Monday, September 20, 2021


In my post last week I mentioned about the media's abuse of the name  Karen by attaching it to women who show really bad, unkind behavior. I posted on Monday and was a bit shocked to see a very similar take of the same subject on a segment of Inside Edition (a TV news magazine) the following Wednesday.

They even used the stats I had quoted on how the number of new babies named Karen had dropped drastically. It did show that there are Karen support groups cropping up. Wasn't aware of that.  I realize how hard it must be being an adult named Karen right now but I sure feel for any kids sporting the name. 

Now did someone from Inside Edition read my blog? Possibly but more likely it falls under the old saw that "there is no such thing as an original thought."

Finally I had a scary but funny experience this week I have to relate.  I have mentioned that due to my COPD that I use the motorized shopping carts when I go in Walmart. I was riding it out to my little truck to load my purchases and stayed close to the parked cars to avoid the traffic. 

Suddenly, a van I was almost directly behind, started its engine and slowly backed right in my direction. Because I was sitting, he could not see me. I was below his windows.

Frantically I floored it trying to get out of his way. Well as much as they floor. They have a four mile an hour top speed. I had it full throttle but it was not looking good. Don't know why I didn't holler but instead I slid back and forth in the seat (as my neighbor would say-- "humping" it) trying to coax a bit more speed out of it. That is what made the situation funny. The image of a little old lady humping a cart trying to get more it to go faster. Obviously I made it though the driver and I had some tense moments.  

This made me realize that I needed in the future to be more careful in my cart but also as a driver to beware of those low to the ground scooters. Kind of a reminder to you all if your store uses them. Keep an eye out for those little rascles when backing up. 

Now if this shows up on Inside Edition--how about a shout out guys:)  

Have you ever had the basis of one your posts show up somewhere else?

Monday, September 13, 2021


If your name is Karen, I am so sorry.  It is a lovely name, actually one my neice answers to.  Sadly it has become almost a swear word. According to the NY Times, in 1965, it was the third-most-popular baby name in the United States. In 2018, it was the 635th — and today it’s even less popular. How did Karens fall so far?

 Some think it started in 2005 During a Dane Cook Comedy Special when he said, "Every group has a Karen and she is always a bag of douche." 

Now every time a woman is caught behaving badly, entitled, or racist, she is nicknamed "Karen." There is the Central Park Karen (she was one of the first I remember). She called the police on a man in Central Park that was bird watching while black. 

Then came  Whitefish Karen, Kroger Karen and San Francisco Karen.  The latest is the Anti-mask Karen from Nebraska who coughed repeatedly on a masked woman and mocked her in a grocery store.  Fortunately, that Karen lost her job when the video hit the news.  

I really hate what the so called "Karens" are doing but also feel badly that the good, kind Karens are being painted with a dirty brush. 

I got a taste of what it is like to have your name attached to unkind people when Permit Patty called the police on a young girl selling water without a permit. Boy was I glad when that Patty kind of died down. 

When I was a child, my family called me Patsy as a diminutive of Patricia.  It all happened in high school when I heard some refer to another in a derogatory manner, "Boy, she is a real Patsy." There was no way that was complimentary so I checked around to see what that referred to.  I learned that a "Patsy" is a push over, someone easily manipulated, an easy target. Pretty much a fool.   OK, that ended my reign as Patsy. I insisted from then on to being called Pat and eventually Patti.

Now I wonder what the real, nice, kind Karens of the world can do. Go by their middle name? While it is catchy, I really do feel for the sweet, normal Karens out there. 

Is your name Karen or someone you know has that name? How are they handling it?  My brother said his daughter was unaware of the connection which is probably the best way to be.