Saturday, July 3, 2010


Strange word, strange disease. Years ago I raised rabbits in theory as a food source till it occurred to me that you had to kill them in order to eat them. DUH. You know my soft heart so you can see where that went. Anyway, at that time, the word tularemia was introduced to me. Tame rabbits do not carry this disease which is also called “rabbit fever.”

According to the Mayo Clinic web site, “ Tularemia is a rare infectious disease that can attack the skin, eyes and lungs. Tularemia spreads to humans through several routes, including insect bites and direct exposure to an infected animal. Highly contagious and potentially fatal if not treated, tularemia usually can be treated effectively with antibiotics if diagnosed early.”

Why do I bring this up? A friend has contracted this rare disease. It is thought she got it from a tick she removed from her dog. The tick popped on removal and she got the blood on her hands. Her dog also contracted the disease and is under treatment.

She is known in the blogging world as Jewels but has quit blogging as she concentrated on her pottery. That is a shame for she posted a lovely blog. She is also a core member of my cancer support group and I consider a good friend.

Jewels just went through a grueling seven day antibiotic treatment. She had to drive to the hospital (over a 20 mile round trip) three times a day to receive IV drips of a high powered antibiotic since oral meds didn't do the trick. Every eight hours she had to make the trip to receive the 2 hour drip. Her days were full.

Jewels is a lot like me. We are fiercely independent and don't want to “bother anyone”. Well, this episode has taught me that “theory” bothers people more, for they are helpless to aid and that is a serious “bother.” Jewels has family near by. She is separated from her husband but they have remained caring friends. Sadly, he is a few states away. I have offered and she just says, “Oh no, I'm OK.”

The constant trips to the hospital took it's toll the previous 7 days. She was exhausted and got little sleep. The doctor said the bacteria are still there so she has to do it all over again for 7 more days. And no, she won't accept help this time either.

So why this post? One, be very careful around ticks dear friends. We all ready know about Lyme disease, this was new to me and maybe to you also. We country folks too often meet up with those crawly creatures and if we have pets, they bring them into the house. Mighty gets a monthly dose of a tick preventive so the ones I find on him are all ready dead.

Two, please include Jewels in your prayers. I do believe in the power of prayer and that is help she can't refuse. Also if you have time, stop by her blog and leave some encouragement that you are so good at giving. Thank you.

Do be careful in the woods. Any tick bite should be carefully monitored.


  1. Patti, you are such a dear. Of course I will give encouragement and support to whomever you request. I had never heard of Tularemia...that's very scary. Here in NM we have to be careful of mice droppings, plague but not ticks so much. Although we are no completely exempt from them. Thank for the heads up and I will visit Jewel's blog. Thanks for being a good friend to her. I think we often forget that "we are blessed to be a blessing" in Genesis. If you don't let someone help you, you may be taking their blessing from them to be a blessing to you and thereby honoring God. I am fiercely independent too, but after a really good friend gave me this scripture...I had to give in. After all, who was I to take away from someone else. Gen. 12:12

  2. Thanks for the post. I will head over to see Jewel. Jewel is stuborn! Reminder her you two could have two full hours of girl talk if she would let you drive her. She might be up for that:)
    Sorry for trying to fix things but I am guy.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about this and Jewels will have prayer going up from here for her.

    Thanks you for the heads up on this. I had not heard anything about Rabbit Fever in years and never heard it called Tularemia so this post is much appreciated.
    Hoping Jewels will be well again very soon.


  4. If I were Jewels (and I'm not), I'd find me a nice motel near the hospital --and just spend several days there. That would be so much better than those back-and-forth trips. Poor Gal---we ALL need each other. Why can't she accept help????? It would make you and others feel better.

    I have never heard of Tularemia --but have never come in contact with a tick before either... Yipes!

    I'll keep her in my prayers, Patti.

    Have a wonderful 4th weekend.

  5. I have never heard of TULAREMIA, will have to google it and learn more! Hope Jewel benefits from the second round of IV antibiotics.


  6. Oh my gracious. Tularemia sounds like a horrid thing to tangle with. I will pass the word on to my son who walks a lot with his little boy.

    I'd never heard of such a thing. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Ticks ticks ticks. Daily life here on Cape Cod. Even in the winter with deer ticks.

    A few years back (2006?) there was an outbreak of Tularemia, mostly among landscapers on Martha's Vineyard (Google it) and years ago I knew of an animal control officer who contracted it. It ended his career, but he did survive.

