Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am skating really hard today. First I want to post two comments I got yesterday.

First comment came from Old, Old, Lady of the Hills that pretty much said it all at this day and time for me. OOLOH has just finished a wonderful series on France. It is a 12 part series that if you go, start at Part one. Her wonderful father and the people she meets, places she goes, and wonderful pictures, will make you hurry to part two.

My favorite quote from Colette is one that gets more meaningful as each
year passes: "Ahhhh to be 52 again....!"

The second comment is just beautiful from Peter at Peter's Pottery Peter switches from profound to funny with ease. He is also a talented potter.

The thought that birds might feel fear of that first flight really captured
my imagination for some reason. There is so much we will never know, and so much
to gaze at and ponder over. I once watched a butterfly coping skillfully with a
turbulent breeze. It navigated around the shrubs in our garden, and flew up and
over our gate, and off..., who knows where! I was amazed at its skill. I mean,
in a former life it knew nothing of distance and 3 dimensional space. All it
needed to know then could be summed up with mmmmm nice cabbage leaf, chomp,
chomp, yum, yum! And here was this tiny, beautiful, fragile thing, braving wind
shear, turbulence, and all manner of challenges with test pilot like aplomb!
Wonderful isn't it!

Both of these sites bring me quite a bit of pleasure.

Just those two treasures today and wishing my Dad, who is no longer with me, an "I miss you" Father's day.

Happy Father's day to all you great Dads and especially to the daughters who wish one more time to slip her hand in his, like she is six again.


  1. That last sentence made me tear up, Patti. I would love to slip my hand in my daddy's hand again.

  2. Keep on skating, Patti... I'll be doing some of that also today--but have to pack for us to leave tomorrow for a few days. It's VERY hot here ---so there won't be too much outside work.

    Love your posts/quotes.. My favorite quote (don't know who first wrote it or said it): "Surround yourself with positive people." (It WORKS.)

    Have a wonderful day, my Friend.

  3. Love your quotes, Patti. The weather here is a bit cooler today so will spend some time in the veggie garden. Baby bluebirds have flown away. They were a hoot to watch as they test flighted.
    My dad is still with us at 85, and I feel very blessed. He still has that dry wit, ready smile, and is forever busy with golfing, hunting, & fishing. I Often slip my hand in his as we walk along.

  4. kenju
    Me too too.

    That saying is so true and because of that, I am sure people are always around you hoping some of your positiveness rubs off.

    Glad you liked them. Today I let my commneters write my blog. Just had to share.

    How neat that you got to watch the fledging. I keep missing the actual first flight.
    Enjoy your Dad today. Love that you still slip your hand in his.
    In our Daddy's eyes, we are always their little girl.

  5. You're a sweety Patti, thanks so much for that. In a rush now to get my pots to town for the exhibition which opens tonight, so ... must fly! P.

  6. You are doing great!

    I am glad you have such wonderful memories with your father.

    Like your quotes.

    Thanks for always stopping by. I promise to do better myself.