Monday, October 26, 2009


Yes it is cute. It starts out so innocently as Dove has changed the words to a children's song for their latest commercial. Below are the words to the Dove version set to the tune of the children's song "Do your ears hang low."

Do your eyes sit wide
Does your nose turn to the side
Do your elbows kind of crinkle
Do your knees sort of wrinkle
Does your chest tend to freckle
Do you have a crooked smile
Do your eyes sit wide
Do your ears sort of wiggle
Does your hair make you giggle
Does your neck grow long
Do your hips sing a song
Do your ears hang low

My problem is that now I can't get that DAMN tune out of my head. For several days now, anytime my mind slips out of gear for a nice "no thought" rest--- the children's version of "Do your ears hang low" takes over. I was sorely tempted to post a video for those who may have missed the commercial but I haven't figured out how to post one yet. If you insist in making yourself crazy, go here to watch. Misery does love company.

As I researched this little children's ditty, I have found no one really knows where or how it originated. Some feel it was a song made up by the English military during the Revolutionary War (which would explain the Continental Soldier reference).

However Civil War might better explain the Davy Crockett reference. The song could make marching almost fun. Davy may have been a later add on. Some feel that "ears" was substituted to clean it up for children and that originally other body parts were inserted in place of ears.

I do remember the teenage girl version from my days as a camp counselor where "boobs" was inserted in place of ears. That song used to echo through out the bus on away trips. I am sure you guys have your own version referring to a bit lower on the anatomy and rhyming with "calls." I really don't care where it came from, I just want it out of my head.

Someone said that if you sing a song all the way through, it will leave your head. So I looked up the full version and will faithfully sing it to the end. Feel free to sing the full version if needed to restore your own sanity.

Do your ears hang low?
Do they wobble to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot?
Can you tie them in a bow?
Can you throw them o'er your shoulder
Like a Continental

Do your ears hang low?

Do your ears hang high?
Do they reach up to the sky?
Do they wrinkle when they're wet?
Do they straighten when they're dry?
Can you wave them at your neighbor
With an element of flavor?

Do your ears hang high?

Do your ears hang wide?
Do they flap from side to side?
Do they wave in the breeze
From the slightest little sneeze?

Can you soar above the nation
With a feeling of elevation?

Do your ears hang wide?

Do your ears fall off
When you give a great big cough?
Do they lie there on the ground
Or bounce up at every sound?
Can you stick them in your pocket
Just like Davy Crockett?
Do your ears fall off

Does your tongue hang down?
Does it flop all around?
Can you tie it in a knot?
Can you tie it in a bow?
Can you throw it o'er your shoulder
Like a Continental Soldier?
Does your tongue hang down?

Does your nose hang low?
Does it wiggle to and fro?
Can you tie it in a knot?
Can you tie it in a bow?
Can you throw it o'er your shoulder
Like a Continental Soldier?
Does your nose hang low?

Do your eyes pop out?
Do they bounce all about?
Can you tie them in a knot?
Can you tie them in a bow?
Can you throw them o'er your shoulder
Like a Continental Soldier?
Do your eyes pop out?

OK, I have to go now. Got a song to sing. Cover your ears Mighty.

If this doesn't work, do you know of another "cure"? I am desperate. This is as annoying as persistent hiccups.


  1. Oh my, I don’t envy you having a song stuck in your head! I hope singing the whole song worked. Had a roommate in college that had a particular pop song she loved and would play it over and over again, everyday, 10 to 20 times a day. I thought I would have that song playing in my head until the day I died, but, twenty years later, I don’t even remember the name of the song. : )

  2. I'm sorry I'm sorry, but I can't stop laughing imagining your plight !!!! I had not seen this commercial here, its cute but too much of it does get annoying !!! :-) Sometimes when a song is stuck in my head, I try to listen to something radically different and it works.. Best of Luck with a crooked smile ;-)

  3. Well thanks alot, now that darn tune is going on and on and on in my head. LOL But I guess there could be worse things going on and on and on in this beanie little head of mine. LOL Have a great day.

  4. I don't remember anything other than the first verse, so it was fun to read the rest. Of course, now I'll have the song stuck in my head too!

