Monday, July 13, 2015


 Prior to a surgery years ago, I was sent to see the surgeon who would do the procedure.  As I entered his office parking lot I noticed a car with a bumper sticker that got my attention. I asked the receptionist whose BMW that was thinking it might be some one fun to talk to.

"Oh that is Dr. Blank's, your surgeon," she cheerfully replied.

Oops, not what I expected. It seems that I was trusting my life to a man who proudly sported a "Dead Head" bumper sticker. While not all Dead Heads smoke pot, enough do that I became apprehensive.

I have nothing against the Grateful Dead nor pot smoking. I dabbled a bit myself in my youth.  Somehow a mellow surgeon with a knife in his hand-- my surgeon, made me nervous. Fortunately, whether he did or did not smoke pot, he evidently did not mix business with pleasure. He did a fine job. 

I had taken a friend of mine to the airport and since we were early, we went to the airport bar for a drink.  In walked an incredibly handsome young man in pilot's uniform. He sat two seats from us and ordered a double scotch. We still had plenty left in our glasses when he ordered another double.  As I drained my original drink, he ordered his third double.

"If they call your flight and he gets up, you aren't going anywhere." I informed my friend.

That made me nervous but fortunately, he was still downing doubles as my friend's plane left the ground. 

I was driving to town one evening to meet some friends. I was early so I wasn't speeding but soon the bark of a siren and flashing lights got my attention. I looked at my speedometer and I was dead on 55. It was an open highway, I had made no overt moves so I was puzzled but pulled over.

I had barely turned off my motor when a bull horn erupted behind me.
"Put both hands out the window and don't move." I was ordered.

Looking in my mirror, I saw an officer crouched behind his open car door.   His gun was drawn and aimed right at me.  I was terrified that he would mistake any move I made so I suspended breathing while slowly obeying.

It turned out, someone driving a car just like mine had committed a violent crime minutes before in the area I had just passed through. Phew, that really made me nervous.


Normally I don't rattle easily, these were just a few of the times I admit to having been nervous. Are you easily rattled or does it take a lot?


  1. Thanks for early morning giggle.

  2. That last one with the police pulling you over and drawing a gun would definitely have made me nervous (I think). And no, I don't get rattled easily. We even had an attempted robbery at our Veterinary Hospital where a man put a gun to my head and asked for money and drugs - and it didn't hit me to be scared until after it was over.
    If I had to come up with one thing that ALWAYS makes me nervous - it would probably be 'the dentist'.

  3. It takes a whole lot... but then I had an excellent instructor in the Cowman.

  4. All of those would make me nervous. I think the pilots should have to use one of those breath things before they are allowed to step in the cockpit.

  5. Except for Hubby's constant self assigned duty of trying to scare me to death, things usually only affect me after I get through a crisis.

    Though extremely honest and never a law breaker, I do have an overwhelming urge to raise my hands when I see any authority armed. I don't know where this came from, maybe too many Westerns in my early years.

    Thanks for your kind comment. This was the first story that I thought could make a book. I sat and wrote fourteen pages non stop with notes for research, just like I knew how to write a book. At page fifteen, I asked myself, Why? and laid the tablet down.

    It down to eight this morning. I may go play in the yard.

  6. The drinking pilot and the cop with the gun would have made me very nervous. The Dead-Head surgeon would have made me happy! When I was in my very early teens, walking home from the store, a car pulled over and a bunch of guys asked me to come in for a ride with them. They made me very nervous, and they drove slowly next to me for a while. It creeped me out.

  7. They ALL would have scared the s**t out of me!!

  8. Wow, I would be in a faint if I saw an officer with a gun pointed at me! And I am not even a Black or Hispanic male youth.

  9. I can't judge myself easily. I have had many family members be deceitful with me and so I suspect others when there is no need to. I like to make new friends because I find people in general are good people and I just happen to come from a bunch of questionables. Not realizing it because I was young I married into the same situation I was raised in. Learning to sew and getting in with a group that sew has been very good for me. I really enjoy your blog and how you tell honestly about your life and the feelings you have. How is your little dog? Has it been difficult to take care of him while you were sick? Take care. Oh, forgot to say my new project is sewing dresses for the little girls in Kenya. Doing this makes me feel happy.

