Thursday, June 28, 2012


Me thinks I need a lady's maid.

My company has gone home and I am settling back into routine.  Sis and I really had a good time and the weather didn't get ugly till the last two days when the hundred plus temps hit. 

My friend Sis is one of those who sees humor in most things, is game for about anything and knows enough about my childhood to guarantee  I'll do what I can to keep her quiet.  All in all, a fun guest.

We toured all the local haunts, shopped, and ate.  However, she did discover something about me I was unaware of.  I apparently need a personal dresser. 

By evening on the first day, Sis quietly asked me if I knew my blouse was on backwards.  I laughed saying it wasn't possible but when I stretched out the neck for a peek and saw a tag, I quickly learned it was possible. Yikes. 

Ok, anyone can do that once.   However I did it again, only two days later. Now my wrap around porch keeps the house on the dark side, I had company so I may have dressed hurridly, but I can't really justify doing it twice.

Then I started to think, do I do this all the time when I am alone? Do I go obliviously in public dressed like a five year old's first attempt? Why haven't I made the Walmart Martians group? Or have I? Come to think of it, I do remember blogging about going shopping with my shorts inside out.

Those of you with hubbies have a fail safe to catch any faux pas. I have only a non-interested dog who is only concerned with my mood, if food is coming or are we going for a walk.   

Wonder if Mighty could be trained to spot glaring wardrobe errors?  I mean dogs all ready lead the blind, are ears for the deaf and can tell if your blood pressure is off.  How hard would it be to get them to give you the once over before you leave the house? I might work on that.

I couldn't help but think of my friend Joan who recently passed who loved to make tee shirts. Had she still been around and read this post, I guarantee that I would receive a tee shirt in the mail in a few days with the word "FRONT" emblazoned in bold letters on the proper side. Ah, I miss you Joan.

Not having that and until I get Mighty trained, guess I will just have learn  to pull out the neck before leaving the house to make sure I don't see a tag.  Sigh.


  1. Oh Patti, what would we do without our sisters to let us know the truth and nothing but the truth about everything! HAHAHA

  2. I think its a sign of intelligence. There are more things going on in your head than worrying about your dress code. All the really smart people I know dress a little odd!! I went to school with a guy who would forget to take off his pj's before he arrived in the morning.... he's a District Attorney now. My Godfather wore t-shirts inside out and with holes in them, shoes untied, and he had a PhD in Library Science. I could go on and on, See its a sign of intelligence.

  3. That's pretty funny, Patti. I agree with the previous comments that show how many extremely smart people pay little attention to their dress. The other day I saw a guy in line for coffee (I was drinking mine) and he had his tee shirt on inside out. I just smiled. :-)

  4. I am absolutely obsessed about having my socks matching and right side out, but I have been known to have wandered around for a day with sweats on backward! All in all I think it should be the least of our worries.

  5. I have a very hard time with navy blue & black. I dress where the light is not so good. Many times I've gone in public only to discover I'm wearing blue socks with black pants. I've resorted to using two zip lock bags labeled 'navy socks' and 'black socks.'

  6. What a funny post! What a special writer you are. Now I don't know about your dressing, but your writing has a special style, it is always fun to read what you have to say.

  7. LOL! So glad that you had a grand time with Sis.

    Kathy M.

  8. My mother used to wear different earrings. When I questioned her, the response was that she just didn't figure people could see both ears at once??? Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  9. You are simply making a fashion statement. When you stop wearing clothes I will begin to worry...maybe unliess you say you have become a nudist. Dianne

  10. I think that happened to me once, and never again. I learned my lesson without a dog, and so can you, Patti. Lol. Amusing post!

  11. I like the idea that a higher intelegence is connected to dressing wrongly ...I have been known to wear tops insde out ...and once a casual jacket as far as the local shop ... I went to get something out of my pocket ...and shrunk into my embaracement lol xx

  12. I do that. My husband does not catch them for me. One nice lady tried to tuck my tag in for me one time and then we both realized it was sticking out because the shirt was inside out.

  13. I love the idea for a tee-shirt that says "FRONT"-- that's very funny and creative.

    I dry laundry outside in the sun. I turn tee-shirts and blouses inside out so the sun doesn't bleach them out too quickly. When I'm folding them to put them away, I always turn them back outside out. It's a bit more work, but I don't have to worry about having tags on the outside!

