Monday, March 20, 2017


Has there ever been something about yourself that you have held close and not even told your closest friends and family??  Nothing you are ashamed of but something you  intended to keep just for yourself.

We bloggers tend to share just about everything about ourselves.  As the quote on my side bar states--

"Things I would not tell anyone, I tell the public."  Michel de Montaigne. 

That has pretty much been my guide line for blogging.  After my poop post, I'm guessing you don't think I have held back anything.

My taste in music has been posted about several times.  I have pretty eclectic taste in music from the blues, rock and roll, gospel, country, and pop. The only areas I stay away from are opera (don't speak the language) progressive jazz and rap. 

But my secret love is classical.  This is where I go to unwind, to meditate, to tune in with my senses.  Do I know classical?? No. Can I tell you what movement I am listening to? No. Do I know or even care who created or who is performing?? Nope. 

I am not a highbrow.  I am quite  a low brow who just likes to mellow out listening to a string quartet, flutist, or symphony orchestra. 

I just let the music flow over me like a healing balm as it turns my mind into a calm lake.  My nerves and tensions become Teflonseque.  

When I was a teenager, most of us judged music by how good a beat it had and if it was fun to dance to. Generally, me too with those two simple criteria.  But I had a secret passion even then that I told no one about. I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to be snooty. 

Do you remember the listening booths that record stores use to have?  You could take your vinyl into the booth and without disturbing anyone could listen to your choice.  

Most everyone went in with 45s to hear the latest pop hits. I went in with the 331/3 long play classical choices.  I did it when none of my friends or classmates were with me. I kept it secret. The booths were my secret vice. I never bought, only listened.

The above is very similar to the booths I enjoyed. I wonder if there are listening booths anymore or for that fact, record stores?

 Today I have hours of all types of music on my computer. Gotta love this amazing method of storage.  Ninety minutes  of it however is devoted to classical renditions.

With the simple command to my Echo Dot, "Alexa, play my classical music," I can make my self comfortable and leave this world and all its current problems. Politics, hate, anger, greed, poverty, hunger, disease and plain ole meanness disappear.  Cruelty to the different among us, to the young, the old and to animals no longer exists, at least for a while.

Do you have such a place to go?   Do you have some guilty pleasure you have kept to yourself that might surprise those of us who read your words regularly? I promise not to tell.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Have you ever recieved a compliment that was a wee bit off? That happened to me this week.

Several years ago I had my first dose of hives after an allergic reaction to aspirin. I really hoped it would be my last but that lovely malady visited me again this past week.

What caused it this time I am not sure but I am blaming  a reaction to a frozen baked mac and cheese dish that I had never tried before.  I got the hives after eating it and then got a booster reaction when I had it for left overs the next day.
That convinced me and the rest went in the garbage.

Must have been one of those ingredients no one can pronounce that I was allergic to.  I am really kind of sorry for it was quite tasty.

If you have never had hives--lucky you.  They itch fiercely. I had large raised welts from neck to knees. They started on  my butt and migrated joyfully up and down my body till I was covered.  My face swelled somewhat but not nearly as badly as that first time.

Photos from first post 3 years ago.

Serial killer?? 

 I didn't take any selfies this time as I need a new battery for my camera.  I am not quiet "after" yet but close. 

This time my cheeks filled out and got a bit doughy but at least my eyes stayed open. The itching was crazy but I didn't dare scratch. Remember how much fun chicken pox was?

So here I was with puffy cheeks and a rosy rash complexion as I headed for Walmart for some  Benadryl to relieve the allergic reaction.

Rather hoped my puffiness would work as a disguise and no one would recognize me. I was standing there deciding how big a bottle to get when someone I hadn't seen in a while from my garden club stopped to say "Hi".

After a while, she dropped the compliment. "You must be doing something right for you certainly are looking well." she said smiling.

Ok that wasn't a major compliment but if there is one thing you don't want to hear it is that you look good when you feel lousy.  Now I could only wonder how bad must I have looked before if illness was an improvement? Don't think I want to go there. I thanked her and left.

The good thing is that I am almost rash free now. It has been an interesting 4 days.

Have you ever recieved a compliment that left you feeling a bit confused?