Monday, April 11, 2011


I was really scrambling for a post idea when my sister Jan called and bailed me out Now Jan is the only family member who follows my blog and I love her for that.

Seems most family members and friends when I mention the word “blog”, react with the same enthusiasm as if I had said, “ I want you to come to this really neat party so I can tell you all about Amway.” Their eyes glaze over and hearing impairment becomes contagious.

I really can't blame them. Had I not become hooked on blogs years ago, I would probably feel the same and avoid them all cost. Who wants to read what some one did today? Kind of my feelings about Tweeting. Little did I know how much fun the blog world would be.  Anyway, I am glad Jan does stop by faithfully to read. In case I haven’t' told you—thanks Jan.

She called to tell me that she enjoyed the last blog on the hanging baskets. It inspired her so much that she decided to go out and give her plants some extra love. She grabbed the spray bottle of Miracle Grow liquid plant food all ready made up that was sitting on top of the water heater. She was determined to give them all a good dosing. She spritzed each plant with care as she gave them liquid energy.

When she was through, she decided to mix up some more. Now both of my sisters have a habit I don't share. They are sniffers. They sniff laundry, they sniff packaged groceries in the store, they sniff food before serving, they sniff milk jugs, they just sniff purses, they just sniff. The only thing I have never seen them sniff  is a person. Either they are just very clever about it or have too much class.

So it was natural for Jan to sniff the bottle before adding more Miracle Grow. That was when she discovered, she had just soaked her plants in Windex.

Now reading the label would not have saved her for she uses an old Windex bottle for the Miracle Grow and the liquid is identical in color. She was kicking her self for not sniffing before spraying.

She rapidly tried to wash off the leaves but is now in a wait and see mode. Will they wither and die or will they flourish? Perhaps she has discovered a new plant enhancer? If nothing else, she now has plants with streak free leaves. Good luck Jan.

Second tidbit. I have a dear friend in Florida that is also a faithful follower. Again, if I haven't told you Joan, thank you so much for hanging in with me. Joan is responsible for the cute cartoon picture of Mighty dog. She is very talented on the computer, making tee shirts, pictures, and even cakes. Yes cakes. She has a printer that makes edible pictures for cake decoration.

Joan just sent me a package of some new creations she had done on the computer. One was much appreciated but a bit sad as it was a Rainbow Bridge picture with my first Dane, Loki. She was able to use the picture from the post that I wrote about him earlier.

What else she sent totally gave me the giggles. I recently posted about how when I first moved to “tiny town” Arkansas, the locals were so curious as to why I had chosen this area that at one point they thought I might be in the Witness Protection Program. Joan couldn't let that pass and made me a tee shirt with this on the front.


I can't wait to wear it around town. I have decided to wear it when I pay my taxes at the court house next week and maybe when I go to lunch with my group. This will either encourage or kill the rumors. Hope they see the humor. I sure have. This was the perfect gift. Thanks one more time Joan.


  1. What a great tee shirt! Interesting about the sniffing. I didn't realize the world was divided into sniffers and non-sniffers, but maybe it is. Once I was walking along the sidewalk and stopped to sniff a flower in someone's yard. Not only did it smell awful, I got a lung full of pesticide - the only had just put pesticide powder all over the plant. The perils of sniffing. Hope your sister's plants are okay.

  2. Love the T-shirt.....I want one...!!


  3. I can't wait to hear how the plants take to Windex! I hope they are all right. The first thing I would have done is dilute the Windex with water by watering them all again.

    I realize my sniffer is not as good as it once was, but I still love to smell things and guess I must be one of those sniffer people!

  4. Saying hello from another tiny town in Arkansas. Couldn't help but giggle at soaking the plants in windex.
    The Watered Soul

  5. I'm a non-sniffer, my sister is a sniffer. Didn't realize that there were other sniffers out there. I'll have to tell her that she's not alone. Ha ha ha...

  6. I am definitely a sniffer and I wonder how your sister missed sniffing out the Windex smell. I'll be anxious to hear how the plants respond.
    I tried to bring some of my portable FL herb plants home, but they did not care for the trip at all.
    The tee-shirt is great. You have a very clever friend.

