Saturday, December 27, 2008

A new beginning.

As I wait patiently for our severe Arkansas weather to hit, I will try to construct my maiden post. I feel like I am at a Seventh grade dance and am looking across the gym at the angular boys studying the grain in the floor and the knots in their laces. The anticipation yet dread are almost overwhelming. As with the Seventh graders, my fear of rejection is making my sweat glands really excited. Can I pull this off? Am I too old to blog? What the heck, I am almost 70 with decades of experience behind me. Just too old to sweat this. Onward , upward and forward.

I hope to find people my age who are also adjusting to this stage of life, but maybe even reach a younger audience or at least those who are also aware of their mortality. Remember how we thought youth would always last? The odd thing is that the mind of youth does last. It is just calories, gravity, years of abuse and sloth that tear youth from the body. The older we get, the more comfortable sloth becomes.

If you like to garden,read, explore and tickle your curosity, come along for the ride. I hope to learn from new experiences and from you.

Currently reading Second Chance by Jodi Picoult

Listening to Only God Knows Why by Kid Rock

Thanks for your time.


  1. Hello Patti and welcome to blogging. I don't know how you found the Dharma Bums, but we're glad you stopped by. I hope your blogging experience is as good as ours has been over these past four years. We found a world of fine, thoughtful, kind-hearted, good folks-- each of us in our own ways aware of our mortality, which somehow makes us quite appreciative of this old earth and our ephemeral lives up it.

  2. Hi,
    We have the same age. I am in august -09 70years, and you?
    I like too the same music as you.
    We have in southern Finland today -5 celcius.
    Have a nice day.

  3. A fellow blogger--kenju--asked me to stop by and give your her email address so you would write her. She tried to comment here, but could not. Her email address is:

  4. Wow Robin, How very nice to have someone you admire stop by,look in the carriage and notice your baby.
    I found you and Roger as a grasshopper finds her food. I hopped from blog list to blog list looking for like minds. The trip was convoluted but I have happily lurked on your site for a long time. Thanks also for Kinju's address. Been a lurker there also.

  5. Welcome Bluenblogi
    So impressed and pleased you made the trip from Finland. Ok ,you made me look up the conversion table. We are not only almost the same age but are experiencing the same temperature. It was 27F in Arkansas this AM.
    Thank you for the visit, I will check your blog out also.

  6. Hi! I can't find an e-mail for you. Is it possible to remove my comments under ZZZZ from today? Worried the suggestions might be misinterpreted and someone will do too much exercise and not consult a doctor.

  7. I begin September '08.

    We have both written a lot of words. I enjoy your humor.