Friday, January 22, 2010


I've been tagged and awarded on the same day. Go figure. Now I can see all those little mice out there scurrying for that magic X in the corner of the computers. I realize some of you run in fear at the sound of "tag or award" but I am still new enough to be very flattered and pleased by both. The kind words that accompanied the two keep me pumped up for quite a while. To me, these are posts I don't have to come up with in my aging brain. They are a thoughtful gift which is how I receive them and give them.

Today I will answer the "tag" and next week I will post the award kenju sent as it requires one word answers and that is really hard for a wordy type like me. Thank you so much Judy, I'll post yours next week.

This one traveled quite far and came from a really neat blogger buddy from India. She is probably the youngest of my readers and I am always pleased to hear from her.

Lostworld has a really cute and entertaining blog. Her post about learning to drive totally cracked me up. If you want a good chuckle, check it out. Thank you so much Lostworld.

Below are the rules of the tag.

1.I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link it
2.I must list 10 honest things about myself
3.I must put a copy of Honest Scrap logo on my blog
4.I must select at least 7 or 8 other worthy bloggers and list their links
5.I must notify the bloggers of the award and hopefully they will follow the above three requirements also.

OK, here goes with total honesty.

1. I am an intolerant person. That is to say, I am intolerant of intolerance, ergo, that makes me "intolerant" which is sad for I hate intolerance. Anyone confused yet??

2. I am a boredom eater and it is sadly obvious that I must bore easily. Properly and consistently entertained, I would be a 90 pound weakling.

3. I love the cold. You can always put clothes on to be warmer, the law only allows you to take so much off. Coats and jackets hide a flawed figure quite nicely thank you. I also think seeing your breath is cool and truthfully, cold air just smells cleaner.

4. I can not even come close to singing. Bet I could make prisoners confess with my voice alone. Water boarding is not necessary guys when you have Patti types available.

5. I am a bleeding heart liberal, not quite to the civil libertarian stage though. All extremes frighten me.

6. The "Blues" makes me happy.

7. I am a bit bonkers about the animal kingdom and am a proud tree hugger.

8. I get a kick out of temporary ( 3 days is "temporary" enough) times of "survival mode". Such as when power outages make us think of unique ways to accomplish the daily necessities. No one ever said I wasn't weird.

9. A person who can make me laugh shoots right to the top of my "want to be around" list.

10. Be warned, I don't always follow the rules exactly in tags and awards but so far have avoided the blogger police.

I would like to award the Honest Scrap to the following.

Shine on Jewels has a lovely blog about pottery, animals and photos that I wished posted more often. Hint, hint.

Frost Bottom Farm Don't ya love the title? Barry is a neat young man who will take you on New England running tours and will let you watch the chickens run and dogs play at FBF. I try not to miss his posts.

It's Just So Homer This is my political opposite but a man I admire and who can make me laugh. His comments usually crack me up.

The Cataract Club . This lady can crack me up with her very funny style of writing or occasionally bring me to tears with shared pain.

Coward's Corner With Luckie This is a fine writer who is not locked into any genre. She can make you laugh or inform with ease.

A Slower Pace A relatively new to me but very interesting blogger.

There are many more I could tag , in fact I could tag my entire blog list for they are there because I want to keep them in my reading life . So if you are on my blog list, consider yourselves tagged and awarded.


  1. Ooooohhh!!!! Am I the first to add my comment?

    You had me smiling actually BEAMING!!! :-)) I could just hug you!

    I wanna post a detailed comment for I loved the way you did the tag. Brutally honest! Right now, I need to catch my transport home, so watch out for my words soon as I get home and online.

    Just couldn't resist letting you know though.. Thank YOU for all the sweet words. I'm speechless & overwhelmed :)

  2. I'm only familiar with one of your taggees (is that a word?) so I will enjoy checking out the others.

  3. I know how much I enjoy your posts, Patti, so I will make a point of visiting those you enjoy!

  4. Hey Patti! I'm stopping in to check up on you and see what you've been up to! Love the tag answers! I'm a bored eater too I think! :) XOXO

  5. Thanks for mentioning my blog. You are right, these are the things that keep us bloggers motivated. I'll visit the other blogs you mentioned.

    I enjoy your comments because you have such a good attitude about life. Your posts are always interesting and often I get a smile or a chuckle from them, food for the soul.

  6. lostworld,
    Thank you for tagging me and I am so glad you liked how I handled it.
    I had fun with it and did my best to be "honest". You can see I am very obedient.

    "Taggee" sounds good to me. Know you don't need any more to visit but there will be a few more with your award. I'll try to pick people you know.

    Thank you so much. There are just so many good blogs out there,yours is always a delight to visit.

    Oh, I am so sorry you are a member of the BEC. I actually lost weight on my vacation because I was never bored.You find an answer, let me know.

    Thank you for I really enjoy your blog also though I know you are going through a rough patch right now. Only best wishes for a good answer.

