Monday, September 23, 2013



The Little Rock School District has recently issued a dress code for its teachers. That they deemed such a code necessary was a bit sad. You wouldn't think teachers would need such rules. Regardless, the guide lines I found amusing.

The new guidelines ban flip flops, jeans, miniskirts and requires teachers to wear underwear, bras and not show belly-skin. Yes you read that right--they must wear underwear.  

Ok, those are fairly reasonable demands except the underwear thingy.  One can possibly assume that there was a Sharon Stone,"Basic Instincts," episode of leg un-crossing which exposed a teacher's nether regions.  That would account for the need to impose that rule.

However, I am a bit curious as to how that code will be monitored and enforced. The bra and belly skin should be an easy visual check, but the underwear checking??  Possibly a job for Bob Filner?  The lecherous  touchy feely, former San Diego mayor is looking for work and has experience.

 The Twelve Stones by R J Johnson is a book I recently added to my Kindle for an unusual reason. Yes it has a really cool cover and an interesting premise for me. It is a futuristic, sci-fi fantasy with good reviews.  However what reeled me in were three short sentences by the author. After the brief description of the book he writes--- 

*Note* "This is the second edition of The Twelve Stones. Edits have been made to address the typos mentioned in the reviews below. The book might still suck, but at least it sucks with 99% less typos"

Make me laugh and I am hooked. I can't really recommend the book  as I haven't read it yet. It really climbed the free charts where I found it  very quickly and has since graduated to the paid list. It is next on my list and I will let you know if it was worth the impulse grab. 


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At first I thought my slowly dying Juniper tree might actually have a tumor. On closer look however, I discovered a cantaloupe hanging from the dying  branches. That was one determined vine to climb the tree to produce an offspring. It really did not want to be eaten.  I will have to watch the cantaloupe closely so it doesn't fall when ripe.

I had my Butternut squash recently climb my large Forsythia but when I tried to relocate it to the ground, the vine broke.  I had to ripen that squash off the vine. It still tasted OK but not the best. Rather supermarket-ish.  So I will leave the cantaloupe alone for now.   

By the way if you have the room (the vines love to wander) and like that fruit, try growing cantaloupe next year. Easy to grow, makes its own attractive ground cover and produces lots of fruit unlike anything you can get in the market. Mine this year are so sweet and flavorful that I actually moan with pleasure with each bite. I can't remember a time food made me moan.   Normally I share my surplus, but not these. I am hoarding my bounty.  

That's all folks.


  1. LOL wow - underwear in the dress code. I hope there wasn't an incident that promoted that!

  2. How lovely to find a wayward cantaloupe. The huge fir trees between my neighbor and me also have vines. Unfortunately, I suspect that they're poison ivy. My neighbor seems unconcerned, but every time I drive past I fantasize about skulking around when they're at work and cutting the vines back. Too bad I'm too lazy (and chicken) to follow through.

  3. Don't you just wonder about the teachers nowadays??? Needing a dress code???? sheesh!!! Certainly not the ole school marms...

  4. Now you make me want to taste that cantaloupe! I know they can be incredibly sweet and tasty, but we are usually unable to find any like that. I would hoard them, too. And the dress code? I'll bet something happened that caused that underwear part. :-)

  5. Proge went to independent schools so dress codes were a way of life for us. I've always been kind of out there as far as wardrobe is concerned but I must say I was aghast at what was being worn when I visited a local school. And this was over twenty years ago.

    Love the cantaloupe in the tree. Have you ever heard Paula Poundstone on the small window for eating a ripe one>

  6. Sounds as though the teachers may have started to imitate the students. If cantaloupe is supposed to make one moan with pleasure, my guess is I never had a really freshly ripe one.

  7. Well, I will sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but underwear really should be standard attire for a teacher. smh

    Love cantaloupe, but every time I grow them, they rot before they ripen. I make a lousy gardener.

  8. Things are on the slippery slope when there has to a dress code for teachers...
    Cantalope, yummy, ripe when pushing on tail end it indents slightly, and the vine end looks like a full pull... but you probably knew that, sorry!

  9. That is quite an unusual list of dress code restrictions. I think teachers must have changed quite a bit since I was in school so many years ago.

    Interesting how far your vines go. We're growing butternut squash, but so far they've only wandered along the ground. It never occurred to me that they would try to climb a tree. Very interesting.

  10. The scifi author's humor was engaging, but your floating the lecherous, former San Diego mayor's name as a possible dress code checker was the winner.

    Maybe your wayward cantaloupe vine was going high for sunshine. We have never tried cantaloupe. We have limited sunny space and are still trying to get it right with maters, pole beans, cukes and okra!

  11. Keith,
    I'd bet big bucks that there was an incident that brought this about.

    If the vines are poison ivy, it is a good thing you are chicken. That stuff is nasty.

    That is what surprised me, that one was needed.

    It had to have been an incident to bring on such a specific dress code.
    The ones you get in the market have been picked green. They will never be as good as the ones slipped off the vine.

    You have me curious. I will have to Google Paula and the cantaloupe.

    I guarantee if you bought one in a market, it was not ripe. Maybe close but not ripe. I have learned there is a huge difference.

    I totally agree. I just wonder how they intend to inspect for violators.

    It is sad that there seems to be a need for one.
    You can get a decent one in the market with that approach but only one just slipped off the vine is what will make you moan.

