Monday, November 17, 2014


The season of those dreaded ASPCA commercials with the incredibly sad looking animals is here. I can't watch the ASPCA offerings, they are too heart wrenching. Thank goodness for those fast forward and mute buttons.  If you'd rather be uplifted than brought down, keep reading.

I have always believed there is a home for every animal. Even those hard to place animals are perfect for someone or as my Grandmother would say, there is a lid for every pot.

This is about the lid for Jonny's pot---Xena.

You may have seen this before. I found it on my niece's Facebook page (thanks Jill) so those of you on Facebook may have all ready seen it.

If like me, you hadn't seen it-- then meet Xena.  I worked for years in animal rescue but never saw a dog in this bad of shape. This caricature of a dog weighed 4 pounds and had a one percent chance of survival. She was literally skin stretched tight over bones.

This video tells the story of a determined to live little dog that opened up the life of an autistic child and became ASPCA's dog of the year for 2013.

Enjoy this sweet video with a very happy ending and remember to support your local animal shelters if you are able. They do wonderful work. Not only money but food, bedding and old blankets are welcome. If you need a little exercise, dog walkers are always appreciated.  Also if there is room at your inn for a creature who will think you are flawless, consider adoption.

Now wasn't that better than seeing all those sad puppy eyes on the commercials?

Monday, November 10, 2014


Have you checked your BMI (body mass index) lately?  Now I know I have a few scrawny blog buddies out there but a lot of us struggle with weight, especially the older we get. I just don't move as much as I use to.

If you want a jolt, you can check your BMI here. Now I think we can agree this is not a perfect science but it is a bench mark.

It appears I am not in the obese category but am firmly in the overweight slot. I once actually did occupy obese but have lost 18 pounds and have kept them off for a couple of years but am kind of stuck now, neither gaining nor losing.

I experimented with the BMI calculator and adjusted my weight downward until I hit "normal."  According to that formula, I would have to lose 18 more pounds to reach normal. Rats.

Then just for fun, I increased my height--I have shrunk a bit-- and boy were the results amazing. I kept adjusting my height and realized that if I were just 5 inches taller--I'd be perfect.

 Actually not only would I be the prefect weight, but I would be also the average height for American women. Voila, all I have to do is grow. Don't suppose there are too many growth spurts after 70 but one can hope. How cool to realize I am not overweight, just too short.

OK, I hear you and I agree that both growth and weight loss have about the same degree of difficulty.  However I sat up straight just now and gained a good two inches. Maybe-----?

Then I thought, what if I got leg extensions like some "little people" do?  That was when I realized that BMI has serious limitations. Sure my legs would be longer, I would actually be taller and my BMI would look perfect but that middle old age spread would still be there. Sigh.

So back to reality and the ugly task of giving up the only vice that I haven't managed to kick yet--food.  Got a feeling moving more will also be required. Even bigger sigh. I am hoping moving more will be the easier of the two goals.

With winter coming, I am going to need motivation and wonder if fitness bands are worth the price. I hear there is a prototype now that will actually give you an electric shock if you are inactive too long. I could really use that one for when I get all comfy in front of the computer.

 However I will settle  for what is currently on the market. Those that either vibrate or display an ominous red line warning when your are inactive for too long.

I want one that will tell time, monitor my activity and remind me when I become inactive (computer bound) too long. I'd like one to also monitor my sleep patterns, and is really waterproof and not just "resistant." I would need it to sync with my PC as I still don't have a smart phone due to lack of cell service where I live.

There are a lot of choices out there and only a few meet all my wants.
This comes in many colors, I just like the teal. 

However, I am looking closely at Garmin Vivofit  right now.  No, they aren't giving me one for this post, though if they decide to, I will correct that statement and elaborate my findings:))

I am really close to pulling the trigger and would appreciate any input or experience with fitness trackers you can offer since my chances of gaining 5 inches in height are pretty much nil.

Quick question. Do any of you use a fitness band or know of someone who does and do they motivate you to keep your body in motion?

Thank you so much. I remain---your too short, chubby blog buddy.