Monday, December 15, 2014


Got nothing for today so I am resorting to a rerun from 4 years ago. Those who read it before are excused and I hope you have a great week. Those who haven't read it, hope you enjoy.  

None of the pictures are mine
Thunder was a cute, rather devilish miniature Dachshund owned by my district supervisor Matt. Matt was a very long time employee with a lovely sense of humor and was a delightful storyteller.

One morning he held us spell bound with a tale about Thunder that I am not sure was true but he swore was.

Matt and Thunder lived in an upscale townhouse complex. Because Matt had bad lungs from years of smoking, he tended to let Thunder walk him self around the complex grounds for his morning toilet. Thunder would tour the lovely oak covered grounds, make his deposits and often would return with a prize of a dead rat or mole to offer his master.

One Sunday morning, Thunder returned with a rather strange looking rat in his mouth. As he picked up the rodent to dispose of it, Matt noticed it only had a stub of a tail. Half sick, Matt realized that it was his neighbor's pet hamster.

He looked on his neighbor's patio and saw a hamster cage with the door open.

"Oh good grief Thunder, what have you done now?" he moaned.

Thunder did not have the best of reputations (those unattended toilet runs were partial cause).  Matt thought this surely would bring him up before the apartment board and he might be forced to move. The poor dead creature was covered in sand and slobber so Matt carefully shampooed the little rodent and blow dried him till he was respectable again.

Now would be a good time to describe Matt. This man was about 6'5", his insistence that he was 185 pounds was wishful thinking for he was one narrow man. He had hands that could palm a basketball with ease and his deep, slow southern drawl somehow fit his Ichabod frame. 

Envisioning this scrawny giant shampooing and blow drying a tiny hamster brought grins from all of us in the break room. He could have stopped there for a good story but there was more.

Making sure his neighbor was still at church, Matt sneaked over to her patio, slipped the fluffed up hamster back into the cage, shut the door and hurried home. He was hoping that the people would think the creature died of natural causes keeping Thunder off the Most Wanted list.

He was trying to think of how he could make it up to the people for Thunder's crime when he heard an awful scream. He looked out to see his neighbor standing over the cage in horror. Guilt was killing him as he approached the lady and innocently asked what was wrong.

"Impossible." she repeated over and over a bit wild eyed. "Just impossible. Last night my hamster died and I buried him by the roses this morning, yet here he is, right back in his cage. Just impossible."

Thunder had evidently "unburied" the creature. Matt's cover up made confession impossible, so somewhere today, that former neighbor continues to tell a story about a small hamster, that no one believes.

Monday, December 8, 2014


It appears for some of us that word verification has suddenly appeared on our comments section that won't go away. It drove me nuts trying to make it go back to normal.   

Inger at Desert Canyon Living has found the solution. 
In Settings - Comments, you click NO for Word Verification, then go to the top of the options, click on  Comment Location,  and select Embedded.

This worked like a charm.  Thank you so much Inger. 

It has been a rough couple of months for me as I have watched people I thought were positive role models turn out to be just nasty old men. Too often we judge actors by the roles they play. That is so wrong but a trap many of us fall into, especially me.  I guess the best we can say is that they are good actors and were convincing in their roles.

The first star to crash and burn was Stephen Collins who had me convinced he was as decent as his character. I really liked that guy and the show 7th Heaven. It was clean, wholesome with great characters.

Then to hear him admit on tape that he encouraged children to fondle him was sickening. He was a better actor than I thought for I never caught a whiff of  his being a pedophile by watching him.

The Bill Cosby debacle about drugging and raping women is shoving me over the cliff of distrust.  This was America's Dad.  He was funny, he was endearing, he was the perfect husband and father. I've been known to quote him.  Well crap.

Now women are coming out of the woodwork with stories of his alleged drugging and raping. I really want this to be untrue but there is entirely too much smoke. Twenty women so far with a 15 year old in the mix. His silence is deafening.

I am hearing from insiders in the business that he was a known womanizer. While I hadn't heard those stories, they would be easier to take. That would have been a major disappointment considering his image, but that he resorted to knock out drugs to have sex with the women is mind boggling.
I thought drugging was the option of guys who had no chance using the normal ways of bedding a girl. But I guess if the guy is really lazy and can't be bothered with nuances of seduction, he slips them a pill and proceeds to  "get er done." To me that has all the charm of raping a corpse.  Makes one wonder if he might not be lacking in his equipment and doesn't want anyone to see.

It is a sad day for those of us wanting to believe in the good guys and it rattles our conception of being able to assess another's worth.  Sure am getting tired of all these clay feet.

However, I am certain there is one person  who is delighted in Bill's fall from grace. Steven Collins must be thanking Bill daily for taking the media  heat off of him.

I will still keep believing the best of people but cases like these do shake up my resolve a bit.

I am curious.  Have these stories rattled you like they have me?  Perhaps you thought it not unusual behavior for a mega star or are you just not interested?