Sunday, March 22, 2009


When I had to buy a new TV lately, mine died in its sleep, I inherited a new remote. Then I found out I picked out one of the few TVs that can not have its remote programmed into the Direct TV remote. None of the codes worked. I found out too late that the net is full of frustrated people with the same problem. So now I have three remotes sitting all over. Now I know a remote makes a man's heart flutter like the Swimsuit addition of Sports Illustrated. I find them unattractive, if useful appliances, kind of like a steam iron.

I was not amused by the clutter. Sooo, I went searching for a remote caddy to tame the mess. Nothing I saw looked any better than the remotes them selves. Then, I checked out DIY and found exactly what I wanted and it fit my skill levels. I am not a crafty person but I thought, I could do this. I found it so easy, I just had to share.

I found a frame I was no longer using. It wasn't as deep as I would have liked but I worked with what I had. A shadow box frame would be perfect. As most remotes are no longer than 8" an 8x10 frame will do the trick.

First dissemble the frame. Remove the stand from the back. Prying with a screwdriver works. Place a padding over the glass. I used a thin strip of bubble wrap that had come with some electronics. This is to cushion the remotes and protect the glass. Or you can remove the glass and use a stiff piece of cardboard in its place.

Use any fabric of your choice that matches your decor. I used a towel that had never been used but did match the table edge. In the future I will use a thinner cloth, preferably one with a green leaf pattern. The terry towel is a bit bulky. Wrap the fabric over the padding and glue or tape it to the back of the glass.

Put the frame back together by inserting the wrapped glass. He recommends using plastic bumpers on the bottom but due to the fact I used such a thick material, I didn't need them.

This was my finished product. All done in 15 minutes with materials on hand. I will continue to search for a more appropriate material and a shadow box frame but for now, I am very happy and my clutter is over.

Patti is happy again. Hope it is something you can use. For better instructions, go here.


  1. Very nicely done. I have 3 remotes (one is for the VCR) and mine live in a medium, tin cachepot painted to look like leopard skin. It sits in a tray on the table between our recliners.

  2. robin Thanks, I always admire someone who can find a good use for throw away items. Thought the guy was pretty clever.

    kenju Your solution seems perfect, especially the location. Leopard is good.