  7. Thaanks AR Patti: as soon as I recover from the deep housecleaning I'll get caught on blogging. etc. I haven't even started on next part of Get Me to the Church on Time.

    tHIS IS SECOND 8 HOUR DAY ...... owi owew

  8. Congrats to you, Patti, and to your choices. As you know, I don't do memes and have only done 2 tags in a year. BUT--I love reading them from others.

    I am not surprised about your No. 5 answer --after reading your comment on my blog about Fox News. We are totally on different ends of the spectrum on our politics. I am liberal in some ways --but have become more and more conservative recently at seeing the corruptness going on in Congress and the White House this year, by both Rep's and Dem's. It scares me to death!!!

    I had never kept up with politics much until I met George. Now I am learning --and boy, am I learning. I'm not against Healthcare Reform --but seeing the way Congress has tried to push it through (with deals under the table, etc.) has just blown me away.

    I'm not trying to change your mind --and it's probably not a good subject to talk about. But--I'm open to compromise--and don't see any of that this year. Obama stood for 'change'--and has lied and lied to us since being elected.

    Oh Well---You can delete this if you wish. It's all very very upsetting.

    BUT--you are still my friend and we can agree to disagree on this issue.


  9. Nitwit,
    Aww poor baby, I sure don't envy you all your aches but will eventually envy your spanky clean house.
    Tagging is certainly not compulsory. Pure optional, I have turned down tags and awards in the past myself.
    Don't forgot those long soaks and heal soon.

    Of course we are still friends, I can only think of a handful people that I agree with entirely.
    I certainly will not delete your comment. Differences is what keeps our world interesting. Checks and balances is what makes us great as a nation.

  10. I'm back! Could relate to all your honest points. I'm still amazed at how we think we so alike. I'm gonna safely put it down to you being very young at heart :)

    - I like winters too. The very thought of dressing up in layers appeals to me:)
    - Pt 7 & 9 - think we have ample proof of that and we all love u for that.
    - Pt 8 - They say one mustn't feel at home whenever one isn't at home. Think you would agree with that;)

    My favourite was pt 4. I laughed & laughed everytime I recollected your list all evening yesterday. Hahaha.. Thanks for doing this! You did a marvellous job. Let me read the other interesting blogs you have tagged.

  11. Talk about someone who canturn a phrase, my dear, and make me love and touch ,y heart, too...
    These were all very interesting things about you, and as always, told with great humor!
    CONGRATS on your Awards...!

  12. Congratulations on your award. I'm not much for tags. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Temp here is suppose to get up in the 50's. Right now it's 47 and the house feels colder than when the temp is 15 outside. It's very damp.

  13. Well I just got a tag, but think I can handle this one. LOL, won't send it to you, since you just finished one.

  14. you are just too cool.....things you have done in your life and things about you really surprise me...

  15. Thank you for the opportunity…I think I hate you.
    Doesn’t number 1 and number 5 qualify for duplicity?
    If a person wants to be a tree hugger – Arkansas Patti would make a good mentor.
    Number 10 – makes us buddies.

  16. Oh no! I have to reveal 10 honest things about myself! Not sure that is a good idea. Enjoyed yours though – I could almost do a cut and paste. Can you imagine how fast the prisoners would confess if we both sang (assuming we didn’t cause a prison break)! :-o Why does cold air smell cleaner?

  17. lostworld,
    Thanks so much lost, good to know I still think young. Oddly, no matter how old you get, in your mind, you don't feel the years. Now the body, that is another matter.

    Aw, thank you Naomi. Considering how many phrase turners you have hob nobbed with, I take that as a serious compliment.

    Oops, I guess your tagger didn't hear you. Welcome to the world of tagee. Sorry about that. We are
    44, gray but comfortable inside.

    4th Sister,
    Well thank you. Never thought of myself that way but am glad you think so.

    Sorry about that GQ. Do you suppose I was trying to drive home a point with redundancy?? Your post today was excellent.

    Oh, maybe we have a career path here. Two is so much better. Think it might pay well?

  18. Patti - I'm late as usual. Craziness 'round here continues as we purge old stuff from our home, and help my mother-in-law with emptying her house with the sale pending this week. I will respond ASAP. Thank you very much. :)

  19. This is just so cool :)
    Luved Pt.4 .. they say its very easy to crack a joke but equally difficult to take it if its on u .. U r so awesome :)
    Can't stop laughing at that one :)

  20. Barry,
    Take your time and do what you must. It is not compulsory. I just enjoy them for they take away the burden of post ideas for one day.
    Call me lazy.

    Thanks so much.So glad I could find your funny bone. I found out years ago it is more fun to poke fun at yourself than to let others do it.

  21. I love that you're intolerant of intolerance. How cool is that! Confusing but still way cool!

  22. SMB,
    Thanks. It was confusing wasn't it but the sentiment definately is not.