will this make your life all better if you have these problems?? I have no idea as one size seldom fits all. We all have different reasons for our skeletal problems.

I can only tell you that I have a herniated disk in my back, osteoarthritis, a crushed coccyx and have spent the majority of my life working on my feet.  This change has worked quite well for me.

Correct posture costs nothing and one guaranteed side effect is that you will become taller, breathe easier and  look better. I had to adjust my car mirrors quite a bit.

Our mothers and teachers were all correct telling us to "Sit up straight." They should have added "stand up straight" to that.

I sure hope this helps someone out there as it has me. Let me know.

This is the end of my public service announcements.  Hopefully if I can think of something to post about in the future, it will be much shorter and in a lighter vein.   

 To all of you in the path of Sandy, please stay safe.  This is one monster storm.


  1. So relate to your post, Patti. Being a petite size of 5'2" has given me plenty problems all my life, in finding comfortable seating for correct posture. Dining chairs, sofas, car seats, yard furniture, desk chairs...most fit a taller frame. Getting a computer desk and chair that worked and fit together for my comfort and correct posture, while blogging, was a big deal. The neck, back, hip and shoulders of this 67 year old are thankful. ☺

  2. I had to unwrap my feet from my chair rung twice while reading and plant them on the floor. And I have this strange habit of sitting with my left butt cheek half off any hard chair. It's like I want to be ready to bolt, but then my feet are wrapped around the chair preventing my escape.
    I am so glad to heat that you are feeling better. Far from a "simple" fix, but if we can get nature to cooperate with healing and aging, I am all for it.

  3. And you DO have the best public service announcements! Glad you've found relief in an affordable, reasonable life style change! And thanks for sharing.

  4. Aren't you glad you did all that research, and found something that works for you. And the price was right also!!! Keep concentrating on good posture; and thanks for the great tip, I will try walking, standing and sitting taller also thanks to your good advice and real proof that all that preaching I listened to in earlier years will pay off!!

  5. Gosh I keep my feet on a stool. Should they be flat on the ground? What kind of shoes did you buy? I am glad you are feeling better. Sandie

  6. Glad to hear from you..I've also learned lessons about correct posture lately pertaining to walking...I tend to look at the ground and hunch forward, while slamming my heels down. There is a lot to be said for standing straight, sucking your gut in and rolling through the step. Glad you are feeling better!

  7. great helper that you are....thanks. I need to heed your advice. My hips just "kill me". I fell not long ago and my knee implant is not happy but no messed up so....good posture should help. I'm gonna give it a try.
    So great to have you back here, have missed you very much. Oam Linda

  8. Patti, you are such an amazing inspiration. A person who will just not let herself be defeated... I always find so much solace in your words, because even when everything seems to be going horribly wrong you always seem to find humor in things. Thank you for the reminder to take better care of my body now as opposed to when it might be too late.

  9. Patti I can just hear my mother now telling me to stand up straight and oh how I wish I had listened to this. Instead I have the worse posture and like you have suffered in pain.
    Just last night I looked at a picture of me at the diabetes walk for my granddaughter and I was hunched over so bad in the pic I am ashamed to post it.
    When I was in therapy for my broken vertibraes the head man of therapy told me if I did nothing else for my self I should correct the way I sit and stand. Now after your post I know I have to slap myself into standing and sitting up straight. It will be very hard for me to do this but I really really need to.
    So proud of you for doing it. Your probably an inch taller now. lol
    What kind of mattress did you figure out was best for your back.
    I sure need a new one.
    Thanks for all the helpful advice.
    It is cold here this morning so I am waiting for it to warm up so I can go outside. I can just imagine what I look like on the those tractors. Today I will try to sit on them straighter.

  10. PS
    Forgot to mention how happy that your feeling so much better. You go girl.

  11. Oh I do know that posture makes a huge difference. I love to slouch at my desktop 'puter, or even worse I prop my feet up on a shelf on a nearby bookcase and rare back in the chair. If I'm on the laptop, then I'm usually in the recliner. And while that's probably not the best way to sit, it's far better for my back than the propping up of feet or slouching. I know I need to change my lazy ways/habits.
    Exercises help a bit. One that my chiropractor told me to do is simple...just stand with feet almost together, lift one foot up (don't swing out in any direction, lift straight up) and then put down. Then, the other. Do about 10 times. Another simple one is to lean over your kitchen table on your fore arms, then arch your back and hold for a count of 5, then relax. Do 3 times.
    Sorry this is so long, just wanted to share these simple tips that help me. Thanks for this post, Patti, and the reminder that simple lifestyle changes do help. It's so good to hear from you, take care!

