Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This will be brief for we are in the middle of an ice storm and power may go at any time. Just took Mighty for his morning toilet. From what I can see in the morning dusk, the effects of the storm are amazing. This is my first ice storm and I didn't realize how pretty they are. I know what devastating damage they can do to power lines , trees and plants so I know underneath that beauty lies a monster.

My favorite gardening guru at "Gardening by the Yard" recently showed what he had gone thru when the big one that hit Oklahoma. Not looking forward to that.

I went to Walmart yesterday to get a few things. I hadn't at that point been aware that the storm was pending. Ignorance is bliss. The place was packed. Reminded me so much of pre-hurricane in Florida. To boost the economy all the stores have to do is harness the weather.

I didn't buy much for my Florida upbringing makes me keep extra batteries and non perishable foods on hand. I bought this house because it was set up for emergency. There is sufficient backup propane heating, cooking, and hot water. Since I am on a city water system , not a well like in Florida, my tap keeps pouring away. The advantage here is that if the refrigerator shuts down, I can just box up my stuff and put it out side which has become a huge ice box.

When I heard about the impending storm, I headed for my "emergency supply" place, the public library. I am so prepared. Lots of books, clip on book lights, camera charged, MP3 charged, cell phone charged, and all back up heat working.

As soon as its gets daylight and if I still have power, I will take pictures to add to the post. This is just to let you know that I may have to go silent for a while.

See ya on the other side.

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  1. No updates here, so I'm assuming you have lost power. Hope all is well and that you are warm and safe. Looking forward to the pics when you can ost them.