Monday, February 8, 2016


Not my picture

S#$#%, I just got zapped by Winters practical joke.  I swear I am a walking generator and I don't even have carpets.  I so hate static electricity but it reminded me of a time when those blue flames had more power and a better outcome.

Rerun from 2009.

Florida is known as the lightning capital of the country. I have no doubt. We have thunder storms in Florida that are not surpassed by any other state. They are spectacular to watch and can make you whimper for your Momma even as a graying adult.

People always told me NOT to buy property with tall pine trees as they just attract lightning. So naturally, I bought a heavily wooded property. Duh. It took a lot of clearing to provide a pasture for my animals but I left a hedge about 75 feet thick across the front of the property of nice tall pines and shrubs for privacy.

It had been a hard day and I was really tired. The rain was coming down in sheets and the lightning was snapping close by, lighting up the rain darkened sky. It was afternoon but it could easily have been dusk. My mother used to say that lightning was just God taking our picture. He was taking a lot of candid shots that day.

I had a double set of gates leading into my property. I would open one, drive in, close the first one behind me, then open the next gate and drive to my home. This arrangement was to keep my dogs from possibly leaking out into traffic as I drove in. However, this day, I was really tired and dreaded the gauntlet of gates. Besides, the weather was awful and the lightning fierce. So I sat in the car and waited and then I waited some more.

I really just wanted to get home and take a nice long soak in a steaming tub. So I finally decided to be really dumb. I got out in the rain and reached over the gate to unlock it. I drove in, locked it behind me then reached over the second gate to unlatch it. I was about to push the second gate open when my world turned blue and I felt the earth reach up thru my feet and slap my entire body, hard. My muscles spasmed violently and I felt everything inside my skin shake violently.

"You fool," I thought, "You just killed yourself."

I did not leave my feet and was glued to the gate. My ability to think or focus was gone. When I broke free, I stumbled around in the rain, at first unable to make it back to my car. I would try to aim my feet in one direction but they would spasmodically flop in another. I don't know how long I floundered about bouncing off the fence and my vehicle till I finally made it into my car. I was alive.

When I made it inside my home, I just sat and stared at the walls   As my senses returned, I sent some serious gratitude sky ward. Should not have been alive but I was and desperately grateful for this second chance. God was not done with me.

Then a strange thing happened. I started feeling like I had way too much coffee. I was extremely restless and needed to move about. A wonderful feeling of well being washed over me. It was a feeling that drug addicts would kill for. Along with this marvelous feeling of well being came pure energy.

When the rain stopped I ran out to the gates to see what had happened to me. Not walked but ran, almost feeling if I ran fast enough, I could fly. I saw no apparent strikes on the trees. No burn marks anywhere. I was pretty sure I did not get a direct hit but may have taken a charge that traveled the fence line or struck near by. Still today, I don't not know what really happened.

What I do know is that I didn't sleep for over 2 days. I felt good, no WONDERFUL and was full of energy. My friends kidded me that I had gotten my battery charged. I do know that the after effects were great and if I weren't such a sissy, I would stick my finger in a light socket daily to try and recreate that feeling. I understand addiction.

I realize how fortunate I was for my outcome is not the norm.  Today when I do something really stupid, I just attribute it to my lightning strike. It is rather neat having an excuse for not having good sense.


Oddly, all these years later when I get zapped with winters gift of static electricity, it irritates the everlovin crap out of me and makes me say a bad word or two.  Guess my batteries are fully charged these days and I now worry the bolt of blue shooting from my finger will irritate my pacemaker or short out my computer. How viewpoints change with time. 

Are you one of those that shuffles their feet over the carpet to zap an unsuspecting family member or are you the victim?? 

Monday, February 1, 2016


First a quickie mention about a friend of mine. Saturday night I got a call from the past. A good friend and former co-worker called out of the blue.  It was wonderful to hear from her and to get caught up on folks I hadn't seen in 10 years since I came to Arkansas.

However she was the bearer of a bit of bad news.  One of the nicest people I know is having and extra hard time now.  When I worked with her she was a joy to work with. Marsha is one of the nicest, most positive people I know. While I was working with her, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This is a brutal disease but Marsha and her husband handled that crippler with courage and positivity. She is one of those "shiny persons" I wrote about earlier. She has not let cancer, MS, heart trouble or diabetes dull the shine.

It seems right now she is facing the need for ventricular pump surgery. This is an artificial  heart pump that will buy her time as they await a transplant. All her medical problems have tapped the family out and they are now seeking help on a "Go Fund Me" account .  If you care to, check out the link and maybe send some good thoughts her way. Thank you so much.

On a lighter note--- dogs playing poker.

I recently got a new follower--what a treat after all the disappearing ones lately thanks to Google.  Anyway, I visited "Rick Watson's" site and enjoyed it. His post got me thinking.

Dogs should never play poker--regardless of what those silly paintings infer. They instantly wear their emotions on their faces. They could never bluff.

Image result for dog expressions
Pretty certain that is "I'm sorry."
Someone just peed the carpet and is soooo ashamed.
Image result for dog expressions
I feel pretty, oh so pretty. 
Image result for dog expressions
You looking at me? You looking at ME?
" Hey Sweet Thing, you come in here often?"
"You know that ticks me off so just stop it". 
Image result for dog expressions
"You have 10 seconds to back off."
Image result for dog expressions
"Do I look like I care?"  

"No doubt about it, life is good."

All pictures courtesy of Google Images

As you can easily see, dogs could never hide the fact that they are holding a full house, aces high.  One of the reasons we love them so-- no deception.