  10. Hahahaha! I can see why you got a little nervous, especially with the cop aiming his gun at you. The only scar I have had lately was when a black snake that was climbing up my door frame dropped in front of me.

  11. I don't get rattled too easily but any one of the experiences you described would definitely have rattled my cage.

  12. Miss Dazey,
    So glad I could start your morning with a giggle. That makes my day.

    Wow, your situation would have made me need to change my underwear. That was scary. I have a dentist appt tomorrow. He doesn't scare me.

    Cowman trained you to roll with the punches plus you had great genes.

    I know. I just hope that guy was finished and not gearing up for another flight. I dated a pilot and he wouldn't drink 24 hours before a flight.

    I do the same thing. Write like I am obsessed, then put it away for too long. Playing is always an easy distraction.

    Ha ha, I would have joined him any other time, just didn't want him sawing on me being mellow. Thank goodness you listened to your gut. Those guys were up to no good.

    And here I thought you were fearless.

    Being a middle aged white woman at the time gave me no comfort. It was scary and it is true that when a gun is pointed at you, the circumference of the barrel is huge.

    I am always pleased when you stop by and comment. I am so impressed with what your sewing group is doing. Giving to others gives us something money can't buy. Keep up the great work.

    Ok,that is scary but at least you now have your resident rodent eating snake. I'll quit looking for one here to give you.

    Normally I don't either but those times I did. Glad to know I am not alone.

  13. That last one would have given me a heart attack! :O)

  14. Geez I think you had every reason to be nervous! What a colourful life you've lead! My good friend is a BA pilot and they are not allowed to drink booze at all before flying a plane, and wouldn't even dream of it. I mean, the safety of hundreds of lives is quite a responsibility really.

  15. I'd be good and rattled if a cop pulled a gun on me. Yikes!

  16. No kidding! That would have frazzled me to bits! Sheesh! The pilot thing was really horrible, but the incident with the policeman? Good grief! Thank goodness he didn't shoot first and ask questions later.

  17. Watching that Pilot down those doubles would make me very nervous. Police stopping me with drawn guns would make me very very VERY nervous, I don't think I get nervous easily, but certain very specific things do---like the ones mentioned above. I was stopped once in a similar situation, but there were no drawn guns----The Policeman was seriously scary though---it was his attitude, and it turned out to be a very similar situation---I car that fit my description had been stolen and involved in a robbery...I think I might have fainted if he had drawn his gun!!! LOL....Not funny, but in retrospect, it is.....So much to worry about in this world now, isn't there?

  18. Patti, you have definitely got a Fan Club going on here. I tried to read all the comments but finally gave up. You made me laugh, and you made me think. I don't know what I would do if I saw a cop pointing a gun at me and telling me to get out of the car with my hands up. I get shaky just thinking about it! What a fun post, though. :-)

  19. Nervous??!! Oh my gosh ... that thing with the cop would have made me pee in my pants!!! The pilot?--- I am suspicious of anyone with whom I place my life in their hands---I sure don't want a drunk pilot. I wish pilots would not even be served drinks at the airport and should have to do a Breathalyzer before getting in the plane.

  20. These are quite the stories! Obviously they were memorable!

  21. You've really had some nerve-tingling experiences that would spook anyone. I can't remember that I've ever had spooky events like yours. Here, in Mayberry or Hooterville, nothing much ever happens. LOL

  22. Oh my goodness the last experience with the police officer would have totally had me terrified. I suspect the pilot was finishing his shift rather than starting but it is too bad he hadn't waited until he got home (or maybe he's a really nervous flyer?) ;)

    I remember feeling nervous on my first trip alone - I was far from home in St. Lucia and it was a little frightening at first. But when I feel most nervous is when I have to speak in public, especially when I'm put on the spot. Allow me time to prepare and practice and I'm good.

