Monday, September 18, 2017


The technology is almost here. The day when you can get in your car, tell it where you want to go, then just relax and become a passenger is not that far off.

Frankly, I am looking forward to the day. I have loved driving all my life and often did it in relationship to my work. When I worked for the power company, driving 150 miles a day was not uncommon as we served 5 counties.

I LOVE to drive. To me, getting behind the wheel is a pleasure and and nothing gets the blood moving for me like the words--"road trip."

But I am 78 so there will come a time when I will have to turn over my keys. Sigh. However, if we have driverless cars--there will be no problem. As long as I can speak, I will still be able to go. I realize we are not quite there yet--or are we?

The other day while driving to town, a car pulled out in front of me and drove really slow. I am a patient person so I just slowed down and relaxed till I looked closer.  No one was driving the car nor was there a passenger.  It was just tootling down the road by itself. I mean so far today, driverless cars still need the "in case" person ready to take over, don't they?

The car had very low head rests that hadn't been raised and there wasn't a trace of a human head poking above the seats. I'd have taken a picture but these curvy roads require paying close attention. No way to pass to check it out so I followed.

The car continued about 20 miles under the speed limit and I followed in amazement as it kept a pretty steady bead in the proper lane.

I was thinking that perhaps a child had "stolen" his dad's car and was joy riding. I had been known to do that as a youngster. A child would explain the lack of a visible driver.  I figured he had to be only seeing the road through the steering wheel. Not a comfortable feeling for me but I had no recourse.

There is little to no cell service here so I couldn't call for help. I was hoping if he stopped, I could talk him out of staying off the road till help arrived. So I followed.

We got to town and the car pulled off on a side road so I followed. It soon stopped and so did I.  The door opened and out popped a small, elderly female that was well under 5 feet tall.  She scooted towards a yard sale totally unaware of her stalker.

I then got the giggles and remembered that when I was in Florida, seemingly driverless cars were common place.  The shrinking, aging population there often supplied cars with no visible drivers. It was not uncommon and something we got use to. I had just forgotten.

Ah, I miss you George.
Then I quit laughing as I realized that I have dropped 1.5 inches in stature my self and while I still can see over the steering wheel, how much longer will I enjoy that?

Yep, I am 1.5 inches closer to needing a driverless car.

Do you think they will be a good idea? Would you want one?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


A day late here as I spent Monday tracking down my Florida family to find out if they were all OK.  Seems they are, though all but two who live on the same street are sitting in the dark. Not pleasant but doable. Amen.

My nephew still isn't sure his house was spared. He had left Bonita Springs for the relative safety of West Palm. He won't know for a while yet. I'm keeping toes, eyes and fingers crossed that his home is undamaged.

My heart goes out for those who weren't so lucky. I do hope you or perhaps family members are safe from that nasty and bloated storm Irma as she heads north.

Hello old friend Red Cross. I'm hoping Walmart will match donations at check out like they did for Harvey.

Now to my scheduled post.

I use essential oils--primarily--peppermint and lavender.  I like lavender in my bath water as a relaxing sleep aid but the peppermint has many uses.

Did you know it repels mice and spiders?  It really is quite effective and I periodically put peppermint pouches under the hood of my car to keep any wire chewing rodents at bay. I discovered this when the little varmints ate through my windshield wiper motor wires a few years ago.  It really works.

I also keep it in the bathroom for myself and guests to use as a poop deodorant since my bathroom opens to the living room. Just one pre-drop in the toilet water and whatever aroma bomb drops into the toilet, stays in the toilet. Minty fresh.

I recently had ordered two bottles to restock. When I went to the mail box the other day, I could smell it from the gate. The whole area reeked of peppermint. The oily package had a pink post it note stuck on it from the mail carrier that said--"it came to us like this."

One of the bottles had broken at the neck and the whole contents were gone--except for the smell.

I saw my mail carrier the next day and asked if they ever got the smell out.  She said it had leaked onto the other packages and they had to keep the doors open all day to air out.  They also had to apologize to all the folks that also got the collaterally damaged, minty fresh packages. OK, now I was feeling badly and it wasn't even my fault.

Trying to see the bright side, I told her that at least the Post Office wouldn't have any mice or spiders for a while and wasn't it lucky I hadn't ordered Coyote urine? I think she saw the humor. She was smiling at least---or was that a grimace? Maybe I'll put a little extra this year in her Christmas gift.