Monday, October 21, 2019


I had a pet peeve.

I don't watch Wheel of Fortune unless my brother is visiting as my sister-in-law enjoys the show.  The game itself is not that bad, I am just always put off by the contestants who always describe their families in impossibly glowing terms.

"My beautiful and talented wife Lora who is an amazing mother and         homemaker."
"My brilliant and handsome husband Carl who makes every day special."
"Our adorable and perfect children: my son the Eagle Scout and my daughter who bakes cookies for the elderly."

Ok some might be all that glorious but not every contestant is in the perfect marriage, yet every single contestant swears they have the perfect partner and children. It always seemed scripted and phony to me.  Makes me feel that only Stepford families need to apply.

I have told my brother many times that I longed for the day when someone would get up there and say,  "I have a bit of a slob for a wife and my teen age kids are driving me nuts."

Well it finally happened and while I missed it, thank goodness for youtube.

I'm sure most of you have all ready seen it as it has been all over the news. However  in case you haven't and the video doesn't work, this is how he described his family.

"I've been trapped in a loveless marriage for the last 12 years to an old battle-axe named Kim." He told the crowd.  "She cursed my life with 3 step-children: Star, RJ and Ryan and I have one rotten grandchild."

He later admitted he really loved them all like "nobody's business." Still even though the trash descriptions were not true, it was delightfully refreshing.  I just may have to watch the show now to see if the future contestants got the message.

Wish I had caught it live. All the years of glowing descriptions had to have rankled him also to make such a bold play. I love that guy. Thank you Blair.  I can die now--well not right now-- but that really took a big wish off my bucket list.

Probably why I am so cynical is that once two good friends of mine went on a game show as a happily married couple.  They were all smiles and lovey on camera but I knew they were in the process of a rather nasty divorce which was finalized shortly after the show aired.

Is there a pet peeve that grates on your last nerve that you hope to live long enough to see exposed?  Have patience, it took 37 years for me to enjoy mine.  Ahhhh.

Monday, October 14, 2019


Happy Columbus day and for my Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving.

Goodness, two FYIs in a row.  I just might be getting preachy.

Somethings in life we just don't seem to master things that are good for us without repetition and reminders.  Posture is one of those things for me. Read here if you want to know the 7 scary things that happen to your body when you have bad posture.

I have written more than one post (last one was in May of this year) on the subject and for a while I am a model of perfect posture. Then slowly, I slide into the comfort of slumping. Grrr. My computer is the biggest offender at encouraging the slump.  Having a computer hump in your back is a real thing.

Fortunately my blog buddies will occasionally have an epiphany about posture, post about it and I am once again set back on the right track.  My blog buddy Barb at One Good Thing  set me straight this time.

I had auto corrected myself recently when I discovered that my COPD inhaler didn't seem to be working any more. That upset me for I had just bought a 90 day supply and even from Canada, that isn't cheap.  I went to the inhaler site and learned something important that I had quit doing.

If you have compromised lungs, you need to open those lungs to let the meds in.  I had morphed back into my computer slump and was using the meds while sitting.  This was actually compressing my lungs so that I wasn't getting the proper amount of medicine into the lungs.

The site suggested I stand up as many of us will still slump no matter how we sit.  Golly what a difference. The drugs were working again.

Then I read Barb's post and realized that I needed to work on my all round posture, not just for my medicine.  I had really gone to pot--again.

I stood in front of a full length mirror relaxed.  Then I pulled my body up by that imaginary good posture cord attached to my head that raised my whole frame up. I was shocked to see my image gain almost 2 inches in the mirror.

As a reminder,  I put a magic marker line on the mirror where the top of my head should be so that any time I looked in the mirror, I would know to straighten my spine to get those two more inches.

I wanted to take pictures of me growing but all 4 of my camera back up batteries were dead or maybe it is the camera.

How long will  this posture improvement last?  I have no idea.  I just know that I am breathing so much better all the time now thanks to more medicine getting where it was needed and I am no longer squishing my lungs.  Thus, I hope it is permanent and that the daily mirror reminder will keep me on track.   Thank you Barb for the literal heads up. I needed that.

Do you have something important in your life that you let slide if you are not on top of it all the time??