Monday, April 20, 2015


Yes Spring is here folks, for a lot of us anyway. Oh the signs. The smell of liniment on rebelling muscles. Fresh air full of pollen that induces rapid fire sneezing.  Those surprise pains from unused muscles and arthritic joints that scream from the unaccustomed abuse.

Don't forget, spiders in the bathtub,which are as reliable as robins foretelling the season, and those new born wasps dive bombing you as they work on flight control. Ah yes, Spring.

Can you believe Positive Patti has penned those words? Yes I did and do think these thoughts each year for about a week or so. Each year the snark period lasts a bit longer but thankfully it does go away and PP returns, battered but happy.

Pretty sure it is my advancing age for now days when I look outside as Spring arrives, I still see the beauty as the world greens up but I also see the debris and destruction that Winter has left behind and know it is up to me to restore order. Oh if only flowers grew with the abandon and vigor of weeds.

I swear my Henbit resumes growing just seconds after I have cut its head off with the lawnmower. My lawn turns almost solid lavender in the Spring. Pretty but invasive. It also sprawls vigorously into my flower beds and must be hand pulled.

Henbit is an edible plant, I have just never found a good recipe for it and raw it has the bite of fresh kale. Hum, wonder if I could make Henbit chips?

And that is the truth. 

When I bought my property I moaned that it was only an acre. Come Spring I moan that it is a bleeping acre.

First comes the sore, winter softened muscles along with stiff, achy arthritic joints. Knowing the pain is temporary helps a little.

Then as inevitable as squirrels eating bird seed, I will tweak my back lifting something heavy awkwardly which will lay me up for 3 days (just completed that).  Luckily, those 3 days as usual coincided with Spring rains that keep me inside anyway. Forced R & R that might be God's way of making me take a break.

And I finally relearn that cloudy days can still cook the skin and that while sunscreen is a dirt magnet, it does work and is necessary. Big hats don't cover everything.

Then like magic after days of misery, the pains ease and I feel a bit of strength return. Spring becomes once more a period of renewal--for Nature and me.

The first days of Spring are a yearly ritual that I wish I could bypass and magically land at the end of the second week with the pain bypassed. Just haven't figured out how to do that yet. Each year I know what will happen, I grumble about it,  then  get past it and yes, I am almost there.

This book might be a good investment for next year. Too late this year for me. 
As  the pains ease, a smile of pleasure creases my face as I enjoy the fruits of my labors. Lying in my hammock and smelling the sweetness of  newly-mown grass is hard to beat. I am able to ignore and put off for later those beds that are still over run.  Much work left to do but I am retired and have the time. No need to do it all in one day.  I just peck away at it.

When the day comes that Spring chores are too much for me, I will sprinkle weed killer on everything that isn't grass and just ride my mower into the sunset over what is left that resembles grass while sipping an iced coffee. There is always a plan B.

Does Spring beat you up in the beginning or do you enjoy the rebirth
pain free?

Monday, April 13, 2015


Well my company is gone and it is back to the keyboard. If I hadn't had such a good time I would have missed you. But now that they are gone-- I do.

I've said before what good company my brother Jim and his wife Shirley are. I'd have house guests all year long if they were all so easy to get along with.

Jim is a super fix it guy and is sorely disappointed if I don't have some chores for him to take care of. He fixed my lawn mower, made two contrary door knobs work properly but best of all, he made both me and Minnie the cat happy.

I have to separate Minnie's food and litter box from Callie or the dog will snack on both. Cat food is too high in protein for a dog and cat poop really plays havoc with a dogs breath so the separation was necessary.

I had been using a 24 inch tall stationary baby gate to keep her out which made me have to step over it all the time which isn't cool for a septuagenarian. One time my foot caught and I took a flyer into the living room. I just don't bounce like I use to.  Poor Minnie was having trouble jumping over it herself as the years have piled up on her also.

Jim made this swinging door that is perfect. It is lower than the other gate and has a 3.5 inch crawl space at the bottom. I can unlatch it to pass through and surprisingly it is high enough off the floor that Minnie prefers to scooch under rather than jump over. It isn't pretty how she does but it is her choice.

Now she passes into her room with little effort and I don't have to worry about snagging my foot when I go in to do laundry. I will soon add stain and put some decals on it.

I did learn something however from their visit. My dog would leave me in a heart beat if a better offer comes along. She was with her head on their knees constantly and would pass me by to get to them. Humph! She is a regular floozy. Of course they pet her non-stop and Jim played with her a lot.

Good thing I have a fence or she would go off with who ever opened a car door.Double humph!!!

I wish I would have taken a picture of her face when she walked out the door and realized the RV was gone. Her look was priceless. She could not believe it and sniffed the whole yard looking for it and them.

Luckily she has readjusted now and is back to accepting a life of living with a dodgy old lady so all is well. Since they left, I am once again good enough for her--unless she gets a better offer down the line. Fortunately I am neither overly sensitive nor possessive.

They are gone now and I will be visiting you once more in your comment sections. It is good to be back.