Sunday, July 19, 2009


Mirrors, or rather the eyes looking into the mirror and the brain that processes the image,can lie big time. Otherwise, anorexics would not still think they are fat nor would little old ladies still think they are "just chubby."

Pictures however are not kind and adhere to brutal honesty. Lately, I have been in enough pictures to realize, I am not chubby, I am crossing the border to plain old FAT. I tried rationalizing that the camera adds 20 pounds but the camera is some how very selective and only adds pounds to me, leaving my friends quite recognizable. That stomach---those arms--- enough is enough.

A good portion of my weight can be blamed on the computer and this blog. Remember when you were soooo sick with flu and just lay around for days but really didn't lose all that much weight? It was that laying around that was the culprit. I am not eating a lot more, but I am doing much less physically.

Staring at a glowing screen does not constitute physical exercise nor does mental exercise burn calories. Unfair but true. This has been going on since January first. Great pastime for winter but I need to be "out there" more often now that the weather is nicer.

I have ordered that belt to finally fix my treadmill so I can still exercise on bad days. I do still own a pair shoes and will get back to my old habit of walking that was derailed with 100+ temps. Also with Mighty's rehab, my walks are geared to his poky speed and short duration according to his therapy guidelines. Well I should be able to walk with out a dog on a leash. Duh, ya think?

Also plan to crank up the music and do a little of solo dancing around the house. After all, Robert Wagner keeps his svelte figure by dancing in his underwear each day to rock and roll. Fun way to work out though I do plan to dress up a little more than Robert.

Other culprits are the luncheons with friends. These are great fun but I always eat too much to the point of discomfort. Eat, talk, eat, laugh, oops, I ate it all. Will try to eat a full low calorie meal before I go to lunch, then pick away at a simple salad when with the girls. After all, I am there for the company, not the food. Not only are the pig outs not good for me, but they trigger in me a frenzy feed for days after that would make a shark proud. Not pretty.

One trick I have learned is to brush my teeth immediately when I have finished my allowed meal which is long before reaching discomfort. Something about a minty fresh mouth makes me want to keep it that way and not spoil it with food taste. Not sure how this will work in a restaurant. It may cut down on my invitations but am sure it will make my dentist happy.

Sweets be gone and hello carrots, walnuts, apples and broccoli. One of my plans is not to drastically cut down on what I eat and in fact I intend to add to what I eat. At least two vegetable servings per meal. Hopefully I will fill up on the good stuff.

I know we are all different and what works for one may not work for another but I am open to any suggestions that are tried, true and work for you. Looking for lifestyle here, not quick fixes. I welcome your input to limit my input or ideas to increase my energy output. Phew, think I confused myself there but you know what I mean.


Now if you will excuse me, Bob Seger and John Fogerty are calling. Got to boogie before breakfast.


  1. Great post Patti! I am glad I am not the only one struggling with the mirror. Sometimes I think the mirrors are all tampered with to make us look fatter than we are!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings! Good luck with the exercises.

  2. I laughed a couple of times, reading this post, and have some idea of what you are saying. I tried to cut out snacks and that helped as did cutting out carbs for the most part. But some things get the best of me.

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  3. Patti,

    I have the answer to your tooth brushing dilemma.

    We both know you can't brush your teeth at the table.Right? But there is nothing to stop you from brushing in your car on the way home. Here's how.

    Pre paste your toothbrush and bring it, along with a paper cup, to the luncheon. Say goodbye to the girls and rush to your car.

    As you drive out of the parking lot,turn on your windshield washers and they will spray enough water that,if you hold your toothbrush out the driver's window,it will get suffiently wet.

    Brush thoroughly,then hold your paper cup out the window, hit the washer button again and get enough water to rinse. But DON'T SPIT.
    That would be gauche.

    Let me know how this works out for you.

  4. I could have written your post---but unlike you, I've had a SERIOUS weight problem since my oldest was born 46 yrs. ago. I gained 60 pounds with him--and have struggled since. I used to be able to lose easily and could drop ALOt of weight quickly. BUT--I'd always gain it back plus some. My yo-yo way of living and eating has killed me. NOW--no matter what I do (eat healthy and exercise), I have a hard time losing any weight. I guess I just have to realize that God didn't make me to be skinny. I needed to learn to love myself being FAT. AND--i've tried to do that... BUT--I still wish I could get that 50 pounds off I have gained since 2001. CRAP!!!!!!

    Have a great Sunday.

