Saturday, April 18, 2009


First an update on my post about the Arrogant Golfer Guy. I had mentioned that I had lost the copy of an ad I had been in with him in the early 60's. I had done some searching on the Net, looking for back issues of Post Magazine where the ad appeared. Not remembering the date or year made it almost impossible. Nada.

A friend of mine in Florida, who is a master sleuth, actually found the "print" for the ad on eBay. Is there nothing you can't get on eBay? So I bid , won and should have it within a week. Guess what, no one else was bidding.

I wish I could show it but then the identity of AGG would be out and I am sticking to the hope that he surely is not the same jerk he was then. All the same, I am glad to have recovered it and really want to thank Joan who went on a hopeless treasure hunt not knowing, "who" or a date any closer than a couple of years. Thank you Joan. You always amaze me.

Now on to the pet show. A town within driving distance was having a pet show to benefit their Humane Society Thursday. Now why didn't I take Mighty? His Terrier attitude would have made that a bad choice. Somehow he does not realize he is only 12 pounds and I have to jump in to rescue the clueless warrior. The few times doing that involved my broken flesh. So leaving him at home when other dogs are involved is a no brainer.

Below are a few of the pictures I snapped.

One Two Three AAWWWWWW

You owe me big time for this. Hay, I'm a dude.

That is spelled

D U D E (imbiggen to see the tears)

That smile would have to be followed up with "Do you come here often cutie?"

What a charming little lecher.

This handsome fellow was listed as a pit bull. Think there was a mixed marriage somewhere. Are you sure wrinkles and big feet are "in"??

This is why Mighty stayed home. This little fellow had the "Are you looking at me??" attitude. Could feel the flesh pealing off my fingers just looking at him.

However, does anyone besides me see that jeans falling over your shoes might be "in". Cancel those alterations. I'm actually stylish.

That's all folks. Hope you enjoyed the trip to the pet show as much as I did.


  1. Such cute pups and wonderful commentary.

    I hope you'll scan the old ad and post a photo. I really would love to see it. You could black out the golfer's face.

  2. That pomeranian is a real cutie. Someone takes a lot of time to make her coat look that good.

    Cute photos, Patti.

  3. I'm not sure what's in or out these days. There are too many styles to keep track.

  4. Patti! Great dog show! The dogs are wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Thanks also for your visit. Happy weekend!

  5. robin
    Glad you liked the pups. When I get the print, I'll see what I can do and about blacking him out.


    That Pom stole the show. Such a cutie.

    The only style I am interested in is that due to my shrinking, my jeans are too long. I hope that becomes an "in" thing.

    Reader wil
    Your daughters dog would have won hands down.