  7. I'm a sniffer too! Not always a good thing to be, but it's a pretty reliable sense. I think I've noticed that as my hearing and eyesight started to get weaker my sniffer got stronger. It's a balancing act! I hope your sister's plants are okay, keep us posted. Great t-shirt!

  8. Oh my, windex ah? Tell us how it affected the plants, btw.
    Now, the t- would get you plenty of attention anywhere. And you thought you had no ideas for a blog post.

  9. Enjoyed your tidbits. Have to say I got a chuckle out of the Windex/plant food story. My husband saves every empty spray bottle. I never know what I'm going to find in a spray bottle, I just know it usually isn't what the label says it is.

  10. Love your t-shirt, Patti.... YES---wear it around town... I'm sure that the word will spread QUICKLY. (I grew up in a small town in VA--where everyone knew everyone else.) ha ha

    None of my family (much) --nor many of my friends read my blog. It used to upset me, but not so much now. I have so many blog friends which helps--so I blog for my blog friends...

    Some of my friends/family 'say' they read my blog --but when we talk about something I have blogged about, they have NO idea... Oh Well....

    I'm a sniffer too... I even sniff the bag of oranges before buying them... ha


  11. Thanks for the fun post! Love the T-shirt! And how great that your sister follows your blog so faithfully. I know what you mean about people's eyes glazing over when you mention "blog." So many friends and neighbors read my blog daily but think if they sign up as Followers their email accounts will get hi-jacked by ads or something. I was asked to teach a class in blogging at the Arizona State U extension here next fall and some members of the community have looked at me with shock and said "Oh, I don't want anything to do with that stuff - I don't want to blog or do Facebook or Twitter. No way!" I loved your Amway reference! It's SO true!!

  12. We all need a friend like Joan, who will make us laugh. Great tee shirt. Can't wait to read the post about the town's reaction when you finally wear it out and about.

  13. This is a great post...windex huh? Oops. And the tee is absolutely wonderful. Do tell after your wearing. The Olde Bagg

  14. My Aunt Marge once told me that she loved to get letters from the members of her extended family. "Even if you only tell me what you did that day it is wonderful." AS she grew older I kept up the correspondence until she was near death. She died at age 94. Letter writing is a dying art, but perhaps blogging is taking its place. Even if you only tell me what you did that day, I love it. Dianne

  15. Oh Patti, there are so many things to respond to on here!

    First, the part about it being hard to be a prophet in your own town, or, hence on your own blog! My Mom and BFF Nancy read each day, and one of my daughters reads pretty regularly and so do a few FB peeps. Oh well. One of my good friends here got all excited about self reliant living and then got mad at me for making a blog about it 2 years ago, lol!

    We were watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding the other night, and the father swears by Windex for everything, so I hope it helps the plants. On another note, my friend's dad put Miracle Grow in the Metamusil bottle and she mixed it up and drank it! She ended up okay. Not sure if anything on her grew bigger or not.

    I love your new t-shirt! What a nice and creative friend you have.

    I enjoyed your post, as I always do. Have a wonderful Monday.

    Kathy M.

  16. Maybe your plants will be nice and shiny.

  17. Oh! Both tidbits are so funny! I love the t-shirt! I do wonder what will happen with your sister's plants?! Glossy and squeaky leaves for sure! A good rinsing might just do the trick?

  18. It's funny, but none of my family reads my blog either---my brother has, occasionally, when the post is about him--and I tell him about it, but otherwise...Nada! AndNo close friends read it on any kind of a regular basis---I have never figured that one out, at!

    Miracle Grow and Windex...HELP! I hope her plants will be okay, too...I'm surprosed she didn't smell it as she was spraying...!

    LOVE that T-Shirt--And I hope you will tell us about the reaction when you do wear it around town...! Really delightful!

  19. I am still laughing at the "streak free leaves!" You got me with that one. I will be interested in seeing what comes of the accidental spraying.

    What a hoot. I love your friend's sense of humor.

  20. Oh my. Hope your shirt gets chuckles and than Jans plants are very robust!

  21. Patti - you will surely be the talk of the town in your shirt. I have to smile just thinking of you wearing it. I believe your sis has the cleanest plants in town.