  14. Wardrobe malfunctions are always hilarious when they happen to someone else. I do want you to know that having a husband isn't always so helpful in the wardrobe department. My first husband paid overly amounts of attention, Mike...pretty much no attention. I will sign up for one of your trained dogs once you get the technique down.

  15. I did have to grin sorry. I think we've all done stuff like this. I spent one whole evening at a party with my flies undone. I wish someone had told me! Another time I went out with white deodorant down both sides of my black hoodie. Once again no one said a thing!

  16. Hi Patti, Sounds like you had a great time with your company... Did you get down to Mt. Nebo, Petit Jean or Mt. Magazine??? OR--did you take a drive on Scenic Highway 7??? Or --did you go and see the Buffalo River? Hope you got to do some of these wonderful things...

    Would love to see a t-shirt which said FRONT on it... ha ha ....

    Cute post.

  17. You are funny. Sounds like you had a great time with your company and I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. sandie

  18. I frequently have worn nightgowns backwards--the one size fits all kind.

    Since I have COPD and asthma, anything else worn 'hind part before'in a manner of Texanese, fells like my breathing is constricted, and I immediately check my garment. Panties worn backwards never make it out of the dressing room.

    I have worn mismatched socks, especially before I had my cataracts removed. I could not distinguish between black and very dark navy blue. NOW I CAN.

    Never fear, I have a sister, half-sister and sister-in-law who will kept me straight.

    And in case I don't get around again before July 4

    Happy Birthday USA and don't eat too many hot dogs, ice cream and watermelon!!!!

  19. Terri,
    How right you are. Only real friends tell us about all our warts.

    My, I do like the way you think!! Thanks, I am feeling much better now.

    Ha ha, did you tell him?

    Since that is my main problem right now, guess I am really lucky huh?

    Clever way to beat the color problem. I'll keep that in mind.

    Aw, thank you so much and am so glad you think so.

    Yes we did thanks. We sure laughed a lot.

    You know, in a way that makes perfect sense. Best not to look a person in the eye I guess when mismatched.

    Ha ha, I sure hope you haven't planted a subliminal idea.

    Well you would think I would have learned the first time. We will see.

    Thanks for letting me know I am not alone. I kind of like that intelligence idea myself.

    Aw gee, here I thought a hubby would be the perfect safeguard.
    Ha, I tried to do that tuck in for someone once with the same results.

    That would solve the inside out, not sure what I have to do to prevent backwards. Maybe that shirt with "Front" will work.

    Oh gee, a hubby isn't the answer??I am working on Mighty. If it works, I'll branch out.

    LLCool Joe,
    Ha ha, and no one told you?? They either like you too much or never noticed.

    Because I couldn't leave Mighty for long periods, we had to tour attractions in the north central area. We have some good stuff here also.
    You and George find cool shirts, if you find one with "Front", let me know.

    Chatty Crone,
    Thanks, things like this remind me of my loss as I am sure you are aware of.

    That is what family and friends are good for. Mine don't live close enough to be of help.
    Take care and have a great

  20. I'm a little worried about you relying on Mighty! I think at a certain age, we're allowed to be more "creative" with our clothes. I'll only start worrying if you put your shoes on the wrong feet.

  21. A funny post! We can always count on sisters to tell us the truth no matter what and to catch all those wardrobe errors.
    As long as you're covered. I wouldn't worry about it.

  22. Stopping by to say hello. Maybe you are just starting a new fad. Do you remember a few years when people worn sweatshirts inside out? At least you get dressed. I live in nightshirts, they are cuter than slacks. Don't own a dress.

    Patti, I have been reading some of your regular readers blogs. Love reading short stories, your followers are great writers. Please tell everyone that. I rarely comment, although I know I should.

  23. Sadly, my husband is not a fail safe. He wouldn't realize I had a wardrobe problem until I was probably out of the house and seen by everybody.

  24. Better to have your sister say so then someone else in public. Ha. Now you'll be checking for tags all the time.

  25. Well, a lot of women would rather have a dog than a husband, even if they don't tell you your clothes are on backwards ... or maybe BECAUSE they don't tell you your clothes on backwards!

