Monday, January 25, 2021


I was quite comfortable.  Warm from my bath, bed soft with fresh sheets, a good book to read, and we had a new president. Life is good. I was just ready to start reading when the sound seemed to come from right outside my window.

MOOOOOOOOOO.  Ok, I have been around enough cows to recognise a semi- distress call but ignored it and dug deeper into my book.   MOOOOOOOO it came again with a little squeak at the end. 

Hum I thought, it could be one of three things.  Either her calf is sick, been taken from her or there is a predator out there alarming her.

She was part of my neighbor's small herd of about 30 cows. His pasture butts right up to my fence in my backyard, not 100 feet from my bedroom. Sometimes the sound moved and seemed to get closer. I was afraid she might have torn down my fence and was in my yard. 

Recently a friend of a dear friend of mine had been killed trying to shoo a neighbor's bull from her yard. She had been my age.  That thought kept me from getting dressed and dashing outside as a younger me might have. She kept up the regular, incessant mooing  as I tried to read.

Then a cow on the other side of the highway decided to join in.  I now had mooing in stereo. These were not gentle moos folks but bellows.

I got brave enough to grab a flashlight to stand in the doorway to see what was there. Another neighbor had told me the day before that he was hearing coyotes at night.  I thought that might be the problem. I heard nothing but the cow and in fact, couldn't even see her with the strong flashlight and no flashing eyes of a predator.

Ok Patti, you can't solve this so go to bed. I'd like to say it ended eventually and I got a good night's sleep but she kept it up ALL night, still going strong at 2 AM. What a set of lungs on her.

In the morning, bleary from lack of sleep, I looked but the herd was out of sight and nowhere near my property.  There was no dead calf nor did I find coyote tracks. Ok I had no idea what they would look like but there were no tracks of any kind.

Talked with a neighbor and she said she was sure that the cows had been separated from their calves which explained the all night serenade.  But why was only one mother upset. Mystery.

Next night I am again snuggled in bed when I heard it. MOOOOOOOO.  Oh crap, not again!!!  I waited on tender hooks for the next Moo but it thankfully never came. She just had one Moo left in her she had to get out.

Ah, country life.  Aren't you glad now if you live in the city?

Monday, January 18, 2021


I'm OK, just taking a small break till after the 20th when hopefully things will settle down.  I'll still be by to visit your blogs. Stay safe and well.

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