Sunday, July 12, 2009


I do get a lot of Hummers. My porch buzzes like a bee hive and there have been several near misses with all the darting about. Many times one will get right in my face to give me the evil eye, then flit off. These birds rely on being cute for they really have crappy attitudes.

We are up to three quarts per day now and I am buying sugar in enough quantities to cause the sheriff to cruise slowly past my house each day looking for the still. Ok, that is an exaggeration, he lives down the road from me.

This is when I wish I were a decent photographer. My aging reflexes just aren't quick enough but that won't stop me from posting pictures anyway.

I have three feeders I fill twice a day. One time I actually had all three filled with peacefully drinking Hummers. It was brief and rare for the non drinkers quickly broke up the party. They sure do waste a lot of energy with all their squabbling.

I dumb lucked on to a shot I had never seen with the naked eye before. A Hummer in the bush. It was nice to know they can take a break from the frenetic activity.

Me too. Have a great Sunday.


  1. I used to spend some time under the old cherry tree and wait for the hummers to come and perch a while. I was never disappointed.

    54th Wedding Anniversary Today

  2. Post those pictures!

    I no longer have hummingbird feeders but remember when I had younger reflexes trying to capture one at two feeders I had.

    Never made it.... :(

    If you've had the occasion to dine at Gaston's Resort in Lakeview AR, you cannot miss the humongous hummer feeders hanging out over the White River, with dozens of hummers swarming around the feeders.

    I'm sliding today. But have some topic titles I'm developing. And one topic that slid right out of my mind while riding home from Mtn Home yesterday! I am frustrated because I only remember it was better than the two I have scheduled to be developed.

    So you are not the only one that "loses" a topic at inopportune times.

    My blog workshop teacher has not posted in a month. I ran into her at Walmart a few days ago. She is making frequent trips to Conway AR to care for elderly parents.

    She told me she had composed, in total, three blogs. But they were gone when she sat down at her computer.

    She was buying a tiny recorder.

  3. Excellent hummingbird shots!! Well done, patti. I especially like the feeder with all stations full. Yes, they are a squabbling bunch, and they do make up for it by being especially cute.

  4. Abe,
    Congratulations Patty and Abe on "54". Just a wonderful job you two and hope you have many, many more.

    I have seen the advertisements for Gaston's but never been. Will check it out.
    Isn't it a pain to lose your topics? Somewhere all these things are in a file in our brains. We just have to find it.
    Hope your teacher gets an easy to use recorder, especially for the car.


    Thank you. I just wish I could have gotten a picture of all three feeders with all stations full. They are just too far apart.
    They are so cute, I forgive them for their bad manners and fiesty natures.

  5. Hi There, We're home after a wonderful weekend in the gorgeous North Carolina mountains. I'll post in the morning.

    You are so lucky to have a bunch of Hummers. I have only seen a VERY few around here this year. We usually have LOTS and LOTS... Guess they are all in Arkansas this Summer..

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  6. We have hummers here in phx az but they are not nearly as pretty 9colorful) or as small as my Sister Fleta's hummers...