  5. I love your blog. You never cease to brighten my day.

  6. It really is about what you eat. A lot of foods come with tons of sugar, salt, and fats. In fact there's a new book out by David Kessler, former head of the FDA, called The End of Overeating that addresses the kinds of food we eat and why it adds the pounds. It takes a whole new way of seeing food and nourishment, but it really is worth the effort. Good luck with it, and dance on!

  7. Reader Wil,
    Thanks Wil, and I agree about the mirrors, especially the ones in the store dressing rooms which take OFF a good 20 pounds so you will buy their clothes. Maybe I just need to find where they buy their mirrors and stay away from cameras.

    Thanks, it is alway good to know you are not alone.
    Good luck with pick a peck. I am now following.

    How funny. Can just see me using the windshield washer as I breeze down the road.
    Actually you do have a good idea. No reason why I can't brush in the rest room while everyone else is getting dessert. I have come across people doing that in restrooms. I just always thought they were really fussy about their teeth.

    Thanks for making me feel OK. I never had a weight problem till I quit smoking, that is when I discovered food had taste.
    I don't want to lose it all back to my high school weight for I think we older folks need a bit a of extra weight in case of illness. I call it money in the bank. However, there is a happy medium here.

    Thank you so much. Comments like yours brighten my day.

    I just saw his book on the best sellers list this morning and wondered about it. Glad to get a personal review. Sugar, fat and salt are my triggers though I am not sure what is left to eat.
    Seriously, my library doesn't have it so I may just buy it. Thanks.

  8. Patty,

    Seriously, my son travels a lot for his company and he always has a supply of pre pasted toothbrushes with him.

    You can buy them in almost any drugstore and take one with you.

    But, still, DON'T SPIT. It IS gauche....

  9. Patti, when I was on the road trip from, er traveling with Sean & co. I discovered Colgate Wisps, they are cute little tooth brushes filled with paste and have a dental pick on the end. They work great, are itty bitty, and you don't have to spit. Besides, I've tried the window washer fluid and that stuff could kill you, tastes like sheeeit, too.
    For the exercise program I use my itty bitty* Slot Radio by SanDisk.
    *These are the only itty bitty things around here.

  10. Thanks Nancy, sounds like a good idea.Will google.Should do the trick. Think you and brighid have found the answer. No spitting

    When Nancy mentioned the tooth brushes, I googled them and came across the Wisps. What I like about them is you don't need water and can swallow the stuff.
    Thanks for pretasting the washer fluid. Thought it would either be nasty or get me drunk.
    Seriously though, thanks for the review on the Wisps.

  11. I have crossed the line to fat also, but I'm not as keen to do something about it as you!! LOL

  12. Well I'm not good for advice on this subject. I have been on controlled starvation since Jan. 1 and only lost 26 lbs and holding.

    I've banned all mirrors that show more than my head. That's pretty easy since I am under 5'

    NOt only was I past plump, I still am, which is demoralizing.

    But a life style change is what it takes. I bought 12 baby bok choy while in Springfield. I can make a very low tasty stirfry with baby bok choy. and it is healthy...

    Exercise I do in a.m. I blog and read at night. I have 4 titles backlogged and I'm developing them slowly.

    The worse thing for me is pressure from without or within. It blows my good intentions in a nano second.

  13. Great post, Patti.

    I have noticed that different mirrors in the house show different reflections. Some are ok but others are downright scary. Like, "put a shirt on!" scary. ;)

    Best of luck to you in your change of food intake, but I think it's ok to have a free day now and then. Can't wait to read about your efforts.

  14. Good luck with it Patti. I know I should be more diciplined about what I eat, and realise that this is my own responsability, but funny thing is, I still seem to end up with extra portions of this and that when I go out, given to me by people who "should not eat an extra potato", or who's doctor has ordered them to "cut back on calories". I was brought up to eat what is given to me, and do genuinly find it hard to say "no", because it seems ungrateful and might give offence... silly isn't it! For some reason people think that what will hurt them, will not hurt me..., (or maybe they are trying to kill me!) Anyway, good on you (as they say here), I must go and do likewise!

  15. kenju
    I don't know lady,from the pictures I have seen on your blog, you don't even look chubby.
    You are kind of what I am shooting for.

    Yeah, I can feel your pain. Weight used to fall off when we were younger, now it takes a blasted jack hammer to budge it.
    Proud of your 26 pounds loss. You go girl.
    Bok choy those last pounds away.

    Too funny Barry. All my mirrors have signs above them that say, "Clothing required." You are a jogger, you should be in fine fettle.

    Funny as always Peter. It is usually the portly that insist we pile on the plate and push dessert on us. Misery does love company.
    Being polite has pretty much gotten me where I am also. Some where deep in me there has to be a rude soul that can just say "No thanks" and not worry about offending.