Monday, March 30, 2020


This new normal has me wondering how all this confinement is effecting different age groups.  I was curious how the very young were processing it all.

I tried to remember back when I was a child and the polio scare kept us out of public swimming pools and away from any large gatherings.  I do remember being really disappointed we couldn't go to the circus due to the large crowds.  I resented the rules but only felt annoyance, never fear. I recently got a hint of how some youngsters today may be dealing with this.

My lawn mower is ailing so I had a young fellow I know come to pick it up so he could work on it for me.  He usually brings his older kids to help him with any needed muscle but this time he brought his youngest son who had to be around 5 or 6 years old.

The child stayed in the pick up and peeked through the sliding rear windows to watch his dad load my mower on a trailer.   Out of nowhere he softly said, "Daddy, I love you."

His dad smiled, looked at me and quietly said,  " That usually means he wants something or has done something."

I was smiling too till I heard what came next.

"What you want son?" his dad said as he tied down my mower.

"Nothing Daddy," the young boy said softly, "I just love you."

Well Dad studied the ground and I had to turn away and choke down the lump in my throat.

Perhaps the small ones who don't really understand are feeling the fear also.    Have you seen this in your young family members?   I can only hope they are oblivious and like I once was, annoyed but not fearful.

Monday, March 23, 2020


Well we have finished week one. No telling how many more we will have but at least we are one week closer to the end. Some how that use to work for me while anxiously awaiting Christmas. It is kind of a stretch now days.

Have you noticed  now that supplies are limited that you are rationing things yourself?  I didn't realize how generous I was with toilet paper before.  Now each event is carefully measured.

Why didn't I get that bidet when I had the chance?  Oh well as Joeh at Cranky Old Man suggested, try a squirt gun.  That idea had legs and got me thinking so I Googled portable bidet.  Yes you can get them.

Big John BJPB Portable Peri Bottle Hand Held Bidet Accessory

I can see how this might work but there is a small problem. Classy bidets come with a blow dryer.  You are on your own with this.

If you care to air dry, a good book might be an idea while you wait. Hey, you can't go anywhere anyway.   Using toilet paper to dry kind of defeats the purpose and using towels kind of give me the creeps. I'll let you work out the details. I'm for the good book and patience.

That is my hopefully helpful hack for the week.

Do you have some suggestions for conserving supplies? Not just toilet paper but everyday items that are no longer just a trip to the store away.  In these times, we must think out side the box.

Seriously, every one please take care and lets get through this.