Thursday, February 12, 2009


All our lives, we invest in different age groups. When you are 10 and a 10 year old saves a family of four, well all 10 year olds for a while feel good about them selves. A 20 year old pitches a no hitter and all 20 year olds walk a bit taller. When a 40 year old woman becomes one of the richest people in the world and gives back generously, well all 40 year olds feel a bit more worthy. When a 57 year old pilot safely lands a plane in the Hudson, all 50 year olds feel capable of heroics.

For me it was a 10 year old Sussex Spaniel named Stump, winner of Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show, that put a bit of bounce in my step. Stump, the oldest dog to ever win the big show, is roughly my age ( at 7 human years per dog year) . He beat out 2500 other dogs, younger and spryer. His droopy ears and slow gait, were not detriments, but assets. It made me not worry so much about hiding my enlarging ears or to worry about my slowing gait. Old dogs can still rule. Thanks Stump.


  1. That's sort of true: it's funny who we find allegiance with, and associate with. We all pull for our generation like we do our high school class we graduated with.

  2. Right you are Robert. We all feel our graduation year was the best ever. Class of --. For each of us it was, wasn't it.