Monday, December 14, 2009


In a recent post I mentioned that I had briefly worked for a car dealership. One of the salesmen, Bucky, was of the good looking, sex sells type.

One day, I saw Bucky take a very tall,muscular young man with a military buzz cut to the back lot to look at the many cars in stock. When they came back, Bucky looked strained and a little wild eyed as he took the man to his office. He left him there and stopped by my desk on the way to get some coffee for his customer.

The normally cocky salesman looked quite ruffled. Bucky quietly told me they had been walking down the stairs to the lot when the customer turned to him and asked,"Do you think my being a queer Marine will affect my credit application?"

Bucky was rattled and couldn't understand why the fellow thought it necessary to even bring it up. I asked how he had answered and he said he mumbled something about how it shouldn't matter. Remember this was way before "don't ask don't tell."

Just then the Marine came out of Bucky's office and asked if he could have cream for his coffee. Bucky said he would get it and left me with the young man so we started talking. He said he was visiting his parents while on leave but that he was stationed at Camp LeJune, NC. I told him that I had once been engaged to a Marine lieutenant stationed at Camp LeJune and he asked, "Oh, was he a "career" Marine also?" It was unladylike but my coffee shot out my nose anyway.

I know I should have gotten Bucky aside and tell him that his "queer" Marine was really a "career" Marine but you know, Bucky was such an arrogant little dude and such a raging hetero that he deserved to squirm. I told him later, long after the marine had left and for a long time he no longer trusted me, but then, that made us even for after all, he was a salesman.


  1. OMG...what a fun story! Bucky got his "just rewards"! Too funny...Thanks!

  2. HA HA HA! Yep Bucky got his reward, but the Marine was pretty funny too.

    I wonder if he was stumbling of the M/F question??? or Marital status???

    In the setting of that day, I am surprised he even mentioned, especially if he wanted to stay in the service.

    I the early days of my husband's service, these kind of guys were often removed from their duty by the service's own investigative arms. Shelly said they investigators often appeared unannounced and silentlyh removed a man from duty--his sexual orientation was usually the cause.

    That is not tolerated now of course.

  3. Oh that must have been so gratifying!
    I laughed and laughed!

    Love Granny

  4. Turquiosemoon,
    Yes, he did. It was fun watching him stew needlessly.

    Thanks, I really enjoyed it though not the coffee out the nose, that burns.

    Yep, if Bucky had really listened, he would have known that the Marine was not queer at all but "career". The Marine was worried that if they knew he was "career" and with a low pay scale, he might not get the loan.
    I think the whole deal made Bucky a better listener.

    Thanks. Sure glad you did for I did too.

  5. Great misunderstanding! Then only you can write a story about it.

  6. Oh, Patti, this is too rich! LOL!

    Sort of like the woman who, when someone told her there must be something wrong with her hearing, snapped back, "There's NOTHING wrong with my urine!"

  7. Very funny! I worked for a car dealership many years ago, I think I knew that salesman...LOL!
    Sunny :)

  8. Very funny story. Isn't language a delightful thing.

  9. Another great story Patti.......I bet it was fun to watch him squirm!

  10. ROFL I don't know how you manage to keep coming up with these memories. Not sure I wouldn't have waited a long time to clue ol Bucky in.LOL

  11. Oh what a funny story, Patti... We do misunderstand what people say sometimes, don't we????? Glad you didn't spill the beans to Bucky!!! That may have set him down a peg or two!!!! ha


  12. Reader Wil,
    I just had to tell that one.

    Aw gee, you mean they were asking about my hearing???

    They were all pretty much cut from the same cloth weren't they.

    Probably one of my best days there for having fun.

    Amazing how a few different letters can drastically change the meaning of a sentence.

    That one was too good to forget. Don't worry, I made sure all the other salesmen found out about it.

    His nickname for a long time was "Hay Marine". We had to cut it short for we couldn't holler out, "Hay queer Marine" across the showroom.

    Thanks,It really was one of those fun days to work.

  13. Ha, ha, ha, what a clever one you are. I hate it when coffee goes out the nose.

  14. Too funny! Good story. Do you think the Marine realized what he said was misinterpreted? If so, he's probably still laughing.

  15. That was too funny Patti....poor Bucky probably walked out of the office backwards...hehehehe

    I'm sure he became a better listener after that.....not good getting 'career' mixed up with 'queer'. I wonder if Bucky got 'queer eye for the straight guy' mixed up too :-)

  16. That, my dear, is hilarious!! I know some "career" guys who'll get a kick out of it!

  17. Oh my I am so happy I came by here tonight. How truly funny is this story and boy did you do the right thing by holding it for a while. But so glad you told us. lol
    Thanks for leaving me a comment about Clint. You are so right he is aging well like a fine wine.

  18. Hahaha! Love your stories!!

    Bucky..dear Bucky!!! :-D Nice start to my morning..thanks.

  19. GREAT Story, my dear! Poor Bucky. So far behind the Eight Ball...!

  20. Linda Starr,
    You know that is the only time it has happened and it does burn. Didn't take the edge off the funny situation though.

    Had I known the guy, I would have told him so he could string Buddy along.

    Good grief, now that you mention it, I can see Bucky backing out the office.He really did.

    "Career" guys will laugh the hardest.

    I had just finished the DVD "Gran Torino" so Clint was fresh in my mind. He has done "age" right.

    Glad you enjoyed Bucky. I keep forgetting you are getting up as I am going to sleep.

    I know for a fact that story followed him to another dealership. It was too good to die.

  21. that's priceless!

    I loved your comment on the first Santa, made me LOL
    When he first appeared I told my neighbor he looked like he was up to something

  22. I loved this story! I laughed out loud. :) I'm also from Arkansas - Hot Springs. It's nice to meet you. blessings, marlene

  23. Patti - you are the best! That is all.

  24. OMG, I'm sitting here laughing out loud, I'm surprised my family hasn't come out to see what my problem is. This is just too funny. Yes, serves the dude right. Whoops, I noticed I had dud, good thing I looked at it a second time. Have a fantastic evening.

  25. Dianne,
    Thanks and that Santa did have an unusual look.

    Welcome to TNS. Happy that I could provide a chuckle to a sister Arkansan. So glad you stopped by.

    Thanks and am glad you think so.

    When I LOL at the computer, Mighty Dog barks at me. So glad you enjoyed it.

  26. I followed the clay trail from Linda Starr's blog. I know this is an older post, so don't know if you'll go back and read the comments...but.... OMG!!! Coffee came out my nose all over my keyboard. I love your post, esp. since several of my friends are retired "career" marines. Must share this story with them.

  27. hahaha.... oh a "career mariner" ... bet that fixed Bucky up!