  12. That is awesome, Patti... I am so happy for you... Amazing how something like good posture can make so much of a difference... I need to follow your lead --since I am a 'slumper' way too often... Thanks for the great info.

    What mattress did you finally get?


  13. Yes! Posture is so important (neck issues due to poor posture) and yes, it is so, so, so hard to remember. As I get zapped by a zing in my finger if I slouch and let my chin go forward, I have my own personal shock treatment to help me create a better habit.

  14. Wanda,
    Yes!!! I am one of those runts also and often find my feet swinging from a chair, especially in a restaurant.

    Now that is funny. Can so relate to leg wrapping.

    Thank you so much. It seemed too good not to share.

    Thanks and I can almost guarantee it can't hurt. You were so smart to have listened.

    You are probably short like me. As long as your knees aren't higher than you hips, you should be good.
    I buy Reebocks for the support and for my orthodics. I tend to wear them too long before getting new ones.

    Nice catch gal. I am sure correction that will help your knees in the long run.

    Aw, thanks and I do hope it helps. I feel your pain and it for sure can't hurt.

    Introverted Art,
    Thank you so much. I do try to find humor in most situations. Laughter is a great pain pill and attitude adjuster.

    I am so pleased that your therapist also recommended that. Means we are on the right track. You have suffered such awful pain that I hope this gives you some relief.
    Thank you, me too.

    It really is a hard habit to break but so worth it. Thanks for the tips. That leg lift would be great for balance also which I need.

    Slumping sure is comfortable and fun but my what a toll it will eventually take.
    I finally got a firm Beautyrest innerspring and added a memory foam topper which works for me. Unfortuntely all of us ae different. Just try them all and find a store that will let you return if it doesn't work. I also checked the reviews before buying. Some comfortable beds in a store I found did not have good tract records.

    Yikes, that is pretty serious aversion therapy you have going on there. It would work for sure. I'll have to content myself with mental bitch slaps.

  15. Great advice, my dear...I know I slouch all the time! OY! I am going to try doing better where my posture is concerned---And I know it is a constabt-reminder type of thing...! OY OY!
    Bless you for the good advice, my dear.

  16. Brilliant ...this post was just for back and hips make me feel 85+ while my brain remains the right side of 50 ...hard to face that i'm actually in the middle at 65.
    I have read it all with great interest and it makes so much sense ...I am a slumper as while I slump I feel better ...until I try to move. I have to say that the first year on my mattress was the best and I am better around the house, in my reebocks than slippers....however I make them last forever before buying a new pair.
    Stress plays apart in my back pain and although excersise is meant to be good, repetative movement like emptying a washing machine or a shopping trolly is a killer and has me in added pain for days ...staying in ...reaching for the maximum ibroprophen dose ...with added paracetamol on top.I have even been known to add 2mg valium (secret supply) to the mix some days.
    So for me, I need to get a large cup of coffee, have a re read of this ...and take notes ...after all I gave up smoking afer 46 years. If I manage it all I'll let you know if things improve ....hugs xx

  17. Oh Patti sorry you are having so many aches and pains I know they can be so debilitating. I read recently that boswelia another herbal pill is helpful, Gary takes glucosamine with chondrotin and ran out and his thumb couldn't move had to take three weeks before it started working again. We are going to check the boswelia at the healthfood store to see if it will help him even further.

    The right chair and posture help tremendously. I have a particular chair for my computer and work table (both the same chair) and I keep my legs out in front of me and make sure they touch the ground (if not I have a foot stool as dangling legs can stress the back, you see I am short 5 ft 2 inches so sometimes chairs are too high for me) I can never sit on bar height stools as they are really bad for me and also chairs with very straight backs they must lean back slightly.

    the storm passed us by but we have fire danger now. Ha go figure I think the upper coast is getting hammered though.

    Hope things improve for you, thinking of you.

  18. I was thinking about you yesterday on a six-hour drive home from visit with kids and grands. I decided it was time to try to communicate how much I missed your observations, even if just via comment on an old post.

    And this a.m. I finally was able to connect once again and there The New Sixty appeared on my dashboard! And the bonus was a useful PSA. The chair cartoon tells me I need to do my own experimentation to alleviate pain in my left hip.

    And I, too, have to constantly fight my urge to slouch. Since my stroke I just seem to find myself easing into a stooped posture. I think it is that I subconsciously feel less at risk of losing my balance the closer to the ground I can get. In reality the opposite is true. During my continuing stroke recovery, good posture makes the parts work better, at least those parts that still work.

