Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yesterday' visit.

Left to right Helen, Joyce and Helena

We went out to eat BBQ but had Helen's rhubarb custard pie for dessert. REALLY good.

Had a fun visit yesterday in Mountain Home with my friend from Florida(Joyce),her aunt (Helen) and her sister in law (Helena.). Now like a good little blogger, I took my point and shoot camera to get the obligatory group shot and hopefully anything else that would strike me as a good shot. I learned we were going to visit Mitch after lunch, whom I had met before and lived about 1/2 hour away. We went in Joyce's car, and my camera stayed in mine. DAMN. I have to get better at this.

Mitch is a very interesting fellow who is a retired smoke jumper (those firefighters that parachute into remote areas to fight forest fires.) He was the one that got Helen's husband into sky diving and since her husband passed, he has been there for Helen in a big way which makes us all rest easier.

Mitch and his wife bought a lovely piece of property in Yellville, Arkansas. When they moved in, it was a rickety house and a worse barn. The two of them turned the property into an intriguing show place. That is why the capital DAMN.

The falling down barn became a large, three stall Pennsylvania Dutch style charmer where he stores his extra cars and an old truck he is restoring. Since his ex-wife(unfortunately, they are now divorced) is an artist, he built her a studio that could easily be rented out. Large, lots of light, and a cute porch. He uses it for a guest house now but it also houses a lot of her paintings. She is quite good and I would have loved to have taken some pictures. DAMN.

The house could be in any magazine geared toward architecture or home decor. Mitch did all the work while she did all the imagination. Mitch does collect antiques so a good bit of the imagination was his. The only problem I could possibly have is that I would not feel really too comfortable living in this house. It was too perfect. Nothing was out of place. It is plain to see that Mitch is a bit of a neat freak. The same held true for the barn, work shop and studio. Everything had a place and was in it. He has been approached for a "parade of homes tour". I would have paid. It was so ready for picture and me with no camera. DAMN.

Joyce and Helena will be coming here tomorrow for one day then head back to Florida.

Me, Joyce and Helena

Thought I was going to shut down for a while for a computer tune up but my computer guy is actually closed till Monday so I will be hanging in till then.


  1. Don't rest too long, Patti!! We'll miss you. I know the sinking feeling when you realize your camera is not with you. Too bad you didn't get photos of that showplace!

    P.S. Do you remember what it was you did to fix it so I could comment? I want to tell someone else, and I can't find your email anywhere.

  2. Hi Patti! Thanks for your post. Yiu must have had a wonderful time together with your friends! I hope the time you are going to spend on your porch in Earth Hour will be good,

  3. Kenju,
    The opposite of course is when you do have your camera ready and nothing even remotly interesting appears.

    I sent you an email on what I did to correct the comment situation. Hope it helps.

    Reader Wil
    Will be thinking of all of us who live on the blue marble during Earth Hour.

  4. I keep my camera in my purse, since the same thing happened to me once. I figured, my purse is heavy enough to make my husband complain if he has to hold it for a little while so, a little camera wouldn't do much damage. I leave the kitchen sink at home anyway ...

    Wish you all the best. You are a great person.
    (The idiot that has a blog in Portuguese and does not know how to add a translator to it.)

  5. Good to hear from you Miriam,
    Even with a language barrier, I sure recognized those pictues of the ice storm. Sure was something wasn't it.
    The transaltor gadget Blogger offeres is really limited in language choice. I am not sure either how to enter one into HTML. I will still visit you though for the pictures. I'll leave this message on your blog also.
    Thanks for stopping by.