Monday, May 29, 2017



Has your eye doctor ever told you that you have eye freckles? I don't mean around your eyes but in them?  Just when we thought we knew all the things that could go wrong with us. Sigh.

Evidently, these rascles are showing up more frequently and like the freckles on your skin, they can become melanomas. 

I need to renew my driver's licence in July so I thought--even though my glasses seemed fine--that I'd get some new glasses so as to pass the eye test with flying colors. It had been many years since my last exam. 

The cute little doc was upbeat and said there was very little change in my prescription but he recommended that I have a photo taken of the inside of my eye as he saw some freckles when he examined my eyes.  I had an ocular photo done 15 years ago by another doctor and while it is an expensive test, I thought a current baseline photo might be a good idea.

I saw the freckles when he showed me the pictures.  Like regular skin problems the parameters for  serious disease are similar. Irregular border, different color and raised  freckles are the worrisome ones. Luckily mine looked OK and I only need a follow up in a year.  Just something else to think about folks. If you want more information, go here.   

One in ten folks have them.  As far as I know, you can't prevent them but they do need monitoring. I hope you are among the lucky 9. 


Sometimes a favorite blogger just quits blogging and there is nothing we can do but miss them.  Robert Brault was one of those for me.  This man is a quote master.  He can boil down a complex thought into just a few words. 

Well I am delighted to see he is back and is now giving us one quote per day.  He also has an archive of his daily thoughts going back to December that you can access on his site. I dare you to visit and not find some saying that speaks directly to you.  You can find him at this site. 

Below are some of his that spoke to me recently. 

"If only mankind could start all over again--and this time try it as womankind."

"There are Seven Deadly Sins, of which, so far only Envy and Greed have organized politically"

"Wealth and wisdom are seldom combined, for the person who achieves one, no longer desires the other."

"The power of a tweet? Well, for one thing, it makes possible an appeal to mob psychology without having to assemble a mob."

"A question to occasionally ask yourself is this: "What did I approve today by remaining silent?"

All quotes by Robert Brault. 

Have a good, freckle free day. 

Monday, May 22, 2017


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My creative bucket is empty so I will sit out posting this week. Hopefully I should be back next week. In the meantime I will still be around to visit you. Have a fun week.
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