Saturday, January 3, 2009

Closer look

Closer inspection just confused me more. Logically, I thought it may be a wild life hay feeder. The yellow tag said "Disk trap". Huh? A fellow codger tried to solve the mystery but he was also bumfuzzled. Thank God for modern technology. There was a web site on the yellow tag.

Would you believe this is a game. It is Disk Golf which is golf played with a frisbie. I guess you fling your frisbie, walk to pick it up, fling it again, then try to "putt" into the trap. Makes as much sense as regular golf and the equipment is sure cheaper.

Thank you city council, can't wait for spring to play.


  1. OH, that what we need!!!
    It's funny and VERY necessery!
    Do you think so Patti?

  2. Should be fun to try Blue. I'm game for about anything. Will let you know how it goes.