Monday, September 29, 2014


Often we hear about the bad interactions with a person in customer service. Sometimes there is rudeness or just "don't care" attitudes that leave a bad taste in our mouths.  I would like to relate just the opposite I ran in to recently.

As I previously stated, my new dog Callie has bladder stones and will most likely require a lifetime of special care, foods, medicines and possible surgeries. Thus I am on the look out for ways to help her.

I read some promising things on the Internet about cranberry supplements for dogs. Because of her vulva defect, she is prone to constant urinary tract infections which is one cause of stones.  Surgery on her defect will maybe cure that but I was looking for a more benign method. Cranberries will not cure a UTI but can help prevent them in dogs the same as they do in humans.

So I went to a town over 60 miles away for better shopping options.  Petco which was my primary destination did not have what I wanted which was a big disappointment. I was looking for a cranberry food additive but it was not to be.

Then I tried a smaller pet store not far from there and was surprised to see what I wanted right on the shelf. This store is much smaller than Petco but somehow, they usually have that special thing I am looking for and have driven miles to find.

I was reading the ingredient list as I approached the counter to buy it when one popped out at me that was a no-no. One of the  inactive ingredients was milk solids for flavor.  My vet told me to avoid calcium at all costs. I even have to buy Callie distilled water as our water is full of calcium.

I was puzzling over just how much calcium was in the preparation when the owner asked me what was wrong.  Explaining my problem I am certain most would just shrug their shoulders and let me make the decision.  This lady did not shrug, instead she offered to call the manufacturer to find out the percentage of calcium. Above and beyond.

As I was not local this was a big help.  She did make the call and the manufacturers said the amount was small but that they did have a similar product that did not have calcium in it.

The lady then smiled and handed the phone to me.  It seems the manufacturer wanted to send me a sample of the calcium free product.  Delighted, I gave them my mailing information.

This quickly arrived in the mail. It was not a sample but a full months supply of 65 soft chews.


Callie loves them and I just hope they work as advertised.  They can possibly save her a complex surgery.

The fact that this store owner went the extra steps for me with little chance of my becoming a regular customer since I am not local, showed me a lot.  Though I am rarely in that town, whenever I am from now on, theirs is the first store I will shop for pet things.

If you are ever in Mountain Home Ar. and need pet supplies, check out All Pet and Equine Supply in the strip mall between Walmart and the bypass. They are a real class act that consistently put customer service first. This was not the first time they have stepped up for me.   Such a breath of fresh air.

Have you ever had one person sell you on a whole store?

Callie update.  She seems to be feeling fine and in a few weeks we will have the bladder X-rayed once more to see if the stones have dissolved.  She is frisky, full of pep and impresses me every day with her above average smarts.


  1. This is a great story about caring people who run a business for reasons other than profit. I find most big chain stores don't have employees who care for their customers. I always prefer local non-chain stores just for that reason. Thinking back, I can't recall any particular time but I do know that in general, mom and pop stores are superior in customer care. Hope Callie doesn't have to have surgery. :-)

  2. 60 miles? I'm suprised you don't call first before checking their shelves.

    Teriffic service. Stores should realize that they never know who has a blog.

  3. Congratulations...Sounds like both and store and the chewies are a winner....!!

  4. That's how stores should be but seldom are!!

  5. Good all the way round. I try hard to praise customer service that is above and beyond!

  6. Thank you for this encouraging information. I will look for the same brand for my cat. I just had the worst experience of my life with a vet I have known for 30 years. It will be very difficult to trust again. Thanks again for the brand name of this product.

  7. That was excellent. I did not get that kind of service but yesterday, the girl that helped me purchase a birthday gift was so darn bubbly and sweet that I was amazed.

  8. I love to hear such stories of people who go above and beyond. Hope the supplement helps Callie.

  9. That is GREAT that you found what you needed for Callie. Sometimes the 'big' companies don't want to bother with specific items like what you got --since not many people would use it...

    It's like Walmart stocking all of the fattening stuff instead of the healthy stuff we NEED... They stock what people buy... Guess all of the big companies are like that... That's another reason we still NEED those little Mom/Pop companies...

    Hope the Cranberry supplement helps Callie.


  10. What you experienced is sales and marketing at its best. If only other merchants and manufacturers would do the same. Glad to hear your pooch is doing better, Take care.

  11. This is such a wonderful story. Always glad to read good news like this.

  12. Djan,
    Thank you, me too. I totally agree. My small town has taught me that and I usually remark when I get superior service.

    Oh, I had other purposes in that town. I never make a trip for just one reason. You have a good point. Maybe we ought to wear blog badges when we shop.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    Yes they were. I was feeling lucky.

    Sadly, that is why when we find one they stand out so.

    I totally agree. I left them a nice review on their FB page.

    I am so sorry your vet let you down. We put so much faith in them.
    I do hope the product helps your cat. I was very impressed with the company.

    Isn't it special when you find someone who really enjoys their work and is not just marking time?

