Monday, June 8, 2009


Is there something you ever wanted to do,that most people can do ,but you can't?. How is that for a convoluted sentence? Something that takes you right out of the norm? For me it is singing. You see for years, I really thought I could. Those times that people laughed when I was singing, I just thought the lyrics were tickling them and I would laugh too. Gosh, singing was fun.

I mean, hadn't I been in the school choir when in grade school? I can only say I must have had a good day at try out. My mother really thought I could sing and bought me a ukulele to further my musical skills. That helped to convinced me I could sing. Kind of the same fuzzy logic that owning a gun makes you a marksman.

The uke didn't help the quality of my singing but it sure made me loud. Mothers always think you are talented, brilliant, graceful and beautiful. You really can't trust their opinions. I just this minute realized that I can't recall either of my parents singing, so perhaps it is hereditary.

What I heard in my ears was pretty good singing. What others heard was painful. I have no range so 90% of my notes are struggle notes. Perhaps it is why I can't watch American Idol today. I relate only too well with the poor dreadful singers who pain our ears. Shhhhh, they really don't know how bad they are. Although when Simon gets through with them, they may finally realize it. I could have used a Simon when I was younger. Karaoke showed me I was not alone, Idol convinced me.

I think the majority of people are passable singers. They can carry a tune even if they are not Susan Boyles. Church sings, "Happy Birthday", "take me out to the ball game", and lord luv a duck ,the National Anthem bring forth the "extremely soft sing" from me that I have mastered.

These are the dreaded group sings when my lips move but very little sound can be heard by anyone, even those right next to me. It always helps to position yourself beside a dyed in the wool "belter." The Ethel Merman want a bes. They can drown out people 3 rows forward and back. Just love them. Wish I could rent a belter for special occasions.

But knowing what I know doesn't stop the closet singer in my soul. Singing is a joyful exercise and who doesn't what to be joyful? Thank goodness for cars and radios. Blazing down the highway by my self, windows up, radio cranked to its fullest, I let er rip. Tis a grand feeling. No one is offended and while I know I am awful, I don't care. I am not a severe critic and I am having fun. Getting the words right is all that counts.

Do you have a closet wish for a common skill most people have but you don't? Just one little flaw in you otherwise perfect self? Perhaps to be a good dancer, easy conversationalist, a good cook, understand electronics, have a green thumb, comedic timing, or just everyday confidence? Some of those I have, just don't EVER ask me to sing.


  1. Patti,

    Have you ever noticed the guards at any tunnel you pass through? The Holland or Lincoln tunnels into New York are a good example.

    The guard's lips are always moving and sometimes their mouths are wide open as they stretch for a really high note.

    This is because (They tell me) the acoustics in the tunnels are perfect and everybody sounds like Luciano Pavarotti in there. So, the guards while away the lonely and fume filled hours singing an aria or two from The Barber of Saville or Rigoletto...

    They are always looking for help. Do you want a job?

  2. I have always wanted to be able to sing well, too, especially since I wanted to be a jazz singer.....LOL
    I can carry a tune, but that tune sounds like it is in a barrel or in need of some oil.

  3. I think your last paragraph sums it up for me. All of it!

  4. Singing is therapy for the soul, all you need is an audience of one: yourself. I sang a song this weekend for my brothers wedding.

  5. I was a "singer." In elementary school we had a cappella choir, required.

    By Jr. High my voice was low alto. I switched to the band where I did well. Tooting a flute was better than all that do re mi.

    A few years ago I was in a community chorus. I realized I was way over my head. Thank goodness the chorus folded, so I did not have to bow out gracefully!

    My voice is now in the tenor baritone range and age, COPD and inhalers have ravaged any talent I might have had.

    But like you I enjoy being an audience of one with the cd player in my car.

    I sing in church, but not loud or well. But I remember one scripture that says make a joyful NOISE unto the LORD, so I figure it is not the beauty but the heart that is important.

  6. Hi Patti, I guess I 'am' a singer although I don't sing much anymore. I majored in Voice in college --and taught Choral Music in high school for a number of years...

    My desire has always been to be SKINNY... People around me eat more than I do--yet they are thin and I'm not... GADS---I have struggled with weight all of my life... That gets OLD...

    Well, Friend, if you think you can't sing, then keep on "Making a Joyful Noise unto the Lord".... He doesn't care.

  7. Nancy,
    I did not know that. May put that on my "bucket list" to try. Thanks.
    Would have to be very brief for those fumes must be awful. Someone ought to record those fellows.

    Jazz singer huh? Did you do the hairbrush routine in front of your mirror? Oil up and go for it.

    Ahh, a kindred spirit. Good thing we have a few plus items in our resume.

    If you sang for your brother's wedding(congrats to the happy couple)then you either have an above average voice or a forgiving brother. Good for you either way.

    Age does really mess up a voice. Glad you at least had a go at it.
    I do make a "joyful noise". It is joyful for me and noise for any innocent bystanders. Won't stop me though at least with an audience of one.

    I knew you would be a singer when you said you out "cupped" me in high school.
    Sorry about the weight thing, we all have some cross to bear. It keeps us from arrogance.
    The older I get the more weight becomes a problem. I try to think of it as money in the bank. If I get sick, I have some great fat cells to keep me going.

  8. Very funny! Did Susan Boyles win?

    I have a squeaky voice, no range, can’t carry a tune, and don’t care if I get the words right (sorry Patti). Despite my lack of talent, I love cranking up the radio and singing and dancing like the worst of the worst on Idol. Joy! Of course only when no one else is around except poor Brandy! I do take pity on her and let her outside if I get too carried away.

    Being a good writer (with wit like yours) would be the skill I would most like to have. It would be great to convey exactly what I mean and how I feel with just the right words!

  9. jewels,
    No she didn't win. Infact she had some sort of collapse and was hospitalized when it was over. Too much stress I am sure.

    You have the talent, just got to use it.It is a muscle that needs flexing, blogging can be a useful personal trainer. That was a hint to blog more often.

  10. I want a metqabolism that will allow me to eat anything and everything I want---within reason, of course--BUT, not gain wait!
    Otherwise....well, there may be one or two other little things but that is the ONE thing I truly wish I had. Not a skill, I know....but, something that would have been and would still be nice to have.

    As far as singing is concerned---I LOVE to sing and some other people seemed to love my singing too....I made some records, sang in Nightclubs and on the Broadway Stage....It is one of the most satisfying things one can do....!

  11. OOLOH,
    I knew you would have a great voice what with your career and all. I can only say, it must be nice.
    As for super metabolism, if you ever find a pill to produce that, let me know.