Monday, October 21, 2013


The following is a test. Now if you fail, there will be no consequences. If you pass, you and I will both feel pretty good. If you nail it right off, you are either a really good guesser or my most faithful reader for all but one of these I have posted about.  The prize??  Self satisfaction.   

I got this idea from 4 separate bloggers. Olga at Confessions of a Grandma   mentioned a similar if smaller scale exercise in a comment on Kay's,The Travelerswife blog.   Reader Wil recently had a quiz I barely passed  and Joey at Joey's Pad is always posting interesting lists. So I borrowed from all of these fine bloggers. Thanks Olga, Kay, Wil and Joey. If you don't visit them all ready, they are worth the trip. 

I will list things about myself that I have done or am. These are things I have posted about before but one is a bald faced lie. Your job, if you choose to accept the challenge, is to guess which is the lie.    

To be fair to all, AFTER you post your guess, you can verify whether it was correct by clicking on the links I have provided. If the link brings up my blog it was a truth, if it brings up Wikipedia, you have found the lie.  

Good luck. 

1.   I was solicited by a pimp.

2.   I raced a tropical storm in the Atlantic.

3.   I was  a clown in the circus.

4.   I was in a movie. 

5.   I traveled with Gypsies

6.   I out ran an ex- convict. 

7.   I turned down swapping spit with Elvis.

8.   I almost drowned. 

9.   I caught Burt Reynold's eye. 

10. I hobnobbed with a bunch of leopards.

11. I upstaged a bonfire.

12. I worked for a call girl..

13.  I hiked 1/3 of the Appalachian Trail.  

14. I picked beans with migrant workers.

15. I was in a flood. 

I do  hope some of you try this on your own blogs. I'd love to guess your  "lie."


  1. Whoa! I had no idea. I have been a reader for a long time, but I don't think I knew one of them. Peruby = red face.

    I just hover over the link and it appears in the bottom left corner of my screen so I didn't actually have to go to each one.

    Still - wow! Now, when I have time I am going to each link to read your very colorful stories. :)

  2. hahaha....I never would have guessed it. You've had some interesting adventures???!!!

  3. Hmmmm I think it's either 10 or 13. I don't think I remember a blog post about Leopards but I am quite certain I didn't read one about the Appalachian Trail. I am going to say the Appalachian Trail one is a lie?

  4. Actually I am going to add #4 to that list as well. So it's either 4, 10, or 13 I think but I'll still stick with 13.

  5. For some reason I thought it was number 3. Obviously, I did not think that through (haven't finished my coffee) with you Florida connection.
    This is a really fun post. I am glad to be a part of your inspiration!

  6. HAH! Trust you to have it be one of the tame ones!

  7. You are an amazing person to have done all those things! I hovered my mouse over the top, as indicated by Peruby, after checking the ones thought would be the falsehood. You are definitely quite the adventurer!! :-)

  8. Good grief! I've been reading your blog for a long time and I couldn't guess the right one. You sure are leading an exciting life! Optimistic Existentialist was much better than me. Thank you for the mention, Patti!

  9. About you I could almost believe all of them but knew some must not be true, rereading your posts is just as fun as the first time.

  10. This is a super duper post. I knew 50% of them were so true but I was unsure of the other 50%. Like someone else said I need to do the catch up on the ones I didn't know. You have lived a very interesting life....and had many brushes with "stranger than fiction" things. This was extremely fun. Thanks for a great start to my week. Oma Linda

  11. What a fun post. I did not guess the correct answer on my first try, but enjoyed reading the posts.

  12. I know that your life has been very exciting and that all of the events mentioned could have been yours! May be #7?
    Anyway those stories of yours were always very enjoyable!

  13. I remembered that you had done some amazingly interesting things, Patti, but this list is a fantastic surprise. I didn't guess the right one. That one seemed so much like something you would have done. Perhaps on your bucket list!

