Friday, March 5, 2010


I guess we have all played the "super power" game at one time in our lives. "If you could have any super power in the world, what would you choose?" I think where we are in our life's journey often determines which super power we would desire.

Invisibility was a strong wish when I was really young. If I were invisible, I could go with my brothers with out their knowledge all those times they left me behind. "The Shadow" was a popular radio show at the time. The Shadow was able to "cloud men's minds" so they couldn't see him. You have no idea how hard I tried to cloud my brother's mind. Jimmy was my practice dummy and while I pretty much strained my brain trying, it never worked.

In my twenties, super endurance would have worked the best. Even though I had the stamina of youth on my side, I still had to sleep. Darn.

In my thirties when scuba diving was a passion and I was studying for a marine biology career, I thought the ability to breathe under water would be the very coolest. Then I would not have to care about decompression schedules or the "bends." I could explore the amazing sea at will.

Also craved invulnerability in those days when "Jaws" scared me out of the water and away from my dream occupation. I still have not forgiven Steven Spielberg.

When in my forties, and fifties, I thought flying would be the best super power. I think because flying frees us from earthly ties that bind and it epitomizes freedom. I believe this usually comes when we are feeling bogged down or restricted by life. I used to dream at night a lot about flying, still do actually, but not nearly as often.

I really am not good at flying in my dreams, a bit like the Greatest American Hero if you remember that show. He was a super hero who was not quite in control of his super powers. Like him, my take offs needed coaxing and landings weren't pretty. Never hurt nor frightened, just awkward. I definitely had a control problems flying and power lines were often my nemesis. Might have had something to do with my job at the time with the power company. Still flying dreams are quite exhilarating. Flying rocks.

Lately, oh yes, I still play the game as I am not completely grown up yet. Time Travel is my super power of choice. I do love history and think to be able to witness history actually happening would be marvelous. Being so much closer to the end of my life than the beginning, time travel is a natural choice for me. Going back in time to lengthen my stay on earth or going to the future to make sure there is one for my next of kin, is very appealing. I would love to see if we ever get it right as a human race.

I don't have a desire to interfere with history, though slipping poison in Hitler's tea when he was a young man would be almost impossible to resist. I am Trekkie enough to know you don't mess with the "space time continuum." I would just want to witness some of the wonders of history, not participate. I would prefer to witness the greatness of man, not his failings.

To see how the very young Jesus lived, the one not written about. To also see him as an adult, the man who changed so much of the world as we know it. To watch Michelangelo or Thomas Edison work. To follow Ben Franklin around, to lean over Mark Twain's shoulder, or to sit beside Thoreau on Walden Pond. I would fly with Lindbergh across the Atlantic, I would step with Neil Armstrong onto the moon. I would watch Mozart compose and Matisse paint. What a wonderful super power for a history buff. That would be my choice.

Ok, you know what is coming. What super power would you chose?


  1. I am so blessed to stumble into your blogs. I came to you thru Blue Ridge Boomer....I currently live in the Piedmont Triad of NC. Lived in many states and places on my visit to planet earth and am yearning for my forever residence in HEAVEN. SO, JESUS is and always be my SUPER POWER.
    Loved reading about all the characters that I remember from my childhood in the upper Midwest.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift of word pictures in your writing. God has given you a special gift.
    Sandy in NC

  2. I remember THE SHADOW which never transitioned to TV in its original setting!

    There are so many ways I would like to know the "rest of the story!"

    When our soul and spirit are no longer earth bound, we may know everything. That is POWER.

    There are numerous lives, both in history and Bible, where I would like to know more about--Like Abraham's wife Sarah who at times seemed to be a reluctant believer. How would a somewhat well-to-do female urbanite (by most Biblical historians) follow a husband that moved his entire family on orders from an invisible being; and that moved was essentially into wildernesses sans people with none of the amenities of city life, or uncivilized people and then be told she would bear a child at a very old age? Being a very human person, I also would have laughed.

  3. Flying--then and now. I am graceful and in control in my dream flying--so unlike my ambling along on the ground in awake life.
    P.S. You have had such fascinating life experiences and you do have a gift for story telling. I am on the "book by Patti" bandwagon (but only if it doesn't distract you from blogging).

  4. I'd want something that enables me to have atleast 40hrs in a day!:) Or more. But then, I guess I'm sailing in the same boat as you were when in your twenties.. Too bad JAWS scared U. I won't forgive Speilberg either.

    Your posts are out of the world!! You ensure you give us a taste of all your rich experiences. That's why I love coming here:)

  5. My super power is that gentle, caring, loving, wise Jewish man who didn't walk away for his cruel death and who lived according the Jewish law like any other law abiding religious Jew. Just like Sandy says.
    Thank you for your post!

