Monday, January 19, 2009


Saturday, my cancer support group met and I was picked up at my house by two of the ladies who live near me. They immediately commented on my new hair cut. The same "cowlick friendly" haircut that I moaned about in a previous post. My sister-in-law was wrong, a bad hair cut can last longer than two weeks.

I started to tell my story, poking fun at myself in the process, about how I could feel my hair waving in the air as I walked. How it was like having a creature living on top my head. Did anyone know where I could buy bear grease?

My friend who has brain cancer started to laugh but not only with me. She was still chuckling as she whipped off her scarf, exposing her bald head.

" I would love to have a cowlick." she said. This caused us all to erupt in leg crossing laughter. It sure put my silly gripe into perspective. Well shut your mouth Scarlett.

The beauty of my group is that we do laugh at our selves and each other all the time. Our meetings are usually a several hour laugh fest. Our sides hurt from the laughter but our hearts are much lighter and our arteries cleaner.

You are amazing and I love you ladies. Thanks.


  1. These kind of friends are the best.

    You understod my last post exact, only thing that was missing-I was ironig my laundy and all the memories came on my memory.

    I don't thimk it's nesessery to bay a dictionery because of me.
    Nice monday to you.

  2. Patti: Sound like you and your friends have a great time. My boss said her friend has already purchased a wig and her hair has not come out. The wig looked so good she is thinking about buying her one so she want have to strighten her hair every day. Keep laughing. A couple of years ago I volunteered at a friend of mine Headstart Class. Most of the class could not speak English. They were always smiling when I tried to talk to them because I do not speak Spanish. While they took their nap I wrote a poemm, A Smile Had No Language. Clara

  3. Hi Clara

    I leave comments on your blog but they don't post. Hope you post that poem "A smile had no language." What a beautiful thought. Really liked the first poem. Keep them coming.