  19. Patti, First of all, thanks for your condolences about my Sophie girl. I know of your love of animals and hoped you were lurking, so you would see that my loving lil girl had passed. I am off to get kelp as mentioned in your last post. I've been thinking of taking tai chi for seniors. Beside good posture, a light form of exercise (I feel) is what I need to keep the body from being so sore... Thanks for the info!

  20. Wow - so good to have a post from you, Patti. And with such good news. I sat up straighter and took my feet off the coffee table as I read. You are so right about posture. It is such a struggle for me to remember to stand and sit correctly. Building core muscles sometimes helps with holding the body straighter. I went to a PT several years ago for back pain that had me twisted to the right. He gave me 3 simple exercises (10 minutes) that helped immensely. However, I still revert to the slump if I'm not mindful. Keep feeling better and better, Patti (and post again soon).

  21. Naomi,
    It really is hard to do and about as exciting as exercise but it really does help the whole body. Thanks and hope it helps you if even just a bit.

    You sound a lot like me and I really hope you give it a try. It is a boring, annoying, and aggravating thing to do but it is cheap and effective.
    I did the same thing with my shoes. They really lose support with age and do more harm than good. They can throw your whole body out of alignment.
    Good luck and hope it helps.

    I saw the info on boswelia while I was doing my research. I was trying to find something that was the most effective and posture got great press.
    In Gary's case, I doubt posture would help hand problems. I so understand what Gary went through if you quit taking those pills. That stuff takes such a long time to work again.
    Let us know how boswelia works.

    Thanks for thinking about me. I have lurked on your post to see what you have been up to. I guess since our spines are just a store house of nerves, good posture will help most conditions. Just wish it were easier and slumping weren't so darn comfortable.
    Keep up your great recovery. You amaze me with your determination and humor.

    I was so very sorry about Sophie. Our pets bring us so much joy but then break our hearts with their short live spans.
    Let me know how tia chi works. I have been thinking about it also. Anything that gets us up and moving is a good thing.

    Ha,ha, you're a coffee table type also?? Wish slumping wasn't so comfortable.
    I probably do those same exercises
    --when I remember. Thanks for the reminder. Those few minutes everyday are so helpful.

  22. I will now think of you as "Posture Perfect Patti." I will also strive to change my slumpy ways. Your voice will be added to the one of my father's that already lives in my head, "Stand up straight." I know you are right here. I know good posture helps and bad posture creates the problems I also struggle with. Pilates is so good for the very reasons that you have stated in this great PSA.

    We miss you Patti. So good to hear from you again.

  23. Delightful informative post. That is why I was corrected on my posture so much. They may have just thought it proper but there is usually a use for the old rules.

    You, Patti Posture, have found it. I applaud you.

    Thanks for reading my very different post today.

  24. Excellent advice, Patti! I am slouching as I type this comment. I will spend the day trying to stand up straight. Hah! This is a daunting task, but I am ready. Seriously, I have been trying to keep my neck straight for about a year. It's amazing how hard it is to remember how to hold my head.

  25. Sweet Patti I am so happy to hear that you not only have found a way to relive yourself of that awful pain but that it is free. I have tried to practice good posture all my life but being 4 ft. 11 inches tall finding furniture that I can sit properly in has been a huge challenge all my adult life. I do have a computer chair that I can sit straight in and my feet touch the floor and I have a rocking chair that I can sit properly in but beyond that forget my feet touching the floor or sitting properly. It was so good to see a post from you and even better to hear you are doing so much better. Hugs

  26. Thanks for the tips and enjoyed the read. I start cardiac rehab soon and bet there will be a lot of posture admonishment. I have a lot of hereditary osteoporosis; physicians think it contributes to my shortness of breath as I have lost 5" in height.

  27. Great info! I definitely need to make a more conscious effort to sit at the computer with better form, something that I do at home and at work. I hope you continue to feel better.

  28. Welcome back! I have been sharing your iodine information with women friends and now I have posture perfect lessons to teach!
    Thank you for passing along your wisdom. I have missed you!

  29. Retired English Teacher
    Ha, ha don't forget that "Practically" part. I am very much a work in progress. Thank you and good luck.

    Your post was so creative. I often lurk but just had to comment today.

    I know how hard it is. Correct posture is common knowledge like eating right and exercising but not easy to do.
    You at least have eating right and exercise conquered.

    Thank you so much for stopping by. I am not quite as short as you but know how hard it is to fit into a larger world. Wonder why they don't make petite furniture like they make petite clothes?

    Mercy, if I lost 5 inches, I'd officially be a "little person." I have been keeping track of you and will be interested how the rehab goes. Keep up the great work.

