Friday, February 26, 2010


Funny how a 30 year old mind can blithely inhabit a 70 year old body. When I first wake up in the morning and before I move a muscle, I am as young as that 30 year old I once was and am ready for the world. Nothing is beyond my capabilities. Rock climbing? Sure, why not.

Then I move... and those fierce little buzz killers make themselves known. Dang, my back hurts. Who the heck hands are those? Are those spider veins really on MY legs? Ouch, ouch, ouch, put those feet in shoes you idiot. Barefoot'in days are long over.

I won't even go into what happens when I catch my bed haired, pillow wrinkled face in the mirror. You would think that 30 year old mind would get accustomed to what totes it around, but it doesn't. Each day is a surprise.

But then I hide the "sad parts" in clothes and shoes, tame the bed hair, splash color on my lips and can almost fool myself that I am not too afar of my 30 year old mind. If I am not careful however, that 70 year old body listens to that idiotic young mind.

Little hint here, I take off my glasses for that last minute mirror inspection. Not so sharp eyesight really take off the rough edges and I walk out the door fairly confident.

Recently in the paper, there was a notice that Strong Women classes were being offered by the University of Arkansas via the County Extension Office. These classes touted exercise using weights to help build strong bones and bodies. Being as it was geared for mature women, I was thrilled. Winter has been pretty severe and I have really gone dormant along with the trees. This was just what I needed.

I talked two friends into joining me, Annie and Jean. Jean in her early 40's and Annie in her early 60's are members of my support group. I felt equal to them till at the assessment meeting when I discovered that because I was 70, I was going to need a doctors excuse to even participate.

What an ego buster. That was equivalent to when I was first offered a senior discount or when AARP added me to their mailing list. Fortunately, out side of Cancer, I am pretty healthy and on no medications so my doctor readily approved me with out an exam. That helped to boost my sagging confidence.

So we bought our dumbbells, ankle weights and exercise mats and prepared to get "Strong". The class was full of mature women with a couple actually older than I am. The instructor, a young, skinny lady in her late 20's very patiently led us through almost 2 hours of exercises. The individual exercises were not difficult though one really hurt my back. Hopefully that will get better as I get more flexible.

The exercises had an accumulative effect though and we all were feeling it. I turned to Annie late in the class and teased her. There are 3 months of these classes and I asked her if her husband realized he would not be "getting any" for the next 12 weeks. Pretty sure, "Not tonight dear, I'm too sore," was heard a lot that evening.

Possibly the most demoralizing thing we did were the balance exercises. We were to walk in a straight line, heel smacking toe. Sound easy?? Had the sheriff's department stumbled in on us then, we would have all been arrested for public intoxication. Now I realize some people may fail the sobriety test not because they are drunk, they just might be old. I plan to practice one that a lot. Standing on one leg like a stork also needs work. Eyesight may be the first to go but balance is right behind it.

So here I sit "liquored up" by pain killers and wondering just what was I thinking. I know things will get easier and I really will gain strength which is a good thing. If "no pain, no gain" is true then I "gained" a LOT today. Think I will go practice that heel to toe thing while I can still move.

Hum, just read in today's paper where there will be training classes for a 5 K, walk/run for women. Think I will sign up for that 12 week course also. Surely it can't hurt any worse reasons my 30 year old brain.

Will my brain ever grow up?? Doubt it and really hope not.

Have you let your 30 year old mind talk you into something you temporarily regretted??

To those of you under thirty or even forty, what can I say but enjoy.

I want to thank all of you who stopped by when I wasn't at home. It was heartening reading your comments. My computer guy was recovering from surgery so his wife has put band aids on my computer which will hopefully last till he is back on his feet. My computer will be limping along for the next two weeks but so far, it is functional.

Oh yes, time has past since I wrote today's post on paper. I know--- how strange was that? Pen and ink, what a concept. Yesterday in my second class, I discovered the whole class was aching also. While not good for them, it made me feel a LOT better. Today, almost all pain is gone and I am more in tune with that 30 year old mind again. Yes!!!! That "yes" was accompanied by an almost vigorous fist pump. Guess this exercise thing is working.