    I guess I should be more careful, but I refuse to be one of those folks who runs around in long sleeves and long pants tucked in to my socks. We have plenty of rabbits on the property as well. Here's hoping my immune system stays strong and I am vigilant about checking for ticks.

    Hope Jewels gets better soon!

  8. I had not heard of Tularemia. One more reason to dislike ticks. I will be praying for Jewel.

    An Arkies Musings

  9. You are a very great and caring friend! Of course I will pray for Jewels.
    Thanks for sharing this. Take care yourself,Patti!

  10. Good to know about tularemia! How did we survive when we had no antibiotics?
    And yes, prayers for Jewels are on the list.

  11. I had never heard of Tularemia. We have lots of ticks here and I get bit quite often. I have learned to check for ticks as soon as I get inside. I hope Jewel will make a speedy recovery.

  12. Tularemia sounds like a terrible disease. I'll check out Jewels' blog, too, and add my "get well soon" message. I'll tell her you sent me.

  13. Linda in NM
    I have heard about those nasty mouse droppings. Hikers have to be careful using park shelters.
    Gen 12:12 was a lesson I also had to learn and still need reminding. Thanks, we probably all need to post it over our medicine cabinets.

    Yep she is but I can't holler to much for I am pretty much the same way. I do love how you guys are so good at finding a way to fix things. Thank goodness it is your nature.

    I thank you and I am sure Jewels thanks you.
    There always seems to be something that tries to keep us out of the woods and enjoying nature.

    She and I are a lot alike, independant cusses who doesn't want to be a bother. I'm sure if she could afford a motel, she would.
    Thank you so much for your prayers. You are the best.

    Thanks so much Wanda. The doc thinks this second round should do it but the antibiotics themselves have bad side effects.

    Good idea to pass it on. Ticks also carry Lymes disease. Nasty little buggers. Those who love the outdoors just have to be vigilent.

    I am like you and want to just enjoy the outdoors. I guess as long as we keep checking for those hitchhikers, we should be OK. In Jewels case, she wasn't bitten but came in contact with the blood.
    You and your wife just need to give eachother a good going over after a day in the woods. Could be fun.

    Can't think of a good purpose for those nasty creatures.
    Thank you so much. I do believe in the power of prayer.

    Reader Wil,
    Thank you so much Wil. I know it will help her find the strength to get through this mess.

  14. Lakeviewer,
    Thanks for your prayers. I guess the thing is we didn't survive without antibiotics. I know I am here today as a sole beneficiary of those amazing meds. With out them, I would have not made it past 10.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    You are so smart to check. If you can catch the nasty buggers in time, they can't hurt us. Of course Jewel was not bitten but got the blood on her removing a tick from her dog. Just be careful.

    Thanks so much. Get well messages mean so much when all seems to be going wrong. You're the best.

  15. I studied all these strange sounding diseases in a Public Health course on so many years ago.

    Most occurred in underdeveloped countries with less than sanitary living conditions and you sort of dismiss them from your mind.

    Example: my Panama missionary friends say worm infestations are the most common ailment in their contact with natives. We never think about that. Yet I encountered this in Morocco. It is disgusting to me, but natives just live with it. I get my doctor to give me a 1-tablet "de-wormer" once a year even though I probably don't have anything. She laughs at my weird fears.

    I will pray for your friend. and visit her blog. Sometimes our best post are what is happening today!

  16. Definitely will pray for Jewels!! May Jewels recover soon. Thanks for sharing this useful piece of information with all of us. Bless U Patti. Now you would have some idea how much you were missed. Btw, I see so many stray dogs around where I live. Is it possible they are carriers of this disease as well.

  17. Patti, this is so weird, I just got on Jewels blog and was going to post that I was thinking of her since I noticed to day and quite a few other days that she hadn't posted and I looked below and saw the link for your post and clicked on it and it was about Jewels.

    I wish I was closer; I would drive there no matter what Jewels said about help. I do hope Jewels recovers soon.

    I am so happy to know you and Jewels via the internet and so look forward to my blogging friends. Life and friends are precious that's for sure.

  18. Nitwit, lostworld and Linda Starr.
    Sorry I haven't answered your comments but Jewels had to go to the hospital in Little Rock this morning as she wasn't doing too well and her doctor wanted her to get some more tests.
    Thank you so much for all your good thoughts and caring. She has finally caved and is accepting help. I do hope they can get to the bottom of all this and set her straight again. She has had a rough go of it lately, first the hysterectomy and now this. Please keep her in your thoughts. She was so pleased and touched by all your comments. You all are the best.

