Monday, May 21, 2018


Last October I wrote about the email spam I was getting and what triggered it.  It seems every time I accessed my baseball team's web site, I was bombarded with ads for little blue pills to spark my libido, Russian Girls were sweet talking me and there were also ads to increase the size of my penis. Yikes.

So I quit visiting those sites and I have been spam free since--until recently when I saw a story about a favorite player I wanted to read and clicked on it.  You guessed it.

Nastyusha24, Anna26, and Tanusha23 all appeared as spam the next morning.  Sigh!  My desire to read about my team has the girls lounging in my email account again.  Those three ladies were just the beginning. Last year about 30 of them filled my spam folder till I found the cause. 

 It seems these spammers think that if you like sports, you are male, horny and must be lacking physically.  Sigh.

But some good news along the baseball lines. In 2010 I wrote a scathing post about what ticked me off about baseball. It involved the chewing, spitting and crotch grabbing that the ballplayers were obcessed with.

Those three activities ran rampant in baseball as my post detailed.  I am sure my post had nothing to do with it but oddly those annoying habits tapered off after my post. Today it is almost like watching a bunch of monks playing. The boys are playing baseball, not with themselves.

There are still guys that will tweak the protective cup occasionally but grabbing themselves 4 times per at bat seems to have gone the way of the dodo. Chewing tobacco is mostly out.  Now a mouth full of sunflower seeds satisfies the boys and at least the spitting is not colored brown by tobacco juice anymore. I think the new young players are setting the bar a bit higher for dignity in the ball park.

The boys of summer have cleaned up their act and I am pretty sure most of the women who watch along with me are grateful. Congrats fellows. Proud of you.

Did you ever write about a major gripe then to have it miraculously go away?  The power of the pen or just good timing?? I'm going with the latter.

Monday, May 14, 2018


It was abnormally quiet. My usual white noise distractions to mask my noisy ears were silent. No TV humming away in the next room and no music from my speakers. All quiet except those noisy ears. The right one ringing and the left one ticking. Ah, sweet tinnitus.

Surprisingly with all the ear noises, I still have fairly decent hearing and usually keep the TV at about 17. Not great but not bad--for now.

Then a new noise entered my world. As I was working on my computer, very faintly I heard beep, beep. Two gentle beeps, then nothing.  With my noisy ears, I often have a problem telling where a noise is coming from.

Thinking it may be coming from outside, that was the first place I looked. Maybe a garbage truck backing up?? Nope, just some birds out there but not the rapidly running sort.

I know you are all ready going where I went next. Those annoying smoke detectors that beep when the battery gets low.  Could not hear it coming from them but I changed all the batteries anyway. Still heard beeping when I would go into the quiet of my computer room.

Then everything in my house that used batteries got new ones but the soft beeps continued. Now it was every three minutes.  I was getting irritated when a scary thought hit me.

 I remembered  that Linda Myers, who writes the interesting blog Thoughts from a Bag Lady in Waiting   about a year ago had written about her husband Art's pacemaker that started beeping while they were in Greece. Oh the horrors.

So could my pacemaker be sending out distress signals? Yikes. So I first checked Google to see if my model beeped. Some sites said it could so I called my cardiologist.

The nurse I talked to was a quite dismissive and insisted mine had no capabilities for beeping. I tried to tell her Google said differently and mentioned Linda's experience but she remained firm. She insisted that when I had the pacemaker checked two months ago, I still had 9 years left on the battery. Hum--no help there.

So I went back to Google to get more information when I heard it again. The soft beep, beep. I really need to buy a stethoscope.

Just for the heck of it, since I was hearing it while in front of the computer, I removed my laptop's battery, reset it, restarted the computer, then listened. All was quiet.

Was that it?? I don't know but the beeping has stopped. I was no longer a imitating a Roadrunner.  Of course it could mean that my pacemaker just died but since I feel pretty good, I am going with the computer.

I'm kind of glad now that I didn't get huffy with the cardiologist's nurse. I have an appointment there next week and need to keep the peace.

Has your computer ever made beeping sounds?