Monday, April 19, 2021


The day started out kind of peaceful but then went wild.   I let Callie out the door and for a good two seconds, all was quiet. Then the screaming started. Callie had something cornered on my side porch.

I know I have a resident armadillo hanging out under the porch and I hoped that was what she was attacking. I feared it might be a raccoon or a bobcat. Heart pounding I turned the corner with my walking stick in hand but was not prepared for what I saw.

There with its back against the wall, doing its best Halloween cat imitation was a tiny ball of orange fur. The tiny kitten was maybe 5 weeks old.  Every hair it owned was at attention, back was arched and very claw and tooth was on display. The hiss was small also but it was enough to put Callie into cautious killer mode. 

Relieved I didn't have to fend off a fierce wild animal, I turned my attention to Callie. Oddly enough, she backed off when I told her to.  She actually went around the front of the house by the door and I let her back in.  Could she have been relieved I had intervened? I have never seen her give up so easily. 

Went back around to see about the kitten who was still in full defense posture. I reached for it and was rewarded with hissing and spitting. Have to admit the little scrap of fur intimidated me a bit and I quickly got some gloves.  

As soon as I picked it up, it quieted down. This kitten knew people.  I had a cat carrier that I used for Minnie,  so I put the little one in that and placed it in the back of my pick up.  Now what?

I really do need to get a working camera if only a point and shoot for things like this. Sorry, no pictures but actually I was too busy when it was happening to take any.

My age won't let me sign up to care for an infant animal. I am  trying my best to outlive Callie and Minnie. I'd never outlast a kitten that could possibly  live 20 more years so it had to go.

Called the Humane Society but they had no room at the Inn. They said they could probably take it Monday but that was days away. Then I figured my veterinary might know of someone who could foster the kitten till Monday and it turned  out he knew someone who would take the baby right away. Pretty sure there is a delightful cat lady on his patient list.  

What makes me mad is that I am pretty sure it wasn't a feral kitten. There would have been more of them and neither me nor my neighbor have seen an adult cat around. Also once I handled it, it calmed right down.

So some spineless soul most likely dropped it off. Pox on them.

Luckily for you people though is that if my vet had not come through, I was going to have a kitten giveaway with this post. Phew. You can relax.

Curious though, would you have signed up for the kitten giveaway?  Free shipping:)

Monday, April 12, 2021


Pretty sure a lot of us have problems these days sleeping. There is a whole industry devoted to sleep aids  Either getting asleep or staying there is a goal for many.  Some of  you go to sleep when your head hits the pillow and don't awake till morning. You guys can skip this post  and I might hate you a little:)

Some sleeplessness is age related, some due to personal issues and some just stress related.  Thanks to an upside down world right now with disease and people behaving badly, we can become sleep deprived or at least I have.  

I go to sleep quite easily but a few hours later I am awake and the rest of the night is a struggle.  Sometimes, I will go on an hourly schedule. One hour asleep, 30 min awake, then another hour asleep. This rotation goes on till I give up trying and just get up. 

I have tried it all. Some things work for a while but then my body gets bored and wants a new solution.  Reading, deep measured breaths or picking a letter in the alphabet and  trying to think how many words start with that letter are temporary solutions. They do for a while take my mind off deeper or personal thoughts but the effectiveness tends to wear off.  I've tried sleep aids and while they do work, the things they do to our bodies are not healthy. I have enough underlying conditions thank you.

A week or so ago my mind was galloping during a moment of wakefulness in the wee hours. I had a thought that turned out to be productive. I'd discovered a while back that I had a cure for songs that become earworms and are annoying. I found that if I told my mind to just "Stop," it would for an instant shut down the song. Then  I repeated the command each time it tried to start up.  After just a few tries, the worm would give up and disappear. 

Now the "stop" command had to be told in the same tone you tell a dog to "sit". Not angry, not irritated,  just firm.  So maybe I could get my mind to give up racing in the dark hours trying to solve the world's problems? Worth a try.

So as I lay there and my mind started going over the events of that day, I told it "stop thinking" in the same tone as "sit."  Whoa, for a bit my brain became blank. It was like there was a rectangle of nothingness up there. I had to repeat it a few times but it really worked. 

But I really wasn't sleepy so I tried one more thing. I concentrated on making my forehead relax. I was surprised when I could feel the softening of the wrinkles. Then I told my eyes to relax and they did. To top it off I told the muscles around my mouth to also relax and darned if they didn't also. I lay there with a totally saggy but relaxed face.  Not sure I'd want to see that look:) However, the next thing I knew,  I was in the middle of a pretty neat dream. 

I still have moments of wakefulness now but they are quite brief and my sleep time has really increased. Last night I got a full 7.5 hours. Maybe our brains can be trained kind of like a dog. Who said an old codger can't learn a new trick? 

If you have no problems sleeping, you are so fortunate and bless you. But if you do, this is a non-chemical option. You just have to get bossy with yourself. 

Have no idea if this would work for you. Your mind might not be prepared to obey without question  as mine is but if you have sleep problems, give it a try.  Hey, the price is right and no side effects.