Monday, August 4, 2014


Dreams can be fun, scary, tiring or inspiring. I sometimes dream of working all night and wake up exhausted.  I have achieved great wealth in my dreams but awoke sorely disappointed I no longer owned a Porsche. I have been known to fly like a bird while asleep and that is great fun though my flight control is a bit suspect and power lines often present a problem. Then there are always those saucy dreams.

Since I have reached adulthood, I no longer have scary dreams but the dreams I do have are very vivid. They are just as real as right this minute. So real that perhaps I am dreaming now.

There should be a cardinal rule about dreams however. They should be kept between you and your analyst but sadly for you, today is an exception.

Did you ever awake from such a bizarre dream that you just had to tell someone about it?  Ever notice how everyone gets rather quiet when you declare,"I had the weirdest dream last night."

Eyes glaze over and their minds race trying to think of an escape route. Surely there is a "thing" they need to be doing right now in another part of town so they don't have to listen. I know I have that reaction.

I once had a WFWNB (work friend with no benefits) who was cool in most every way. He was my best male friend and we could tell each other anything but he drew the line at dreams.

"I'm not interested in hearing about it unless I'm in the dream." was his standard warning.   Curt and a bit arrogant, yes--- but it saved him a lot of wasted time and feigned interest.

One early morning in the office as it was still quiet, I started to tell WF of my latest weird dream.   I thought this one time he might listen. However, per usual, he got tight lipped and said, "You know the rules."

"Oh, you are in it." I quickly countered and his ears perked right up hoping for a little soft porn. So given the green light,  I proceeded to tell him.

"I was in this large room." I started. "Suddenly the door burst open and a baby elephant strolled in.  The baby had a fuchsia trunk with holes in it, giant sea-foam green ears, and fingers on its front feet. Oddly, I wasn't scared at all, just curious. The weird little baby elephant then sat on its haunches, wrapped its fingers around its trunk and proceeded to play it like a trumpet. He played the song  What a Wonderful World  beautifully."

"Ok," he agreed, "That was weird but where am I in this dream?"

I couldn't help starting a grin and said,"Oh, didn't I mention?  You were standing by the door."

Yep, I got him to listen by merely adding him as an extra in the dream. Funny how that ploy only worked that one time however.

OMG, it is early morning and I just woke from the strangest dream and you all were in it.  Writing this post about him made me dream about him last night. I hadn't thought about him in ages but there he was. We were at work as usual and he was having me do a series of things not work related. I was basically arranging a weekend get away for him and his wife.  As I was tackling his list I thought "Humph, I do all this for him and he can't take 30 seconds to listen to my dream." I was feeling a bit put upon. Then I woke up.

Oh, and where were you in the dream?  I had accessed my blog on my work computer and was checking comments when he gave me the list. So you were all there, honest. Thank you for listening:))

Are you guilty of regaling innocents with your sleep movies?

Don't forget, if you say they are in the dream, they will probably listen, though it only seems to work that one time.


  1. I am fascinated by dreams Patti. I always have been. Only once in my life have I actually been aware that I was dreaming while in said dream. I have heard that you can control your dream if you become aware of your own dream state.

  2. That is so funny! I actually like hearing about dreams though. Yours are particularly colorful--in more ways than one.

  3. You reminded me of the dream I was having last night. I was at a hotel that had a huge swimming pool with several different stories. I couldn't decide if I wanted to be at the ground floor or at the top. I can see it as clearly as if I were there. I love dreams. Yours, too. :-)

  4. Oh this was great.
    Actually in my life, it is the other way around. Sweet Man and the grands all have to tell me first thing in the morning of their weird and strange dreams. Of the three Ms. GK wins hands down and she does on forbloodyever. She recalls every tiny thing about her dreams.
    As for me, nah, I keep mine to myself and my journal. That way I'm good and don't have to explain. tee hee

  5. Just last night I dreamed we were in a foreign country and someone stole my cell phone off the top of my car. When I went inside the hotel to report it, the car was stolen too. I wailed "MY life is on that phone!!" , which isn't really true of my phone, so I can't think where that came from.....LOL

  6. I don't often tell people my dreams. Mostly because it is so hard to really explain them fully....for me, it is the "Feelings" a dream provokes more than the actual content---except for certain very specific dreams that I cannot forget because something about them gave me such strong feelings, I cannot shake them. Still, I rarely share them.....
    I love how you included your friend in your dream just so he would listen to that was quite an elephant.

  7. I don't have a lot of dreams..but the ones I can remember seem to be reruns of things I have been upset or worried about.
    It's a good dream to me if I don't remember it. LOL!

  8. I know I dream, but I rarely remember them. The freakiest one I've ever had I'm driving with a then colleague from work and as we drive on the road, all of the buildings and land alongside falls into massive sinkholes. I have to be cautious and stay on the road. Shortly after that dream I left that job.

    I've dreamt of an elephant!

  9. There was the time I dreamed my husband was a vampire. It was absolutely terrifying.
    Worst thing was, it was so real I was afraid to wake up my husband and tell him about it.

  10. I once dreamed that my toes were falling off. No pain, no blood--just falling off toes!!

  11. I have some pretty interesting dreams and they are always very colorful, too. I dreamt once that I had a green puppy. Yep, green! One recurring dream I have is about a house I own that has so many rooms that I haven't even seen them all. I'm just getting ready to explore those rooms when I wake up! I often wonder what that means. And, I do like the dreams that members of my family that have passed on are in.

  12. It seems that I'm not dreaming much these days. I did once have a dream where I was killed by a shark. Even in my sleep I felt confused because I didn't think you could die in a drea. I didn't know what to do. Thankfully, I finally woke up.