    Ah, you are one of those whippersnappers. You do so much right that hopefully, slouching won't hurt too much in your later years. Youth will carry you a long way, it did me.
    Sure hope you all didn't get too much of Sandy's wrath.

    Lynda G.
    Wow, thank you for paying attention to my ramblings. It is hard when one is young as you to even think of the old body giving out. With just a little care, it will last a long time.

  30. Wonderful! I'm so happy that improved posture has had such an immediate effect. Keep it up!:)

  31. Wow, Patti, I'm just now catching up with all my reading and am so happy to hear that a change of posture has helped you so dramatically! That's really inspiring and something I'll keep very much in mind. But most of all, I'm glad you're feeling better in all ways.

  32. Hey honey I have been trying my best to do the posture thing but boy is it hard. lol
    Bad habits are hard to break.
    Did you mention a while back that you bought a new mattress. I am looking now for the prefect mattress and not sure which one to buy. Any ideas.
    I sure ask that a lot don't I.

  33. So glad to see you back on line Patti. And yes my own experience with improving posture, physical therapy and yes a knew replacement worked wonders as well. Now posture won't help my A-Fib problem but I'm working on that one too.... Sitting at the computer can be really bad for the back so I do it in carefully sitting up straight doses...:)

  34. Saw your comment on Mary's blog and thought I would check and sure enuff you are here. Take care with the back and hip. Dianne

    PS losing weight has helped my back a lot.

  35. have my attention.I am absolutely sure that posture and bad habits are the reason for a huge amount of the aging person's pain. Crossing our legs, sleeping with our backs and hips going in different directions and refusing to simply take a brisk walk every day can be the culprit.

    Good luck. I like your determination.


  36. Just now I adjusted my position in my computer chair. Thanks for the reminder.

  37. well thats just the best thing I have read today and I love the fact you are tying to help your self, I just found you today, and I have joined to follow, I will be back! I'm sitting straighter just for being here.I will think of you everyday when I start to slouch!!

  38. Pat Arkansas,
    Thanks Pat, It has been amazing.

    Dr. Kathy McCoy
    Thanks so much. It is simple but effective.

    Oh, I wish you luck lady. Mattress shopping is miserable. Just do your research on the web for reviews. They tell a lot.

    I know. As much as I love computing, it really can wreck a body if done in a nice comfy slouch. You all ready figured it out. Way to go.

    You are right. Excess weight, especially in the stomach puts great stress on the back by altering posture.

    Thank you for stopping by and welcome to TNS.Don't ya love it when something simple is all we have to do to feel better.

    Ha, ha, I keep adjusting. It is an on going project. Good luck.

    Welcome to TNS and thank you for following. Hope you are able to keep up the sitting straighter. It does make a difference.

  39. First let me thank you for the kelp and it's benefit. I have started and an definitely less crabby! I am sensing a shift in my well being. Hubby and Buddy are taking it too. We opted for Nature's Way brand since it was available at our grocery store.

    I know that the posture thing is so true too. But here's another thought for you. We dicovered eating certain foods could trigger pain. For hubby it's salmon. He gets severe bach pain within a hour. Foe Buddy it's dairy and his right shoulder and upper thight give him severe pain. For me it's severals days of eating two or more eggs. My right leg get stiff and a pain in my right lower groin area won't even respond to pain killers.But no eggs for a few days and it's gone. I'm fine just eating one now and then. And the same goes for hubby and Buddy. Have you ever tried to see the food connection? It's quite a science.
    Perhaps there's a daily food that gives those awful pains? That could then be taken out of the diet. I know you discovered the coffee and pain in breasts. Perhaps there are so other connections to discover?
    I'm glad to hear from you now and then. I have become slower at posting and reading but I always look for a goodie from you :)
    May you continue to find solutions and share some with us. Thanks for that!

  40. excellent post; thanks!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

  41. Dear Arkansas Patti, thanks for including that drawing of exactly how I need to sit in this computer chair. Most of the time, I, too, slouch and slump. So your advice is welcomed here because I've had physical problems also with knees. And I know I need to walk straighter. In the mirror I can see that my shoulders are now slumping forward. So thanks for the wake-up-call. I'm so glad all this worked for you!!!!! And I hope that you will begin to post more often. Peace from Dee and the cats.

  42. They are forever telling us at tai chi to stand tall. I am a bad sloucher. My husband is always reminding me. I do try to stand when I use the computer now. I'm hoping my back will be OK. I have had occasions when I've really wretched it. I'll try to do better with my posture now that you've reminded me too.

  43. Patti, your comment had me laughing so hard! Whipped?! hahahaha We walk our dogs a minimum of 4 times a day, now considering to have a walker sometime mid day too, so yes, I know the meaning of whipped.

