Monday, October 26, 2020


I have tried to hold my peace about New Blogger but I do have a problem that no one else seems to mention.  My Reading List has become completely unreliable. 

I use to read daily from one  TimeGoes By  post to the next though not always non stop. Often I would write down the name of the last blog I read and take a break.    For some reason with the new Blogger, the list seems to just shuffle unpredictably. If I stop on Hootin' Anni's blog, one would think I could pick up reading on the next one in line as I always have in the past.  But no longer. 

The next time I access Blogger, a blog I have previously read and commented on earlier is now at the top of the new post list and there are several unread blogs below it before getting down  to Anni's.  Come on. I have to scan the whole list every time. 

I just hope I haven't missed commenting on your post but if I have, don't blame me, blame Blogger.  Anyone else having this problem?

                                  HUH ??

As I was coming through town the other day, I saw the remnants of an annual festival filling the streets.  The main reason for the festival was cancelled due to Covid--the food and events---but the vendors had arrived and set up their wares.  I was casually looking at the booths as I drove slowly by when I saw a sign that made me say--"HUH??"

The booth was selling, WEAPON CARRYING PURSES

Have we come to that ladies?  So I looked it up on the Internet and there is such a thing.

I do own a gun but I can't imagine carrying it in my purse. I just don't have a need. Heaven help us if we get to the point where there is a need.  I do know now that I will be overly polite to any woman with a purse that has a zipper in a unusual place.

Ladies, do you have one? Would you get one??  Or if you are a man, would you  get one for your spouse or Mom?   

Monday, October 19, 2020


Sometimes it takes me a while, other times I am pretty quick to like or dislike something.  When I heard the Emmy's piled 7 awards on the show Schitt's Creek, I was a little bummed since I don't get Netflix.  Then I noticed a local channel was showing two episodes a night starting with the pilot from 2015 so I thought I'd see what all the noise was about.

To quote imdb, "When filthy-rich video store magnate Johnny Rose and his family find themselves broke, they are forced to leave their pampered lives to regroup and rebuild their empire with in the rural city limits of their only remaining asset-Schitt's Creek--an armpit of a town they once bought as a joke."   

First show I thought good grief, this is what the Emmy's are raving about?  I never saw a show so full of unlikable people in my life.  They were all weird and whiny. Moira, the pretentious mother, totally turned me off.  Johnny, the dad appeared weak.  David, the son, was vapid, and Alexis, the daughter, has "shallow" cornered.  Roland, the mayor, was creepy and Stevie, the motel manager, seemed to be the only one even close to normal. 

You would think with that first impression I would just pass on the rest of the episodes but I learned a lesson with the show Mom a couple of years ago. First time I saw that one I was horrified. As a former alcoholic myself, I couldn't see any humor in their jokes about addiction.  However with Mom, I gave it another shot as I realize I am sometimes a slow sell on a show.   Now I can honestly say Mom is a can't miss for me though I am not sure I will like the new season as well without Christy. 

Since a local channel was running two episodes of Schitt's Creek almost every night, I started recording the shows as I am always looking for a half hour show to watch. Short attention span and needing a respite from the daily news. 

Well they have finally worn me down and I am getting a bit attached to this seriously flawed family. Still haven't cozied up to Moira but am rather enjoying the others. If nothing else, they make you feel really good about yourself in comparison. Roland is still kind of creepy but he might be growing on me also.

Have you been watching this show and if you are, did you like it right away?