Monday, July 12, 2010


Has he struck your area yet? Since he has committed 23 robberies in 12 states, there is a chance Grandpa has hit close to you. He hit Arkansas twice and his last robbery the other day was in Texas. These are the states he has hit so far, Alabama, Arkansas Georgia, Kansas, Florida, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, and Virginia. Very much the traveling man. He appears to be heading west. California here he comes.

Anyone you know???? He looks like a lot of people I know.

Maybe it is the recession but it seems the American public is not anxious for this older fellow to be caught. The newscasters smile like he is just being naughty. Guess I don't necessarily want to see him behind bars either. He is reportedly very polite and asks for specific amounts. Usually, no one but the teller knows the bank is even being robbed. Probably the saddest thing here is that even a granddad bandit is too young for me. Ok, where are those great-granddad bandits?

Aging has a definite softening affect. We may not revere our elderly as other cultures, but they do seem less sinister as the gray appears. We tend to forgive the elderly more easily. I personally am enjoying and milking that phenomenon. It appears he is also enjoying this softer judgment status by the benign press he is receiving. He even has a bit of a cult following.

Some think he is just a sweet old fellow who probably lost his job before Social Security eligibility and is just following the career path that was available after months of looking for work. Perhaps he is an RV'er just trying to get gas money.

Maybe he is checking off his bucket list, # 7--bungee jump, #8--rob bank. Perhaps when the first robbery went well, he just kept going. Possibly he is terminal and has nothing to lose. Equally as likely is that he is a career criminal who has just been lucky enough to age or been recently released from prison.

I read not long ago that some of the elderly are committing crimes with the specific intent of being arrested. Kind of an orange suited assisted living arrangement. Free food, housing, medical, dental, and cable TV. As for the seamier side of prison life, being old, creaky and no longer a stud muffin, kind of takes you out of the running for being someone's “Bit*h.” It does have some merit.

what ya think?


  1. Gee I hadn't heard about him, his photo and all and they haven't caught him? Specific amounts, interesting. Pretty soon perhaps the jails will be fuller than the population. I'm always telling Gary that if someone is in jail they should have to work for free, helping public works or the elderly or some good deeds to earn their keep. I think there is a prison in Arizona he wouldn't want to be in, they do have to work there and the accommodations and food aren't the norm - more of a deterent than other prisons where they "get their rights" and we the citizens can forget about ours.

  2. I hadn't hear of him either, but then I seldom watch the news anymore.

    I LOVE your last paragraph!! And you are right.

    P.S. I fixed the link in my post.

  3. I've been reading about the Barefoot Bandit, but the Granddad Bandit had slipped my notice. Aren't you glad you got you own little streak of larceny out of your system as a twelve year old?

  4. he got away with it in NY!!
    must have been upstate ;)

    I have mixed feelings about it - on the one hand breaking the law is dangerous for him and others - imagine of some hot head tries to stop him and it gets out of hand

    yet as someone going thru the system trying to navigate the red tape of disability and medical assistance I often feel like taking matters wholly into my own hands

  5. Interesting times we're living in when some people find incarceration a reasonable alternative to poverty. I hadn't heard of this bandit before, and now I wonder how many will join him in this. We did have a bank robber in our neck of the woods recently. He hit several banks over a few weeks period before being caught.

  6. Haven't heard of this guy, Patti, but I'd love to know his motives... They say that a thief who gets by with crimes does it more and more ---and seems to get a 'high' from doing it--and getting by. I don't understand and would be scared every time I went anywhere.

    I can certainly understand why some people would rather be in jail these days. Our jails give people more privileges and benefits than most anything else. Oh Well!!!!!

    Keep us posted---if you hear more about this bandit...

  7. I haven;t heard anything about this "BANDIT"....I need to read more about it---especially if he/she (It could be a woman, too, you know) is coming my way here in California.
    I love your idea of "BENEFITS IN PRISON" that he/she is trying to get into prison so there is ALL kinds of coverage not available to him/her, now...LOL!

  8. Well like I've said, release the not so violent people back into society, make them live on the same amount a senior citizen has to live on, make them wear an anklet security bracelet, so the police know at all times where they are at, make them clean parks, streets and so forth. House them in these so called rest homes. Put the older folks into prison and give them all the benefits the prisoners get. Prison would probably seem like heaven compared to some rest homes.

  9. This is an interesting situation to think about. Hmmmmm. Thanks for bringing hime to our attention.

  10. Linda Starr
    This guy hit Florida also. Must not have been news worthy.
    I agree with doing public works, not rock busting. That helps no one.

