Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yes I have power and yes I feel guilt for having power. Gee, it is hard to make me happy. I do feel deeply for those who are still in the dark though and unfortunately, there are still many. I wish I didn't have such a tiny house so I could open up to those in need.

How small is my house? I can vacuum the whole house from one plug in. Great for me and the pets but when you want to open up to the masses, there is a handicap. I tend to go to bed early so as not to rub it in to passersby of my abundant power. At least I was able to offer one dog refuge. I think I mentioned before that I am such a wuss. Fortunately we are warming up nicely.

I lost my border, Brandy. She was Ok with the experience till yesterday when she thought enough was enough and she wanted to GO HOME. Fortunately, it worked out for Julie to be able to take her home. Those were two happy creatures to be reunited. Julie's father, who had the heart attack, is home and doing well. Mighty will no longer have to squeeze his bladder each day to cover Brandy's offerings. I am sure he will be happy to be top dog again. He is such an arrogant little guy. He was convinced I was cheating on him.

Got a good laugh in Walmart today. I was replenishing my refrigerator and was about to head down the freezer isle when a voice behind me laughed as she said, "It sure is easy to tell who has power and who doesn't by what is in their carts." She had all non-perishables, I had all perishables. Humor is still king in our little town. That and a good cup of coffee will get you through most anything. I was then pleased to note more perishable carts than non.

Well a nice young man came by yesterday and offered to clean up my mess and trim the trees for $200.00. Think I will let him have at it. Getting too old to play "chain saw" and I have been nursing a bad back for about a week. My neighbor would gladly do it for nothing but he is a working man and has enough to do on his own property. This way I can help the economy a bit also. He is not over charging for the local tree surgeon charges $200 per tree and this young man will do 3 trees for the same price. SUCH A DEAL.

Life is truly good.


  1. I really feel for people who still don't have power, especially in winter. I'm glad you have yours back and that there's still good humor in the freezer aisle.

  2. Thanks Robin. Liked your pun "good humor" in the freezer aisle.