  14. I GOT IT---first thing..... Guess I know you well... The clue for me was the "1/3rd" since that is about 700 miles... ha ha


  15. Agggggh, I got it wrong..., I had my doubts about turning down swapping spit with Elvis, I should have known better! What a great test, I will enjoy using this post as a quick reference to some of the wonderful episodes of "The New Sixty". Lots of love from your fans down in NZ, P, L, & NS xx Meeyow!

  16. I sure don't remember you hiking the Appalachian - let me pick that one. All the risky ones I just assume you did!

  17. Peruby,
    Well now aren't you clever. Don't feel badly, I have been blogging for a long time.

    Ha,ha, glad I fooled you.

    Nice bit of deduction there big guy. Well done. You guessed it.

    You have been following for a long time. I tried to jazz them up to fool people. Your two truths and a lie would have been simpler. Thanks for the idea.

    Gosh and I thought hiking the trail would have been a hard one:))

    But I still haven't had the courage to jump out of a plane like you do. You have me out done.

    Thanks for the idea. Funny part was when you asked for the 3 things list, I couldn't even think of three.

    Linda Starr,
    Aw, thanks so much Linda. You have been here almost all along also.

    Linda W.
    I am impressed you got half right. Some posts were quite old. Glad you enjoyed.

    Wow, thanks for reading any of them and for trying.

    Reader Wil,
    Afraid not Wil. It is interesting to see what people think I am lying about. I was on a date so I passed up kissing Elvis.

    You nailed it. I haven't done it but would love to try. However, now days I doubt I'd shoot for a third.

    Way to go Betsy. You can't fool a hiker. I did want to do that one summer when I was younger. It would have taken most of the summer for me. Wouldn't mind trying a smaller piece even today.

    Ha, ha, If I hadn't been on a date, there probably would not have been a turn down.

    Yikes, that one is pretty risky but you are right. Think I have a reputation here.

  18. Well, I had no idea. I had to click all the way down the list until I discovered the lie. a
    And I was surprised you hadn't done that!

  19. Wow! You have had a lot of adventures. I need to get out in the world more.

  20. Dear Arkansas Patti, I failed the test. I chose the Burt Reynold's and the working for a prostitute ones as false and both were true. I can see that I have some back reading to do on your blog!!!! Just from reading the statements I can safely say--"you've led an interesting life!" Peace.

  21. Well, it is nice to have a full list in one place.of all of your adventures. It's pretty impressive! Even with the one that is not true. Glad I "know" such an interesting person!

  22. I'm leaning toward the gypsies...:)

  23. Linda R.
    Me too. It is something I always thought I'd find time to do. Not yet however.

    My happenings came mostly from poor judgment. You flying over waves at the whim of the wind is truly adventurous.

    Ah yes, I did have that close encounter with Burt. I haven't always made smart choices but it hasn't been boring.

    Thanks. Of course I glammed them up with National Enquirer type lead ins. Some day maybe at least a bit of #13 will be mine also.

    The gypsies were a real adventure. They were so very nice to me. I know they get a bad rap but those I met were stellar.

  24. I remembered some of the posts but did not guess the right one for the lie. You have had a very exciting life sweet Patti. I liked this post it was fun. Hugs

  25. Mary Lee has left a new comment on your post "WHICH IS THE LIE":

    "What a fun post! I was surprised at how many I remembered. I want to go back and read them all over again. "

    Sorry Marylee, some how I deleted you. These darn arthritic fingers. You have been a long time reader, thank you.

  26. Maggie,
    So glad you enjoyed. It was fun to put together.

  27. Ok, I narrowed it down to two- the movie and the trail. I still haven't read all of your blog from the beginning, but I try to back track every now and then to catch up. These all just sounded like YOU!

  28. Terri,
    You got it the second time. The movie you could have been in also. It was filmed in Fayetteville.

  29. I have no idea. I have been reading your blog quite some time...

  30. Weekend windup,
    Thank you so much for hanging in with me for a while now. Most of those were pretty old posts.