Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Boys Fell

My Dolphins crashed and burned today but not after giving me a season to be proud of. Sure it would have been nice for the team to have advanced. We were just out played. That we won our division after only winning one game all of last year makes me want to give them all a hug ( after they clean up of course). Definitely a female thing.

I think women are generally a different type of fan than men. We like our teams to win it is true but we are more motherly about it. We tend to see athletes as individuals and just want them to try their best and not get hurt. Think it may be the "killer gene" is missing in some women and why we as a group make poopy warriors.

Think I will go outside now and let the wind blow off some of my Christmas cold germs while the weather is still good. For a while I was beginning to think this persistent cold was Karma for being a bad person in 08 (an equivalent of a lump of coal in the ole Christmas stocking). But since some really grand people I know also had it, guess it was just luck. Am almost totally well now. Yea.

Happy Sunday

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