    Mine were just wandering also when I noticed them climbing trees and shrubs. I had heard you could trellis them. I worry the the weight will make them drop off before ripe.

    Ha, I think he would be perfect for the job though I would hate to see him coming.
    They are space eaters. I put mine in places that were bare and needed ground cover. The produce has been a real boon.

  12. Cannot believe that vagrant cantaloupe! Let us know how it tastes. Really, are we in an age when even teachers can't use common sense and propriety (Don't answer that!).

  13. Climbing melons? That's so amazing!! And the dress code is stunning! Teachers have to be told to wear underwear and not expose belly skin? OMG! Of course, my teachers in grade school and high school were all nuns in full habit so I can't imagine a teacher in cut offs, bra-less tank top and flip flops, but I bet it has happened to prompt such rules.

  14. That dress code does make me wonder. What were teachers wearing, or not wearing, that caused this ruling to be put in place? I hate to think.
    I love the cantaloupe in the tree. We don't have enough heat long enough to grow them here.

  15. How fabulous that you have that dear cantaloupe in such an amazing place...! Home grown melons sound utterly SUBLIME!!!

    The teachers dress code is pretty Good Luck to those that are going to be checking on all this....!

  16. Yeah. I had a cantaloupe once that melted in my mouth. I think I purchased it at a farmers market.

    Then I moaned later with horrific heartburn because I had eaten the whole thing! Imagine - something so delicious causing so much pain!

    It was so unfair!

  17. I remember when miniskirts became the fashion back in the day. Our principle proposed we the teachers enforced a minimum length code. I was 22. My students were 17 and 18. Did I need a ruler? I actually refused. Though I did check out a colleague who eventually became my spouse...:)

  18. I think it's a bit sad that teachers need to be told how to dress appropriately. Now that makes me sound old!

    I've never even heard of cantaloupe!

  19. On checking for underwear..... Maybe if they don't see a panty line, they get closer inspection. Yee gads, teachers not wearing panties and showing belly skin.

    Cantaloupe is delicious when home grown. I didn't have room for any viney stuff this year as I have to clear more garden space. How funny, finding it's way up a tree. Tell city slickers they grow on trees like that. LOL Yeah... don't let it fall or you'd have to eat it off the ground with a spoon..... but it would still be yummy. HA

    You have a longer growing season than we do. I think my garden is kaput.

  20. Hi Patti. Dress code for teachers? I remember that we were forbidden to wear trousers and short skirts when I was a young teacher in the fifties.

  21. Barb,
    I guess so. Oops I answered.
    I told the cantaloupe, "you can run but you can't hide." Hope it doesn't taste piney.

    There is something to be said for uniforms or nun's habits. Then there are no questions. Think you are right about an incident.

    Linda Reeder,
    Such a shame, they sure are delicious off the vine.

    I agree on that policing of the policy. Not a job I would want.
    There really is no comparison between home grown and supermarket is there?

    I can see how you got hooked into eating the whole thing. The farmer's market would be a good place to get a ripe one.

    That is funny and rather sweet at the same time.

    I totally agree, you would thing the persons teaching our children would know better.
    Ah such a shame that cantaloupe haven't invaded England. Check one out when you come to Phoenix but make sure it is ripe.

    Times are a changing I think.
    I have a hanging basket under it now just in case I miss the magic moment. Hopefully that will catch it.

    Reader Wil,
    I suppose they have always had them, I was just unaware of it. I guess the infractions have gotten pretty extreme.

  22. It is indeed sad to think that teachers would not know how to dress properly. That said, I am amazed at what some people wear to the grocery store and worse yet, to church.

    Love your wayward canteloupe!

  23. OH MY GOSH. . . good eye! I hope the squirrels don't tote it off for their fall festival.

    I have a dead branch in my Chamaecyparis, but it's exactly what it appears to be--a dead limb. It's too high to be easily removed, so I guess I might as well learn to love it.

  24. Our school didn't really have teacher dress codes. However, if a teacher dressed inappropriately, she/he would have raised eyebrows of the other teachers. I remember when I first started teaching 1st grade, I wore black leather walking shoes. That raised eyebrows because they felt I should wear more formal footwear. A few years later, a LOT of other teachers started wearing them. But underwear... puh..leeease.

  25. Dear Arkansas Patti, I never knew cantaloupes would do that--nor squash. I do plan on having a vegetable garden next year, and following your suggestion, I'll plant cantaloupe and see where they wander! Peace.

  26. NCMountainwoman,
    Me too. I am a bit surprised at the garb worn today at weddings and funerals.

    Hopefully they can't get past those sharp needles. It is what has kept me from pruning it.

    And then they found out how great their feet felt at the end of the day. Me too on the underwear.

    I hope you do. The plant will roam but it makes a great ground cover with lovely flowers. You will be amazed at the taste.

  27. I wonder if Bob F. will read your blog and apply for the job. That picture would make him a shoe-in.

  28. I am showing my age. I get riled up over cleavage in the workplace!

    Teachers have to be told not to show belly skin? My goodness!

  29. Ginnie,
    His face really does reveal his choice of pleasures doesn't it?

    Linda M.
    Funny that cleavage wasn't even mentioned. Guess baring bellies is more popular now. Times sure are a changing aren't they?