Monday, July 17, 2017


Just a quick video to make you realize just how peaceful your life actually is since you don't have to fight for your food.  These are my frantic Hummers in the
early morning. By late afternoon, there are more than 20 of the scrappers and too frantic to film. Time to put out a second feeder I guess.


I think we all have a favorite joke. One that we can hear more than once and just crack up.

My favorite is an old story but I laugh or at the least smile happily when ever I hear it. The first I heard it was on a late night talk show many, many years ago. Can't remember who told it, just know I loved it.

It was just recently that I became aware of it again as it popped up in a book I was reading.  This is my recollection of it.

Harvey and Moe are baseball fanatics. They follow the game religiously and had played in recreational leagues into their 70's.  

One day they discussed  that being in their mid 90's now meant they were probably hitting the end of the trail. 

They questioned if there might be baseball in Heaven. Both fervently hope so. They then make a pact that who ever went first would somehow let the one left behind know for sure. 

Sadly Moe passes first. After a few days, Harvey is sleeping when he hears his friend's voice.   

"Moe is that you?" Harvey asks hopefully.

"Of course old friend and I have some good news and some bad news. Good news first.  The good news," says Moe, "is that there is baseball in heaven. Better yet, all our old buddies who've gone before us are there. Better yet, we're all young men again.  And best of all, we can play baseball all we want, and we never get tired!" 

"Wonderful!!! What on earth could possibly be the bad news? " Harvey asked.

"You're pitching Thursday."

OK, maybe a touch macabre but I loved it. I may have a dark side.

Do you have a favorite clean joke?  Care to share or perhaps blog about it?

Monday, July 10, 2017


I was in town yesterday and saw big burly guy cradling a tiny Chihuahua in his arms as he walked down the street.  It reminded me of a story that happened years ago to a good friend of mine I worked with that still makes me smile.

Margie had recently married for the second time to a handsome, rugged former rodeo cowboy who now worked as a line man for the county. There is a country song in there somewhere.

Mike was all man, really into horses and cattle. Animals were tools to be properly cared for but not necessarily pampered.

One day one of our fellow employees came to work with his nasty tempered Chihuahua named Susie.  This dog had been he and his wife's surrogate child for many years till they finally conceived.  Sadly, the once time very pampered only dog did not take well to the new baby and  Susie was heading for the pound if not re-homed.

I was their first choice to save her since I rescued dogs but I knew Susie would be miserable as one of many. Besides, the dog purely didn't like me. I mean teeth baring, snarling dislike. Hey, not everyone loves me. I didn't take it personally.

So I talked Margie into taking the tiny dog for her teenage kids. Susie didn't like her much either at first but she bravely agreed to try as she felt sorry for the little dog being displaced so abruptly.

The only problem turned out to be Mike.  Had she brought home a pit bull, Lab or a cattle dog, all would have been OK.  He took one look at the dog with zero work abilities and said, "What on earth are you thinking by bringing home a
Che Wa Wa?"  That was the only way he ever referred to her, drawing out each syllable and never by using her name.

However the kids loved her and soon Margie was delighted with her. For some reason even though openly ignored, Susie became attached to Mike and would lay at his feet where ever he sat. She would sleep by his side of the bed on the floor at night. It hurt Margie a little that Mike's indifference seemed to win the dog over while all her care and attention only garnered mild acceptance.

Then one night Margie was awakened by a raucous thunder storm. As her eyes adjusted, she saw and heard the strangest thing.
Not Susie but looks a lot like her.
Mike was leaning over the edge of the bed.  "Is Daddy's little girl afraid of this nasty storm?" he whispered softly. He then reached down, picked up the tiny dog in his big hands and slid the trembling dog under the covers close to his body.

Margie's first instinct was to burst out laughing and yell--"You big fraud!!  You are so busted!!!" But she didn't. She stifled her giggles, pretended to be asleep and waited.

It was several days later when Mike was grousing about that darn useless
Che Wa Wa to some of his buddies that Margie slyly said so all could hear, "Oh, are you talking about Daddy's little girl?"  She then recounted the storm episode for the group's delight.

At first his friends were stunned silent, then they roared. The rough, tough cowboy had been outed  He was a Chihuahua lover.  Sometimes exposure is more delicious when properly timed. Margie had played it well.

Have you ever tried to down play something you were a bit embarrassed about liking?