Monday, September 26, 2016


Some of you are aware I am a huge Marlin's baseball fan. I watch all 162 games each year and the players are my boys of summer. Not the boys--but my boys. I get quite attached.

If you follow sports, all you heard Sunday was the news of the tragic death of Jose Fernandez, Miami's 24 year old pitching ace who was killed in a boating accident. The testimonials have been endless and tears from grown men and yours truly have run their course. No one, not even the young and talented are guaranteed tomorrow.

I became aware of Jose when he was our first round draft pick fresh out of high school in 2011 and I have followed him since.  I did a post about him in 2013 extolling his virtues as a player and as a fine young man of 20 years. You can read about him and his amazing story from my post here. His defection from Cuba would make a good movie.

He took nothing for granted. He often said to those born American that they couldn't appreciate freedom as it was just given to them at birth.  Jose tried three times to defect to the US and was caught each time. He was shot at and jailed as a 13 year old in prison with hardened criminals. He had to fight for his freedom and no one was prouder than he becoming a US citizen.

Jose brought more than amazing skills to the game. He brought a love for baseball that was clear. Whether he pitched or was the main cheer leader from the dugout, it was evident that he was delighted with his station in life.  He played with the joy of a child in a notoriously money sport. It was still a game for him.

Though he only pitched very 5 games, he was in our homes almost every night for he was the camera's favorite focus in the dugouts as he patrolled looking for someone to talk to. He was either picking the brains of the veteran players or sharing a laugh with a friend even on the days he pitched.

Sadly, he had just announce that he and his girlfriend were expecting a daughter in four months. He was thrilled about the coming adventure of parenthood. She is now an unofficial but pregnant widow. She must be destroyed.  My heart goes out to her, his mother and beloved grandmother plus all the family members for whom he was the breadwinner.

I will miss so much "Jose Day" that I looked forward to every 5 days. I will miss his great smile that he took with him on the field. Yes he was competitive but was also very quick to smile and poke fun at himself.

He wanted to bat, he wanted to shag balls for hitters, he wanted to sign autographs long after others had left the field and he wanted to enjoy things we take for granted each day. His joy for life was constant.

I sometimes think I will just wake up and this will all be a bad dream. It seems that unreal.  I will miss that young man so very much but I am ever so grateful for the imprint he made in my life  and on the sport he and I both love---baseball.

RIP young man. You were an absolute joy to watch.

Monday, September 19, 2016


One of my blog buddies colored the shirt below via ice dyeing. Barbara from Baby Blogging Boomer  now has an Etsy Site, Pixiedustdyes where she displays her unique designs. Check it out if you have time. A great place for gift shopping or like me--buying for yourself. Lovely muted colors and priced right.

Also if you are shopping for some leather bracelets for  the man in your life or some lovely fused glass earrings for yourself, check out my friend's Jules Etsy site on my side bar.

I love the colors and while it is a little big for me, I plan to shape it.  Better a
little too large than a little too small. I had a better shot of me and the shirt but I just loved Minnie's expression in this one so it made the cut. Clearly she is thinking,"OMG, does she have ANY idea how big those jeans make her butt look?"
Ya gotta love the graphics. Humane Society-- "WOOF"
Callie had this cutie ?? cornered and it had collapsed into a full state of fake death but by the time I got Callie put away and my camera out, she had revived.  
Clearly one scared Opossum. She did not even twitch or even appear to breathe while I walked up close for this picture. She soon disappeared on her own with nary a scratch on her.  Pretty sure she aided and abetted the raccoon in plucking all my ripe tomatoes from the vine. Live long and prosper my friend---somewhere else.
All you Yoga buffs, try this one. Downward facing cat by Minnie. She is literally folded in half and it is her favorite way to sleep. I wish I were that flexible.
Hum, since all of my siblings are pretty cool, does that mean the one on the right is me? Sigh.
Finally, this is why I put out 2 quarts of nectar per day. Sorry about quality. Shot through marginally clean window and screen. This is one of two feeders that quite often have all seats filled.  See-- if even Hummers can sit side by side to dine it is proof we all can get along when we just concentrate on the basics.
 Hoping you all have a great week. I plan to.