Thursday, March 20, 2014


My computer healed itself, a little bit. So far today, so good. Hope it lasts. I will be switching over to Windows 7 in the coming weeks and use my trusty XP for off line work. 

FAVORITE IRISH TOAST (just a bit late)

May those that love us, love us
And those that don't love us
May God turn their hearts.
And if he can't turn their hearts
May he turn their ankles
So we will know them by their limping. 


I do enjoy Garrison Keillor's, "Its Been a Quiet Week in Lake Woebegone" weekly monologue  from A Prairie Home Companion.    He is on Public Radio but since I can't get the show here, I visit via podcast. His show is where I first heard that Irish Toast above.

I found Garrison many years ago. I had read about him but had never heard him. Then one evening I was driving home in the approaching dark and was station surfing on my car radio. I heard the neatest voice join me in my car and stopped my search. 

Garrison in the early days had what he referred to as a "fu-nar-al voice". It was deep and soothing like an undertakers. Rather like comfort food. Sadly, today age has taken a tad of the smooth out of his voice but not his story telling. 

As he told his story that day, I drove right past my road and ended up in another town by the end of his tale, totally engrossed. He made me smile and then made me laugh. I was hooked. He is an unabashed Liberal and pokes gentle fun at his hardy Norwegian ancestors.  He isn't for everyone, but is one of my favorites. 

Some favorite Garrison quotes. 

"They say such nice things about people at their funerals that it makes me sad to realize I am going to miss mine by just a few days."

"There is almost no marital problem that can't be helped enormously by taking off your clothes."

"Jesus said the meek would inherit the earth but so far all we've gotten is Minnesota and North Dakota."

"Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose."
Sorry Minnie. 


 I adore my Miami Marlins baseball team who locked up the cellar in our division and was second to last in the whole National League last year. We managed that head hanging low with basically a really young, minimum wage, fresh from minor league team much to the outcry of the fans-- but not me. I rather enjoyed those fresh faced youngsters and was so proud the few times they did well. I am like the mothers of little leaguers. Of course I'd like them to win but as long as they make it through the game with all their parts unharmed and they pulled off a few good plays---- it is a good game. 

This year holds great promise for the more discerning fan. Right now we are doing quite well in Spring Training with some amazing young arms pitching and bats that have come alive. Can't wait till March 31st. Win or lose, they are mine and they sure beat the summer rerun doldrums.  Life is good.

Happy Spring everyone. I think it is really here.  


  1. Glad your computer is healed! And I am so ready for baseball season. Here's hoping your Marlins and my Reds have great years :)

  2. I am a Garrison Keillor fan, too. His voice has gotten a bit whistly as he's gotten older, and sometimes in the car when I'm listening I have to turn it down a bit. I love his monologues about Lake Woebegone. I hope your computer behaves because I miss you when you're not around! :-)

  3. I only read a little of GK, I should follow him as he is a treasure. My favorite was from Lake Woebegone where the town assembled together wearing hats which formed an American flag. THey had a huge mirror to see it, but when they passed the mirror everyone looked up and no one ever saw the flag.

  4. Nice to hear about your computer. Happy Spring!

  5. Thank you for those wonderful snippets from Garrison Keeler.
    And while I'm not a baseball fan, I've come to follow our local boys, the Red Sox. It was initially to keep my husband company in front of the TV (knitting helped), but then I became invested in the individual stories of the various players. I've decided sports are really just men's version of soap operas.

  6. Good news about your computer. Geez I hate new stuff, especially electronic things. I just recently got my new computer up and going and even though it's same (Mac) as my old one..... I'm having trouble with the few changes they made. Of course, that's not Apple, it's my non-techiness. Ah yes, baseball. That means happy, happy Patti.

  7. I too love Garrison Keillor. Tickles my funny bone.
    Hope your computer continues to let you "play" here. Darn shame to miss out on the good stuff.
    Baseball has never been my thing, but ever since you mentioned that very attractive young man my granddaughter has been following his exploits on social media. See I can't even remember his name but he sure is a cutie. She'd be so upset with me for forgetting. Oh well.

  8. I can tell you have spring (baseball) fever, Patti! Hope your computer stays well until you switch.

  9. My parents are baseball fans, just try to talk during a game on TV...
    I too used to listen to GK, haven't for quite a while, too much else going on...

  10. Glad to hear that your computer is okay and that you are working with Windows 7.

    Haven't listened to Garrison Keillor in such a long time. Always loved his stories and his voice. I may have to tune in again.

  11. I've heard about Garrison Keeler for years but have yet to hear him speak or tell his stories. I must make an effort to seek him out.

  12. Happy spring to you too! and very glad to read your computer is on the mend!!!!

  13. I love Garrison Keillor. I have not heard him in several years though. We used to get "A Prairie Home Companion" on one of our cable channels but haven't for a long time. I am glad you get to enjoy listening to him. Most people I have ever mentioned him to have never heard of him. I tell them they have no idea what they are missing. Hope your Marlins do well...I no longer have a favorite sports team. Happy spring to you also sweet Patti. Hugs and give sweet Minnie nose kisses for us!

  14. My sister left VT on Monday morning with 20 inches of new snow on the ground and temps below zero. I am in fear that I will beat spring back to Vermont.

  15. My husband and I used to listen to Garrison in Lake Woebegone evry Sunday night. It's almost too poignant for me to listen now that my husband is gone but we did love his stories.

