Monday, February 20, 2017


You may have heard about this recently in the news.

It was really quiet.  Quiet  is unusual in my house as I have tinnitus so there is usually a background noise of some sort to distract me from the ringing in my ears. Music preferably but often some unwatched show on TV softly droning away does the trick.  This time however it was just me and the jangly ears.

It was late and I was just putting the computer and myself to bed when I heard a sinister growl coming from the living room. Callie is not a growler, at least not normally. She may annoy a stranger away with her incessant enthusiasm but a guard dog she is not.

The growling however deepened and grew  more threatening. I was alarmed.  In case you have wondered, I am not a defenseless old lady.  I am armed and a decent shot. I stealthily retrieved the revolver from my bookcase headboard and as quietly as possible, pulled the hammer back.

My heart was pounding as I grabbed the bedroom door knob and slowly opened the door just a crack. I saw nothing even though the nightlights made all but the darkest corners visible.

Callie growled once more only this time she ended with a sharp bark. I looked for her and saw her prone on the couch, eyes closed and feet paddling spasmodically  as she either was running towards or away from the threat. My protector was dreaming.

My relief laugh woke her up.  Halfways raising her head, she gave me a bleary eyed questioning look. "Huh?"

OK, maybe that didn't actually make the news---but it did happen.

All of us who have shared our lives with a dog, know of their episodes of
dream running and talking while sleeping. It got me wondering however--do we humans twitch and paddle our feet when walking or running in our dreams?

My recurring stress dream always involves walking for miles. Usually it is because in  my dream scenario my old red 1978 Volkswagen bug has just been stolen.  I always have to walk miles looking for that little car. Oddly these dream walks never tire me, even when I dream walk 10 miles or so.  I started wondering if my feet paddle dog-like during these marathon sleep walks and jogs.

When I was in relationships, it was something I never thought to ask. Now that I live alone, I have no one to ask. So I will ask those of you who do share your bed.  Do yours or your spouse's feet twitch like a dog's when you sleep run, hike or walk??   Just curious and for the sake of science, I thank you.

Monday, February 13, 2017


I want to thank those of you who stopped by and commented on my last post. It was for me a serious public service announcement trying to prevent "death by toilet".   I knew some of you would be appalled by my delving into bathroom functions and would just move on. I totally understood and actually recommended that you do that. What I didn't see coming was the actual response.

I normally get about 150 hits on my individual posts. I'm sure a lot of that is from accidental check ins as well as lurkers who actually read the posts but don't comment. When you spread that amount over a week, it isn't that much. Most of you probably get that many every day.

However, I was stunned to see that my last post on poop had garnered 785 hits all by itself. I did not see that coming. Who knew poop was a key search word. I thought only sexy key words brought out the strangers.  I just hope a small portion of those 785 actually profited by the post and are now practicing exhalers. One can hope.

Another thing I didn't see coming.  Fran at Fishducky Finally  recently recommended a book written by a good friend of hers. It was only 99 cents and along with Fran's recommendation, downloading it was a no brainer.

Little Girl Lost by Carol Wyer  is a crime thriller that is normally out of my preferred genre.  I was a little surprised to have thoroughly enjoyed it.  The first chapter is hard to read because of  the subject matter but is what makes the whole book turn. The last sentence in the first chapter jolted me and I muttered aloud, "Whoa---- I did not see THAT coming."

Throughout the book I found my self repeating that same phrase.  The author never lets you get comfortable in your assumptions.  It is easy to figure out "who" done it. Figuring out which of the characters the "who" actually is as a grown up is where the challenge enters. The main characters have mostly undergone name, physical and personality changes since they were children.

Just when you think you know which character the adult "who" is, the author tosses in a wrinkle that makes you think once more,  Humdidn't see that coming. Lots of twists.

An easy read?? Nope, nor is it a short read--- but you won't be bored and you dare not skip over anything.The author keeps you on your toes  It was a fun challenge and a page turner. I really, really enjoyed it and hope you give it a shot. You have to love the price.

Hope you have some surprises lately that you didn't see coming but were fun and pleasant also.