  6. What an interesting question, patti. I haven't thought about super powers in a very long time. I used to dream that I could breathe under water when I was younger. I think I would like to always be healthy, to have strong bones and a good brain. I would like to grow old without aches and pains. I would like to never be afraid.

  7. Decisions, decisions. I am going to go with flying. It has the been the most constant theme. Invisible briefly appealed to me during my Wonder Woman phase. Plus, there was my brief love with the Wonder Twin Powers. I was eager to take on the shape of an eagle, but that goes hand in hand with flying.

  8. A great question, my dear, and I love your thoughts on it.
    I have never given this much thought, Patti...And I truly haven't a clue, except maybe, to be able to restore my body to better health, without pain and without this chronic irreversable illness....It isn't that I want to live forever, I would just like the time I have left to be of a better quality---to be able to go places, once again, and participate in all the things I used to love to do out in the world. Yeah, I guess that would be the "power" i would want.

    BTW: Netflix has "Julie & Julia" and there may be a few other films too....I know there isn't time to see it before Sunday, but you could see ur soon after...Meryl Streep as Jukia Child is truly WONDERFUL and it is an enjoyable film.

  9. Sandy,
    I am so happy you stumbled on to my blog. Welcome to TNS. When you talk about super powers, there is no greater.
    Thank you for the lovely compliment.

    That is so funny and I never thought of Sarah that way but you are right. Good grief, that sure was asking a lot, especially elderly child birth.

    Oh how I envy your flying skills. I enjoy my dream trips into thin air but am so far from graceful it is pathetic.
    Thanks so much for the "book" confidence. Not sure I have the discipline for such a venture and I really enjoy the instant gratification of blogging.

    I know exactly what boat you are in. Been there and loved it. Enjoy your energy and facination. You are in a wonderful time of life.
    Sure glad you like coming here. I look forward to your comments.

    Reader Wil,
    The best super power there is.The beauty is that the power is there for who ever wants it.

    Guess that would be the invulnerable super power. Great one to seek. If we have our health, all things are possible. Even finding a home. I have faith in you all.

    Flying would be the most freeing, unless the skys get too crowded. Wonder if there is such a thing as "sky rage." Sure hope not.

  10. I would like to have the ability to see what my life would be like if I had done things differently. No more "if onlys". It wouldn't change anything, but maybe I'd find out that I am much better off than I would have been.

  11. Hi Girlie, I truly wish I could fly (like a bird) from one place to another. I want so desperately to travel FAR away ---but hate the idea of flying these days (not afraid of flying --just hate the hastle), and don't have time to drive everywhere. OH---to be able to fly like a bird!!!!! ha ha

    Have a great weekend.

  12. I always say invisibility, but you make a great case for time travel!!

  13. After reading your post I have to say I have never dreamed of having any of these 'powers' ....what a dull life I have lead....

  14. OOLOH,
    Me too Naomi. I feel my self slipping daily.
    I did get Julie and Julia when you recommended it a while back. Meryl was brilliant and I enjoyed looking into Julia's life but the character of Julie left me cold. Way too self centered a person to even slightly like.

    I sometimes think about those cross roads we all meet and wonder just what my life would have been like if I had taken the other one. That would be an interesting "power."

    Wouldn't it be wonderful just to jump up in the air and go? Selfishly, I wouldn't want everyone to be able to fly though. Could get crowded. You could really get unusual views of your waterfalls.

    Why not combine the two so as we went back in time, no one could see us. Good idea.

    4th sister,
    Actually it could mean you are satisfied with your life and need no super powers to make it better.

  15. I would prefer the Time Traveler. And then the Flying Powers. I haven't had a dream about flying since I was quite young. I use to dream of that a lot. I could just stand there and zoom, up I went and I came down the same way, very gently. Happy week-end.

  16. I want to walk with Jesus so time travel would be great - to be able to see Him as a baby and as a child would be over the top. But I'd also like to walk America in the 1700s before we cut down all the trees and polluted all the streams! blessings, marlene

  17. Patty,
    I so envy your ease with flying. Mine, no matter how often I try is usually amaturish. I guess that I get off the ground at all and get to zoom around should be enough.

    Wouldn't that be wonderful.
    I will often look at a lovely scene that is marred by roads and power lines and wonder what it would be to look out and see only nature at its best as far as the eye could see. Guess I need to go farther West. We have not been good stewards of this beautiful planet.

  18. My power would have to be a bird, a comical one, a wise one, a flying one, a gentle one, a loving one, a compassionate one, a singing one, a caring one, a beautiful one, an everything one.

  19. Linda,
    Lovely thought, just make it a big one also so you will be top of the food chain.