  19. Oh dear how sad for your friend and scary. I will of course prayer for her recovery. It is a shame she won't let someone help her but boy can I relate to being like that myself.
    If you don't mind can I copy and paste this to email to my children.
    I worry about my grandbabies so much especially the one that has Juvenile Diabetes.
    This was great of you to share with us and I will stop by Jewels and wish her well
    SO glad your posting

  20. I had no idea Tularemia could be contracted by tick bite and blood. Yikes. I hope your friend Jewel has an easier time of it this second time around. Sending her good healing thoughts.

  21. I've learned something new today. I had never heard of this disease. I will remember her in my prayers. Perhaps someone just needs to show up at her place and say, they are there to drive her to the hospital for her treatment. Or take her a small casserole or some sort of food, so she doesn't have to prepare herself anything when she gets home. I hope this dose kills off this bad disease.

  22. Weren't you the one I read about with a finger diesase or infection from a rose....Patti you know a lot of strange people....and I am one of them LOL

  23. I was glad to see a post about Tularemia. It is a nasty illness and oh you know how I like the weirder stuff. You have my prayers for healing of her. It was extra good to see you back for a bit to post something interesting. *hug* I missed you while I was out for a while.

  24. I didn't know you could get that from a tick. Poor woman; I will pray for her. I hope she lets you help. I think I might just camp out at the hospital if I had to go 3 times each day.

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  26. Grandmayellowhair,
    Thank you so much for your prayer and visit to Jewels. I know it means a lot to her.
    By all means, copy and send. What we know about we can often prevent.That is my hope anyway.
    Feel better yourself soon Maggie.

    Thank you so much for the healing thoughts. I know you have had so much on your plate with roger and am so glad you made it here.
    I thought of you too and all the hikes you take when I posted it.
    Hope you are hiking with your favorite guy soon. Just watch out for the crawlies.

    Thank you so much for your caring and prayers. I am the pot calling the kettle black so I can't complain much. Almost had her signed up for a free ride today but she is feeling better so I was fired. Plan to visit her for the mid day one anyway. As for food, she is allergic to EVERYTHING. I would be terrified to cook for her. Sometimes you just have to work with what is allowed.

    4th sister,
    Good memory gal. Yep you are right thought I prefer the term unique to strange since I am in that group also. Welcome to the club, we are not very exclusive.

    Amber Star,
    Thank you so much for the prayers. I do know they work. It is great to be back, I did miss you all.

    Had her talked into letting me drive her to the midday session but she got to feeling better and said she would drive herself. Do you think it is my driving:))
    I'll settle that she is feeling better and just go annoy her while she drips.

  27. What a terrible situation....!
    I know how hard it is yo go every day for an Antibiotic Infusion cause the 'by mouth' meds won't work...But Jewels schedule sounds back-breaking. I had to go every day for 14 days and ended up getting some kind of bacterial infection from one of the other patients sitting in the same room getting they're own infusions---I really feel for her.....And I will stop by her blog, my dear. How good of you to let us know about her miserable and dangerous situation....!

    About Sweetie's fur: Yes....he runs down the hall and little tufts fall right off....His fur is SOOO Soft and it can "mat' so badly that it is a nightmare....So, finally, about three years ago I had him shaved for the first time....It was the best thing I ever did for him and for me too. He LOVES it! And there is very little to shed, at least for a while. Also, he can clean himself soooo very mucg better---especially on his little tushy....It is better in every way!
    His fur is very very long and thick, too.....Also, when shaved, he looks!

  28. What is with us ol crones and our independent ways? I have a friend that said she didn't need any help either. I just called said I was picking her up, well of course she refused, I showed up anyway, followed her in my car back & forth to the doc's. She finally gave it up and let me take her.
    Thanks for the heads up about Tularemia.

  29. Hi Patti! How is Jewels doing now. I wish her a speedy recovery. Thanks for your visit.

  30. I will be thinking of Jewels

  31. OOLOH,
    Thank you so much for your good thoughts and for visiting Jewels. These visits have really perked her up. She is doing better this time.
    Sweetie looks so cute I thought if it helped with hair, I would get mine done. Loved the pom pom tail.

    You handled your friend just right. I guess the best thing is not to give our types a choice.
    All the nagging has paid off and she is much more open to help.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Reader Wil
    She is doing much better this time Wil, think the antibiotics are finally working. Thank you so much for your visit.
    By the way, congrats to the Netherlands for making the finals. I will be pulling for your countrymen since the USA are long gone.

    Thank you lady. It means a lot.