Monday, August 3, 2015


Gosh, I sure am glad I am not a young man these days (well any day I guess but especially these days). Just asking a girl for a date to the prom or if he is really serious, asking her to marry him has become a production.  One that needs to top all the previous ones recorded.

As an uninterested party, I do enjoy watching the creativity these fellows put into their quests. Sky writing, flash mobs, costumes, jumping out of airplanes, and knee dropping in front of thousands. There have been some sweet and very choreographed proposals that were filmed and gone viral. Yes, the camera is vital. While I am glad I am not a young man in today's world but I am also glad I am not a young woman.  Goodness. the pressure!!!

I have had three proposals in my long lifetime that I accepted but they sure were run of the mill. "Will you marry me?"  " I think we should get married." "You know, we could get married." Not mind blowers nor creative but I accepted all three at least for a while. However I only followed through on one to the alter. I am not counting the one that came at the end of a wanna be pimp's recruitment that I wrote about in 09. I was easily able to refuse that one.

How would I have felt if the guys had put on a big production. Would I have felt obligated to actually marry the fellow on effort alone?

My niece was surprised by such a proposal and caved to the pressure.  Her boyfriend was a sports writer so he had some pull. At a Cleveland Cavalier's game, he got the arena to paste his proposal on the score board during half time. When she saw it the same time as the thousands in attendance, he dropped to one knee. Later she told me--how could I say no?

She married him but it didn't last and she often felt it was that darn proposal that made her accept when in her heart, she wasn't sure.

I wonder how many of these women today say "yes" simply not to embarrass the fellow.  They obviously care something about the guys or they wouldn't be dating them.  Still, marriage may not have even been a consideration.

So is the surprise proposal production a good idea?  Who knows but like many people, I watch even while in the back of my mind, I am thinking of my niece.

Surprise proposals are interesting to watch but nothing tops the surprise reunion of military service parent and child. Now that brings happy tears and I could watch them all day and never question their value as I do the surprise proposal.

Did you ever receive a spectacular proposal and did it sway your decision??

Monday, July 27, 2015


When I first moved to Arkansas, part of the state's attraction was the old saying that there are no mosquitoes in the Ozarks. Coming from Florida, that carried a lot of weight that I hoped was true. Well it was. I have been here 11 years and had yet to be bitten by the small, winged vampires on my property----till 4 days ago that is.

While using Roundup along the overgrown fence line the other day, I was ate up by the little blood suckers. I have always kept my property mowed and my neighbor's pasture is usually kept down by a lovely herd of cows that I pretend are mine.  But no cows so far this year and no mowing by him so it is a jungle on the other side of the fence. My little piece of insect free heaven is no more. The mosquitoes have found a home and are thriving.

Why to I throw  Donald Trump into a post about mosquitoes?? They both irritate me to about the same degree. Neither is really necessary and hugely annoying.

Donald Trump is the perfect caricature of what a president shouldn't be. Sometimes when he speaks, I feel like I am watching a not really funny cartoon. He is now claiming that the Mexicans and Veterans love him??  Ah, if we could only buy him for what he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he is worth, we would be sitting pretty.

However I am not worried nor frightened by the man. I am certain there are more of us than them for him to become President. It is the fact that there are "them" that bothers me.  Surely there are way more attractive and rational Republican candidates out there.

This guy actually has followers who believe in him and he leads all polls quite handily in the race for the Republican nomination. That is a bit disturbing but he appears to be the voice some have been seeking.

Being a liberal, I should be happy for he is dividing the Republicans and actually making it easier for the Democrats. I try to remember that and be joyful. It is just that his rhetoric is so hard to listen to. Kind of like the annoying whining in the ears that mindless mosquitoes employ right before they bite.

I know no one likes mosquitoes outside of bats, some birds and dragonflies. However, I am curious.  Do you agree with "the" Donald's unique stand on issues and cheer him on?  Do you laugh and shake your head in disbelief?   Or do you perhaps even fear him?