Monday, August 22, 2016


Right now I am in the peak of Hummer season.  They are swarming  and two quarts of nectar daily are needed to keep them happy.  I posted this in 2011.


I was very lucky the other day to spot something I have never seen in all my years of Hummingbird watching.

I was heading towards the house from the shed when I saw what I thought was a Hummer suicide attempt.

The little fellow flew straight up in the air at incredible speed then hung in mid-air for a second at the top of a very high arc. He was just a speck. Then he dove straight for the ground in an apparent attempt to end it all.  Just feet from the ground, he pulled up and zoomed toward the sky again.

I had no idea what I was seeing but I continued to watch. I was not the only one watching. From her perch on the feeder, his dives were admired by a sweet young thing that I swear I could see smiling.

Not sure this is same pair but these two did a nice reenactment of the initial meeting for me  
He then flew in confidently and sat near her on the perch. He ruffled his glorious ruby throat and it glistened in the sun. I could swear I heard the Hummingbird equivalent to,  "Hello there, I'm Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me."

Her back was to me so I didn't see her response. What I did see was the red necked Lothario, leave his perch, hover over her back side, and drop down for a whopping few seconds on her behind.

He took her right at the dinner table and I am not sure she even quit slurping nectar during the process.   In about 3 seconds, he was finished  and flew off to spread his seed elsewhere. And I thought bunnies were fast.

That was it folks. A little showing off with some high dives, a quickie, then he goes off to play with some new female  and she is now a single mother. Yikes.

When you look at the whole picture, male Hummingbirds have atrocious table manners. They  are always quarreling pushing and shoving. Their love making is pretty close to date rape and they are no-show fathers. They want no part of being a parent. For some reason, this seems to work for the species.

Even with all that going against the little dudes, I am still enamored with the adorable little rascals and am totally forgiving (probably since I am not a female Hummer).

Those little red necked lovers really rely on cute carrying them past bad behavior.  Works for me as long as it is only a tiny bird behaving badly and not a member of the human species trying such antics.  Then cute carries no weight. 

Needless to say, I have scratched lady Hummingbird off my list as a creature to come back as.

So if you ever see a Hummer taking a high altitude dive, stick around for a second and don't blink. You may get to witness what I did.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Just a quickie.  Computer is fixed and tomato thief identified. It's so good to have Google and Blogger back at my beck and call once more and am relieved the tomato mystery is solved.

I was so pleased that the thief was not human. I really tend to believe the best of people and that would have hurt.  However the thief left some DNA recently in the form of poop that Google identified as raccoon.

Not my picture
So my thief was a good looking fellow dressed in grey wearing an eye mask.  I say fellow hopefully, for if female she may have babies near  and I would hate to start a colony.

I just pulled the plant up and spritzed ammonia around the perimeter of my melon patch hoping that will discourage him or her from further looting.

Still for now, I won't let Callie out by herself in the dark. I have seen first hand what a raccoon can do to a good sized dog and Callie is on the small side.  So far so good. We live in harmony.

I will be back visiting you again and plan to be back posting on Monday.

Stay dry if needed or  may you have rain if needed.  Be comfortable and safe.