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  24. Wow- I probably would have hyperventilated if a cop pulled me over like that! I have had exactly one speeding ticket my entire life and I don't intend to get any more.

    I sure would not want to see a pilot in a lounge having drinks- coming or going. :)

  25. It usually takes a lot to get me rattled. But I do get nervous when I see people texting or eating messy burgers while they are driving. I have seen so many near accidents caused by these distracted drivers.

  26. I am easily rattled, too. I need to focus on keeping calm.
    That bumper sticker on the doctor's car would have definitely made me nervous, too. And being pulled over by the police like that? I think I would faint!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I've missed you, too! And I missed posting and reading all the wonderful blogs. But we truly did get to enjoy one another. My mom is a loving mother-in-law and Keith is the sweetest son-in-law. They are happy with one another I think :)
    I hope you are doing well.
    I'm sending lots of hugs your way,

  27. Oh, boy, that would have made me very nervous, even if I was fairly sure that I had done nothing wrong. I have missed you, Patti!

    Come visit and see my new kittens.

  28. Wow! Scary. Yes I'm rattled easily in situations I'm unfamiliar with. Grizzley bear county flyfishing ... not a bit. A as perfectly law abiding citizens going thru airport security with my forgetful wife and self make me petrified so naturally I screw up being brain dead in these circumstances and usually make a Bad Situation worse. There is no chance I could survive a policeman pulling up behind me, point a gun at me and giving me orders in a loud and frightening voice :(

  29. Some situations make me nervous but most don't. Your first two would not have made me nervous but the last one would have. Hope you are doing well sweet Patti. Hugs and nose kisses for you and the sweeties from me and mine.

  30. I'm generally not easily rattled, but having a gun pulled on me would shake me up, I'm sure. The pilot would have probably made me mad seeing him drinking so much and I can see myself marching up to him and asking him if he was just going ON or OFF duty! And I probably would have tried to find out his name and turned him in. You never know, it might save some lives.
    Enjoy the rest of your week, Patti!

  31. Texan,
    It almost did. Good thing today's headlines weren't available.

    I know, I dated an airline pilot and he never drank 24 hours before a flight. That is serious business.

    It totally stunned and terrified me.

    As nervous as cops are today, it would have been much scarier. It was bad enough then.

    Seems you and I drive cars that criminals also use:)) So glad both of ours turned out OK. And yes you are so right. This world is a bit scary everyday.

    Thanks and so glad you enjoyed. You usually come in early and miss all the cool comments.

    Aunt Betsy,
    You know what scares me as much as a drunk pilot is a drunk airline mechanic. At least the pilot has back up.

    Linda R.
    They did make a lasting impression. Usually I don't flap easily.

    Hey, I'd take Mayberry and some tame days anytime.

    Yikes a nervous pilot:)) I'm like you with public speaking but no amount of preparation makes it better for me.

    July 15, 2015 at 8:06 AM Delete


  32. Terri,
    I know, even if it were after his flight, the man had an alcohol problem.

    Me too. I was rear ended while stopped for a school bus. I knew he wasn't going to stop and saw him on his phone as he smacked me.

    Ah but now you have Keith to lean on in such situations now. Stay happy and in love and post more often.

    I will have to check them out. So glad you caved and have some new babies.

    Airport security would get me too these days. Good thing I don't fly. I could never face a Grizzly.

    Thanks, I think most people would be nervous with a gun pointed at them. Accidental shootings by police do happen.

    You are so right. That would have been the responsible thing to do for even if he had finished his flight, the guy had a drinking problem.

  33. I think you had every right to be nervous after the encounters you wrote about. I'd say your observations where astute about the surgeon and the pilot. As far as the officer goes, I'd have been more than nervous, I'd have been scared out of my mind.

  34. Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive! Too many concerns. Hope no more fearful events are dogging your tracks. By the way, I drew a rendering of you during my recovery and would like to send it to you before I post it. for your email address.

  35. Take care. Health is wealth! Have a nice time...