Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ok, I have missed you!!! The amazing comments you have left on my “farewell”post were just awesome. You totally surprised, overwhelmed, and bloated my ego. Selfishly, I have continued to visit your blogs as time permitted. I just enjoy them too much to quit. However, I missed the two sided give and take. I became a taker only.

Some of you suggested that in time I would be doing something and think, “Now that is blog material.” You were right and mostly I just ignored it but eventually I started jotting stuff down. Now I had pages of ideas before I "retired", just not the wherewithal to form sentences. Then the ideas started coming with sentences attached and I had to write them down so I could get on with whatever else I was doing.

So a tentative toe is being thrust into the water. I had a story I thought of posting today but it was so ungodly long that it needed some serious revision with a very sharp red pencil. I mean even longer than normal. Do not want my return marred by your suffering serious eye strain and extreme boredom. I test your patience enough as it is.

Have I enjoyed the hiatus? Oh you bet. It was like playing hooky but as time passed, I kept casting more frequent looks at my computer wondering why it was so quiet. Kind of like the hooky player who casts wistful looks at the school, envious of everyone else having fun. Too much of a good thing just gets old.

So we will see what comes up. At least by posting, my family and friends will have an easy way of knowing if I am on the right side of the grass.

Thank you for being the best blog buddies EVER. Be seeing ya.


  1. I have missed you every day and I would read every word you wrote - no matter how long the post was!! You belong here!

  2. Your writing is always entertaining. The way you explain things and the gift of telling things is fascinating.
    Thanks for your visit and your comment. I had first a ballad sung by Xavier Rudd, but somehow it disappeared. So this was the only video of him. It's interesting but not my cup of tea either.

  3. And I too have missed you. How you make me laugh with amusement, so that should not something to cause any offense to you because your sense of humour have truly cut me to the heart (that's from the Bible)

    I always glance in your snippet there in my main blog to see if you are back. Glad, I came back to the computer after some hours of hiatus too. Busy re-arranging my place with too much books and magazines cluttered everywhere.

    I wonder how I accumulated these stuff that I don't even have time reading them all.

    Well, Pat, didn't I promised to send you a postcard? I finally found your address, the next is the posting.

    Will do that this Friday. I will!

    So welcome back!

    Hugs from down under. Truly, I enjoy reading your blogs though not all the time I send feedback.

    Enjoy your summer because we are freezing down under.

  4. darling girl, glad you're back to be on both sides of the bloggie magic. I've missed your reparte` and overall common sense with a splash of you. The Olde Bagg

  5. What a pleasant surprise to see a new entry on your blog. I never stopped checking...just to be sure. There are a number of blogs I enjoy, but yours has a special place in my heart.

  6. I love your stories and have missed you, but...blogging is for you. Write when, where and what you want. We'll enjoy any tidbits that fall in our direction.

  7. Just as I never expected you to 'bow out' earlier , even this comes as a shocker (albeit such a sweet & pleasant one)!! :-) Yay!! Welcome back!! I am happy and eagerly looking forward to reading your loong story..come on, post it now.

  8. Hallelujah, Patti.... I knew you would come back. You are a story-teller --and I know that storytellers never run out of good stories. Taking time off is GREAT... We all need to do that.. BUT--the best news is that Patti is BACK.... Thank You!!!!


  9. Glad you didn't get into too much trouble while playing hooky, most likely, if you had stay out too much longer we would have sent the authorities to hunt you down, Patti!

    Short and sweet or long and wordy...we'll take you anyway you blog!


  10. kenju,
    Thanks Judy I hope so but I do need to cut down on some posts length. We'll see how long that lasts. You have always been there and one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place. Thank you lady.

    Reader Wil,
    Thank you so much Wil. I miss chatting via keyboard.
    That was a strange instrument and would be an acquired taste. I love stuff like that though. We need to always learn and expand.

    Looks like we are both back in the saddle. Feels good huh? Thanks for stopping by and I do know when you have made the trip. Postcard not mandatory but would be welcome.

    Been keeping up with you girl and thanks for the kind words. It is a bit lonely just on the one side. Lesson learned.

    Thank you so much. I do try to never miss your posts also. Now that I have a routine, it will be easier.

    Thanks so much and you are right. I have really missed the daily mind stirrings.Will take your advice and post when I actually have something to say.

    Ah, my friend from across the sea, I have missed you. You have taken a hiatus also it seems. We both need to pound the keyboard. Lets both get busy.

    Thanks so much Betsy. I have had access to your blog thank you very much, but it has been too one sided. Pretty sure I am back for good if maybe less often.

    Yikes, the authorities!! Good thing I turned my self in. Thanks for keeping me so blissfully entertained as I floundered in hookyville.

  11. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!You are back!!!!!A true storyteller cannot stay quiet for long!

  12. I am so happy you are back. It was like an important family member was gone from the dinner table. Your absence was definitely noticed. We'll be happy when you post, and for the days you do not, we will anxiously wait hoping for one soon. Glad you're back.

