Monday, August 3, 2020


Since this pandemic, life has gotten rather of full of the same ole, same ole.  We stay in, eat in, and crowds are only seen on TV.  Often we have to make our own entertainment but sometimes it just lands in our lap.

I had just finished my dinner and was watching the hummingbirds on my porch fight for territory at the feeders when a truck pulled across my driveway.

I have a large drive, about 30 feet across by the road so it is often a stopping off place for driver change overs or just leg stretching.   Wounded vehicles often stop there for drivers to examine a problem, such as running hot, something dragging, or engine knocking.

This day, a large dual wheel, crew cab pickup that pretty much filled up my drive,  pulled up and stopped. As a friend of mine once said, "Two more feet and he could have bought a Winnebago." It was a BIG truck.

The driver got out and came around the passenger side. With his back to me he  looked furtively to his left down the road, then to his right up the road. Nothing coming. Then he totally shocked me as he grabbed his pants and pulled them down to his knees.  No underwear folks, just a well formed butt.

At first I thought, whoa, he was going to take a dump right in my drive way. I was about to send Callie out the door to maybe chase him off before he could make a deposit.  But instead of squatting, he again looked around with his pants at half mast and his buns in the breeze.  I saw he had another pair of pants in his hands.

Suddenly, he looked over his shoulder towards my house. I was about 75 feet away, social distancing to the max.  Since I was not near the window and with my porch, I was certain he couldn't see me but I swear we locked eyes.  I think it had just dawned on him that he had checked the road both ways but forgot there was a house right behind him.

Still partially naked, he reached into the truck bed, got a blanket, threw it over his shoulder like a tent and finished changing his pants.  What was wrong with the first pair I had no idea but he seemed like it was urgent that he change.

I was really tempted to rap on the window and grin really big while waving at him. Just to let him know he had been seen.  I was thinking I might put a blush in his upper cheeks but he just jumped back in his truck and sped off before I could. Pretty sure he felt he got away cleanly. 

I was rather pleased that it was a relatively young and firm butt that he flashed at me.  A flabby, saggy, or heaven forbid, a dirty one would have ruined my day. As it was, I got dinner and a show. Thank you young man.

You ever get some surprise entertainment at someone else's expense?

Monday, July 27, 2020


Ok I'm not really asleep but wouldn't mind being there.  Just have nothing so I will nap for a week and see what comes up.
Stay safe and well. I plan to.
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