  5. WOW...I didn't know there were so many verses! I have no cures to memory is so bad anymore I'd forget the song as fast as it popped into my head.

  6. this is hilarious!! that song has been in my head for days
    I can even see most of the women in the commercial in my mind's eye

    I guess that means it's an effective ad but all it makes me want to do is vandalize Dove products in drug stores thru-out the region ;)

  7. Have you tried listening to another song? Here's an article about earworms. It doesn't offer a lot of help, but it's interesting!

  8. Hi Patti, Yours is the first blog I have caught up on after being gone last week. First, let me say that I also LOVE that handsome dude on Three Rivers. I watched him on the vampire show last year--which obviously didn't make it. I'm not sure that Three Rivers will make it either--but I hope it does. It's just another ordinary medical show with a weak set of characters. BUT--I'll watch it since I LOVE that guy!!!!

    Loved reading your Youngstown experience with the police also... Funny--but scary!!!!

    I've never heard that song ---so since I don't want it to ring in my head all day, I'll pass on seeing the video.... IF I've heard it yet on TV, I can't remember it... Of course, we mute the commercials most of the time.

    Glad to be home!!!

  9. Jewels,
    Oh no, I am going to have to wait 20 years for this to go away??? Not sure I have the time:)
    I had a similar instance with a friend and the song "Desperado". It too is now gone unless I started it up again. Sadly that was over 20 years ago and I still remembered the title.

    I think singing the whole song may have worked. Of course I am busy now so we will see when things get quiet.

    Aw gee, I am sorry. It is contageous isn't it. Try singing the whole thing. So far, that is working.

    Rats, sure didn't mean to spread the virus. Though the old saying is that you can only get rid of a cold by giving it away. Maybe that holds true for brain ditties also.

    I would love to have your memory problem. Sometimes I will get a goofy word in my head the same way. Think I need help.

    That is exactly what I thought. If the intent was to make the commercial stay with us, they succeeded. I want to join you on that Dove rampage however. Don't think that was what they wanted.
    Missed by "that" much.

    I checked out the earworms. Either I am a music lover(don't qualify as a musician) or I am slightly neurotic. Perhaps I am a slightly neurotic mucic lover. Aw gee.

    Welcome back. I know you had a wonderful time for pictures don't lie but pretty sure you are glad to be back home. I'm certain George is also.
    Alex is gorgeous isn't he. I hear he has stimulated enough interest that they will keep trying to find a show that will fit him. We can only hope so.

  10. Oh I don't want to know all the words or hear them or hum them as I would have problems when I wake up at night trying to remember them.

  11. Thanks a lot!! Now I'm singing the words!! LOL!! And so many verses -- WOW!!

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That song has been haunting me, too. And, I couldn't remember the real words, which was irritating. Now, I can forget the whole thing.

  13. Abe,
    Don't blame you. It seems to attack in the wee hours. Don't let Patty sing it to you.

    Cheffie Mom
    Oh crap, you have caught the earworm. Sing it loud, strong and all the way through and it will go away.

    Glad to help. I hate when that happens. Don't forget to mute when it comes on.

  14. Well I hope Mighty is receptive to your singing. I had a German Shepherd that left the room when I sang anything!

    This is traveling day. Just in case you have forgotten what rain looks like, I am posting an e-mail I sent my closest friends, who may not be my closest friends anymore. Our lake is up 16 feet and the Corp is running generators every day.

    Please don't flame me over the pictures. I am just having some fun to keep from being depressed. My sense of humor has always been a tad wicked.

    My bronchitis is beginning to act like pneumonia. that trip is next week back to Little Rock, no doubt in the rain.

  15. This is a sure fire cure for a song that won't get out of your head--(I forget where I learned it, though)...start singing:
    Mares eat oats
    and does eat oats
    and little lambs eat ivy;
    a kid'll eat ivy too
    wouldn't you...
    Yeah, sorry.

  16. One summer for a whole week I worked at a childrens VBS and the songs haunted me till my head would throb. Just certain words would trigger the tune in my head! ahh so I finally started listening to Led Zeppelin or some other similar song as long as it was complete opposite to those songs! LOL

  17. Oh, there ain't no bugs on me, boys,
    There ain't no bugs on me.
    There may be bugs on some of you mugs
    But there ain't no bugs on me."