  16. Keith,
    Wouldn't it be cool if we both faced off in the post season for the NL title? Pretty sure you will get there. So sorry about Aroldis Chapman. What a dreadful accident.

    Yes, I do miss that delightful voice. Mine has taken a beating with age also.
    Thanks, I miss you all also very much.

    Ha ha, I so remember that story. I loved it one other time when they let one person at a time leave their position to look at the flag. He is a character.

    Weekend windup,
    Thank you. I hope it holds together so I can switch over.

    I think you have hit on it. Soap operas for men. I too get caught up in their stories.

    Every time I see a Twins game I think of you and how lucky you were.
    I am dreading the change over to 7.

    Linda W.
    I am thrilled that GK is following "Jose Fernandez". He is not only cute, a terrific athlete but a nice boy. She has great taste.

    Ha, you are right. Spring fever for me is baseball season --- and a bit of gardening. Thanks, I have my toes crossed.

    That is why I like his pod casts. I can listen to just what I want, when I want.
    Ha,I don't mind anyone talking. I just put the game on pause:))

    Sure I make the change over with no more new grey hairs. Try the pod casts of GK. Makes it easy to listen.

    I hope if you do that you enjoy. His story telling is my favorite part of his show and pretty much all I listen anymore.

    Introverted Art.
    Thank you . Have a great spring to match your great winter.

    Check out the pod casts on the link. It makes it easy to listen when you want. Good wholesome entertainment.

    How nice to hear what you are missing by not being in Vt. Makes what you have so much better. Enjoy your sis and laugh lots.

    He really does know how to spin a tale doesn't he? I now days just catch the pod casts when I have time.

  17. Their hearts cannot be turned by me or by God therefore all of US Cellular must be limping today:(

    My dear Patti, I so hope you are right about Spring.

  18. Glad to see you back. Hope XP holds up until you can make the change.

    I agree with you completely about Garrison Keillor. Lovely voice, and as funny as (fill in the blank.)

  19. HI, I think it's so neat that you have a favorite baseball team --and follow it whether they win or lose...

    I used to follow the Astros when I lived near Houston --but don't follow much baseball anymore. Baseball was my Daddy's favorite sport ---and I learned to love it through him...

    Right now, my favorite team is my Tennessee Vols (football and basketball). I love the women's basketball team a lot ---and even the women's softball team. SO--I'm still a huge sports fan.

    Hope your computer behaves itself...


  20. A Prairie Home Companion has made it all the way to New Zealand, not only as a radio broadcast, but also a film was here a few years ago (I wonder if you saw that?). The film received a few mixed reviews, but Laura and I both enjoyed it, and it was fun actually seeing some of the people that we had listened to on the radio. I love the GK quote about missing his funeral by a few days!

  21. I love Garrison Keillor also, have listened to him for years and chuckled many times at his jokes...

  22. I hadn't heard that toast. Priceless!

  23. I do like Garrison. He is great to listen to on long drives. He has some funny ones but this one rings so true for me.

    A book is a gift you can open again and again.

  24. We have not been NPR listeners so we have not heard much of Garrison, but I have enjoyed him the few times I have heard him.
    I like it that you have a favorite sport steam to spend your spring/summer/fall with. being devoted to a sports team can really add extra passion and excitement to our lives. For us it is the beginning our soccer season. We have Mariners baseball too, but we have just never gotten into baseball. maybe if they were good, we could be bandwagon fans. Then of course there were the Seahawks!
    Have fun!

  25. So glad your computer HEALED itself....Amazing!
    I dread having to change over to Windows 7 or 8----they both are just reworked Vista and they kept a lot of the BAD parts of Vista....How are you able to work on XP off-line??

    LOVE The Wonderful Garrison....! Such a treasure!

  26. Grannie Annie,
    Yikes, so sorry US Cellular is giving you fits. May they be needing crutches by now.

    I am surprised but pleased how many people appreciate Garrison. He sure is a favorite of so many.

    Well it was thanks to your Astros that we didn't occupy the absolute cellar in all of baseball. But that did give them first round draft pick and they have a bright future like we do. Go Vols.

    Wow, Garrison is in NZ also?? So glad you get to enjoy him also. That really is one of my favorite quotes of his. He is one funny man. I enjoyed the movie but think unless they followed the show, people would have be lost.

    He is just great listening isn't he?? Not usually knee slapping but just happy smiling. So glad you get to enjoy also.

    I am so glad you liked that. I almost hate that I gave up drinking for now I rarely have a reason to use it.

    Yes!!! That is one of my faves of his also. I am amazed how far reaching his show is.

    Linda R.
    Well a super bowl winner is pretty nice. I know you love your Sounders like I do my Marlins. May we both have great seasons.

    I love how Garrison crosses all borders and life styles. So happy you enjoy also.
    Lets hope they don't give up on 7 in a year or so. I too dread learning the new system. XP was a useful friend.

  27. One of the favorite live shows I ever saw was a taping of Prairie Home Companion in Ashland, Oregon about 30 years ago. One of the guests played music on a saw! And Garrison Keillor is one of the world's finest storytellers.

  28. This Garrison person seems like a pretty smart fella. Can you send my wife his marital solution?
    Thanks, GQ

  29. Linda M.
    Oh I would have loved to have seen a live show. I totally agree.

    Ha ha, I can count on you to make me laugh. Give her this link and hope for the best.