Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well the lump is out of my throat, my goose bumps have smoothed out and I am so ready for what faces us. I could only have been more moved yesterday if I were black. Can only imagine what the black peoples of the world must be feeling. It has been a long time coming.

I think President Obama hit the right note yesterday. Right now we needed a pep rally and our patriotism pumped up. We needed to get the blood flowing and to fuel the desire to defeat the miseries and foes facing us. It sure worked for me. Too bad the stock market didn't feel the love.

I feel we needed to witness that sea of faces comprising every race and nationality, focused in one direction. People hugging their neighbor, color not a consideration. White, black, yellow, red and brown tears flowed together. I saw no hate, only joy and hope. What a beautiful sight.

Not since John Kennedy ( the first President I was eligible to vote for) have I been so fired up wanting to do something to help and not just observe. For too many years I thought my job ended in the voting booth. I know a lot of us will feel pain before this is over, but I am not afraid, just ready. If we can hold on to these feelings, we are going to make it and be better for it.

We have your back Mr. President..


  1. We sure do. I think that most black people are proud and happy, but also they must have a little trepidation at what may come. He has made some very strong promises, and I hope he will be allowed to make them come true.

  2. Patti: Glad that your lump is gone.
    I can tell you how a Black Woman feels very emotional, proud and happy. Remember the things we went through in the 1960's when I was a teenager. I will be 62 May 10th (Mother's Day). Thank God that my daughter did not go through the things that I did as a teenager. Next month she will be 37.

  3. Oh yes Clara, I remember those days and those that came before. As one of my favorite Presidents would say "I felt your pain." But I could not stop it. My feeble efforts came in the voting booth and by example. Tuesday showed us how far we have all come as human beings. The day I look forward to is when we will not think a day like Tuesday is either unusual or historic. I am pretty sure your daughter will see that day and perhaps, we will too.