Monday, November 24, 2014


Have you ever been shopping rather oblivious to the store music when suddenly a tune you are hearing breaks through the background noise and your thoughts. It may be an old favorite you are pleased to hear again or it may be one you haven't heard before but it captures you.

If it has a good beat, you try to act cool like you don't hear it and just walk a little faster in time to the music.  But then without conscious thought, your knees start to bend, hips sway and your step becomes really pronounced. Before you know it, you  are bouncing along and are a bit self conscious.

When that happens to me, I usually find a large rack of clothes, get behind it and pull a river dance move where my feet go to town but my upper body stays relatively quiet. Ah to be able to dance like no one is watching but I am not that confident of a person so I secretly boogie behind the coat display.

This recently happened to me and I couldn't wait to get home to add the song to my computer and flash drive.  It reminded me of my teenage years when I just HAD to have a song. It was one I wasn't familiar with and I only knew it was Billy Joel with the chorus repeating, "In the middle of the night." Oddly, that turned out to not be the title. Thank goodness for the Internet.

Finally I found it under the title of "The River of Dreams" and downloaded it.
Yea!!! I thought it was a new one but was stunned to learn it had been released in 1998. How did I miss this one? I love it.

I'm an older version of the generation of American Bandstand kids where music only had to have a "good beat and be easy to dance to" to become a hit. This song had that in spades but I was curious about the lyrics.  Once I found them, I was surprised that this bouncy beat also had a pretty deep message.

This video contains the song and lyrics. I dare you to keep your feet still.

Hope this didn't cause you to get an ear worm where the song goes in one ear but not out the other.

Have you ever been song attacked like that in public?  If so, which one sneaked up on you and got your feet going? Did you cave to the beat or were you cool?


Monday, November 17, 2014


The season of those dreaded ASPCA commercials with the incredibly sad looking animals is here. I can't watch the ASPCA offerings, they are too heart wrenching. Thank goodness for those fast forward and mute buttons.  If you'd rather be uplifted than brought down, keep reading.

I have always believed there is a home for every animal. Even those hard to place animals are perfect for someone or as my Grandmother would say, there is a lid for every pot.

This is about the lid for Jonny's pot---Xena.

You may have seen this before. I found it on my niece's Facebook page (thanks Jill) so those of you on Facebook may have all ready seen it.

If like me, you hadn't seen it-- then meet Xena.  I worked for years in animal rescue but never saw a dog in this bad of shape. This caricature of a dog weighed 4 pounds and had a one percent chance of survival. She was literally skin stretched tight over bones.

This video tells the story of a determined to live little dog that opened up the life of an autistic child and became ASPCA's dog of the year for 2013.

Enjoy this sweet video with a very happy ending and remember to support your local animal shelters if you are able. They do wonderful work. Not only money but food, bedding and old blankets are welcome. If you need a little exercise, dog walkers are always appreciated.  Also if there is room at your inn for a creature who will think you are flawless, consider adoption.

Now wasn't that better than seeing all those sad puppy eyes on the commercials?