Monday, January 10, 2022


It is always sad when a celebrity or athlete we are familiar with passes.  Sometimes it is perhaps expected due to illness or age but it still comes as a shock. Somehow we feel these blessed people will live forever. These are some that I felt the loss of this past year.

Prince Phillip's passing hurt not so much for me but I hated that the Queen was left without her life long companion of over 70 years. I always viewed them as a true love story.  

Norm MacDonald was a favorite comedian. He could crack me up and was too young to go. 

Bobby Bowden, the Florida State long time football coach who was as known for his cute swear word of "Dadgummit" as he was for his winning ways. Always liked Bobby.

Hank Aaron, what a baseball player. He surpassed the famed Babe Ruth's long held home run record. I remember the day he out did the Babe by hitting number 715.  I cheered for him then but hated the abuse he took because it was a black man who passed the Babe.

Whenever I would hear of one of the great's deaths, a heavy sadness would come over me.  A soft "Awww" would escape my lips and I would remember why they were important to me. 

HOWEVER, when I heard of Betty White's leaving us recently, I shouted a "NOOOOOO" so loud that I am sure my neighbors heard. Scared my dog. 

There had been so much coverage of her upcoming 100th birthday. This seemed so UNFAIR. Come on, she just needed a couple of more weeks.  I was a fan of her comedy when I found the Golden Girls in reruns and enjoyed her stent in Hot In Cleveland but was also a fan of the work she did for animal rights. She could make me laugh or make me dig in my purse for a donation.  It is actually hard to find someone who didn't like her. Sigh. You will be missed Betty. You made me laugh and warmed my heart.

Have you had a famous person's death affected you deeply?

Monday, January 3, 2022


I'm beginning to think these  "got nothings" might be hormonal. They do seem to have a monthly pattern:)

Well regardless, I'm at a loss for words again. Hope you all had a splendid holidays and I'll see you next week.  I'll still be around to visit. 

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