Thursday, February 26, 2009


Sunrise from my front yard

It seems the older I get, the more I am pleased by the simple things that cost nothing. A sunrise or set, a close encounter with wildlife, time spent with a good friend. With the way the economy is going, free is a "good thing" that I definitely can afford. I have always been turned on by these things but the older I get, the longer the glow lasts.

After some really nippy mornings, we finally got a good one. A brilliant sun, sky almost painfully blue, gentle breezes stirring, and warm temperatures to tantalize, ruled the day.

My first impulse was to work outside and tackle chores that weather had so far prohibited. There is still debris from the ice storm that needs to be cleaned up. It felt good to work and I made a good dent in the pile. I was careful not to overdo for at my age, it takes less than a week to get out of shape and at least a month to get back into shape. So I stretched my winter softened muscles gently.

As I raked and hauled, I joyfully broke a sweat. Of course my grandmother would be appalled at my use of the word, sweat. Women "glisten or glow" she would correct me. Sorry Grandmother. She was a true lady.

When I finished my allotted chores, I couldn't bring my self to go back in as it was just too pretty outside. So I made a cup of Chamomile/apple/cranberry tea (I just keep throwing tea bags in till I get a taste I like) and tested the porch swing. This was more like it.

Mighty Dog was running around the yard like his tail was on fire. He was reveling in the great weather also and actually grinned his pleasure. I wanted to stop the rascal for he is running on a repaired knee, but his enjoyment was so obvious, I didn't have the heart. Run Mighty, run.

Then, as my work sore back was wanting a more prone position, I thought "hammock". Yes, it is time. It took no time to string up the hammock on the porch. It is only an $8.00 camping hammock from Walmart but is quite comfortable, fits on my porch and does the job. I went in for some more tea and my MP3 player. So with music in my ear, warm sun on my face, a gentle breeze to cool me, the thought, "It doesn't get much better than this," came to mind. Aaah yes.

Spring chores are waiting, spring play is around the corner, but for now, it is time for a gentle swing.

What"free things" brings you pleasure? Hugs count.


  1. I think we are enjoying the same kinds of free things: sunrises and sunsets, wildlife, the sound of the ocean, the smile on people's faces when we pass in the street.

    Beautiful sunrise there.

  2. Thanks Robin. You are so right about the smile, What a wonderful pleasure inducer,whether given or received but preferably both.