Monday, February 17, 2020


I am having a plumbing problem with my tub faucets that may require cutting a hole in my wall to fix.  My computer hutch is directly in front of the proposed surgery site so I will have to shut it all down and move the hutch.

I am a bit horrified about finding where all these plugins and phone lines belong for the modem, computer, printer, scanner, speakers and WiFi when this is all over. Luckily my keyboard and mouse are wireless.  I have color coded some connections and am hoping I can figure out the rest.  Was surprised at the number of dust bunnies that had snuggled up to the maze of wires and phone lines. Cheesh Patti.

Hopefully they won't have to move my hutch or cut the hole but in truth, it is looking like the worst case.  I am psyching up for putting the puzzle back together.

The bad part is that I have had no hot water and have not had a real bath since Wednesday night. I might be smelling a little gamey.  The first crew thought they had set me up so I could shower but I just wasn't strong enough to open the shut off valve on top of the hot water heater just for a bath. Such a puny old gal.

A sweet friend kindly offered me her shower but I didn't want to take an 8 mile round trip to shower. I really don't work up a sweat daily and with moist towelettes and sponge baths, I am not too rank--I hope. At least Callie hasn't tried to roll on me and we know how dogs love stinky stuff.

I am really craving that bath when this is over though.  I will soak in bubble bath till I prune up.

Hope to be back visiting you soon.

Monday, February 10, 2020


Reworked from  January 16, 2017

I sometimes think I have a really weird mind but blogging has taught me that no thought I can come up with, hasn't been thought of before and by a bunch of people. The Internet is a great leveler. We are not nearly as unique as we would like to think.

I have played a game with myself for years and usually when I tell people of it, they look a bit shocked at first, but then play right along. It starts with the hypothetical question, "If you were on death row, what would your last meal consist of?"

I guess I use death row because that is the only circumstance where your life has a time limit, down to the minute. Regardless of your heinous crime, in most prisons you are allowed to eat anything you wish right before the lights go out.  Of course in my fantasy, I would be wrongly convicted but the call doesn't come from the governor till after I eat. So eat I will.

Often when I have been eating in a restaurant and the food has been exceptionally divine, I will say out loud, "That is going on my death row last meal list." This always starts the debate after the shock of my premise wears off.

I have found through the years that my "last meal" changes but there are the basics that never change. My only fear is that my stomach will not hold all I want. Besides having a free choice menu, there is also the blissful freedom at that point, knowing that nothing you eat will alter your longevity one bit. Bring on the fat and bring on the sweets. Cholesterol worries, take a hike.

I am sure I would want a pound of crisp bacon as an appetizer. Yes, you heard me, a whole pound. After I polished that off, the crisp skin from a roasted turkey would proceed a leg of lamb. 

OK, by all rights I am exploding right now but this is a fantasy and I would continue. Hopefully, the Out Back Restaurant would cater part of the meal as I would want one of their sweet potatoes. Mercy they are good. They make pie filling seem bland. That would eliminate any need for dessert.

Since my fantasy stomach would still be on the empty side after chomping through a rare Filet Mignon then I'd enjoy some Popeye's chicken.  My fill of Peppermint Patties would seal the deal.

Since they won't give me any wine with my supper (prison rules--no alcohol), I will just want water to leave room for the food. By now, they would probably be putting away the lethal injection needles or unplugging the chair for my gluttony would have done the state's work for them. Probably wouldn't even make it to the governor's call.

Fortunately, my fantasy is just that, a fantasy. I really do try to eat properly for health reasons. However, remove those health concerns and I would be scary at a dinner table. Those would be my choices today, tomorrow they could be different. Well don't know about you but I'm mentally stuffed. Think I'll take a walk after I finish my oatmeal. Whee.

Now my question for you. What would be on your "last meal" menu?