    Take that, Arkansas Patty, for putting that other tune in my head when I only got rid of the above yesterday...

  18. I hate it when a song gets stuck in my head. Nancy just planted "There ain't no bugs on me boys." in my head.
    Can I pass it on to someone else out there?

  19. Hey Patti - I'm still catching up on your posts. Had a good chuckle at your Eye Candy post and this one was a riot!

    Keep it up.

  20. I overheard a few of my students singing this in art class this morning. Ha! Good advertising always makes you do that. When I had breast reduction surgery 8 yrs ago, my sister got me a card with "Do your boobs hang low?" on it. It was a hoot!

  21. hahahaha Ma'am Patti. Each time I come around to read yours, it is always guaranteed I would be laughing hard.

    Sometime I am like that. I'll just woke up with my mind singing.

    Anyway, to post the full video of the song for everyone to see; below the URL there is the Embed Code. Highlight on that, copy and paste in your New Post board. The video will then become visible.

    But I rather prefer the link so it won't distort the storyline which I tremendously enjoy reading.


  22. Nitwit,
    Ha,ha Mighty tries to hide but my house is too small. Wonder if it is going thru his head now.
    Don't like that your "bronchitis is beginning to act like pneumonia"
    Do you get a pneumonia shot? I have been thinking about one though I don't even get colds.
    Do take care, no need to remind you how serious that is.

    Oh no, that is like trying to cure a hangover with Whiskey. I am having to shield your comment from my eyes, I am in a weakened condition right now.:)

    I guess it is because childrens songs are so easy to repeat in their little minds that they get caught in a loop in our heads. Hope I didn't stir up some demons for you.

    Truly sorry. I am shielding your comment also to protect my mind. Guess we were both in fragile conditions. Hope you are better. Try singing it all the way thru, it really helped me though I am not sure Mighty will recover.

    So sorry about you also. You know there are chain emails so you could send chain "stuck in your head ditty songs" to pass around if you aren't too concerned about your life span. Pretty sure some crazed hacker would hunt you down though.
    Do hope you are better soon.

    Good to hear from you fellow. Glad I could find your funny bone though you are probably pretty easy now as you are weak from over work. I do hope you are back to a regular 40 hours now. One good thing is that now a 40 hour week will be a piece of cake.

    Janie B.
    Oh, no, it is following you to work. I can at least hit mute on my TV. I am only sure it is good advertising though if it makes you want to BUY the product. Dianne said she wanted to vandalize Dove displays and if I didn't all ready have a record from my preschool days, I'd join her. So for us, it is horrendeous advertisement.

    Bonnie Bonsai
    Thank you so much for the advice on how to post a video. Won't do it here but will try it in the future.
    Blogging is a learn as you go project. Thanks for the help.

  23. well thank you very much! now we will all be singing it.......I have been stuck on worse songs....

  24. LOL, LOL....It is funny you mention this commercial because when I first heard it ALL I could think of was the so called 'dirty' version that I know--(the one that rhymes with "calls")....And frankly, I think they did this on purpose. They have to know that other version exists and has been around for decades!! A Method To Their!

    The cure is to listen to a whole other song that has nothing to do with this one. Something that you love!

  25. The marketting people of Dove will be happy to hear about this....their little jingle worked :-)

  26. I don't think I've ever heard the whole song before. I have a feeling that I'm going to be singing the booby song in my head from now on. It is booby month, you know. *wink*

  27. 4th Sister
    Gee,I really am sorry about that. Hope it leaves you soon.

    I'm sure you are right and they knew what they were doing for it would make it "stick" better. The only thing for me is that I now hate DOVE and hit mute whenever it comes on. I know they probably gained customers, just wonder how many they lost like me? I am currently in recovery.:)

    Smart mouth broad,
    Sure didn't mean to spread this like a virus. Hope your mind clears soon. Mine finally is.

  28. Amanda,
    Ah, it worked too well, now I want to do them bodily harm. I am curious how many others are glaring at the Dove displays now.

  29. What a funny song! I didn't know that one, Patti! I listened to it and if you want to copy it you can find that on the right side of the video.

  30. Reader wil,
    Thank you so much for the info on how to load a video. Maybe next time I will try it.