Now I want to go play catch up on your blogs. I have missed you.


  1. I'm sorry to here the computer flu virus is yet to be cured but hopefully the guru will be over his soon.

    My body became accustomed to Silver Sneakers which uses weights,resistance bands and a inflated plastic ball for coordination.

    The tiptoe balance thing is in our routine. I have yet to take two steps back or forward on tiptoes. The stork is out, my bionic kness don't bend that way.

    We had a strong woman course at a church here in town, but I figured one class is all I can handle.

    But when I started helping my housecleaner the days she is here, wow! where were all those body parts in Silver Sneakers?

  2. I love your posts... Starts my day off with a smile. Thanks Patti!

  3. Every morning I get up as tired as if I still need a lot of sleep and rest. The doctor says that I am in tiptop condition. The bloodtests were all great, everything was functioning as it should do. It's probably the long winter and the cold wind. I need a strong woman course too!
    Thanks for your visit! Yes the first home was small, but we had very happy times there!

  4. Welcome back, Patti. Your post made me smile. There are a lot of things I think I can still due that, because of health reasons I can't. It really gets to be very frustrating but I keep trying!
    Sunny :)

  5. Glad you're back and posting again. Hope those computer bandaids work for the next two weeks.

    Just yesterday Roger and I stacked a an unusually large cord of very heavy oak firewood. This morning my lower back is complaining a bit. Winter lets us get way out of shape, but spring is just around the corner.

  6. So glad to have you back. I missed you. Get a laptop or a notebook so you'll have two computers and you won't have to go cold turkey on blogging when your 'real' computer takes a break.

    Glad you're back. As always your wit starts my day right.

  7. Hi There, I wondered where you were. Missed your last post --since we have been gone all week. We've enjoyed visiting YOUR state --but didn't get near to you. The closest we got was coming through Conway.

    We have had a wonderful week... The weather has been GREAT, considering it has been snowy at home. I'm ready for spring.

    Congrats on your new 'exercise' class. Sounds like LOADS of fun----NOT!!!! ha ha

    I'll be back to blogging on Monday... Hope you get your 'puter fixed!


  8. Nitwit,
    I wish we had Silver Sneakers here for I would like more than a 12 week program. Isn't it amazing how new muscles can be found with each new chore.

    Thank you so much. It is good to be back tapping on keys. That pen and paper is not the way to go.

    Reader wil,
    Know what you mean. Winter sure saps our strength. I am really grateful for the class. Lets hope Spring puts spring in our step.

    Thank you, I am so glad my pain is bringing pleasure :))
    Know what you mean. A lot of times I think, sure I will do that and then remember I can't. Darn mind. Guess it needs an update.

    I do love the enforced laziness winter brings but it sure makes us pay when it warms up and we have to get cracking. Sounds like you all are set for some lovely fires.

    Really glad to be back, thanks.
    I would but it is my laptop that is my "only" computer. Maybe someday I will have two. Then watch neither of them break.

    Sure hope you had a great time and that you and George got a new tee shirts about being "on top". Looking forward to your pictures.

  9. LOL, LOL...Tghis is a great post, my dear...And I can relate to a great deal of it...The aching pains of just getting out of my bed...OY! (And I am almost 9 years older than you---it wasn't this bad 9 years back...)
    I applaud you for doing what you are doing and I bet within a very short space of time you will be ready to do that 5K....!
    Yjere are things I wish I could do...but, well. it's not possible. Enjoy that class Patti---it sounds really great!

    Anf I hope your computer holds out for your guy....!

  10. OH NO I am hurting just reading your post. Good gosh girl you sure know how to torture a body...glad its yours and not
    Yep the toe to heel thing is a good thing to practice and so is the stork.
    Loved the post your too funny...
    Stop by and enter my Chocolaate Giveaway you need something good after all this torture

  11. We missed you too, Patti. I had to laugh at your description of getting up in the morning. You failed to mention how hard it is to keep from peeing your pants on the way to the bathroom in the morning - or maybe that's just me.

  12. The spider vein causes severe pains in the legs which I suffered a lot. We cannot bear the varicose vein leg pain usually.

