Monday, June 27, 2022


It has been a science fiction theory for years that some day robots will take over the world.  Lately I have been thinking, "Hey let them have at it. They can't do any worse than we have." I mean really, look where we are right now. 

But I have never really subscribed to the theory or maybe never wanted to.  Then my personal robot got me thinking.  Rosie, my robot vacuum cleaner, is a very helpful aid especially as I age.  She has no problem hunting down and capturing dust bunnies. When you have a cat, you have lots of hair tumbleweeds.  So she has been welcome and helpful.

However lately I have noticed a non robotic behavior of hers that seems to be increasing with each usage.  She always seems delighted when I turn her on and set her off hunting the bunnies.  She has never been happy to be sent back to her charging station to sit waiting for a future command to go forth and capture.  However lately she has really become petulant and fights me about shutting her down for the day. 

I activate her "home" button and she is supposed to quit vacuuming and head for the recharge station.  Now it has become a struggle. I stop her attempts to escape and we dance around feinting and blocking for a while before she finally succumbs. I have thought of setting the dance routine to music and putting it out on Tik Tok:)     

I thought it was just  mine getting contrary till I talked to a friend with the same robot.

We were both surprised that lately both our machines fight more valiantly trying to escape capture. We both thought our robots were unique. They seem to be showing will, almost anger, definitely petulance and a lot stubborn.  Do they actually have feelings and emotions?

Hum. If my blog goes silent, maybe Rosie tripped me and I can't get up. Please send someone by to pull her plug:)   

Do you have a robot of any sort and have you noticed a rebellious nature in them lately?

Monday, June 20, 2022


Sometimes I am extremely lucky and the ball bounces in my favor.  Like my transmission that either healed itself or responded to divine intervention.  It is still running smoothly and the $3500 it would have taken to fix it is still in my bank account. That was a cool bounce.  Then I think my slightly smug satisfaction over the tranny cure led to the following comeuppance.

The other day I was coming from town when my little truck started pulling hard to the right.  If I let go of the wheel, it would make a right hand turn quite smoothly. Oh oh.  Thinking I might be getting a flat tire, I pulled over to check. Hum--- looked Ok to me though radial tires always look a little soft. Still, it was not obviously going flat.

So when I got home I consulted Google.  Mister Google suggested that if the tire was OK then it was probably my front end that need alignment. It had been quite a while since I'd had that done so I immediately made the appointment. The mechanic wanted to make sure I didn't have parts gone bad so he had to check it first. He did and decided alignment should solve the problem.   Since it was the weekend, we set up the time for Monday.

 I was at the shop right on time. Monday morning.  An hour later as I was sitting in the office settling the bill he said that my little truck needed very little adjusting. 

I said, "It won't pull to the right anymore will it?"

He looked surprised and said,"Was that your problem?"

In my defense, that is what I had said when I first contacted him. 

He said, "Well I noticed your right front tire was soft and that was probably the problem. I filled them all for for you."  

You gentlemen probably saw this coming.  

Duh, I just paid $80.00 to have him put air in my tire. Well I did learn something and it was much cheaper than the $3500.00 the transmission would have cost so I feel I am still  ahead if a bit chagrined.  

I do feel embarrassed admitting to this but am putting it out here just in case you run into a similar situation. Maybe my stupidity can save you some money. Check your tire pressure. It might even improve your gas mileage. 

Ever pay for something you could have done yourself?