Friday, February 27, 2009


Well I did get sidetracked yesterday evening. Heard from a friend that I hadn't talked to in 5 years so there was some real catching up to do. My post composition time was annihilated by a good friend. Not complaining.

We had tried to catch up via email but they were turning into novellas and there was fear of both computers crashing from the volume. So three hours later, I am now caught up on my three favorite boys who morphed into wonderful men behind my back and my friend who is finding comfort in her own skin.

One funny thing happened. She was using Skype ( my first experience) which would often cut out in mid sentence. This happened 4 times and she would have to call back . One time , it was quite a while before she called back. I had no way to call her so I just went about thinking supper.. Eventually she came back. Seems she was in the middle of a long story, didn't realize we were not longer connected and just kept talking. I never did hear the end of that story.

So that explains my lack of post. I had planned to go on a trip "way south" but will do that tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will go as far south as you can go for a brief family history lesson. Whee. You can call in sick if you want.

The land of Hemingway, Conch trains, Mallory square, and island people.

See ya.

Oops, that will teach me to be clear. The trip will be a memory trip , not an actual one, Darn. Sorry about that but thanks for the offer to water my plants.


  1. : ) Have fun on your memory trip! What is a Skype?

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  3. Memory trips in our age, lovely.Have fun.

  4. They are the best kind Blue, They don't cost a penny.