Monday, April 15, 2019


First off let me say I have missed you guys--a little.  It would have been much more but I had a delightful distraction.  Had a good time with my brother and sis-in-law but as I said before, Jim doesn't like his image on the Internet so no pictures.

But he did as he always does. He fixes small things for me that have broken, that really don't require hiring someone to drive out here to make right.  I make a list for him and he nailed them all.  A broken latch on my door, a flat bicycle tire, fixed my lawnmower, and leveled my water fountain so it is easy to clean.

They are Cleveland Indian fans and oddly, Cleveland had three day games in a row they could watch from my service. They can only get them on radio in Ohio.  Cleveland won the series which was a nice change of pace for me. My Marlins are snuggled comfortably in the basement now. Winning is a rarity. Sigh.

We ate out once with a river view and talked lots the rest of the time.  Callie and Minnie LOVED all the extra attention and are showing their disappointment that it is gone. Sometimes, I am just not enough.  We had a great visit. They got home fine and am looking forward to the next visit. I'm sure some things will break before then for Jim to fix:)

As for finishing sentences, no, I am not talking about long married couples, but lately I find I am doing that for movie or TV characters.  I think perhaps I have read too many books or perhaps watched too much TV.  For when there is a dramatic pause in a character's speech, I just know his exact next words before he speaks them.  There is a bit of satisfaction in this but sometimes I wish I were wrong. There are few surprises.

Now I am sure you long married couples do this all the time but do you also do it for characters on a screen?  Just curious.

Well I am back and can't wait to get into the rut again. Good to see ya again.

Sunday, April 7, 2019


I will be missing in action for a week or so as my brother and my SIL  are coming for a visit.  I won't be posting nor visiting so I will see you around the 15th. Have a great week, I plan to.

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