Monday, February 2, 2009


Who ever started the saying that good guys finish last really put a Jonas on the good ones. Super Bowl is over and while a "good guy" fought valiantly, he didn't quite make it. So sorry Kurt but the loss was only on the score board.

What an example you set each day on and off the field. You really raised the bar of decency, perseverance, courage and honor in a sport riddled with arrest records and brutal behavior. Yes, in spite of the unsavory part of the game, I am a huge football fan. Kurt Warner and those like him, for there are many that just don't get the press, make it possible to be a proud football fan.

He has spent his career fighting the hard fight. Nothing came easy for Kurt Warner. He has had to overcome the belief of others that he was either not good enough to begin with, to being washed up later. His football career looked like the chart of a manic depressive. His highs were epic, 3 super bowl appearances while his lows were bleak. He may have lost two of those appearances, he won one more than most quarterbacks who played the game. He has also warmed benches and stocked groceries to pay the bills. His book, "Keep Your Head Up," is next on my reading list.

Off the field, the man is a giant. He won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award prior to the game. He has made a second career of "giving back." That and the fact that he wasn't even supposed to be a starting QB this year due to his age and "over the hill status", makes him a true Super Bowl winner. I sure hope he and his family are going to Disney World. It was one Hell of a game Kurt.

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