    Thanks, kind of food for thought.
    I'll check that link now.

    Heard they just caught the Barefoot bandit. That was some ride that kid took.
    Yeah, I dabbled but that was it.

    It is sad that older people are reduced to trying to get themselves jailed. They must not have a support system.

    I am surprised with the hard times and unemployment that there hasn't been more of it. Might be the tip of the iceberg.

    This could end badly, just hope it doesn't. With this recession, we may see more of this. Really sad.

    Well he is definitely a dude but there is nothing that says that a woman might not try it. Keep your head down, he is heading west.

    Compared to some rest homes, prison is a much better deal. Isn't that a sad state of affairs?

    He is heading your way, keep your eyes wide.

    4th sister
    Thanks, this time I am just reporting.

  11. I had not heard of the Granddad Bandit. He will eventually get caught as the Barefoot Bandit did. I don't know what his excuse will be, but stealing is stealing no matter what your circumstances.

  12. I guess that could be true, free room and board! Do not get any ideas Patti, about puting this on your bucket list!

  13. I don't think being a grand-dad is a good enough excuse to take advantage of innocent citizens! :) Even if he is simply checking items off his bucket list. Pretty sure robbing isn't the only crime of he has a 'bucket list' ;-p

  14. I'm having a hey day keeping up with Granddad Bandit and the Barefoot Bandit.

    Barefoot has been at it 2 years but finally caught.

    Maybe Granddad can beat that record!

    Doesn't look like he is in dire need of a haircut or meal.

    But maybe he is on his way to Vegas to get married and need money for the preacher.. HA HA

  15. Sweet Virginia Breeze
    I'm sure they will, he isn't trying to hide. There is a story there and I'd love to know it.

    Ha, ha, My poor old bucket list is so full, I'll never get it all done. No room for bank robbery.

    I'm sure they will catch him. He doesn't even try to hide his face. It is like he wants to be caught. Last robbery, he walked away from the bank.

    That barefoot robber was really amazing. That kid stole an airplane and flew it from what he had learned practicing on a video game. Think he wanted caught also.
    The old dude looks like he spends time on a golf course. Great tan. He will lose that in the pokey. Someone will make a movie of these guys.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  16. He DOES look like the guy next door. Maybe he's the barefoot bandit's granddad.

    Loved yesterday's story. I wouldn't have been that clever!

  17. marylee,
    I know, he looks like most of the men that age that I know. Perhaps that is why he is still on the loose.
    Too funny about them being related. Now there would be a story.

    4th sister,
    Wow, good think I don't lock my backdoor. Thanks for making the trip, sorry I had nothing new to offer. I see we are like minded about Granddad. I'm sure they will eventually catch him, I just probably wouldn't help. Enjoy your break.

  18. He does look like someone we should know right? lol
    Your too funny but your right a lot of people not just older ones commit a crime so they can get a roof over their heads, three square meals and a bed to sleep in. Sad but true. I have seen it for the last twenty years in my job. But as the economy gets worse we will see more of this kind of people robbing stores and banks.
    Too funny about not being anyones B.... in jail..hahahahaha
    You always make my day

  19. I think it is very interesting that he is being treated like a rather benign thief---Maybe it is the Recession/Depression. It seems to me back in the other Great Depression there were similar kind of things happening and people were kinder about it all....

    So, I guess I should be looking out for him if he is coming this, I am never in a Bank.

  20. Never hear of this guy but what a great post!! C

  21. Grandmayellowhair,
    Thanks Maggie, I'll bet you have seen it in your job.
    If I had to face the mean streets homeless or in jail, pretty sure what my choice would be. I'd try to pick your jail though:)))
    Keep getting better lady.

    Pretty sure Dillinger was one of those you were referring to. He was treated more like a hero than a bad guy.
    Might be a good time for us all to use internet banking just to be safe.

    Thanks for stopping by. Pretty sure we will hear more of him, rather like the barefoot bandit.

  22. Hi Patti,
    I'm distrustful of Bandits and Robin Hoods, no matter how old, cuddly, or popular they may be!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my site. I was wondering if you would mind sending me an Email?
    opogallery AT blogspot DOT com (with ats and dots changed appropriately)

    I am thinking about travel plans when I come over to the NC for the exhibition, and just wondered if I could visit Arkansas somehow as I head back to NZ. It may be impossible for me, but I would so much like to meet you, Jewels, and Pat Arkansas if it could be arranged somehow.

  23. Peter,
    That email will be on its way today. I have some research I want to do first.
    Would be totally wonderful if we could meet.