  26. Too funny! Years ago I went to work in cotton pants that were pull on rather than zippered. They felt rather strange. When I went to the bathroom I realized the pockets were in the back and I had the things on backwards!

  27. It's interesting that it didn't mean a thing until your sister pointed it out. Now it will bug you and that doesn't seem fair.

  28. Barb,
    ha, I do like that word "creative". Think I will use it.

    I may be covered unconventionally but I am decent anyway. That should count for something. Thanks.

    Miss Dazey,
    I think you just did tell them. I do have some great blog buddies don't I.

    Dang, I guess it really is up to us. Art does everything else so well, I'm sure he is forgiven.

    Linda Starr,
    I did check today before going to town. Think I am cured.

    Ha ha. That is priceless and probably entirely too true.

    And no one told you. Well at least you caught it. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone.

    That is the truth. I just wonder how many times I did that and never knew the difference. Oh well.

  29. Too funny, Patti, but a husband doesn't help all my wardrobe lapses. If he doesn't have his "readers" on, he can't see a seem and evidently not a label either. Or maybe he doersn't pay attention. A few months ago I went to therapy with a t-shirt on backwards! I think it is time for an agreement that we each do a wardrobe check of each other before venturing out of the home.

    But a wardrobe checking service dog sounds good to me.

  30. This one made me giggle! I have been guilty of putting my underwear on inside out many times. My autistic son often buttons his shirts wrong. If we didn't mess up we wouldn't have any where to improve, right?!

  31. LOL, LOL....Very Funny, Pstti...! But I'm at a point where I guess I don't really give a squatt! Though, truthfully, I don't go anywhere anyway because of my lungs, so no one sees me but maybe the Postperson if there is something that won't fit in the
    You know, you might start a NEW trend. Wearing things backwards...Do you remember sometime in the 1980's it became very popular to wear things inside-out? Maybe...just maybe, you could start a new trend with wearing things back-to-front...! All you need to do is get some young people to do it and it will become ALL the rage.....!

  32. I probably ought to care about how I look, but I don't. As long as I'm clean. And even then....

    I took my husband to his physical therapy appointment. He had on a blue and white striped T-shirt and blue plaid shorts. I didn't say a word. What the heck!

  33. LC,
    Gee and I thought a spouse would be the perfect answer. You evidently are not alone. Still working on Mighty dog.

    Mom of 12,
    I kind of like the way you think also. I have lots of room.

    Ha ha. You are the second to mention that trend. Where was I when this was going on? Oh well, if we can just get a few kids to think it is cool, all will be OK.

    Linda Myers,
    I do like your attitude. I need to work on mine.

  34. Dear Arkansas Patti, you so often make me smile--broadly--or laugh out loud. I don't know about dogs, but the cats with whom I live certainly have no interest in my appearance--it's time for food and time for food and time for food with them! Peace.

  35. Patti, I left home with a towel on my head once... thank goodness I noticed when I got to the car.

  36. Another cute story! I could use a lady's maid myself. Only I'd want her to clean and cook and not just take care of my clothes. I once wore 2 different shoes to work. They were black and similar, but one had a buckle and the other didn't. I decided to just tell on myself and laugh about it before anyone else noticed.
    Glad you had a good time with your sister. Stay cool!

  37. In our culture, if u wear something inside out, it means you are going to be gifted a whole lot of new clothes in the near future! Wink wink... :-)

  38. I luv make me feel so nomral. You're the best. I needed a laugh tonight.

  39. Dee,
    Thanks, so glad you enjoyed. Have to agree about cats. Who ever heard of a seeing eye cat? Gotta love em anyway.

    Introverted Art.
    Hay, I think you might have out done me. That is too funny.

    I so agree. Better to instigate the laughter at your own expense. More fun that way. So much better to have others laugh "with you."

    Oh, I do love that version. I have lost weight and could use all new everything.

    If I make you feel normal, that means I must be somewhat normal also. Thanks. Glad I found your funny bone.

  40. Just dropped by to say thanks for your prayers....Jake is out of surgery ....Steve says he looks as though he has gone several rounds with a boxer ...they are waiting to hear the results of how well it went.xx

  41. I agree with Muffy's Marks: you extremely intelligent!
    Thanks for your comment! I am now in windy north Queensland enjoying family life.