Monday, November 29, 2021


Quick update on Minnie from my last post.  We are still in training.  She is so much better but she sometimes starts up with the quieter form of yowling which is still annoying.  I shut her down quickly. I am looking forward to no yowling period.  Patience Patti.

I switched from the "No" command  as I would sometimes forget and say it out loud.  It was freaking Callie out.  I tried the librarian trick of a "shush" around a finger to my lips, which came out almost hiss like.  She really responded to this. Seems I was speaking her language. 

Callie and Minnie have a detente relationship. They mostly ignore eachother but there is a lot of jealousy for my attention, almost sibling like.

I was at the computer in my bedroom, Callie was sleeping on the bed when Minnie cranked up in the living room as she headed for the bedroom. Then I got the giggles. Callie lifted up her head, turned toward me very expectantly. It was like, "Oh boy, Minnie is going to get it now." There was glee in my dogs face and she gave me a bit of a smile when I hissed at Minnie.  Yes, dogs can smile. 

Still a work in progress. 


Don't know why it happened, probably bladder related, but I was awake and looking outside at 3 AM last week.  Then surprisingly, my outdoor security light that I pay the power company for, had a fit.  It flashed, burned really bright then turned my yard completely dark as it blinked out.

Ok, it has happened before and all I had to do was call the power company and they would send a bucket truck out to change the bulb.  That was before Covid and the worker shortage.  The next morning when I called, I was told there would be a one hour wait to speak to a representative.  Yikes. I hung up and got some things done around the house.  Tried later only now it was a 71 minute wait. What?? Finally not wanting to have my property sit in the dark at night, I tried a third time. This time I was told it would be a 120 minute wait. 

At the rate the wait time was accelerating I was scared to put it off any longer. I bit the bullet, put my phone on speaker and for the next 2 hours and 29 minutes I listened to the same piece of a song. It was interrupted every 20 seconds with a commercial.  I tried to ignore it but I didn't want to lose the human when they finally answered my call.

FINALLY the representative answered. She  was cranky but so was I.  I said nothing about the wait and just stated my case.  She promised someone would come out  by next week. Whee.

Since then it appears the light has fixed itself and is shinning brightly. I had been home the whole time so it couldn't have been serviced plus there were no tire tracks in my yard. Oh no, do I have to call back and cancel the order? Do I lie when the service man appears and just let him change the bulb? I think if I get on the phone again for over 2 hours to cancel the work order, I will need therapy.

What would you do?

Monday, November 22, 2021


I am 82 and I just learned something.  It is possible to train a cat.   I didn't realize till recently that my cat had so totally trained me. Whenever she meowed, I figured she had a need so I sought to give her something. I mean she is 17 after all. 

Lately, it seems she seemed especially needy and meowed a lot. She would get a few feet from me and let me hear her outside voice. 

I would lift her on to the bed or couch and that usually would stop it for a bit. Then she would get near my shoulder--also my ear-- and let me have it full blast.   Ok, you want food?  Fresh water?  New litter in litter box?  A treat? How about a  head rub? 

Often none of the above, except maybe the head rub, stopped the noise and she would then vigorously slam her head into my shoulder to make the point. How did she know which arm I got my booster shot in?   

 She has been vet checked. He found nothing wrong, said she is just old. The harder I tried to appease her, the more she would holler.  OK, she is old but so am I.  I had enough. 

"NO", I said quietly but firmly one day as she squalled at me.  She cocked her head at me as if I weren't quite sane. Again she squalled and again I immediately said "NO."  Now I had provoked the cat curiosity quotient. I could almost swear she then muttered,"Huh?"  

Now a firm "No" is also a command Callie knows and responds to quickly. Callie gave me the, but I'm not doing anything wrong look, so I let Callie outside to ease her confusion.  Then I continued to train Minnie.  

Lord have mercy, it has worked. All the demanding squalling has stopped. Now, all I have to do is look her directly in her eyes, mouth the word No (so Callie doesn't think I mean her) and not a peep follows. If she says anything now, it is with her inside voice. Ahh. 

I still pamper her but it is on my terms, not her demands. 

Have you ever tried to train a cat?  There is hope. I think she now realizes she will get more with a purr than a yowl and that I mean business. 

Well it is now nice and quiet so I will finish this.  I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope you have a special day and have much to give thanks for.  I know am really thankful for the quiet.