Monday, December 11, 2017


Those who have been with me for a while know I am a sucker for the easy fix.  I firmly believe most things in life can be cured or mended with either a life style change or a gadget. I feel we spend to much money and time on complex fixes. That is just me.

I have mentioned before that I don't sleep well and this has carried over from my early days. This seems to plague much of society.  When I was younger, 4 hours of sleep a night was fine. 

I was never aware of being tired. I remember smugly reading that Thomas Edison thought anyone who got 8 hours of sleep a night was a fool. He thrived on 4 hours. Difference was, he got a lot done in his extra 4 hours. Me--not so much.

When I hit retirement, I started going to sleep much earlier so a 10 PM lights out left me bright eyed at 2 AM.  Don't know if you are aware but that is a boring time of night in the confines of your home. You sure can't call anyone for a chat and infomercials stink. Kindle or the computer are  your only friends.

No longer was I energy charged for the rest of the day as I was when younger. I was tired. So I resorted to naps and sleep aids when I'd get desperate. I was on a spiral that I really didn't like.

I go to sleep quite easily, just don't stay asleep. Wide awake after those measly 4 hours. Tried every trick in the book to get back to sleep. 

If I am ever dementia tested, I can do the counting backwards test from a hundred like a champ--even by 7's. I've tried that particular trick many, many  times. Nada.

Tried reading, have black out window shades, a sleep mask, cold room, no eating after 4 PM, tried eating turkey before bed, raise the head of the bed, exercise, no exercise, warm bath--- the list goes on and on. Still nada.

Julie Chen
I tend to let the TV run when ever I am home for I use it as a white noise to drown out my tinnitus (ringing in the ears). While walking past the TV I caught a bit of the show The Talk recently when the host Julie Chen gave her solution to sleep problems. My ears perked up and I sat down to watch.

She said she had a tip and that we would thank her for later. Julie said that when you need to go to sleep, inhale deeply to the count of 4, hold your breath for the count of 7, then exhale to the count of 8.  Rinse and repeat.  She said it may take several repeats but that it will work.

Having nothing to lose, I tried her method. I can only say that for Julie and me, it works splendidly.  I am now clocking 7 hours plus almost every night. I still wake up but only very briefly and the breathing trick puts me right back to sleep. 

OMG Julie, where have you been all my life??  Oh that's right--you weren't born for most of it. 

So I am passing her tip along and hope if this is a problem for you or someone you know that the answer can be just this simple. Really hope it helps you as it has me. You're welcome.

Monday, December 4, 2017


I was making a usual trip to the health food store when something strange happened.

The store is run by an impeccably dressed, older black man who is one of the few of his color in this tiny Arkansas town. Sadly we aren't known for our diversity.  I didn't know that till I was settled.

Perusal, he was being very helpful and after I checked out several brands, I got what I wanted.

However, when I left the store, an interesting aroma was clinging to me. At first I thought it must have been an aftershave he was wearing--perhaps it was on his hands, thus on my purchase.   

Nope, my purchase didn't smell, I did. I found the aroma intoxicating  and frankly I was a bit turned on. Mercy what was happening to me?

I remembered that there was a diffuser puffing away by the cash register. Perhaps that was it? I should have gone right back but I went home instead.

The whole day I joyfully inhaled the aroma drifting about me. I was smiling rather goofily a lot and I had to know what it was.

The next day I went back to the store.  His wife was there and he was gone so she called him to ask what he had put in the diffuser the day before. He couldn't remember.

They had about 15 bottles of things it could have been but after sniffing about 8 of them, my nose got confused and I would have been hard put to recognize the odor of skunk.

It seemed however that most of them were combined with something called Patchouli. I vaguely remembered this from the 70's so I went home and Googled it. I found it can be an aphrodisiac. That would explain a few things about the direction my mind had been taking. You can view its amazing benefits here.

So I bought a bottle of the essential Patchouli oil but was not impressed with the  raw scent.  I then mixed it with some scented wax cubes I had and put it in my wax warmer. Wow, that was almost it and close enough for me.  It is not so much an actual turn on now but I do like the happy, relaxed mood it provokes.
Sniff, sniff--ahhh.

I love the smell of my house. Can't figure out how to get it on my body yet though I am not sure I should.  I'll think about that for a while yet.

Have you ever fallen in love with a fragrance you just had to have?