Monday, January 5, 2009

Here He Comes to Save the Day

Mighty Dog to the rescue. I wish I could say I created this but that would be a lie. A talented friend in Florida made it for me. Thanks Joan.
Mighty came to my gate in Florida as a stray. I opened my gate and in he came. I was a bit stunned for he was actually a cute, healthy looking dog and I was used to the diseased, starved homely variety of drop off.
I canvassed the neighborhood but no one claimed him. Then one day in my kitchen, he had a seizure on the order of a Scotty Cramp. His eyes filled with terror as he lurched about. Then I understood why he had been abandoned. I am sure the previous owners did not know what to do with him and couldn't afford a vet.
I will always be grateful for their lack of knowledge for unlike the other dogs that I took in to rebuild and adopt out, Mighty became my pet the day he walked onto the property 11 years ago.


  1. Lovely picture of Mighty!
    How is Mighty today?
    Did you do someting for his ilness?

  2. Hi Blue Unfortunately his seizures cannot be treated. They are not life threatening but are scary for Mighty. All I can do is hold him in a towel (he drools buckets) and soothe him. They do not occur often. Later I will show his knee surgery which was very successful. He is a very active fellow. He is fine now. Thanks for asking.

  3. Our kitty cat came to us as a stray as well, and he has seizures too. He only has them when he is sleeping, but they are pretty fierce, like grand mal. Vets have suggested Phenobarbital, but we don't want him drugged all the time, so we just protect him when he's having seizures, and hope he'll live to a ripe old age. He's nine now, so he's on his way!

  4. Robin
    Like you, I have avoided the drugs for Mighty. Can't see giving a strong drug with side effects everyday for a once a month or less event. Your kitty was lucky to find someone not put off by his condition. I'm sure ripe old age is in the cards for both our pets.