  13. Hah! I knew you couldn't stand it! Welcome back. Things seem normal again, somehow.

  14. I have my glasses on and I am waiting for that story

  15. Oklhdan,
    Thank you, thank you. I really have missed the ole grind.

    Thanks. Sure apprecitate being set a place at the dinner table. Gee, do you think that is why I've lost weight? Hope the reverse isn't true.

    It really is addictive isn't it? Probably take a 12 step to get me totally away from blogging. It was that "normal" I missed.

    4th sister,
    Thanks, stories will be on the way soon. Will try to spare the eyes and not numb the brain.

  16. I've missed you, too! If you are worried about long posts, divide them up and post them on different days. That way we get the whole story, but in smaller bites when we are rushed. Welcome back, my Arkie friend!

  17. Thrilled to see you are back....I would come daily and peek to see if you were posting again...disappointment at not seeing you....YIPPEE, you are back...love reading your stories...
    Thank you for coming back....and I don't blog...too afraid to try it...so computer illiterate that I only read other's blogs....easier that way and I can always just comment.
    Thanks for letting me read your blog.

  18. Best news I have gotten in months. Patti is Back. Theres a post right there.
    Girlfriend I needed you on here I felt like something was missing and so happy you missed us. lol
    Your writing is never ever boring and I love coming over here so thank you for coming back
    Love you
    The right side of the grass cracked me up..

  19. Sooooo Soooo Glad To Find This Post, my dear. I have a goood feeling about your toe going in the water...I think you will be stepping in ALL the way and actually swimming around a bit, and I can't wait to read what you have to say, dear Patti...!

  20. Janie B,
    Hi lady HOG. Some people may think I am being ugly but we know better.
    I used to do, 2 sometimes 3 day cliff hangers but I personally hate those and got lots of groans.
    I'll just try to learn brevity. Wonder how long that will last?

    Thank you so much for coming by so faithfully.Pretty sure there is no law that says you must be a blogger. I know I just visited others for a long time before I started. I was only email literate so it really doesn't take much savvy. You just need to start. Warning however, it is addictive and is hazzardous to your hips.

    Thanks Maggie. You are my inspiration. Your posting while lying in bed with a busted up back sure puts my "plain lazy" to shame. So glad you are on the mend lady.

    Thanks so much Naomi. I do believe it is like swimming. You don't forget, just get a bit rusty but it does feel right. I have been so busy exercising the body that I have forgotten all about the mind. Wonder if I will ever learn moderation?

  21. Great to see you posting again ...have missed your words so much. Yet again you brought a smile to my face ... over the 'right side of the grass'comment this time ...infact I'm still having a giggle. If you ever run out of words ...we ... well I would love to see photos of your walks around your home town ...coz I'm nosey.

    Thanks for your comments about loosing the power to create at the moment ...I want to have a break from a lot of things including the computer ....but I'm afraid I'll miss something lol

  22. You know I missed your very beautiful and humorous stories. But I truly understand.

    I have a backlog of ideas which I write as a draft with a title and a few words to remind me of the thought. However, my time is more than filled with other things, so I fully understand an hiatus. Be glad when Jan. comes and my political life is on vacation.... permanently I think. But then I'll be into something else...that is my nature.

    If you pace yourself like one or two a week, or like Sniffles and Smiles, once a week on one day....well that works for her. We all have to find something.

    Sometimes my posts are worthless dribble, but I never know....where the MUSE leads me, or fails to lead :~).

  23. No, you are hooked, like the rest of us. I find out more about what's going on in the world through blogging than watching the news channels. Welcome back.

  24. Great to see you back. I am looking forward to your posts with great anticipation. Hugs

  25. Here I am reading your blog for the first time and I am so glad you are back. I know I will visiting often as well. I really enjoyed your older posts and your most recent. go girl. Your last comment about the grass is a one to remember.

  26. So glad to see you back. I've missed you!

  27. Angie,
    Thanks so much and you are so right. I do hate to go away for fear I will miss something happening to my blog buddies. Maybe something really special and exciting or maybe something really sad. Regardless, we want to keep up and to be there.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts. It really is hard to find your pace isn't it? Everyday is too much but not at all is not acceptable. Someday we will both be comfortable with whatever works.

    Blogging really is addictive isn't it? I had actual withdrawal when I stopped. I was constantly sneaking looks at my computer just sitting there, sooo quiet.

    Thanks so much, I am glad to be back and working on stories. There was a vague part missing last month.

    Welcome and thank you so much for stopping by THS. I am always pleased when someone goes to the trouble to read my old posts. They get so lonesome. Please come back.

    Thank you lady, it really is good to be back.

  28. You're baaaaaaaaaacccckkk! YAY!
    Happy summer! It's good to have you here. XO

  29. Really nice to see you posting again, patti. I've been distracted by life, but had some time this morning to check some of my favorite blogs, and GUESS WHAT-- there was a new post here! I'm glad to see you back.

  30. Lynda G,
    Blogger is eating my comments. I did answer you but it is now giving blogger indigestion--I hope.
    Anyway, thanks, it is so good to be back.

    Your having been "distracted by life" is such an understatement. Sure you aren't British? You have had so much on your plate and I just hope you get your guy back home soon and can get on to enjoying life again.