Monday, June 14, 2021


Just a little explanation as to why no story today.  I have managed to stir up my carpal tunnel that I had in December once more.  It is not too bad and think I have caught it early.

But--I also woke up this morning to discover my back is barking when I change positions. Think I know what I did to anger it but pretty sure letting my posture go to blazes again contributed to its collapse. Sit up straight Patti. Just one of life's little irritations. 

So, I won't have a post for this week but am pretty sure I will recover by next week. Already feeling a bit better. I'll be staying cool, working on my core and plan to still stop by your blogs. 

Stay safe and cool.

Comments suspended.  

Monday, June 7, 2021


 A while back, Rian  at Older but Better...? received what I thought was a cool gift for Mother's day.  So cool, I had to get one of my own which I found at Amazon.  Thanks Rian, I love mine.

Crystal hummers in daylight, blinking change of color at night.

So I put up the little mobile and waited.  Oddly the first day while they were still colorless, I had a few of my local hummers visit to harass the mobile.  Not sure if they were challenging the newcomers or if mating was on their minds. But when they got no response, they just seemed to ignore it. 

We have had a lot of rain lately so it took a while for full sun to charge the little birds' batteries but finally one night, I got to enjoy the show. At first I was mesmerized by the display but then I noticed the rest of the yard was putting on a show. 

Dancing in the shadows were the first fireflies (also known as lightning bugs) I had
seen this season. I was enjoying that show also when I noticed something strange.

On top of the bracket where the solar lights were hanging came a solitary and brief glow. Took a minute when I realized it was a firefly, sending its signal.  Males usually snap off several flashes to declare their specific species while the females remain calm and just respond with one flash.  Presumably a signal to  declare  "here I am and I'm willing."  Kind of the "swipe right" of the insect world.

So there was most likely a female on that post but who was she flashing? Was it the yard full of singles or was she fascinated by that really big firefly at the top of the chain and his blue white flashing light. 

I could not believe it but she kept up her solitary, intermittent flashing for about 20 minutes, then she quit. Being as they are small and it was dark, I have no end to this story. Only a feeling that the poor female did not make a match that night, at least not with the fake hummer and none of the flashing males came close. Sigh.

It dawned on me that the firefly show was the first I had seen in a long time. Sadly humans are contributing to the firefly's decline.  Light pollution, destroyed habitats and harvesting are all leading to the decrease in the number. When their habitat is overtaken, they do not relocate, they just disappear. 

I think most of us can relate to the fun as a child of chasing fireflies.  I hate to think of that as no longer being a childhood thrill. 

Do fireflies still light up your nights?