  22. Patti, I'm laughing out loud at the t-shirt. You go for it and wear it around town, and with a straight face. LOL Sure hope your sisters plants will be fine... I know you'll let us know.
    PS: you are a great story teller!

  23. When you tire of that t-shirt, please send it to me!! I love it!

  24. That shirt is great! She could make some big money with that. Just sell it on Craig's list or at flea markets.

    Remember the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? The dad used Windex for everything. I don't remember if plants were part of it, but it will be interesting to see how they do. Give us the update!

    I haven't told anyone in my family or any of my friends about my blog. Don't know if they read it or not, but they haven't said anything. Not sure they would like everything they read.

    Take care.

  25. I bet Jan's leaves are quite shiny. Dead but shiny. When in doubt, sniff. I think that's a good life lesson.

  26. Well, I want a photo of you dropping off your taxes with that shirt on :) and well, I couldn't help it but I laughed when you spoke of the plant leaves having a streak free shine!


  27. hahahaha @ the T-shirt-- Hilarious!!

    Wonderful post--as always!


  28. I hope the plants survived their Windexing. I would have sprayed the leaves and soaked the pots in an effort to dilute the Windex.

    I love the t-shirt! Very clever of your friend. Let us know what type of comments you get.

  29. Ellen,
    Thanks, I really like it. Wow, that was a nasty sniff. Kind of glad I am not a sniffer though I do smell the roses.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    Are you in hiding too? It is cool isn't it?

    That would almost be a homeopathic remedy wouldn't it? Right now, the sniffers out number the nonsniffers.

    Welcome to this portion of tiny town Arkansas. Good to meet another in the same boat.

    Isn't it odd how sisters can vary. I think my sister will be glad she is not alone also.

    Thanks, she really is clever. Jan has no idea why she didn't sniff for that event. Just an oops moment.

    I am really surprised how many sniffers there are out there. I am feeling outnumbered. Thanks, I love the T also.

    As of today, the plants are showning no ill effects. I really had no post till I talked to my sister and the mail came.

    Gosh, I'll bet you have to do a lot of sniffing to find out what he has hidden.

    Well, sniffer, you are in the majority. And here I thought it was a unique trait.
    Good thing we have blog buddies or we would be typing for our own amusement.

    Dr. Kathy,
    I guess I really can't complain for I am just as leary of Facebook. I kind of like the anonymous nature of blogging. Maybe I am in the WPP.

    RV Vagabonds,
    She always comes through when I least expect it.

    Linda in NM
    Pretty sure all the talking and acknowledging will be behind my back but I will definitely blog about any reactions I see.

    Remember how exciting it was to get a letter? They were special. Now we email daily so some of the thrill is gone. Kind of sad.

    Oh good grief, drinking miracle Grow? yikes.So far the plants are surviving and perhaps thriving. Of course it is early yet.

    Very clean and streak free. I do remember cleaning plant leaves with milk. This may replace that.

    Lynda G.
    She did rinse them off and said that so far they are looking good. Time will tell.

    Isn't that funny. Guess our families know all they care to about us.LOL I thought surely the ladies that party would read your blog.

    Retired English Teacher,
    Thanks. I am making Jan keep me up to date on how the plants are surviving. So far, so good. Joan is a clever and funny.

    She may have stumbled on a new plant enhanser. Hope she remembers me when she gets rich.

    Shiny leaves for sure. The town was getting bored with me, this should perk them back up.

    Should I look sinister, futive, or guilty?? Thank you, glad you think so.

    You must like to tease the masses also. I'll put you in my will.

    You have a point. Perhaps it is good only the blog community reads our stuff.

    After this post, think I'll take up sniffing. Never too old to learn.

    Do you suppose they will give me a tax break when they read the shirt? One can hope.

    Thank you. With a little help from my friend and family.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    I will post if I get any comments. They may not tell me anything to my face. So far plants are surviving.

  30. Love your T-shirt! What a great gift!

    Let us know if Windex kills or enhances the plants. Inquiring minds need to know. Sister needs to soak the Windex label off the bottle she uses for Miracle-Gro. :)

  31. What a great friend, tell your sister to water her plants a few times and really let the water run out, perhaps that will purge that vinegar which if it gets on the leaves will kill them.