  13. I once had to stop a medication because it made me have nightmares. Always about being lost and not able to find my way. Stopped the medicine and nightmares stopped within a week.

  14. Keith,
    I have done that too. Sometimes if things aren't going right in my dream, I will tell myself I am dreaming and don't sweat what ever is happening. Handy thing to have.

    Technicolor all the way. I like regular dream retelling, it is just the "weird" ones I shy from.

    Then I am thinking you have vivid dreams too. Wouldn't it be funny if what we think is our waking life is really a dream.

    Linda W.
    Well at least they are remembering them. I think that is healthy. GK's detail might be a time eater. Maybe you can suggest she give you the condensed version.

    Well that would be scary and for a lot of people, that would be true. You must have heard that from someone else.

    I think that is what gets lost in the translation when someone tell us about their dream. We are unable to experience the feelings which are what makes them memorable.
    It was a talented elephant for sure.

    I sometimes have stressful ones also. Luckily I recognize them as dreams and in the middle quit stressing about it. It is a great tool.

    Wow, that was a prophetic dream. It was warning you of pending need for change.

    You really were in a bind. When we first wake up, we are still so close to the dream that reality is uncertain. You weren't really sure he wasn't a vampire.

    I can pretty much guess your first action when you woke up.I'd have checked those pinkies out pronto.

    To me it suggests that you have unfinished parts of your life yet to explore. That is a good thing. I too love it when my deceased friends and family come for a visit. It is comforting.

    Yikes, don't tell me that. I thought no matter how bad a dream was, we never died. Hum.

    Boy, I'll bet you were glad when that was over. I had nightmares when I was a kid and it took tiny doses of arsenic for 10 days to cure me. Have no idea why it worked but it did.

  15. I had the same dream for years as a child. I can remember bits & pieces of it to this day.
    Hardly ever dream now.

  16. You had me laughing and chuckling the whole way though. I dare not tell you where some of my thoughts went at certain parts of your story....that would just be in appropriate. Buy this was one dream I was glad to have such a small part.:-)
    Well time for bed...sweet dreams.

  17. I rarely remembered dreams until I started a new medication last winter. Now they're quite vivid and interesting.

  18. Dreams are supposed to be short so no one believes when I recount my dreams. Often mine are epic creations that I try to remember by grabbing a pen and paper in the night and jotting down the story line. I just know that I have a best selling novel or movie to share. However in the morning I can never read my notes.

  19. I normally don't dream vividly but this week has been the exception. It is amazing what they mind can do.

  20. Patti, I normally don't tell anyone but my husband about weird dreams - and he's not innocent. I liked hearing about yours, however.

  21. Brighid,
    They tell us that we all dream, just not all of us remember them. Not sure who "they" are but that is what I have read.

    Ha ha, I am pretty sure WF went to similar places as you did at first. Sleep well my friend.

    Linda M,
    Oh, I am glad you have joined the vivid dream club. They add hours to our lives.

    Grannie Annie,
    I had written about that same thing in my post but deleted it for brevity sake. I too have dreamed great book ideas, just knowing when I woke up I would write it all down. Either when I awoke it was gone or I couldn't read my writing either. I even bought a voice recorder but in my sleep numbed state, I could never make it work. Frustrating isn't it?

    Those vivid dreams are so darn real aren't they?? It is like living a dual life. I kind of like that.

    A spouse is the best place to dump a weird dream. They have to listen. It is in their job description.

  22. I left home when I was two - but it was only to go and visit my aunt (so I told the policeman who found me two blocks away from home.) Re dreams: I just hope I never speak aloud and wake up my husband - could easily be the name of a past boyfriend.

  23. So I don't have many dreams that I remember, but I do find myself telling the same stories to my kids and friends over and over so I recognize that glazed over look!

  24. I always try to figure out if there is some kind of message for me in my dreams. Some of them are so weird though that I am not sure I would want to know if there was a message for me in them. lol I rarely share my dreams with anyone other than my sister and sometimes husband. I think they are both happy they are not in most of mine. lol Another very interesting post sweet Patti. Hugs and give the sweeties nose kisses for us!

  25. Dear Arkansas Patti, I seldom have dreams that I remember, but yesterday morning I had one that was truly memorable and meaningful. And yes, I've shared it with three friends who knew why I was telling them.

    The thing is the woman whom I call my soulmate and who died in 1998 was in the dream. Light emanated from her pores. And when I saw her, even in the dream I knew she was dead, I was filled with unutterable joy. We hugged one another and I woke.

    Such a wonderful way to wake in the morning, still filled with joy. Peace.

  26. Most of my dreams fade away before I can recall them ... but they seem to have a lot to do with being in water and I can never figure out why !

  27. Love your technique for capturing your work friend's attention -- at least once! So funny!!

  28. Fiftyodd,
    Ah yes, the fun, saucy dreams. Sometimes they get us into trouble.

    Guilty as charged also. That is why I like blogging. I can check to see if I've written that before.

    Oh, you must have some doozies.
    Most of mine are based on something I have just seen or read about. I'm not very original except on rare occasions.

    What a wonderful gift that dream was. I have dreamed about departed loved ones but it is in everyday settings and I am not aware they are gone in the dream. That had to have been so special.

    That is interesting that they all have the same base. Hummm--I have no idea either.

    Dr. Kathy,
    Unfortunately he was fairly smart and it only worked that once. I have used it quite shamelessly on others though.

  29. The only person interested in my dreams are my husband. Sometimes I get these nightmares and make sounds. My husband will jostle me a little and ask, "What were you dreaming about?" Then I'd have to try and clear my brain and recall what happened so I could tell him. When morning comes, I'll have often forgotten what happened and he'll tell me. I wonder why I get nightmares anyway.