Tuesday, January 17, 2023


 First off I want to thank the best commenters on all of Blogger for the wonderful and comforting comments you left on my last blog. I am overwhelmed by the kindness, encouraging and supporting  thoughts you so  graciously offered.  They really helped me over a rough spot. 

I wish I had something concrete to report but I am still in the testing phase. Next one is a bone marrow test. Not even scheduled yet. It will be 30 days--from New Years Day till the 30th of this month before treatment will start. I tried to move things along but that seems to be the schedule. In the meantime I am wiped, weak and laying around like a lump.  Thankfully my support group is taking care of all the necessities.

The tentative diagnosis so far is CML--chronic myeloid leukemia. It is supposedly quite treatable. Can't wait to get started  and will have the energy to blog again I miss you.. 


Monday, January 9, 2023


Well it looks like my break may be a bit longer than I expected.

On the 30th my doctor called me in the evening about some results from blood work he had done that day that he was a bit concerned about.  Seems my white cell count was quite high and he wanted me in the ER the next morning.  New Years Eve in the ER--whee.

Neither our local hospital nor town had a hematologist so the ER decided to send me to a larger hospital about 50 miles away by ambulance.  

I was tested from stem to stern with sonograms, x-rays, echocardiograms, heart monitors and constant blood gathering. I didn't get to eat or drink and was kept awake all night with poking, prodding and noise levels as the night shift celebrated New Years.  Zero sleep. Came home Monday and  know I have a ways to go yet. 

Some of my blood work had to be sent to Texas so I won't know till the 13th just what I am facing. My PC and the hematologist suspect I have leukemia but we won't know for sure or what kind till the results come in. 

What ever, I think I will be in a battle for a bit so I may just not have the strength to blog for a while.  Will do as I am told to get back on the right tract. 

While I am a little scared I am also comforted by my lovely support group of 5 friends (four women and a guy) ready to be of any help instantly and they constantly check in on me. Their support has been amazing and I feel quite blessed.

Know I will stop by your blogs if I can.  I just want you all to take care, be well and happy. I love and miss you all. Will appreciate any good thoughts and prayers you can send my way. Thank you my friends.