Monday, January 21, 2019


There are two things that if they appear in my life randomly, I just have to smile, it is reflex. My smile is not conscious, it just happens and is mile wide.  For a moment, all is right with the world no matter what mood I am in.

Now pictures of these things don't work. Seeing them in a movie or on TV doesn't work. I have to see them in person and since they are not common everyday items, it doesn't happen that often. Thus the element of surprise adds to my pleasure.

First is a baby horse in a pasture. Maybe I was  a mare in another life but I feel such joy when I see a knobby kneed newborn horse. If I can do it without causing an accident, I will stop and just watch for a while grinning away.
No, I don't take a picture for that doesn't work for me.  I have no explanation for this.

The second is a Volkswagen Bug.  Oh, I love those little cars and I didn't get one till I was 59 years old and it was a 78 model. It had been a long time want but it took me a while to take the plunge.

I was living in Florida and the little cars don't have air conditioning which is kind of important in the tropics. It wasn't until a mechanic friend was going to sell his that I tumbled. I knew it was in great mechanical shape but it did need some cosmetic help.

Reba--you know I name things--became my project. I had her painted Porsche red and the seats covered in a leather look vinyl.  I took to the roads a proud mama. You have heard of chick magnets, well Reba was an old codger magnet. It seems every guy of a certain age either owned one or ran with someone who did back in the day and had to look her over.

Yes, that is me changing her oil. 
We had a grand 4 years together till I sold her right before coming to Arkansas. Sad day but I needed something that would carry a lot of stuff.  I saw that she went to a good home.

So those are my two weaknesses that make me smile every single time they enter my life however briefly. Seeing any VW bug or a new born foal.

Do you have something or maybe a couple of things that when ever you spy one, your whole attitude changes and a happy grin appears? 

Monday, January 14, 2019


I sure wish several years ago I had posted about wanting a robot vacuum cleaner and ask you what you thought.  If I had, I'd have gotten Rosie years ago.  Thank you for all you informative and positive comments.

Just to let you know I still love her but realize she is a bit of  a practical joker.  I was in the bathroom wondering why it was quite a bit cooler than the rest of the house. Not a thing you want when you are all wet.

By accident, I glanced at my floor register and saw it was totally shut. That little rascal Rosie with her determined wheels had somehow closed the vent tight. I was getting zero heat.

Now that I know what she is capable of, I have to go behind her and check the registers. Still not a high price to pay for clean floors.

As for the bad birds you would think I had learned that they all come with different personalities kind of like we do.

There are the timid birds that are chased from the feeder by just a leaf blowing. There are the ones that are willing to graze under the feeder for any fallen seeds. I do like the tidy ones. There are the fearless little guys that don't seem the least bit impressed with the larger birds and will push in to get their share.

Then there are the bullies. I don't know why I am always amazed at this type of behavior in a wild creature but even after years of watching the aggressive hummingbirds at war over the nectar, I am a bit surprised when a  Cardinal will totally rule the feeder. Ninety percent of the Cardinals show great table manners, then there is Big Momma. Yep a female.

Most all the others will grab one seed and go to a nearby tree to crack it open. She will stand in the middle of the seeds and leisurely eat one after another. Any bird that tries to land gets chased by angry bird. Wonder if it is an inherited trait from a bully parent or a learned trait?

Good thing I have two feeders. She can't rule both and I rap on the window periodically to chase her off or I would only have one morbidly obese Cardinal.

Oh well, I guess the wild creatures aren't much different  from us are they?