Monday, June 17, 2019


Don't be frightened. This may appear to be a sports post but honest, there is more going on here than just a game. We have drama folks.

You all know I love baseball but sometimes I am treated to something off the field that I find more interesting.

I follow the Marlins who are having a very sad year. Almost worst in all of baseball.  They have enough surprisingly good games to keep me interested but sometimes I need a bit more not to switch channels.

The Marlins do not have good attendance so there are often many empty seats. Thus the people who do attend, stand out.

To amuse myself on slow nights, I watch the people in the stands and make up stories about them.  The camera usually focuses on the batter so I get pretty familiar with the folks in the expensive season ticket seats behind home plate.

I have enjoyed watching this older couple who are always on the aisle behind the right hand batter.  They are a nice looking couple, have never missed a game and wear all the appropriate gear showing their loyalty to the Marlins.

They seem the perfect couple. Always engaged in conversation, laughing or pointing out a play.  I thought they were so sweet.  I have been watching Marlins games for years and they have been there for years. Almost as familiar as my next door neighbors.

Then one night, drama took over.  There had been some interesting action so I got into the game and had barely given the older couple an occasional glance.  When I did look for them again during a break in the action, the man was gone. Thinking food or potty run I gave it no thought.

It was several plays later that I noticed something else.  The wife ( I am assuming) was still by herself with a strange look on her face. She looked ticked off.  Then I noticed where he was.  He had moved across the aisle and was engaged in an animated conversation with a younger dark haired lady.

Was he hitting on her?  Was she a relative or friend and why was wifey so angry?  Wife pulled out her phone and started pounding on the keyboard. The game was no longer of interest to either of them.

If this was a cartoon, steam would have been steam coming out her ears.  He seemed to have only the lady he was talking to on his mind.

Maybe the strange woman was an ex, maybe his daughter from another marriage, maybe a possible replacement for angry wife, I had no idea.

A strange grey haired man eventually showed up towards the end of the game and sat next to the wife. Probably whom she texted when pounding on her phone.  Hubby? and girl continued to talk intently ignoring all else.

I got back into the game. When the game ended, the cameras were on the players, not the stands.  So I have no idea how this drama ended. Rats.

I have come up with several scenarios but have no idea what really happened. They have not come back to the park for several weeks. The seats remain empty for the first time in years.  They were still empty today.  It's kind of sad.

Are you a people watcher?  Would you have noticed?

Monday, June 10, 2019


I recently had something happen that reminded me of a post from 2011. 
My water bill this month doubled and I was told by the company that I had a water leak which meant hiring a plumber. Yikes. Last time that cost me $900.00. 

Fortunately a friend recommended a plumber that was quite reasonable so I gave him a shot.  He checked the obvious in the house then dug up my two out door hydrants which were the culprits last time.   

While he really didn't do anything in particular, the leak stopped.  He showed me how to check the meter to see if the leak truly had stopped. I am in that process now and so far it is still showing zeros three days later. 

I was so grateful to this man for he has charged me nothing yet and I understand getting him to take any money is not easy but I will try.   I hoped if I ran into him again around town that I would be able to convey my gratitude in person.  The problem is that I have trouble recognizing people when I have only had a brief encounter.  

I have a feeling that if I run into this delightful plumber again, I may need him to turn around and bend over before I would recognize him. I am not observant.    

Thus the abbreviated post from 2011 that explains that condition. 

I think I have a gene missing.  I am miserable with detail, especially when it applies to my friends. They have to lose at least 50 to 100 pounds for me to notice. Hair can't just change color or style, it has to be gone over night before I comment.

Unless you are practically naked, I probably won’t notice  your smashing new apparel. 

Yes, I am that bad and this flaw has kept me from any artistic pursuit. Detail is the artist's tool.

Twice I have had to try to pick a suspect out of a police line up and could not do it.  Police are careful to put like types in a line up and to me, they all looked alike. I tend to put appearances into an overall category, pleasant or unpleasant, attractive or not.

If I meet you once, I will probably walk right past you without acknowledgement the next time I see you. 

What I do notice is how the person is feeling. I  quickly sense emotions and can "see" your mood. I can usually tell right away if something is not quite “right” with someone no matter how they try to hide it.  

Just don’t expect me to notice  that you no longer wear glasses or are sporting  a new mustache. Well I might notice a new mustache on a girl though that is not a given. 

Please tell me I am not alone. Are you observant or oblivious?