    I have high hopes for it. She seems to be even better since I put her on it right after she finished the antibiotic regimen.

    Thanks, I have good hopes for it. You are right, the big stores try to appeal to the masses, not the discriminating. Thank goodness for Mom and Pop.

    She could teach a class on the subject. Sadly, care gets lost in large. Thank you.

    Thank you. The only sad thing is that it is rare enough that it stands out. Too bad it isn't common place.

  13. It just made my day to hear a story like this! Some people really do care about their work.

  14. Faith got a bladder infection at 8 weeks old, vet said it was unusual. Could you please let me know the name of the cranberry chews manufacturer. I would like to get some for her.

    For healthier alternatives for my dogs, I use when I can. I have used their homeopathic remedies with success for years.

  15. Doesn't it make your day when you find a business owner who really cares? We used a small local company out of Breckenridge (Freedom Movers) to move our furniture out of the Denver house. We had to ask to delay the move by a day, and they accommodated. The young men who did the heavy lifting were terrific! I'm telling everyone I know about them. Hope Callie is comfortable and stone-free soon.

  16. Don't remember if it was Edsel or Henry Ford Jr. but the saying goes something like this. If a customer has a bad experience they will tell at least 10 people how horrible it was, when they have, on the other hand a good experience they usually only tell 2 people.
    You beat the odds for sure on that saying. I love it when folks remember what customer service is all about, but it sounds like these folks have done it above and beyond. Congrats to them and congrats to you and Callie.

  17. Big stores depend on bulk. Small stores rely on repeat customers, so they know how to be people friendly. Stores that care, or store owners/employees that care, are too rare and very special.

  18. That never happens to me- but what an impact it would make if it did. Good deal on the free sample and I do hope this works for Callie!

  19. What a lovely story! I'll share this with my Arkansas friends .

    Good luck to Miss Callie!

  20. Glad to hear there is a local place that offers wonderful service. Thinking about Callie - please keep us posted. By the way, thank you very much for coming to my rescue the other day! You are a great friend,Patti, and I appreciate you!

  21. Thanks for the information. I have bookmarked the amazon page. I don't think Faith has a serious problem, she was just so young to get it, but the vet thought she was so close to the ground and picked up something. If no other problems arise, I still plan to have her spayed at six months, which is soon, real soon, how time flies. Hope Callie will do well on the chews.

  22. Olga,
    It did me too. Just had to give them a shout out.

    I will leave the info on your blog. Just be sure she doesn't have a vulva defect before spaying. If she does and you wait till after her first heat, it will correct itself. Good luck and thanks about Callie.

    When you do find special folks, you just have to spread the word don't you? Good of you to give those movers great reviews.

    Linda W.
    Sadly that saying is mostly true. I have always been one to recognize outstanding service. Too good to keep to yourself.

    Linda R,
    Yes they are and because of that they do stand out.

    Thanks, I am hoping it will keep the UTIs away. It is worth the try.

    I hope some of them live around Mountain Home. It is truly a wonderful store and owner. Thanks about Callie.

    You did the same for me when I swelled up on aspirin. It is just what friends do. I would not hesitate to ask the same of you.

  23. That smaller store sounds like a winner with a smart owner that goes the extra mile to help her customers. Hope the supplements help Callie and prevent a future surgery.

  24. That was great service and help. I have found over the years the smaller stores are much more likely to go above and beyond to please the customer than the larger more well-known stores. Too bad that pet supply store is not nearer to you sweet Patti. Sure hope the chews help sweet Callie a lot and she does well enough she will never have to have surgery. Hugs and now kisses for you all from me and mine!

  25. Dear Arkansas Patti, yes, I have had a clerk be so thoughtful and helpful that her generosity of time and spirit has sold me on the store.

    It's wonderful that you posted this story. Peace.

  26. This is definitely a feel good story. I love it. It just makes your day when knowledgeable people go the extra mile for you. I hope everybody goes to that store now.

    So cranberries help dogs too?!? Wow!!! Hmmm... then again, my granddog has epilepsy and takes the same sort of medicine that humans do.

  27. Have you considered sending your blog entry to the manufacturer of the Cranberry Chews. I know they will be thrilled that you touted their product.
    I sent my entry about staying in a nice B&B to the owner and he was so happy and passed it on.

  28. Cheryl,
    That lady really set the bar high. Callie so far is doing fine. Toes crossed.

    Small towns usually have a lot of the above and beyond types. It is the bigger cities that should take note.
    I am trying hard to keep her from having surgery.

    Great behavior really stays with us doesn't it?

    Sadly dogs are still used in a lot of laboratories to test medicines for humans so it is only proper they should enjoy the benefits.

  29. Ginnie,
    Good idea, I may do that plus I will let the store know.

  30. I read this experience and wanted to faint and fall in the floor. What used to be the norm has now become obsolete. There actually was a time such customer service was expected. How wonderful that you were allowed to experience such a dying art in these days and that Callie gets to benefit from it.