  13. Why DO our feet get more tender with age? You can dim that mirror light, it helps also, Patti. This has been a long winter it seems, when Spring does get here, I may be to weak for yard work! :)

  14. I don't subscribe to the "no pain no gain" thinking. My theory is if it hurts do something else. My doctor is in agreement.

    I'm feeling it not going to water aerobics this past week, but I promise to get back to it then. Our instructor who is such a good teacher has had to drop our class and take on more classes. Her husband has gone back to school. It really makes a difference in having someone who understands older people and someone who doesn't. Our new teacher is sweet as everything, but she teaches Zumba classes and really hasn't got it yet that some of us just can't do that. :)

  15. Exercise yes, I just signed up for yoga and weights.

    At 63 I have to keep moving because yes I'm 40 in an old body and fighting hard to stay in front of it.

    Dorothy from grammology

  16. OOLOH,
    Thanks Naomi. Hopefully I can stay functional till he gets better. This getting older is really an adventure isn't it. All we can do is laugh.

    Yikes, I am going to these classes to get rid of chocolate all ready eaten. Thanks anyway, but I will pass this time.

    Lucky for me I get up once during the night so I really don't have any urgent runs in the AM. I guess that is lucky.

    They sure do don't they. Fortunately shoes with orthodics cure that. Just one more patch we do.

    Amber Star,
    I don't do anything that hurts at the time, but later it gets me. Sure wish we were offered water aerobics. Small town here and only pool is outdoors. I am not that hardy.

    We have to stay ahead of those young minds. They keep us going don't they?

  17. Well my mind (thank goodness) doesn't think like it's thirty, which is good. More like it's 50, but still there are days I try something stupid and regret it later. LOL

    Hope the computer holds out until your repairman has recuperated.

    Hang in there, I'm sure all of this exercising will help in the long run. I take 2 calcium with "D"pills each day and one Actonel a week. LOL My exercising consist of running the sweeper, snow blower and lawn mower. That's about all I can take.

  18. Good for you Patti, if I ever manage to summon the energy to heave my flabby bulk out of the collapsing structure of my computer chair, I may even attempt to go for a walk and take some air. You are an inspiration! I do hope that your aches and pains will fade gracefully away as your muscles start to bulge with new found zest and vitality!

    I do find that there is a stranger peering short sightedly back at me from the mirror. I am sure that it isn't me at all!

    Computers... Mmmmm! Sorry yours has been sick, and your computer man too. Hope both better soon.

  19. I am sooooo proud of you!
    Wowzer Wowzer. May the force be with you and may the pain killers be close at hand.

  20. Oh my exercise has never been my thing...and I need to do it so badly....I got the Grand Boy a WII for Christmas and his Mama got a Wii Fit... there is a program of Yoga on it...I have tried it.. The computer ladies voice says, 'You have great posture! You seem to have a hard time balancing. Do you trip a lot? Do you stumble when you walk?' I wish she could hear me I would tell her I walk in to walls often and sometimes just fall down. That would shut her up! Keep up the good work!

  21. Good for you! I'll say it again, GOOD FOR YOU!

  22. Patty,
    50 was good wasn't it? Could still do pretty much what we wanted.
    Hay, snow blowing should constitute an exercise class.

    Oh, I know what you mean about that stranger in the mirror. How do they get there.
    Thanks so much for the encouragemnet. Think I will need it these next 12 weeks.

    Oh those pain killers will be handy. Since I don't want to lose my mobility, guess I'd better work to keep it. Thank you so much for the Wowzer.

    4th sister,
    Been thinking about Wii. My sister and I played in Florida and it is decent exercise. Didn't try the fit. Not sure I want a computer voice criticizing me.

    Thank you, I need cheering on to keep insulting my muscles.

  23. You had me laughing at the way you summarised yourself..But jokes aprt, I can understand. My mother does examine herself the same way. I can however assure you that you most certainly do not have views of a person older than 30. Does that make you smile:)

    Hope the comp virus is chased away & you get back to your regular speed!

  24. lostworld,
    Thanks for letting me know that these aging things are global. Tell you mother, she has my sympathies.
    And yes, you always make me smile. Thanks.