Thursday, January 15, 2009

Great News

For the past 9 years I have engaged in a slow dance with Cancer. Bladder Cancer has stepped on my toes many times in the past nine years but so far I am leading and winning. Just had my 3 month check up and it was A-OK. That is my second good check up in a row since my 8th surgery in July. We are on a roll again. Vigilance and being willing to put your doctors kids thru college, pays off.

I originally tried to hide my cancer but I have since learned from so many wonderful cancer sisters that if you are forthright, often unknowingly, you may help someone who is frightened and feeling alone.

I was waiting in the cubicle for my exam yesterday when thru the open door I saw another woman sitting in the room across the hall, fully dressed and silently sobbing. No one was in the room with her. She kept trying to used her cell phone but was not successful. I walked to her room and quietly asked,"Can I help?"

"I just found out I have cancer." she sobbed. She had evidently been told, options offered, then left alone to deal with the news. That is so wrong.

"So do I." I answered as I knelt before her.

We talked for quite a while. The fact that I was a fairly healthy looking survivor for many years may have helped. I counciled her to join a support group and invited her to join mine even though we are in different cities. I asked her to wait till I had my exam so we could go have coffee if she was still unable to reach her husband. She was gone when I got out with my good news. However I am pretty sure she will be OK. Some of the strongest people I know are those who carry the dreaded C in their bodies. When fate gives you a burden to carry, the muscles needed to carry it are not far behind.


  1. That is great news, patti. You were incredibly kind to the woman in the room across the hall. No one should have to bear the news alone. Your humanity and health are good examples of how to live.

  2. Thanks Robin I'm good for 3 more months. I am just glad thatI was there. Too bad Doctors who have to frequently tell people they have Cancer, don't keep maybe a volunteer on staff to help people get over the "gut punch." I know when I was told, it wss the last thing I expected to hear and I was also alone.

  3. Hi Patti
    and thank you for your nice comment.
    I have a friend (man) who had the same cancer than you.
    He is 76 years old and is in good condition.
    When it happent to you?
    I did'int mention my cancer. It's Brestcancer. I had it
    the first time in november 1999, chemotherapy
    and I lost all my hair.After the surgery, The tretment was quite easy.
    The second time it happens in december 2000. It was a big shock.
    Surcery and a long tretment, almost 1 year. Chemotherapy and HER2-
    tretmen. Sins I have lived normally, but this fraid never stop.

  4. Patti: Glad to hear about your good news. It might be slow but you can beat the cancer. You were so nice to the woman in the doctor's office. She really needed someone to comfort her.