Monday, January 26, 2009


Being a huge fan of the written word, any threat to that scares me. The economy is now invading my personal space.

One of my guiltiest pleasures is leisurely plowing thru the Sunday paper with a couple cups of coffee to keep me company. Oh, I don't read every word but I do enjoy it immensely. Some things move me, some educate and inform me, while others tickle me ( and I don't mean just the funnies.)

Unlike TV broadcasts, I can pick and choose my articles to peruse. I can linger and get far more in depth info than the TV anchor's choose to give and I don't have to read what I don't want. Some things trigger a need for independent research which the Net is happy to provide.

On the lighter side, I have fun with some articles. One of my most bizarre games is when I look at the pictures of the those lovely couples who have been married 50 years or more and try to guess, which ones cheated on their spouses. He did, she did, neither did or they both did. Guess you can spot the bit of warp in my thinking.

But here is the part that worries me. Yesterdays paper was getting noticeably thinner. Less ads, less articles and the jobs section has gone from a robust 12 pages to a meager 4 pages. Magazines are folding, newspapers are shrinking and writers are moaning that publishers are cutting back.

With all the other forms of media available, I just hope the newspaper isn't becoming extinct.

Right now it is far from dead, but it is ill.


  1. When we first moved here, 39 years ago, the newspapers (there were 2 then) were thick and meaty. Now, we are down to one paper and it is getting thinner and thinner. There are almost as many store ads, but way fewer want ads.

    I haven't noticed many changes in magazines, and I get one I don't even subscribe to - N*wsweek. I got a free subscription to it 4 years ago through an airline miles program and that was supposed to expire in 1 yr., but they are still sending it to me every week! I don't know how they can afford to do that.

  2. I have to admit that I'm part of newspapers' problems because I read all of their stuff online, for free. Before I retired I advised students who published the campus newspapers at a California university. I watched young journalism students honing their craft everyday. There is still so much enthusiasm for it. It's quite gratifying. I just don't know how newspapers can make it with the online competition. I would be happy to buy subscriptions to a few online papers, but I suspect that would kill the beautiful paper edition. I definitely think about this a lot, and don't see a very good outcome.

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  4. Well aren't you lucky Kenju getting free Magazines. I usually start getting renew notices two months after I signed up. I'm a bit of a magazine junkie but even the mags are getting thinner. Somehow you fell thru the cracks in N*wsweeks subscription dept. Just enjoy the freebie. We don't get many.

    Yeah, Robin, I am part of the problem also. I only buy the Sunday paper. The rest of the week is electronic. Saves trees that way but there is something about the leasurely hunting for articles of interest, the rustle of the pages and the ink stains on the fingers that I still like and would miss should it go "dinosaur" on us.

  5. I have to have my coffee and newspaper every morning, and have noticed that the paper is shrinking. I find it uncomfortable to read the paper online because my recliner won't bring me close enough to the screen on my desktop. By the way, I'm from north central Arkansas, too. :)

  6. Welcome. So glad you stopped by and I will check out your blog. We definately live in the best part of the state don't we.
    Hope the storm misses us.

  7. Hi Blue
    That site worked. Is that where you find your place to stay in Lantana?
    We are facing an ice storm for the next few days so I may lose power. I am prepared but may go silent for a while.
    Stay warm.