  32. Oh gosh, I hope the plants will be okay! Love the t-shirt. I'd love to see the people's faces when they see you wearing it.

  33. Don't feel bad. Not one of my family or extended family follows my blog either.Windex.... Wouldn't the leaves just be shiny? That T is something else. You'll get some raised eyebrows over that for sure. Be sure and write a later post on the comments.
    Love and peace.

  34. Heeehehehe!!! What a wonderful tee!!!

    The ammonia in the Windex might do the plants good! I mix up a green up clean up recipe from Jerry Baker that contains ammonia and it does wonders for the lawn and most any plant.

    God bless ya and have an amazin' day!!! :o)

  35. Maybe they will grow like crazy now that they are nice and clean. :)

  36. OMG ...dont let me get behind with your blog again ...I should be in bed ....its 1.20 AM ....I have giggled over the tale of your terrior agreed about verbal intercourse ....been inspired by your hanging baskets ... roared out load as I visulized your friend Jan and the Windex ...infact I have woken DD ...ooops ... and how I wish I was there when you wear that T-shirt. you go girl xx

  37. Pat,
    Good idea. That or either just paint one bottle a different color. So far the plants seem to be OK.

    Linda Starr,
    She really did wash them quite a bit when she saw the mistake. They seem to be surviving but it is early yet.

    I just hope I can keep a serious look and not crack up. I do get tickled easily.

    Do you think our family knows all they care to know about us:))
    Thanks, I'll try to post about it.

    Think you may be right and Jerry is a good source for so far the plants are not showing any ill effects. Thanks for that info.

    They can breathe, they can breathe. I do know plants don't like dusty leaves. She might have stumbled on to something.

    Good grief gal, you have worked yourself into a case of eyestrain. Thank you so much for doing the back reading. I'm impressed.

  38. That t-shirt is too too funny! Your neighbors will love it. I have a bunch of friends and neighbors that do read my blog, but they refuse to comment. Problem is, it kills some of the conversation on my side because they already know everything I was going to say.

  39. I enjoyed your post. Talking about family members not caring to read my blog---it's something I cannot figure out. Check out my posting of January 25.

    I love your sense of humor.

  40. You ARE a Dane expert!!!

    Oh, I LOVE that t-shirt. Speaking of Witness Protection, it's almost time for In Plain Sight to begin their new shows.

  41. Kay,
    You bring up a good point. If they do follow, it kills a conversation. So maybe it is a good thing they don't.

    Welcome to TNS and thanks for following.
    I will check your blog and that particular post.

    I've had a few of the big guys. I do love them.
    Looking forward to the show. Maybe I can get some hints.

  42. Hehehe...that shirt is a riot. Living in the South myself (Georgia...we're neighbors!) I understand how the gossip lines run. That is too funny.

    The Windex story made me laugh, too. I thought of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Didn't the dad spray Windex on everything as a cure-all? LOL Guess we're all about to find out. Keep us posted!

  43. You do have another faithful follower from Bangalore also..meeee!:) I like the t-shirt. I want a personalized t-shirt too! Now I simply have to find the right person to do such things for me :D

  44. Lisa,
    Hi Neighbor and thanks. I am just going to have to see that movie as a couple of people have mentioned.

    Aw thanks for hanging in there with me. If I knew how to do it, I would make you a shirt.

  45. Oh my gosh! I'm a sniffer too! I sniff everything...but nope, not people. If I can smell them, they're standing too close and I back away!
    I sure hope her plants survive! I've done something like that before. Bought new plants and it's all good now.
    Do you have an errand to run at the police station? Like pay a ticket, file a report? That would be too funny to wear your shirt in there!

  46. Tina,
    So far her plants are fine with really clean leaves.
    Sorry, no reason to go to the police station thought that would be interesting.

  47. brilliant! You make a comment over on someone's A-Z challenge post and I followed you here. I'm so glad I did. The T shirt is just great. The comments about friends not reading posts I relate to. They definitely glaze over - my friends don't read even if it's about them, as if it'll contaminate them somehow, like the bloke sneezing all over you - yuk. Sue@JumpingAground

  48. sue,
    Thanks for following me and glad I could intertain you. Thanks for reading several posts.