Monday, September 19, 2022


Monday will bring an end to the very sad time many have been going through lately with the loss of Queen Elizabeth.  I want to see this through so I will be watching the service. 

Can't say I am a fan of a monarchy type of government. While not a fan, I have followed the royal family and all their news worthy actions for years. It is impossible to think the royals are not interesting for they definitely are.  But the Queen has always held a special spot in my heart. I just admired her so much. 

I was surprised years ago to learn she did her part in the war effort.   She could have easily and rightfully have chosen safety and comfort but she didn't.  Her staunchness during WWII with her driving trucks when she could have easily fled to Canada to be safe while England was being bombed, is legendary.  

I followed her when she was young, in love and married Philip. No there was no TV in our house in 1947 but there were newsreels in the theater to document such occasions. My family has a strong English heritage so my mother kept us informed via the news. 

Lately, even though I am only 13 years younger than she, she portrayed a motherly image to me. She appeared to be a woman you could  trust that would have your back.  Her flawless skin, white hair and sparkling eyes made you want to share time with her. She just oozed kindness, fairness and courage.  I also loved her quick wit and understated British humor. 

It is sad no longer having that person on the horizon to give us all direction of what a person should be. She was total grace and set the bar high. 

So Monday I'll say goodbye along with the rest of the world.  Just one of the many to miss her. 

Monday, September 12, 2022



Well I didn't take my computer to the hospital as I stated in my last post.  I couldn't do it Monday as it was Labor Day so I thought, why not give it another try on my own? Maybe this time I could free up enough memory.

So I started looking for programs that I no longer use. One was Office 10 which held my attempt at a novel that I hadn't added to in years. Nope, I was not going to finish it so I deleted it. Thought that would be painful but it really wasn't.

Then thinking of books, I went to my Kindle library where I discovered every book I had ever ordered or borrowed from the library for over 12 years was still there. I had deleted them off my Kindle but not out of the Kindle library. I had over 1000 titles sitting there.

So I started deleting what I knew I had already read or probably wouldn't ever read. I was able to delete almost 600 titles. That wasn't fun but effective.  You think hanging on to the over 400 books makes me a bit of a hoarder?  That's OK, I've been called worse.  

Also I discovered that the email I had gotten from Amazon about no longer servicing my Kindle applied to my first one. My second  one, which is about 9 years old, still has some life left in it. As you can tell, I tend to milk my devices.

Anyway, I think the moves I made have bought me some more time on my ancient computer. I still delete my history, cache and cookies weekly.  I gave this last attempt 7 days to see if I had solved the lack of memory and crashing problem. Seems I have---maybe. Now if I could only do that with my brain. There is so much useless stuff I am storing in my head that I would love to delete. 

I have still been able to visit you this past week but will be glad to be posting again. Thanks for bearing with me. It is good to be back. 

Do you put your devices on life support or are you quick to ditch the old and start over with new and shiny?  I get attached to familiar and comfortable. Might be why I drive a 19 year old vehicle.