Monday, April 24, 2017


Roomba--- Ever since I learned about the robotic vacuum cleaner, I have wanted one but so far, just not enough to part with around $300 to own one.


The idea of a little round artificial intelligence gizmo that could clean my floors by itself and then put itself away in its charging station when done, was delightfully Jetson-esque for me. I always wanted to live in the Jetson's era.

I really HATE to vacuum. I am certain that if I am sent to the bad place when I die, my punishment will be to vacuum all of Hell for eternity. Shudder.

Not having the disposable $300 to replace a perfectly good human operated vacuum, I just yearn fruitlessly for a robotic one.

When my brother was here, the UPS man delivered vacuum cleaner bags I had ordered that Sears no longer carries in the store. As I was putting them away, I moaned to Jim about my yearning for a robotic cleaner.

He just got a funny look and said," But you all ready have one."

"Huh?" I questioned, " How do you figure that?"

He then pointed to the kitchen where Callie was scarfing up some toast crumbs from the floor.

Twenty second video of my 4 legged Roomba

Callie will go after a minuscule crumb with the same zeal she would her favorite kibble. I really do feed her enough but watching her weight is a constant as she is such a little piglet. She would look like a sausage on toothpicks if I let her have all she wanted.  Callie is a total chow hound and is not too proud to clean crumbs from floors.

I got tickled when I saw her licking the floor and I had to admit to Jim that she does carpets also as I often eat in the living room watching TV.  If I had a lot less couth, I would allow her to prepare the dishes for the dishwasher also. Fortunately, I am not quite that uncouth.

Guess  I will just settle for my four legged crumb vacuum.  If I hadn't all ready named her, I think the name Roomba would suit her fine.

Do you have one of those actual robotic marvels?  Tell me how wonderful it is. If not, would you even want one?  Or are you also the proud owner of a four legged, furry one like I am?

Monday, April 17, 2017


Sometimes things happen that are a wee bit eerie and make us wonder. That very thing happened to me this past week.

I was reading the Google News in the AM and saw a headline that made me shake my head in wonder. It was about new scientific study on why shoelaces come untied. HUH??  REALLY??

I didn't bother to read it and scanned further down the page for news with more substance. After all, I could not remember the last time my shoelaces came untied. Maybe I was six years old if it happened at all. Did this phenomenon actually deserve a study?? Who pays for these ridiculous studies??

Later in the day I went shopping. As I walked through the store, my shoe felt funny and I looked down.  Low and behold, my left shoe was untied and the laces flopped about tauntingly. No way! This NEVER happens to me.  I was feeling a bit spooked.

I decided the Gods of Physics must be having fun with me for my arrogance earlier. With a slightly red face and feeling a little childlike,  I retied my shoes and resumed my shopping.

After lunch that same day, I was taking my "instead of dessert" walk when I got that loose shoe feeling again. In total disbelief, I noticed that now my right shoe was undone. You have to be kidding!  I was incredulous--both shoes in the same day after a perfect record for 70 years.? This could not be happening.

I had tied my shoes that day long before seeing the headline so it wasn't power of suggestion that made me tie my shoelaces differently that morning.

Boy I must have really ticked off the Gods of Physics by snubbing the study.   I am blaming some mischievous little elves on Physics' payroll who tugged on the long end of my laces. They must have felt I needed slapped around a little for being so dismissive. OK, I get it.

So I finally broke down and read the  article.  It was just as weak as I thought it would be and really didn't explain my suddenly loose laces after years of splendid success. Freak incident or mischievous forces at work? I can lean either way.

So far that oddity has not reoccurred though I must say I have been a bit more attentive tying my laces.

Do you have trouble with shoelaces?? Do you think this scientific study was necessary when we have so many demanding problems that could put scientific minds to better use?  Or are you grateful this problem has finally been addressed?