Sunday, January 18, 2009


Mickey came into my life blind and deaf. He was only a few days old. Possibly there was something wrong with him and his feral mother had taken him from where ever the nest was and abandoned him. I found him squalling away on a hot Florida sidewalk.
I had never raised a baby kitten before and sought veterinary help immediately. The vet gave me a cute little bottle and milk replacer. She told me to use a wet wash cloth to wipe his little privates simulating a mothers tongue so he would pee and poop. Then I became a mother cat feeding him every couple of hours applying that fake ( there was only so far I was willing to go) tongue technique.

The little fellow ate well, peed good, but pooping was nonexistent. His little belly swelled and his pain caused constant mewling. Back to the vet. She examined him and then told me that I had to give him enemas. Whoa. You haven't lived till you have to give a cat an enema. The only thing on my side was his size. His blind little eyes almost opened and his claws flared as we stuck the small needless syringe up his butt and pushed warm water in. Amazing sounds came out of him but so did the poop. Yea..

The vet laughed and said that I should name him "Mouth"because of his constant squalling. . I added Mickey and he officially became Mickey Mouth. Sorry about that Walt. I understand why new parents get excited over their babies first poop. I did a bit of whooping my self when after a few days of enemas the Mickster pooped on his own. I was the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes. I am his Mama. When you bottle feed an animal, adoption is out. I was hooked and he went from a rescue to a pet.

That was 13 years ago and I have never regretted picking up that little fur ball. Live long and prosper little guy.


  1. Thank you Patti.How a lovely story.
    I had to take my dictionery....enema was a big ?
    It's good to me to try understad and read english.
    I like to ask you (not nessesery to answer if you don't want) was your profession-----a teacher ?
    We have a quite sunday, same I hope to you.

  2. Hi Blue To answer your question,in my younger years I had thought of becoming a teacher but marriage lead me astray from that goal. Good guess though.
    I was in banking for about 10 years. At that time banks paid poorly. They believed that if they gave you a title, you didn't need a raise. I never learned how to eat a title. I then worked for 19 years for a public utility ending up in customer service. Have always enjoyed direct customer contact. After a busy week, I am looking forward to a quiet Sunday also. Thanks

  3. Great kitty cat story. Mickey is quite lucky to have found you.

  4. Thanks Robin
    With my three little creatures, I feelI have been the lucky one. They are boon companions.