Monday, December 29, 2008

Why Arkansas

How did an 8 generation Floridian end up in Arkansas? Try three hurricanes in a row, property that looked like a child's game of pick up sticks and just not having the will to clean up one-more- time. I had been researching different states before Charlie, Frances and Jeanne came to call. Florida land prices were redicilously high, yet to up grade, I would have to leave the state.

I was raised like an Army brat so moving to somewhere new was not daunting but exciting. I was divorced with no children and though I would miss my family and friends, they would be only a phone call or fun visit away. The thought of "New" kind of stirred the aging juices.

Testing the waters, I had a Realtor friend put my property on the market, downed trees and all. It sold in one day. Such was the Florida market in 2004. Good grief, I wasn't ready. The couple buying the property were neighbors who were totally in love with my place. They still had the strength to clean up messes. They allowed me 60 days to vacate.

In my searches on the Internet, Arkansas kept rising to the top. Property prices were very reasonable. There was an abundance of Army Corps parks, national forests, rivers, lakes and that thrill to a Floridia flat lander, mountains. It was also about half way between my Florida family and my Ohio family.

Eventually, I put my belongings in storage, packed up my dog and cat, put the kayak on the roof and trailered my motorcycle. I became a homeless person with a bank account at 65. Thru on line realtors, I had a list of properties to check out in the Natural State. My journey began.

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  1. What an interesting story, patti. I love the image of the kayak on the roof and the motorcycle on the trailer.