  44. Heidrun,
    I am so happy that iodine has helped you a bit. I agree that foods can also mess us up. Right now I am trying to keep sugar out of my diet. I always feel better and lighter when I do.

    Welcome to TNS. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

    Thank you. I guess most of us need to straighten up a bit. It does help and I am convinced when practiced while walking, it will really take pressure off the knees and hips. Good luck, it isn't easy.

    You are the one that got me standing at my computer on occasion. You do so many things right, I have no doubt you will soon be posture perfect.

    Introverted Art,
    Ha ha, welcome to the club. Those little brown eyed balls of fur really know how to lay a guilt trip don't they??

  45. I can't imagine having back pain!

    Good for you for trying to find solutions that aren't just drugs!

  46. Patti, it's so good to hear from you! I have hip pain too and I would love to get rid of it. The cortizone shot didn't work...I'm willing to try just about anything!

  47. I can't believe it took me so long to get here. I know my seated posture is not good, and that is probably why I am more comfortable standing than sitting. I had to leave my desk and use my laptop in my recliner. I have a pillow at my back which supports my lower back well and I don't rest my elbows on the desk like I use to, while hunched over. It has made a difference in my lower back and hip pain, but it isn't completely alleviated. I'm sure glad to know it made a big difference for you.

  48. Please keep writing on your blog when you can. I love your humor and interesting stories. You did not come up in my Reader so I went looking for you. So glad I found you again. Bless you my friend.

  49. Jenny,
    Thanks, I am a real believe in simple.

    Mom of 12,
    Sure hope it helps you some. I know how you feel and it at least cost nothing and has no side effects.

    I still fight that elbow thing you mentioned but am gaining ground. Glad you are also getting relief.

    Thanks so much for hunting me down. I will try to scare up a post every now and then.

  50. Hi Patti,

    I am so happy for you! As I was reading this, I sure was sitting up straighter. Now I'll think about how I walk.

    Sorry it took me so long to read this, our computer was kaput for awhile.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

    Kathy M.

  51. Hi Patty! You are abrave person, trying to find the solution of the struggle against pain! And you found it! And what's more you taught me to find the right posture and .... it works. I wish you a very happy weekend!

  52. Dearest Patti
    I do hope your still feeling better. I wish I could stand and sit straighter than I do now.
    Like you have found it does make a difference.
    Thought of you Thanksgiving Day hoping you were having dinner with friends or family.
    Take care honey

  53. Just dropped by to say HI ...I hope you are well.
    I wish I was as good as you about sticking to good stature and not slouching. I have to report that when I'm being good and concentrating for a few days on not slouching, my back is much better but then less pain makes me forget and I slip back into bad habbits. Maybe that is why, in previous centuaries, ladies wore tight boned girdles and younger ones had back boards to make them stand and sit straight....we have comfy chairs...loose clothes ... and back ache lol xx

  54. Kathy,
    Ouch, so sorry you had computer problems. We are so dependant. Work on that posture, it will pay by the time you get my age.

    Reader Wil,
    I am so glad it has worked for you also. It is just so hard to maintain.

    Thank you for checking on me. I had a great time with friends.I know you had a great day also.
    Good posture unfortunately is a constant struggle.

    I do the same thing and when it starts to hurt again, I go back to the proper form. Why is this so hard? Think you are right about our comfortable life styles.

  55. I laughed when I read the part about a spring in your limp. Glad you feel so much better and are writing again. I enjoy your humor and experience.

    My own acid reflux which kept me awake for months was greatly improved by a simple fix. The simple fix was eating less than half of what was usual for me. Hah, I lost weight too.

    You are right that there is usually something simple (cheap) that helps a lot.

    Thanks for sharing.


  56. Anna,
    Wow, doesn't that make you feel great to solve such a miserable condition with one adjustment in your life style. I like the side effect you got also.
    Thank you so much.

  57. I did a post yesterday about cutting back on my time on the computer due to pain. my pains are identical to yours and for the same reason. LC sent me this post to read. i will take it to heart. i have had 2 pain free days from doing 20 minutes 5 days a week of excercise in the YMCA pool. i have been going to the Y for 6 years and walking on treadmills. my back got worse until i read if you have arthur in your lower back, walk but not on a treadmill, on the ground.
    i stopped the treadmill and started walking and it got much better. but then i got so bad i could not walk sit lay without pain. i went into the pool for 2 weeks and the pains got better, except for the back. i took 2 days completely off the computer and work up with zero pain for 2 days... that means less time on the computer and when i do time doing it like you have stated here. thanks