Monday, June 1, 2020


I am not a road rage person though once I came close.  I have ridden with folks that snarl at every perceived violation of road courtesy.  Sometimes the language in the car turns quite blue with their anger.

I am normally mellow behind the wheel.  If someone cuts me off I do not point out their lack of  legitimate birth, or  describe them as either a female dog or the son of one and never do I inferred that they do unnatural things with their mother. The most you will hear out of me is a soft "Really???"

Now I may have made others question my lineage but I hope not. I try to drive alert and carefully.

One of the beauties of this area is the amazing road manners that I have witnessed for the past 16 years. I have only heard a horn honked anger once.

Almost always horns are used for when an animal is too close to the road. The friendly times to use the horn are when you see a friend mowing their yard or are at their mailbox.  For the friend, it is a mild tapping of the horn.

The day after Memorial Day, I had to pick up a prescription so I went to town to enjoy the early shopping for seniors. I was a little surprised at the amount of cars on the road.  Previously when I ventured out I rarely saw another vehicle.

Here is where my public service announcement comes in. Folks, do be careful out there.  In less than 10 miles I had to lay on my horn twice. People were entering the highway from their driveways with no care to see if the road was clear. I would be 100 feet from their drives and they would start to pull in front of me. Yes I laid on the horn. Twice!!

I am assuming they've just gotten so use to no traffic that they assumed the road was all theirs. They had forgotten how to drive. I am hoping in the week that has past that their memories have returned. We will see tomorrow. My hand will be ready over the horn anyway.

So I beseech you to be careful out there with your own driving but mainly to watch out for that other guy. Seems like not everyone is plugged in these days.

Monday, May 25, 2020


First I want to thank you all so very much for your encouraging and comforting comments on my last post.  You really picked me up and kicked my depression to the curb with kindness and understanding. You made me realize how totally not alone I really am. I have said it many times--you are the best. 


I was sitting in the doctor's office masked up and grateful I was the only one in the waiting room.  Then he walked in.  Oh no I thought--here we go again.

Last week, this same young man had come in the office properly masked per the notice on the door.  He checked in, then sat in a seat with his back to the receptionist and pulled his mask down to cover his chin. He looked at me directly almost daring me to say something.

What???  We were a good 10 feet apart but his arrogance got to me.  Fortunately, he was called in rather quickly. As he got up, he again put his mask on.

I wondered why there is such resistance to the masks.  Anyway, here he was again. What luck.

This time he kept the mask on. Someone had evidently gotten through to him but he fidgeted and fussed with it constantly. He would pinch the nose piece then shake his head and pinch it again.  Finally he whipped off his glasses and sighed deeply.

Then it hit me.

"Your glasses keep fogging up don't they?" I asked.

"Yes," he said. "It is driving me nuts."

"There is a way to keep that from happening." I offered.

He immediately showed interest.

I told him that he could rub dish soap on the lenses, both sides, then set it aside for about 15 minutes to dry.  After it dried, he should take a soft cloth and polish the lenses.

"And that works?" he asked hopefully.

"Sure does for me. I use to have the same problem." I assured him.

He smiled and for a second I thought he was going to get up and give me a hug.

Instead, he laughed a little and just said, "Thank you. Now maybe I can handle this mask thing."

So I had judged the original episode as defiance. I had seen it as a kind of,  'you can't tell me what to do and besides, I am young and have no real worries'.   I was so wrong. The guy was just completely annoyed by the constant fogging of his glasses.

Not saying there aren't some folks out there for whom it is a defiance thing but there may also be some for whom it is just really uncomfortable.  I will try to be more patient in the future and not be so quick to judge.

A quick shout out to Walmart employees.

When I went to pick up my prescription after the doctor visit, I kind of got the giggles.  The girl waiting on me had the usual mask on but she also had a 5 X 7 badge pinned to her chest.  It showed a large picture of her--without a mask. That is so we know what they look like in real life. What a cool idea.

I told her I thought  we all needed one of those. She laughed when I mentioned that for 2 months I have not been recognized nor have I recognized another shopper.  Walmarts in tiny towns are often social hubs. Not so much anymore. Shaggy hair and masks are great disguises.

Hope you all had a pleasant and thoughtful weekend remembering those who gave all.  Perhaps you even got to enjoy some family or friends for a change.
Please stay safe.